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Posted 10/2/10
I hope none of the above, typically who we admire as a child and even grow up with throughout our youth. Will not always be the person in which we find interesting as an adult. Naruto deserves better, and Sasuke would be a horrible husbad cause he doesn't even show the least bit of concern for anything besides revenge. Anyone who feels Sasuke will somehow channel that hatred into love is disillusioned by the fact that this isn't a fairy tale story of beauty and the beast.
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Posted 10/2/10
sakura should stay alone she deserves it because she sucks and freezed when it came to killing sasuke. I wish sasuke had chidoried her when he had the chance -_-
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Posted 10/2/10
Here's what should happen :

1.Naruto finds Sasuke

2.Naruto fights Sasuke

3.Naruto loses

4.Naruto admits in a long & detailed speech that he's in love with Sasuke

5.Sai comes,& tries to fight Naruto for Sasuke

6.Naruto kills Sai

7.Naruto & Sasuke kiss,& become lovers till they die

8.Sakura sees it,& is extremely fustrated

9.Cries about how she's loser,& has no purpose in life

10.Tries to off herself

11.Lee comes to Sakura,& takes Sakura's hand to become lovers

12.She refuses because she still loves Sasuke

13.But then She thinks how much Lee values her compared to how Sasuke values her

14.They become lovers

15.years in the future

16.They are all married

17.The End

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Posted 10/3/10 , edited 10/3/10
Here are my thoughts why I vote Naruto since the show is "Naruto".

1. Naruto wants to be accepted by the villagers in Konoha.
2. Naruto wants to save Sasuke and fulfill his promise of a lifetime to Sakura.
3. Naruto wants peace in ninja world.
4. Naruto wants to become Hokage.
5. Naruto wants to gain Sakura's affection.

All the list I've mentioned above has no short cut to become true. And kishi is showing to us the process that he is working hard for his dreams and he is taking a long road just to accomplish these. Little by little, step by step we see the progress that he is really working hard on it. And these list he doesn't give up. And if these 5 happened, it's nice to look back how these things happened.

As for Sakura, If ever she end up with Sasuke, that's a failure for her character development. And Naruto failed in romance (gaining her affection). That's out of character for him. It's a bad ending. (I don't think Kishi will make these load of developments will end as failures now that I see Sakura is slowly falling for Naruto)

I'd also rather support SasuSaku or Narusaku but Naruhina Heck No! I like Narusaku more because of the Gradual Developments.
They had a bad start -----> become teammates -----> become friends and getting more closer ------> more than friends? (Their actions towards each other cross too far over the line.)

I don't care about the other characters’ feelings, All I care is for Naruto. I want his dreams to become true. He deserves to be happy in the end for everything he did. If it were to become NaruHina/SasuSaku, Naruto would be the one who didn't get what he wanted. That's it..I felt like I had to state my reasonings of voting Naruto, and I’m sure this is also the reasons of some Narusaku fan for liking their couple.
I just needed to say…

Hell Yeah! Naruto all the way!

Like Father, Like Son! LOL

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Posted 10/12/10
I totally agree!
A lot of people say that Sakura is an annoying b**** and useless, but I really don't think so. During the arc. with Haku and Zabuza, that was Team 7's first real mission. Sakura did what she was told, to stay and protect the bridge builder. Also, even after that, after cutting her hair and making a promise to herself to become stronger, she goes through character development. In Shippuden, you see that she has matured after training with Tsunade.

As for who she'll end up with, I'm pretty sure it is going to be Naruto. Sakura always had a crush on Sasuke, and it eventually turned into actual love seeing him as a real person with imperfections. But, as time goes on Sakura sees Naruto for who he really is, and realize he's always been by her side. I'm pretty sure a lot of us can see that she is slowly falling for Naruto whether Sakura knows it herself or not.

I'm sorry NaruHina fans, but Hinata isn't an important character. I really like Hinata as a character, but I don't see her being with Naruto at the end.

If Sasuke returns back to the leaf village, I have no idea who he'll end up with. Forever alone maybe? xD
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Posted 10/14/10
I think I like Naruto for Sakura fufufu
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19 / F / Philadelphia PA
Posted 10/17/10
I still want Sasuke to be with Sakura...even tho thats never gonna happen. And why do people keep saying that Sasuke turned gay NO HE DIDN'T. From the start he never payed girls much attention so now that he's turned bad that means that he is gay. NO it doesn't.
Posted 10/17/10
i wish that it would be sasuke.. but that's obviously not possible

it's either going to be:

Naruto (possible chance, or naruto might see her as a sister later on . NARUTO X HINATA FTW<333!)

No one (because she'll die!! I Hope this happens cuz she's a fken slut!)
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Posted 10/20/10
if sasuke comes back she will end up with him but if sasuke does notcome back she will be with no one
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Posted 10/23/10
I agree to
Posted 10/24/10
It's been a long time since I've logged in CR...It's been like a year, jeez.
On topic, I'll be damned if Sakura ends up with Sasuke. I'm a strict Naruhina fan, but I prefer Naruto over Sasuke on Sakura. The guy attempted to kill her thrice for Pete's sake.
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Posted 10/31/10
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25 / F / California
Posted 12/10/10
I wish it to be Sasuke.

Though it seems the story line doesn't agree.
Posted 12/18/10
Naruto definitely. Sasuke doesn't have a heart, there's no hope for that guy. He'll probably end up dead.
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Posted 12/29/10
sasuke or maybe even lee if sasuke dies or something
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