the best kissin scene in drama...
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Posted 10/31/07
for me..these r my list
1: kissin scene between tsukasa n hana yori dango..!!they were kissin in the sunset...its very sweet though..
2: kissin scene between maki n oguri shun in hanakimi last wus funny yet lovely..shun had to bent to kiss petite maki..!!ashiya n sano.!!
3:between yoo joon ha and yoo hee in witch yoo hee..even joon ha is really evil in dat drama..but still i love the kiss..
4:between yoo hee n johhny..its actly sort of unexpected kiss..johhny kiss yoo hee unexpectedly..but its sweett
5:between lee dong wook n lee dae hae..gong chan n yoo rin in my girl...gong chan kissed yoo rin 2 times..but still yoo rin is like askin 4 more...heheh
actly there r lots of it but i cant remember it please share with me..either badly aimed kiss or kiss in the cheek will do..
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Posted 11/1/07
drama kissing scenes

errr whibley, ^ isn't it the same thing ??
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Posted 11/1/07
^ Locked
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