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23 / M / milan, italy
Posted 4/22/08 , edited 5/18/08
show your created bankais!there has to be pictures!!!
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25 / F / Under Hyper-Tsuna...
Posted 5/12/08
Username: mikikiyora
Bankai Created: Yumiko
To Summon (what words): Create Your Sound,YUMIKO!!!!
Technique: Can summon things.And can make you follow

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23 / F / in wonderland~
Posted 5/18/08
hmm maybe me too?? ^-^

username: lunargoddess
bankai created: death sythe
to summon: death sythe RELEASE
technique: fire techniques and sending peoples souls to hell and give them suffer
Posted 6/26/08 , edited 6/26/08
username: phwqh1014
bankai created: Twilight dancer
summoning: JUDGEMENT!
technique: summons goddesses, gods, demons, angels, items, weapons, ect.
slash and hacks with 10x the power normally

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28 / M / Salem, Oregon
Posted 8/11/08
User name - Magicperson42
Bankai Created - Tadakatsu "Devil Warrior" Honda
Summoning - devil ice dragon
Technique - the reitasu is the power of the greatest hollow that ever lived before it got slained and the power is of the chart and I could never control it but when i do I act land be like a hollow. my attack is a one hit ko move. I still have a long ways to go to control this hollow power.

Posted 5/31/09
Username: xXxIceVamyxXx
Bankai Created: Shadow Scream
Release: Whisper In Secret Hidden Within Darkness ``Shadow Scream!`` BANKAI!!!!
Technique: Can Control Whatever its Slices . Blasts Of Horrific Reiastu that can cut through any defense and can control shadows and summon shadow beasts.
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