Gamers' Day
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Posted 4/22/08 , edited 4/22/08
Seems like theres a holiday for everything now days. Most seem to happen at the end of March. Arbor day and Earth day fell on the same week this year. Well a group of my friends and I have started to try to get a new holiday up for those of you who have earned it. Those of you who lose countless hours of sleep to get your characters further in level, items, or story, this is for you. Those of you who have boosted the market for energy drinks and snacks, this is for you. Those of you who helped support the evolution of gaming into a huge enterprise, this is for you. Sadly, this was brought on by the memory of a horrible event. The man who introduced generations of gamers to the genre that would grow as the RPG genre, Gary Gygax died this year at age 69. However, for all he's done, he would probably want people to celebrate the joys of gaming together. So prepare to pwn those n00bs with ur l33t hax0r skillz, roll some dice, spend time with your friends, and remember how gaming has changed your life. Happy Gamers' Day everyone!

(Feel free to discuss how you plan to spend gamers' day and what traditions you believe we must use to celebrate here)
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Posted 4/22/08
In memory of Gary Gygax, the day should be spent with a small group of friends in a dark unfinished basement, wearing robes and carrying dice pouches. And whilst the D&D figures are put up at the end of an epic quest, classic games like Kid Icarus, Ocarina of Time, Final Fantasy V, and Super Metroid should be played through to feel nostalgic and remember the days of old.
Happy Gamer's Day!
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