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26 / M / Akatsuki's Hideout
Posted 4/22/08 , edited 4/27/08
Here you must post your dragon's profile.I made this forum for members to see other dragons and their personality.Post your dragon's profile on these:

What's your Dragon's Name:
What's your Dragon's Elememant:
What's your Dragon's personality:
Your Dragon's Picture:
Write at least 4 sentences about your dragon(kinda make up story of it)

Here is mine:

Elemant:Light Magic
Personality:Calm,Strong magic user.

Sacredrago,The Ultimate dragon,is my dragon.I found him when a dragon attacked me.I needed help but i was trying to scream HELP!.But then all of a sudden this Dragon saved me from the dragon that attacked me.Then we decided to became partners because he said we were destened to be.This Dragon was from space.
Posted 4/22/08 , edited 4/22/08
Dragon's name:Ruby
Personality:Always happy

I always wanted to be a dragon rider.So i traveled everywhere in search of a dragon.Then i came across this fire-breathing dragon at.We decided to be partners and strong ones to.

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32 / M / USA
Posted 4/22/08 , edited 4/22/08
Dragon's name: The BLack Flame Dragon (Flames)
Personality:anger all the time but strong
It start when a dragon rider came and attack my village .When i about to die my dragon came and help me to fight with this new fire power dragon i start to to fight then the dragon rider came attack me .My dragon talk to me and told me that he will share his power with me .so we fusion to be come half human half dragon.
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F / lost under piles...
Posted 4/25/08
What's your Dragon's Name: Lucifier
What's your Dragon's Elememant: Dark magic
What's your Dragon's personality: cold, ruthless
Your Dragon's Picture:

Write at least 4 sentences about your dragon(kinda make up story of it)
Lucifiers personality gets better as u get to understand him. when i was 7 I drew a lot of evil spirits around me. they found me talking to the traitor of the dragon clan and i was declared as a traitor in my village and was to be sacrificed to the protecters of the village; the dragons. On the day i was pushed off the cliff, Lucifer saved me in exchange for my life force and freedom from the spell that bound him.
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25 / F / アメリカ
Posted 4/27/08
What's your Dragon's Name: Daisuke
What's your Dragon's Elememant: Fire
What's your Dragon's personality: stubborn to other people but loves me
Your Dragon's Picture:
Write at least 4 sentences about your dragon: i got him when he was still in his egg. when he hatched i told him we would be together forever. one day i lost him and i was depressed for a month. when i got him back i made an oath to never lose him again.
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Posted 4/27/08 , edited 4/27/08
drangon's name:Blink
Personality: loves me n no other complete control i hav over it n any other that tries to come for me she will kno n rip u to shreads n she is also a good dragon for convosations emotional n loves to train

He is a mere child growin very steadily. Now he has the power to breath fire under water n keep his breath as long as he wants under water. His water generation powers hasnt come yet. In the next year maybe he will acumulate it. He was found in a waterfall deeply inside it n i happen to find a cave that leads to it. I got him n now he is my partner in everything i do n he is always by my side. He also has the ability to speak his mind through mine so we also work good as a team.
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The fire that sur...
Posted 4/28/08
What's your Dragon's Name:Nightflower
What's your Dragon's Elememant:Lightning/Darkness
What's your Dragon's personality:Elegent with a can to attitude

Write at least 4 sentences about your dragon: When i was a child i found an egg. a couple weeks later it hatched and she poped out. Year after year, Day after day we trained until we were in since witj on another. She and I have grown a lot since our first encounter. Now we are inseperable.
Posted 4/29/08

What's your Dragon's name: Ryuu
What's your Dragon's Element: Wind
What's Your Dragon's Personality: Very jealous.. he doesn't like.. me with another dragons..he is very strong.. listens only to me..and can be sometimes very lovely..

Write at least 4 sentences about your dragon: when i was young if found him by my garden... it was still a baby.. at the begin he was very nice to me, not to the others...after a year we leaved the village and we have become very strong...
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25 / F / in my house. upst...
Posted 4/29/08
What's your Dragon's Name: ryu-sekai (ryu)
What's your Dragon's Elememant: EARTH!!!!
What's your Dragon's personality: hmmm...hard to describe but...
fair, funny once you know him, and proud
Your Dragon's Picture:
ok..this is going to be sorta long (my dragon and i go DEEP) but yeah...
i had always had this dragon since i could remember ( since i live in a magical ish world nobody really cared, even though noone else had one - they had unicorns and mermaids and phoenixes) so i never thought much of it... until a bunch of strange ninjas (once again magical land, ninjas are common) came from a faraway land to give me a message. i discovered that i was actually chosen from birth by the GREAT DRAGON LORD ( a golden dragon) to be the dragon heir. i had grown up learning how to fight alongside my dragon using jutsus (hahaha naruto) and now i was trained to learn how to govern the people of the ancient land of the dragons and use spells as well. i was learning how to be a dragons princess with the power of an enchantess. i become really strong, lead victorious battles against enemies, and lead my people into a era of peace and prosperity alongside the dragons. ^_^

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25 / F / nobody knows!????...
Posted 5/5/08 , edited 5/9/08
What's your Dragon's Name:Calsifer
What's your Dragon's Elememant:fire & air/wind
What's your Dragon's personality:he is kind and loving and do anything to protect the people i care about (Vince and Beau)hehe :
Your Dragon's Picture:
Write at least 4 sentences about your dragon(kinda make up story of it)this is long>>>> :sweatingbullets:Aroara rolled onto her back and stretched her 30 foot body out on the warm
grass beside the hedge. She closed her eyes and sucked on the thigh bone of
her most recent kill. "Ah, cattle," she sighed contentedly. "So stupid, and
so big." As she lay dozing a sense of danger came upon her. She rolled onto
her stomach and sniffed the air. There was a faint smell of humans, but
it was not close. She raised hier head over the hedge to spy out the
surrounding fields.

There was a loud report in the distance to the right. She snapped her head
around to see what made the noise, but could see nothing but a black speck
against the sky. She frowned, then realized with horror what was coming.
She leapt into the air and beat her powerful wings down at the same time,
the first beat of her flight.

Too late; the ballista shot passed easily through the wing membrane,
shattered the small bones that gave her wings their shape in flight, and
buried itself in the ground where Aroara had lain and instant before. She
roared in pain and tumbled to the ground. Flight was impossible.

Across the field came angry shouts from the humans. she raised her head
again and could see the ballista crew reloading the weapon. Nearer were
many farmers with pointed tools. They were running toward the hedge.
Aroara considered her options; she could apologize for invading their
land, or she could flame them.

She ran, long bounding steps that carried him away from the humans.
A quick glance over her shoulder made her redouble his efforts. Mounted
Knights! They had jumped the hedge and were riding in a line toward her.
Each bound made her injured wing hurt ominably but she dare not slow. A
hedge loomed before her and she leapt. To her horror there was no ground
on the other side, just a short cliff and the icy waters of the
Whelming River.

She fell in with a great splash, swallowed a mouthful of water and felt
the heat of his flame vanish. The last time this happened it took her
days to get it back, but right now she had more pressing problems. She
surfaced and looked at the knights standing at the top of the cliff.
Aroara knew she could not out run them, but as long as she stayed in the
river they could not attack.

The cold water soothed her wing but she could not stay here, as it was
only a matter of time before they brought up archers. She needed help
and he knew which wizard would aid him. She turned and swam downstream.
The knights trotted along the bank beside him, shouting and jeering.
"Coward!" called one.

"Bugger off!" shouted Aroara without stopping. "I haven't done anything."

"Come on! I can do you with one arm!" laughed the knight.

Cocky dumbheads, thought Aroara. We'll see how they cope with this. The
river emptied suddenly into the huge fens that surrounded her destination.
The knights were stopped by a short drop that divided dry land from the
bogs. She swam a short distance and turned to face them. She made a rude
gesture but they simply laughed, then she saw the boats rounding the last
bend before the fens. She sighed and swam faster, the noise of oars not
far behind.

She wriggled her way between the rafts of flowering irises and ran over
the small islands, always heading in a straight line. As she moved away
from the fresh stream of the Whelming, the water went dark and started
to stink. Not even the giant tides of the sea reached this far inland.
she moved through mud so liquid she had to swim. Her passage stirred
up a long, grey ribbon to mark her path and caused bubbles of foul gas
to rise to the surface. The boats fell behind, but they did not stop.

The water became clean again as she swam into the stream of another river,
but it was still the colour of old tea. Aroara guessed this was the stream
of the River Erskine which flowed from the button-grass peat highlands
to the south. Not far to go now. Finally she could see his refuge: a large
island with a stand of tall trees surrounding a tiny stone hut. She
splashed ashore and ran to the hut.

"Sagi!" she shouted, banging on the door with both fists"Sagi! Help!"
The noise of the boats grounding on the shore sounded loud in her ears.
She pounded a rapid tattoo on the door. "Help! Helphelphelp!"

The door was opened by a 8-year-old girl in an faded green cloak and faded
black skirt. "Yeah, all right. I'm here!" she said. "Now shut up."
She sniffed at aroara. "Pooh, girl! Have you been swimming in the fens?
Why didn't you fly?"

"I can't," wailed Aroara. "They broke my wing." She indicated with a nod
the approaching women.

Sagi looked at the women, then said, "Show me your wing." Aroara stretched
it out, wincing as she did so. Sagi examined the ragged holes in the
membrane. "Nasty. You've got some broken bones there. Oh no!" she breathed,
and turned to Aroara with a worried frown. "Your main wing-tip bone is

"Can you fix it?" she asked in alarm.

"No. It'll take weeks of serious medication I don't have," muttered Sagi.
She turned to the gathering women. "Good morning," she said brightly.

"You leave that dragon to us, Wizard," said one. "She owes us a debt."

"All I did was eat a stupid cow," said Aroara.

"That was our best bull," said the spokesman. The others murmured angrily.

Sagi looked at the dragon. "Oh, Girl! I can't believe you ate a bull."

"Bull... Cow... What's the difference?"

Sagi stared at him for a few seconds. "You're very young, aren't you?"

Aroara started to argue but the women advanced on them shouting angrily
and she cowered down behind her friend.

Sagi spun to face the mob and gestured at them. They stopped instantly,
frozen in time. "I'm going to send you to when someone can help."

"Good." Aroara thought for a few moments. "'When?' Don't you mean 'where'?"

"No." The wizard sighed and stared at the ground. "Your wing is bad.
I don't think you'll fly again if the bones aren't set properly."
She sighed again. "There's one more thing."

Aroara's head sank to the ground, but her heart felt as if it had sunk
even lower. "Just one?"

"I can send you, but I can't bring you back." Sagi looked down at the
miserable dragon. "You'll have to find a wizard to send you back."

"Back? 'Back' as in Back In Time?" She blinked. "What time distance
are you talking about?"

Sagi shrugged. "I can't say for sure. The spell will take you to the
point you can get help. I don't know how far that will be."
She squatted beside her friend. "It's either this or never fly again.
No one here can help."

"You're very definite about that!"

"Yes," said Pen. "Name the people who will help you."

"Well there's my Friend who is a goddess "

Well why didn't you say that in the first place now we dont have to send you back you can live there"


And that was 2 months ago Aroara died but lift here egg for me to care 4his name is calsifer
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29 / M / Canada and someti...
Posted 6/14/08
What's your Dragon's Name:fireball
What's your Dragon's Elememant:fire
What's your Dragon's personality:stubborn to other people but loves me
Your Dragon's Picture:

Write at least 4 sentences about your dragon: i got him when he was still in his egg. when he hatched i told him we would be together forever. one day i lost him and i was depressed for a month. when i got him back i made an oath to never lose him again.
Posted 6/18/08
What's your Dragon's Name: Firestar
What's your Dragon's Elememant: Fire
What's your Dragon's personality: Strong and somethimes angry
Your Dragon's Picture:
Write at least 4 sentences about your dragon(kinda make up story of it)
I found an egg near a vocano. When i touched it, it hatched. A war came. Me and my dragon help our land be free from the war.
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