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girls of Super Mario Bros...
Posted 12/6/11
Princess Daisy
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Posted 12/6/11
I guess I'll go with Princess Peach on this one... Or also known as Princess Toadstool. After all, I've been rescuing Princess Peach ever since I was a kid playing the NES.

What else? Her hovering ability in Super Mario Bros. 2 is quite helpful, I made some of my best records in Mario Kart 64 with Peach, an extremely useful character in Super Mario RPG, and she happens to be one of my better characters to play as in Super Smash Bros.

Now as for the poll, I'm a little surprised that Rosalina wasn't mentioned. Oh well, not that it really bothered me, but it's just a little surprising. Maybe I just played the Super Mario Galaxy games way too much.
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