what do you hate most about your mom/dad?
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Posted 11/2/07
she just pissed me off this morning. damn

hate it when my mom makes me do chores/hw that i am about to do/doing at that moment.

get it?

it like this..

me in front of the pc:
mom: internet again?! i never see you studying!
me to myself: i am studying. *rolls my eyes*
mom: you never read your books! when you get home from school you go straight to bed! you don't even bring your books to school! yada yada yada
me: ugh

come on! this is the 21st century! who brings books these days! argh

but still.. i love them just the way they are. <3

what about you? SPILL!
Posted 11/2/07
just a sub thread of several other threads.
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Posted 11/2/07
my mom can be a bit of a nag sometimes... most of the time.. >_>
and my dad is too lenient.. though its what i like about him sometimes xD
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Posted 11/2/07
Sorry but there are several threads on what people think of their parents ^-^.
Please use the search bar at the top before making new threads- thanks.

How are your parents?

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