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konnichiwa..Nagisa and Hanon's Tribute....Hope u like this video..arigatou..this is all about nagisa and hanon..this is super cool...lol...by the way put ur comment too...^_^
=================================Nagisa and Hanon================================

Nagisa-the young boy who has a crush on Hanon. After retrieving some sheet music for Hanon, he has been wooing her ever since. Unfortunately for him, the sheet music is of the tune Tarō Mitsuki dedicated to Hanon, which only reminds her of her fixation on the much more refined and older man. Still, his resilience is to be admired, and she eventually treats him better. In the manga, he says that he is two years younger than Hanon.

Hanon -Mermaid Princess of the South Atlantic Ocean and keeper of the aqua pearl. Unlike Lucia, Hanon goes up to land to escape water creatures. Hanon is perky and feminine, yet a bit more worldly than her friend Lucia. This worldliness is evidenced by many of her actions -- especially by her romantic pursuit of her music teacher, Tarō Mitsuki but in the second season she ended up with nagisa. Her idol form is Mizuiro (Aqua) Pearl Voice, although the first time that it is named in the manga, she is erroneously called Blue Pearl Voice.

South Atlantic Ocean
Blue Pearl Princess-animeistah
Blue Pearl Prince-shuusuke
Blue Pearl Duchess- LovelyCrystal
Blue Pearl Duke-
Blue Pearl Knight (2)
Blue Pearl Ministress-
Blue Pearl Minister-
Blue Pearl Priestess-
Blue Pearl Priest-

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Nagisa quickly falls head over heels in love with Hanon, but she initially dismisses his feelings as something immature. As the series progresses, Hanon eventually reciprocates his crush on her.

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