Post Reply is rain sick because of hollywood?
Posted 4/23/08 , edited 4/23/08

in my opinion yes he doesn't look healthy at all , his face gotten so thin and where is his sunshine-smile?
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Posted 4/23/08 , edited 4/23/08
hehe!! no it's not like that!!! he’s a lil bit of tired because of those last time hi has so many things to do yea it's true he look so thin then ever it's true but it for his new film and I wish that he will succeed. A ili (-) negative point his hear !!

But its ok with is smile his always sun-shinning

bwt this photos was in HK today Wednesday, April 23, 2008

but here he looks really Really charming!!!
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i dont know there isnt the same sunshine effect in his smile

in the last time he has a smile like : i have to smile so i i think this smile is like that too

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Posted 4/24/08 , edited 4/25/08
to me he is not healthy I noticed that before
he got thin and kinda pale!! poor rain
I really Hope that he will get better
Posted 4/25/08 , edited 4/25/08
watch this guys its interesting^^ its about oppa ,his live work and mother
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Posted 10/8/08 , edited 10/8/08
im thinking maybe he got really sick because he has to go training for the movie...

poor bi...

hope he stays healthy
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