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Posted 4/23/08 , edited 4/23/08

Running a endless path to the wilderness,
only hearing the whispers of kids that we once knew,
telling of past judgments that resulted in are own souls injustice,
slowly ripping through our sense of happiness,
only to feel that this endless path will end.

Are eyes glances at the tips of our shoes,
only to peer a little further to see the pitfall,
of burdens and regrets,
Before taking that plunged into the bottom of the depths of nothingness,
You look over at your watch,
and stare at the third hand sway,
clicking and leaving the past apart from the present.

As the third hand is walking through the world,
leaving a meter of yourself and your past behind,
Then you take your right foot forward,
and slowly balancing yourself to fall onward,
Suddenly you hear a big click,
Looking around the emptiness of the world,
looking at the dark pale sky,
below the dry dusty ground,
only to end up looking at your watch,
and see a speckle of light shine through,
Burning your eyes the path,
that was hidden within the despair,
and hopeless thoughts,
that has blacken the sense of hope for a better future,
Then you step back and cast off the watch,
That ends up slipping into the dark corrosive hole.

Retracing your footsteps back and see the true path,
Observing the scenery of a peaceful moment,
like watching your first and best time hanging with your friends,
As a star hangs before the new path,
instead of running,
you walk with your hearts content,
since the view was too beautiful to run past by from.

by Michael Mercene(psyopslayerx)

comments and criticism much appreciated
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26 / M / Hopefully in the...
Posted 4/23/08 , edited 4/23/08
.........wheres my tissues ...... great poem, loved it
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25 / M / Tulsa Ok
Posted 4/24/08 , edited 4/25/08
you had a very innovatory theme and an awesome outlook
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