Post Reply The Daily Times becomes The End Times.
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23 / M / Temasek,Singapura...
Posted 4/23/08 , edited 4/23/08
I'm sure almost ALL of you guys are aware of The End Times.

I know things about the End Times are scary, but you cant deny them.Please Read and Comment =)

You may heard of Mini Micro-Chips being implanted on either ur forehead, or your right hand. Dont get it?
Which means dey will put a Small Micro-Chip INSIDE either your Forehead OR your Right Hand. Disgusting?
Yeah it is.

But, Its True! Why must we have these Chips? People say its the track us down and to find out every single thing that we are doing. A little no sense of privacy eh? Tell me about it =,="

This is already written and predicted in the Bible. Seriously. Im Not Kidding. Just So You know

People are already implanting these chips in Dogs! Its not gonna be long before WE get these Chips inside our skins!

Things like these will take place in the End Times. (Not in order)

And perhaps many more!

It is said in the Bible that A Third (1/3) of the Earth will be Burned Up
A Third of the Trees and All the grass will be Burned up.

A Third of the Sea will be turned to Blood
A Third of the Sea Creatures in the Sea will die
A Third of the ships will be destroyed

Something like a Meteorite called "Wormwood" will fall from the sky on a Third of the rivers and on the springs of water. (By the way, Wormwood is a Bitter Substance)

And because of Wormwood the water will turn bitter and because of that, many people will die of it.

A Third of the Sun, A Third of the Moon and The Third of the Stars will be struck, so that a Third of them becomes dark. A Third of a Day and A Third of a Night will become Dark.

Scary and Weird looking Locust will come and they will have the power to Sting like a Scorpion. These Locusts wont harm the trees or grass, but will harm the people without the Seal of God. But the Locusts aren't allowed to kill them. (Go Read Revelations Chapter 9 for more details on this.)

(Revelations 9:6) During those days people will seek death but will not find it; they will long to die, but death will elude/avoid them.

So far Scary? Hahas! Sorry, but its not the end.
Just keep reading.

Four Angels will be released to Kill A Third of the World's People.

Despite of ALL These, People will still worship their fake gods and will not repent of their murders,their Witchcrafts,their sexual immorality or their thefts.

There will be Flashes of Lightning,Rumblings,Peals of Thunder,an Earthquake and a Great hailstorm.

Theres Many More! Want to know more? Go Read the whole of Revelations.
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24 / M
Posted 4/26/08 , edited 4/26/08
thats very scaryT_T
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77 / Zeta-Reticuli
Posted 4/27/08 , edited 4/27/08
I heard about the chips from a classmate, and yes, I do think that it's very scary.
I've read in some articles that we are nearing the end times, but we can't avoid it.
These really scared me...
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23 / M / Temasek,Singapura...
Posted 5/6/08 , edited 5/6/08
Yes! Scary Indeed! But all these must happen. Unavoidable. But dont panic. God will save His children.

If the world is troubling you,Take heart. For God has overcomed the world.
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22 / F / anime world!
Posted 6/14/08 , edited 6/14/08
okie... pray that my whole family will be a christian soon.
i don't want them to be dead in the front of my eye... really creeps me out. my head is hot now. i know christians, we're all in this together. but i'm still too scared. my head is burning up.
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24 / F / In the wilderness...
Posted 6/20/08 , edited 6/20/08
It really scares me...but I know God will save us and guide us the way..
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Posted 8/18/08 , edited 8/18/08

Ahh it's only gonna be scary for those who dont believe in God and disobey him for those of us who trust in him, serve him and obey him we know that our reward is in heaven~v
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