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Posted 4/23/08 , edited 4/23/08
Here's the links :)

Part 1:

Part 2:

This is a translation for part 1 only, it's short but they are soooo cute....kyaaah!!

This one doesn't have the English subs...
But the person tried there best to state it in English what she had understood...


VoiceOver: ONTAMA personal questions

VO: First..Yunho-san...what place in Japan do you want to visit??
YH: ...Tokyo Disneyland.
VO: Who do you want to go with??
YH: I want to go together with the members.. *Jaejoong laughs* [I wonder why??]
VO: ???? Text: the truth is...
YH: ~Repeats while laughing~ I want to go together with the members... [Just look at his face...haha]

*Everyone laughs* hahaha^^...

VO: Jaejoong-san...
JJ: Ah...? Yes?
VO: What habit recently do you do subconsciously??
JJ: While singing on stage...I stick out my tongue...*laughs*
VO: Then try it a bit??
JJ: *Sings Beautiful You* *Then sticks tongue out*...[The sound he made was priceless hahahaha^^]
VO: EROTIC...[waiiiiii...this is random but I noticed Yunho's reaction..hehe...nothing..weeee^^]

*Everyone laughs again*

VO: Junsu-san...What's the thing you recently failed at??
JS: I keep losing to the members in janken...~rock paper scissors~
VO: What do you decide with janken??
CM: Who's turn to wash the dishes..
JS: Things like who washes the dishes and the order of who puts make-up in the morning...
VO: Then please play janken with Jaejoong-san...

*Plays the janken*
*Junsu loses*

JS: One more time one more time...

*Plays janken*
*Loses again*

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