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Posted 4/23/08 , edited 4/23/08
Fan: I want to be your kitten for one day~~~ hehe~~~ will you grant me this wish?
CM: I will give you to someone else...hehehe

Fan: If you don't reply me this time, I'm going to be a SJ fan TT everyday I hope to get a reply from you TT
Fan: sorry, I was just joking, I would never do that, to me DBSK is number 1
CM: urh, scary!

Fan: I want to play a song for DBSK, and thus why I'm learning violin right now. But when I can really play for oppa's, I will be a grandma.
CM: please try^^ use this opportunity to study, you will play better and better!

Fan: I'm so sad. People have been ignoring me for a whole year now. I will work hard and get into Seoul University.
CM: he! Let's go together! It's very good, you should go!

Fan: I want to be your warm bed for one day.
CM: This kind of matter should not be decided by you!!

Fan: (insert her name) yah, I love you!
CM: we don¡Çt have this person here, look for her in the farm~~~

Fan: oppa, do you like snow days? Hehe.. if it starts snowing... it will be really cold TT recently I caught a cold, I feel sick;;;
CM: take some medicine!

Fan: oppa~~~~~~ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please give me a reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CM: Re !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plied !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (he wrote them separately)

Fan: ABCD¡Ämy English is really good right? Haha
CM: what kind of reply do you want!!!! Hehe^^

Fan: I¡Çm the chief for today, hehehe, do you want me to cook for you?
CM: no way!! Hehe
Fan: you should!!! I make very delicious cuisine!!!!!
CM: you did not get your license. = = [ you need license to cook???]

Fan: oppa, please give me lessons; my grades will get better in a short time!
CM: you must rely on yourself!

Fan: what¡Çs the best way to see oppa?
CM: TV~~~

Fan: lalalalala~~ I¡Çm a young girl, 19 TT not bad right??
CM: don¡Çt you think young and 19 don¡Çt really go together?[)]

Fan: if you don¡Çt reply, I will torture you!!!! >Jaejoong: how scary! Hun hun;;;

Fan: In this world his face is the smallest, his body is the most perfect, please come out Jung Yunho oppa.
Yunho: I'm embarrassed. I'm currently in the car replying to your messages^^[awww]

Fan: Shim Changmin, come here!
CM: Where? [ I agree... WHERE?!]

Fan: Do you know my heart?
CM: ^^

Fan: Jaejoong oppa, what¡Çs your beauty secret?
Jaejoong: the secret is ONLY use water when I wash. [*takes note of that* REALLY???]

Fan: between Yunho oppa and Junsu oppa, who has the leader aura? Haha~~~ (I¡Çm not sure if I translated this one right¡Ä)
Junsu: you can¡Çt see the leader in my deep heart! [lol i agree with Su~]

Fan: what are oppa¡Çs doing?
CM: I told you to study, why are you still here? You want to die? Hehe, study! [wahh XD]

Fan: oppa told me if I studied hard then I can come, is that real?
Junsu: if you come you have to work in the farm~ I want to live a life as a farmer!~

Same fan: if I work in the farm, I think I can give oppa a good life!
Junsu: no you can¡Çt¡Ä I have promised Yoochun that he would be the next one working in the farm, hehe [wahh YOOSU

Same fan: I can¡Çt win Yoochun, oppa please give me Changmin!
Junsu: not CM, no one can handle Changmin! [XD]

Same fan (omg): Junsu oppa, how can you change your mind like this, I¡Çm going to take oppa away!
CM: wait until I turn 20 years old, at 12 o'clock, please take him away! [)]

Fan: yah~ I got a confession from Changmin oppa TT, thank you, I didn¡Çt know oppa love me! TT
CM: I¡Çm sorry;; I think you are drunk. Hehe[XD]

Fan: what about during vacation? I¡Çm studying in the library, reward me?
CM: reward? You need to study hard ^^ [studystudystudy.. changmin-ah is that all you want us to do?T.T]

Fan: I have exams next week, but I cant focus, I¡Çm going mad, what should I do TT?
CM: you lost your focus?

Fan: I'm placed number 3 in the school, why didn't get a congrats from you with this kind of grade?? You have changed\x{2014}
Yunho: Yah, that's really good! Congrats!

Fan: Are oppa's in Korea right now? Ah, how great! ^__^ 9:41
CM: Yes, in Korea ^^
Jaejoong: I'm happy too^^
Yoochun: Me too [ wahh 3 of them replied!~]

Fan: Yunho oppa, age is only a number right? Numbers can't possibly increase our distance. Oppa I love you!
Yunho: hehehe, yeah, age is only a number, but I'm still embarrassed ^*^

Fan: today in school, I learned to do music reports on the radio, on there, there is oppa's song which is number 3 on the Oricon Chart, oppa congrats!
Yunho: ^__^ thank you, we will be relying on you for good news!

Fan: please do the things you want to do; you can only find happiness that way. Fans are too passionate sometimes; they may make you feel tired. But the only reason fans exist is because of your existence Yunho. I wish Yunho could show your true side to your fans. We don't want to watch you getting hurt, please be happy always~

Yunho: Thank you for your kind words, but I also wish that fans don't hurt themselves, please be careful! ^^ [aww]

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