Posted 4/23/08 , edited 4/24/08
THIS IRONNOOBX3....Recently I stumbled Upon this Awesome Way Of representing Ur Favorite Brawl Character..If U want to See what It Looks Like Please Pm Me..its totally Sweet...IM Only Keeping this Up For a Little Bit....If U want to have One...PM me With this InforMATION...

1...Give me Ur CR name Or Brawl Name
2...Give me ur Favorite Character U use The Most
3...Give Me Ur 2nd and 3rd character u use alot too
4...give me Like 3 mins..and U will have this Awesome Theme and Truly Represent ur Brawl Characters

Another Way is...U can Give Me Ur three favorite Brawl Characters..and I can do them Individually....Sad thing Is that..People Who have the Same Characters As will Look the Same Not Different...I have ye to find out how to Fix...this....But i Will keep Updated..but this Is for this Follwoing Weekend...Then Im Done...So Hurry and Post ur Characters ASAP!!!

U cant Miss Out!!!!!

Also U Can Leave Me all of Ur Information through Guest book as Well.....But which ever u Prefer
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