Post Reply What do you like about Trigun?
Posted 4/23/08
What i love about this anime is the excellent science fiction plot, characters and their development (Vash and Wolfwood, OH MY GOODNESS what an entertaining pair) the serious philosophy that Vash brings into the show, and how this effects all the other characters (again character development). The episodes 17 onward are exceptional, 23 in particuler (one of the best anime episodes i've ever seen).
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27 / F / BaDaSSville, AriZoNa
Posted 12/12/08 , edited 12/12/08
I liKe tRiguN cuZ not only is iT a ReallY good pLot buT vaSh and wolFwooD R fuNNy. anD vaSh liKes donuts as muCh aS mE.
Posted 12/12/08
lol thanks for the pic
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Posted 1/10/09
itz all about love and peace:D ...vash won me over with,"total slaughter total slaughter, i wont leave a single man alive la dee da dee di genocide la dee da dee dud an ocean of blood, let's begin the killing time."...omg, i fukkin loved that shit.

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29 / M / Hakushu Dinosaurs?
Posted 10/2/09
✖Hello there ^-^
Posted 4/2/11
Love and Peace is my favorite sentence on the series.
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