Post Reply What is your favorite Episode in naruto & naruto Shippuden???
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Posted 4/24/08 , edited 4/24/08

. . .______ok mine is_____ . . .

when naruto encountered ''Sai'' at the rooftop and starts irretating Naruto!!
That was funny

when the3rd hokage risk his life to save konoha (that's heroic!!)

and when kakashi, Sakura,Naruto and Sasuke . . . just met (first day of team 7)!!
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Posted 5/7/08 , edited 5/8/08
hmmm i have a lot
when he starts to use the red chakra when he is fighting haku.
when he kicks gaara's ass using his mass shadow duplication.
when he sees hinata on shippuden and she gets red as hell and faints. tat was funny
i got way more but those r my favorite
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Posted 5/30/08 , edited 5/30/08
there are a lot actually....
*there was this episode where in sakura sasuke and naruto are trying to find out
how does kakashi looks like that was funny...
*when gai was carrying kakashi after their mission to rescue gaara was very funny...
well there are a lot of them that I can't remember the others
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