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Best Asian gay movie
Posted 1/1/09 , edited 7/2/11
ill rate them based on how hardcore they r
1ai no kotodama***
2sukitomo*(i was like, is this really gay ?)
3eternal summer****
4no regret*****-

5east palace, west palace ***(craaaazy !)
6bangkok love story*****
7metrosexual 1/2*(only references unfortunately )
8boys love****-i refuse to highlight because of the ending *kicks ending in the butt* *crosses arms*
9go go G-boys**-i liked it , dunno why, i JUST DID
10love of siam**
11king and the clown 1/2*(again, just references -it has lee jun ki, need i say more ..
12right by me ****
13itsuka no kimi e ***(i give the third one just for the finger sucking XD!!!)
14bishonen*****-too sad for me *sigh* gay movies n their unhappy endings *shakes head*
15formula 17****-brainless, yet fun
16Soshite Harukaze ni Sasayaite 1/2 *-so mild, i think i needed it
*sigh* im loking for fragile in love , hatsu-koi,antique bakery,day break or the man in the lighthouse, if anyone could provide a link id be very grateful
PSsome of the movies i watched i liked, some not so much my raiting could be a little bit off the highlighted ones , i loved
17seen antique bakery***- not that gay but I LOVED IT <3
1846 billion years of love **and1/2 so confusing XD
19Taboo***and1/2 - wonderful yet there are 100 questions left unanswered o-O
20boys love (second movie)**** again, hate the ending but at least its somewhat happy...
21 boy meets boy * really mild but .. soooooooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeet X3!! someone shoudl kill the woman though o-O!ruins the image XD!!! :P
22 i 4got the name.. oh, yeah! gymnasium baby **XD wats with the endin o-o??
23beautiful boxer*- with a tranie :)
24 Antonio's secret***** some say its a good movie, personally, i didnt like it all dat much...
25 frozen flower***** left a bitter taste - feel bad for the king, poor bastard, kind of stupid of him, he sealed his faith :/
26 Kindan no koi*i was like huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh O_O at the end, i thought his brother was in love with the same guy but noooo, he was in love with... O_O!!!!
27like grains of sand*n1/2, longest 2 hours of my life x.x
28 Lan Yu**** (full frontal nudity o-o) supposedly artistic but then again I also suppose I was a tad bored xD ~ it's a good movie but not amongst my faves...
29 bishonen*** n my head was spinnin n spinnin, every gay person in the movie was related to the others! what the o_O???
30 bokura no ai no kanade***
31 the postcard 1/2* funny and lovely!! ( it's a korean short movie)
32 just friends? 2**(gay short) it was ok but the singing parts were gah :/
33 the crimson mark 2** it was unique and lovely ! ( short gay k-movie)
34 hello my love
theres also silom soi 2 (i watched like half of it) but rlly, it sucked too much for me so i dropped it (i usually can sit through boring movies but this was too.... yeah maybe ill pick up where i left one day
but im thinking of watching it again, this time,all of it
lastly, theres an actual YAOI drama, rinai shindan or smth ^^" watched one episode in eng, another without subs, i say screw it and wait for subbed versions or a personal translator ^^"

some non-asian gay movies are brokeback mountain (spellin??) and shelter which are rlly good but i still prefer the asian ones ^^"
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M / Philippines
Posted 1/1/09
love of siam, boys love, bangkok love story and formula 17
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27 / M / Philipines
Posted 1/4/09
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29 / F / Toronto, Canada
Posted 1/4/09
For me, The best gay movie I've seen was "The Love of Siam"...that for me...
But then I've also seen "Eternal Summer"...well, this movie is really ok...
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33 / a
Posted 1/4/09
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30 / M / Philippines
Posted 1/15/09
Here's my top selections

1. Love of Siam - for its profound and nice story
2. Bishonen - i dont know why but i like this movie and i love the characters
3. No regret - cool love scenes kidding
4. Bangkok love story - very original and interesting
5. Eternal summer - i like the idea of having a childhood best friend
6. Itsuka no kimi e - weird but interesting....
7. Soshite Harukaze ni Sasayaite - very cool it's like a gay F4 movie

I seen others too and here's what i think of them

Boys love - its good though the characters are pathetic and weird.
Ai no Kotodama - its ok but the story focus on jealousy... quite boring
Formula !7 - slightly funny...
go go g boys... slightly funny

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29 / F
Posted 1/15/09

an in the lighthouse is in youtube. search it in its tagalog title
"ang lalaki sa parola"
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28 / M
Posted 1/17/09 , edited 1/17/09

Watch 10 different gay films including:

Go!Go!G Boys(China)**with english subtitle
Boys Love(Japan)**with english subtitle
Formula 17(Taiwan)**with english subtitle
No Regret(South Korea)**with english subtitle
Eternal Summer(Taiwan)**with english subtitle
Love of Siam(Thailand)**with english subtitle
Lihim ni Antonio(Philippines)

Decide and Vote for your favorite!you still have 10 remaining days to vote!

voting might not be extended!
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30 / M / earth
Posted 1/27/09

blackpearl_29 wrote:

ANG LALAKI SA PAROLA-the man in the lighthouse
is a good gay movie also,,,
you can watch it in VEOHtv...
when u search it type the ENGLISH title not the tagalog!!!

did any one find a link to this movie ?
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25 / F / USA
Posted 2/6/09
Ai No Kotodama
Boys Love
Boys Love Theatrical Edition(so much better than original!)
Kindan No Koi
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27 / M
Posted 2/8/09


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27 / F / Smallest city eva...
Posted 2/9/09
Ive nev HEARD OF ANY!! dindt know they had any!!
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Posted 2/14/09

Donutball wrote:

No Regret - was the bomb-diggity. it was BOMBASTIC
Eternal Summer - was the bomb
Formula 17 - funny as hell
Boys Love - was the bomb
Bishounen - was the bomb
uhh what else what else.. King and the Clown was like gay but not as serious as the other ones. it was still THE BOMB

eto~ what else ^_^ uhmm i dno thats it for now ^__^ ultimate gay pair tho is Sho x Hikaru :3 if you kno who they r then bonus points FOR YOU!

coat west??
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26 / F / Iceland
Posted 2/17/09
boys love!
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26 / M / Washington
Posted 2/17/09
Eternal Summer is, of all the ones I've seen, the BEST. Tops my entire list of favorite movies. =]
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