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Posted 6/23/08

Yasuke wrote:

trenachan22 wrote:

... why is everyone signing up and no one thinking of cheers ???

Well A Good Reason Is we Dont Have A School Mascot So We dont Know what To Do..... I mean If We Were The Animal School Tigers It would Be Like "Meow Meow Animal School!" Or Something But No we Dont Have a Mascot...... And another Reason Is You Didnt Give A Theme For The cheer Like What Kinda Cheer are You supposed To do With No Theme........ (Sarcasm)But Hey Im Just the Magic/CG Teacher....... No1 should Listen To Me.... (Sarcasm)

hm.. true sensei true =))
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Posted 8/10/08
Username: sparks520
Date of birth: oct. 6
Motto: U can do anythin u want to as long as u put ur mind into it
Short Cheer for the group:give me an A! ALRIGHT, THERE NOTHIN TO FEAR! give me a N! NOTHIN'S GONA STOP US! give me a I! I WILL WILL PUT UP A FIGHT! give me a M! MUST GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT ! give me a A! AN A AS IN WE R AWESOME! give me a L! LET'S SCREAM OUT LOUD!!!! lol
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