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This is also the second game of the group, Its called Anime Alphabet this games an easy one too. All you have to do is think of a anime that starts with the letter in the last post. If you don't understand here is an example. Dont worry it can be an anime,manga,videogame or others just not real life stories I meant anything animated^^Dont copy the example or thats cheating><Join the fun its my turn ----
Oh yeah it can be a certain
anime character or anime endings and anime opening and ending songs^^Lets start!!!

A - Angkoku Tengkoku

An example: A = Angewomon,B= Bubbles (PPGZ)
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A = Air(Anime)
B = Bleach(Anime)
C = Card Captor Sakura(Anime)
D = Death Note(Anime)
E = Eureka Seven(Anime)
F = Full Metal Alchemist(Anime)
G = Gin Ichimaru(Bleach)
H = Hitohira no Hanabira (Bleach Ending)
I = Ichigo Kurosaki(Bleach)
J = Jiraya (Naruto)
K = Karin ( Karin)
L = Loveless(Anime)
M = Mayuri Kurosutchi(Bleach)
N = Nemu Kurosutchi (Bleach)
O = Ouran High School Host Club (Anime)
P = Pokemon (Anime)
Q = Queen's Blade (Anime)
R = Renji Abarai (Bleach)
S = Sasuke Uchiha(Naruto)
T = Tokyo Mew Mew (Anime)
U = Urahara Kisuke ( Bleach)
V = Vampire Knight (Anime)
W = Wolf's Rain(Anime)
X = xxxHOLIC(Anime)
Y = Yagami Lite ( Death Note)
Z = Zero (Vampire Knight)

I hope thats what you were sort of looking for thats what i got from the top of my head Hope I did this right
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