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This video shows the relationship between Rina and Masahiro...its pretty cool..hehe..this is the only video i found about their love...pls leave a comment too...^_^

===============================Masahiro and Rina================================

Masahiro-Masahiro is a flirtatious boy who has a crush on Rina. He wears glasses, rides a motorcycle and does some amateur boxing. It is later revealed that he comes from a family running a boxing gym.

Rina- Rina is the Mermaid Princess of the North Atlantic Ocean and keeper of the green pearl. Initially she is depicted as stern and bent on revenge for the capture of her best friend, Noel. Later, however, she evolves into a more mature character, and acts as an older sister figure to Lucia and Hanon.In the second season she ended up with Masahiro.

North Atlantic Ocean
Green Pearl Princess- miyu_kanata
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In the second season of the anime, Rina receives a love interest, the motorbike-driving boxer Masahiro Hamasaki. Rina is shy and slow about confessing her feelings. However, when she leaves him for a ceremony, she starts to miss him.[4] In the second season, many of Rina's appearances have her dealing with her relationship with Masahiro.

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i love the song
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