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Such a Big World, and yet.
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25 / F / Birmingham
Posted 4/26/08
I personally love English movies (Kidulthood being my alltime favourite movie), I much prefer them to both American and Asian movies & dramas, and I'm going to admit that all of the entertainment I engage in is from either the UK, USA or Asia.
Neh, I'm happy living in my little dome, away from the majority of the world's culture.
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F / somewhere in silence
Posted 6/29/08 , edited 6/29/08
Well thank you for the mature replies and I'm glad some of you are willing to take my challenge (^_^), ah I love open minds.

DreadDenimPirate wrote:

Wow FINALLY a creative, intelligent , and above all, ORIGINAL thread...

Unfortunately, the only foreign (not USA or Japan) comic that I can think of is Tank Girl. It's probably my second favorite comic ever, and it's from Europe.

But now I'm curious, and I will accept the challenge to find some other ones!

(^_^) thanks, I'm just a well rounded person and hate to see so many people bad mouth so many artist and entertainers, just based on the fact that they were born and made it, in a particular place. Which is bogus. Especially accounting for the number of people on these forums that just love making fan fic, and doujinshi, or original comics, they wouldn't like someone saying their stuff sucked just because they are American and no one gave their work a chance for that simple fact. Not every one in the world can be Asian, or born in Asia. If we all were then I don't think the appeal (unhealthy obsession so to speak) would exist. lol which is stating the obvious.


I'm glad no one said every one has their own opinion. lol because I definitely was not saying we all had to have the same taste. But the Film industry has something for everyone, if you can't find something that is your taste its because you aren't really looking.

I just think its silly to say oh this huge film/television/animation industry is better then this one. Its like pick specifics because I've seen crappy movies from plenty of places, and I've seen movies that were amazing, from several countries. so yeah.

light06 wrote:

same here i cant think of one..i guess asians are way better in making this things..btw im an asian hehe biased,,..
~sorry but its kinda true..

I'm sorry you think that way. I hope one day you will be able to explore other things that are not Asian themed, I am black, irish, cherokee and several other things but I don't just stick to movies pertaining to my race, I highly doubt anyone except my sister has the exact same mix as me any way. But just because you are asian that isn't really an excuse. There are Asians that live all over the world. ('.'), so I guess you are racist. And before you go on a tangent racist mean you think your race is the best, and you can't get mad for what you did indeed write in your post. "I guess asians are way better in making this things"
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Posted 6/29/08
I love English music the most!! i think.. ^^ then Asian... even though I'm Asian.. ^^
Posted 6/29/08

lilprince wrote:

Here is a map of the World and a Link so that you can download one for yourself.

Now that said I was wondering why it seems that This forum and many other asian themed or asian anime themed forums are always filled with, threads that are America versus Asia basically.

Thats why I posted the Maps it would seem even though this site had people from all over the world. Only America gets compared to Asia.

I figured maybe people don't know that There are other countries and Continents besides America and Asia.

So theres a map. I challenge you to find out or even watch a movie, cartoon, read a comic book, or a non graphic novel made from another country besides America and Asia. Then post it here and tell me about it.

For the Americans I also challenge you to actually find out more about your own country. Instead of just saying oh i would never watch American cartoons or read American comics, And I hate American Movies and then in the same sentence say that you think Japanese Cartoons/Graphic Novels/ Movies are better, how would you know if you don't watch American cartoons/Movies? or If you Don't read American Graphic Novels? ('.'). Dora the explorer and Sponge bob are only two of many American Cartoons, and the simple fact that Dora the explorer comes on Nick jr. would have me to ask the question of why did you think Nick jr. cartoons would be aimed at any one besides Children? Now Adult Swim is aimed at golly, adults. Lol See a simple misunderstanding you just look in the wrong places for American Cartoons.

Am I the only one who sees this obnoxious trend. I think laziness causes otaku syndrome, denying ones owns country because they refuse to look in other places besides tv block times that are meant for children.
I find the world map helpful.
Posted 6/29/08
Irish movies like :song for a raggy boy, the magdealn launderies, Agnes brown they are real and based on true stories
and i dont think beano s american its english i think
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29 / M / Bangalore,India
Posted 6/29/08
I love other cultures.
District B13(France),Amelie(France),Taxi 2(France),Amelie(France),Old Boy(S. Korea),Life is beautiful(Italy)
I listen anything from Swedish,Arabic,German,Farsi,Swahili etc.
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26 / F / At home ^__^
Posted 6/29/08
Well I do read French books lol, and French movies and lots of other stuff from Europe...
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26 / F / england
Posted 6/29/08 , edited 6/29/08
I like reading books by english authors like Jane Austen and most of my favourite actors or actresses are english. But most programmes i watch are american and music wise its a mix of english, american and a bit asian.
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32 / F / philippines
Posted 6/30/08
Life is Beautiful (Italian: La vita è bella) - an Italian Film
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