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DBSK News Updates!
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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
Posted 3/15/10 , edited 3/15/10
#5 Junsu - 10 most innocent South Korean stars

1. Seohyun (Girls’ Generation)
2. Taemin (SHINee)
3. Nichkhun (2PM)
4. Jiyoung (Kara)
5. Junsu (TVXQ)
6. Yoona (Girls’ Generation)
7. Sohee (Wonder Girls)
8. Seungri (Big Bang)
9. Jo Kwon (2AM)
10. Kevin (U-Kiss)

Source : U-KISS Thailand
Credits: baidu bigbang | bigbang haven
Shared by: DBSKnights

Casting of "Sunaoni Narenakute"

(photo: as tagged)

Jaejoong's character:

Name: Park Song Soo (26)
His handle name is “Doctor” (*That could mean his twitter name is doctor. TBA)
He works as a salesman at a medical equipment company.
He receives support from Haru through twitter and starts to love her.

Haru (Juri)'s one sided love is Nakaji (Eita).

Nakaji swings around Haru.

SongSoo (Jaejoong) starts to love Haru.

Peach (Megumi Seki) starts to love Nakaji.

And in the drama, Jaejoong's sister's name is Park Minhwa played by Haruka Kinami.

*More information of the drama will appear soon.
The print of the photo is not clear this time.
It is still nice to see this, isn't it? ^^

Source: As tagged + Saran-chan
Translated by: [email protected]
Shared by: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Sunao Ni Narenakute Casts to Attend Waratte Iitomo

on the show that is going to air on April 12th entitled “Spring Dorama Surprise (tentative)”

All casts of Spring Drama series that will air starting from April 4th will appear on the show, including the Thursday 10 pm drama team (aka Sunao Ni Narenakute)!

There’s no further info who are exactly the casts that will attend the show, but since Jaejoong is one of the main casts, then there is high possibility of him to show up.

Credit: waratte iitomo hp + chara
Shared by: DBSKnights + Sharingyoochun

Fuji Drama Photographer's Twitter

About 4 hours Ago

"To asu_pi: The data handling is completed too.
I am absorbed in a meeting tomorrow."

About 8 hours ago:

"Oh? A fan of Jaejoong somewhat helped me.
It was the first photography day and that was a very wonderful person."

About 10 hours ago:

"The photography ended. It was a good spot."

About 12 hours ago:

"Eita, Juri Ueno, Tetsuji Tamayama, Megumi Seki, Jaejoong,
the whole photography setting by using the fifteen electronic flashes gives me great feeling~."

Source: Hideaki Kono
Translated by: [email protected]
Shared by: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Jaejoong - Tohomobile

It seems that Jaejoong is holding a drama script.

On the white book, it writes "Sunaoni Narenakute" in Japanese.

Top orange section writes, "Tohomobile".
The light green post it markings on the book must be where Park Song Soo's lines are written.
*"Park Song Soo" is Jaejoong's character's name in a new Fuji TV drama "Sunaoni Narenakute.

Always Keep The Faith!

Source: Baidu
Translated by: [email protected]
Shared by: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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"LET's VOTE" by;

“A Man More Beautiful than Woman”

In the previous days, “A Man More Beautiful than Woman” was Lee JunKi…..

Who is it now?

Collected vote numbers: 3379
Collected dates: March 2nd ~15th, 2010.
*Vote collected at

Won Bin 259 (7.7%)
Kang Dong Won 190 (5.6%)
Kim Hyun Joong (SS501) 1023 (30.3%)
Hero Jaejoong (TVXQ) 1327 (39.3%)
Lee Hong Ki (FT Island) 42 (1.2%)
Lee JunKi 413 (12.2%)
Others 123 (3.6%)

Always Keep The Faith!

Translated by: [email protected]
Shared by: +
{ One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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World Renown Choreographer Geneviève Cleary Mentions Yunho In Facebook Status Twice

First time (09/03/10)

This is It Rehearsal Time! Featuring Korean Superstar Yunho!

Second time (13/03/10)

Asian Fans!
We are taking good care of Yunho!
sorry, I can’t keep up with all the messages you have been sending to me
I can see he is being loved by a LOT of people!
He is indeed a great artist and amazing dancer!

Source: [baidu+DNBN+DNBN]
Picture Source: as written in images (Million Cassiopeia+Sharing Yoochun)
Translation credits: [email protected]
Shared by:
Do not remove/add on any credits

Jaejoong Sunao Ni Narenakute update from fujitv

For his first continuous drama, Jaejoong said
“For the first time I will be in a Japanese drama. It’s really a different work field than I usually have so I’m really nervous but I hope that I can have fun with the casts and film. I will do my best so please take care of me!” it seems that he is excited to crank in.

The producer who casted Jaejoong, Nakano also said
“Jaejoong has this overwhelming power of his existence that feels you can’t take your eyes off him, even through the screen. When wanting to make a new fresh youth group, I knew that a character like him will be needed. But when I met him in person, he was a humorous guy and his character is made to be like him. His is learning Japanese and acting right now and when going inside of the great actors I think he will make a wonderful chemical reaction.”

Tohoshinki is a Korean dance-vocal group and of course in Korea they are popular but in Japan they debuted in 2005 April and making it to the top stars. The Oricon ranking that was announced on 2/23 their first best album sold 413000 copies and made a record for Asian men artists. Jaejoong the guy who is in charge of the main part, he has a face as beautiful as a women and a frankness personality and a always caring for his members. Their personality is one of the reasons for their popularity.

This time what Jaejoong is going to challenge is, Eita who plays the new cameraman Nakaji, Ueno Juri playing a part time teacher at a private high school Haru, and Seki Megumi playing Haru’s best friend Peach, Tamayama Tetsuji playing the leader Rinda who meets Jaejoong the Doctor through out Twitter. Haru’s words on twitter support him and starts to have feelings for her. Please look forward to the Actor Jaejoong!

credit: fujitv
trans by: [email protected]
shared by : Dbsknights

Yahoo! Japan Look-Up Rankings (3/8~3/14)

Yahoo! Japan Look-Up Rankings
1) Kitagawa Keiko
2) Arashi
3) Tohoshinki

Weekly Top 20 (03/08~03/14) Rank (Last)

01 (05) Kitagawa Keiko
02 (01) Arashi
03 (02) Tohoshinki
04 (03) AKB48
05 (new) ICONIQ
06 (new) Yano Kiyomi
07 (10) Rinka
08 (07) EXILE
09 (08) Maeda Atsuko(AKB48)
10 (9) B'z
11 (new) Miyazaki Aoi
12 (20) Kitano Kie
13 (19) Naka Riisa
14 (04) Asada Mao
15 (new) Ikimono-gakari
16 (new) YUKI
17 (new) Sakamoto Ryoma
18 (14) Saeko
19 (12) Kana Nishino
20 (11) Sasaki Nozomi

New entries! – Who is who and why did they make it into the top 20?
ICONIQ (25): singer, released first Japanese album last week
Yano Kiyomi (48): talento and wife of Nakamura Kouichi who got arrested because of drugs
Miyazaki Aoi (24): actress, "Solanin" promotions, CM craze and new image character for "Soken Bicha" (tea)
Ikimono-gakari: pop-rock band, released a new single
YUKI (38): singer, released a new album
Sakamoto Ryoma: popular historical figure, a recent craze about anything Ryoma thanks to NHK's "Ryoma den" (and last season's JIN…)

Daily Top 5 (03/08~03/12) *no weekends

01 – Arashi
02 – Tohoshinki
03 – AKB48
04 – Kitagawa Keiko
05 – Miyamoto Emiri 03/09
01 – Kitagawa Keiko
02 – Arashi
03 – Tohoshinki
04 – AKB48
05 – B'z 03/10
02 – Kitagawa Keiko
03 – Arashi
04 – Tohoshinki
05 – AKB48

01 – Arashi
02 – Kitagawa Keiko
03 – Tohoshinki
04 – AKB48
05 – ICONIQ 03/12
01 – Yano Kiyomi
02 – Kitagawa Keiko
03 – Arashi
04 – Tohoshinki
05 – AKB48

Credits: kawaii joyuu
Shared by: DBSKnights + aramatheydidn't

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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
Posted 3/16/10 , edited 3/17/10
New Ultraman Series Theme Song, 'Genesis' by TOHOSHINKI

Source: JEFusion
Shared by: DBSKnights + [email protected]

TVXQ #1 at Kansai Airport Shop in Japan


Shopping News

"Korean Feeling Building" (韓情館/はんじょうかん/Hanjyoukan) opened at Kansai Airport in Japan.

It displays the rare Korean star goods and articles which were available only in Korean concert meeting places.

The fans flocked when 60 sets of Korean wave stars flew into Kansai Airport last year, and to have a glimpse look of the stars; 7,400 in total number of fans packed the Kansai Airport. The Kansai Airport Company thought that there is a business chance not only for the airline passengers and opened a store.

Currently the most popular goods are TVXQ goods.

The business is planned to be opened until the end of May, but "Depending on the prosperity of the sales, we will think about the extension" said the person in charge.

According to the name of the shop, "ハンジョウ/Hanjyou (*It has the meaning of "prosperity" in Japanese) will the store Hanjyo suru/prosper- -?

Always Keep The Faith!

Translated by: [email protected]
Shared by: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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JJ hang out with “Sunao ni narenakute” cast

The new fuji tv drama that’s starting in april “Sunao ni narenakute” had an interview on the 14th where Eita, Ueno Juri,Jaejoong(Tohoshinki), Seki Megumi, and Tamayama Tetsuji were all there.

The story is about 5 peoples love and friendship which they meet through twitter. Eita plays character Nakaji who is a cameraman, Ueno Juri plays Haru a part time teacher, Jaejoong plays Doctor a salesman, Seki Megumi plays Peach a children clothes sales clerk, and Tamayama Tetsuji plays Linda/Rinda an editor.

Before filming the 5 went to go drink. Tamayama said “this time many are around the same age so I got excited and drank too much, and Jaejoong made me drunk *laughs*. I don’t have memory of the last half part. Jaejoong and Eita and everyone is really strong.”

Jaejoong said “Tamayama-san is like my neighbor’s older brother *laughs*. And Eita-san is really strong in alcohol. If I have a chance I want to see who is stronger *laughs*” and Eita who go asked to challenge said “no thank you *laughs* (to the challenge).” And rejected the challenge but said “Jaejoong is a really honest person. He can say what is good or bad and it feels nice to be around him”. It seemed that he has a good impression of him.

Ueno Juri talked about seki megumi who plays her best friend. ” We have been in the same movie before called ‘ warau daitenshi’ and she’s a cool/calm person but she’s actually a very funny person and we get to film longer this time so im excited”. Seki said “I like how juri thinks about other people and her power towards acting, she’s very reliable.” It seemed that they both like each other.

Even before the filming started they are right on track. It is exciting to see how the drama will be.

“Sunao ni narenakute” Starting in April on thursdays from 10:00-10:54 on Fuji television.

trans by: [email protected]
shared by: dbsknights

Korean Media: Tohoshinki & Big Bang Battle It Out On Japanese Screens

It was announced on the 12th that the 7 works that are part of the Korea-Japan collaboration [Telecinema], consisting of 7 Japanese scriptwriters and directed by a famous Korean director, will start screening in Japan on 29 May 2010.

These 7 works which have been decided to screen in Japan were released in Korea in November last year, and they were said to have received huge response.

Included in these works are Tohoshinki's Jejung's first on-screen lead role [Postman to Heaven] and Big Bang's T.O.P and V.I (Seungri)'s [19], and these raised a lot of interest in Korea, with many of the Korean media competing to report the responses.

The Korean news site [Union Press] also reported on this topic, "[Postman to Heaven] and [19] which were aired last year in November is also set to be released in Japan in May this year. A close eye will be kept on the results of that."

Also, other Korean media also reported, "Continuing on from Korea, Tohoshinki's Jejung and Big Bang's T.O.P and V.I will battle it out on the screens in Japan" and "these top idol groups are not only battling it out in terms of singing but also in acting".

Source: []
Translation credits: [email protected]
Shared by:
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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
Posted 3/17/10
Eriko Kitagawa's Blog Update

2010-03-17 15:27:20

I am an anorak.
The first completed version with the subs were delivered to me.
And I am now looking over the subs with the sub professionals (whom I have worked together with).
I am correcting them.

Can you change
"Orejane-yo" (T/N: not me!)
"orejane-shi" (T/N: not me…?)

I'm doing these kinds of talks on the phone. (Oh, please feel free to say "whichever should be OK!")
But I think that Jaejoong’s actions seem to be "not me…", and not "not me!"

"Kitagawa-san, maybe you should come again to the editorial office!"
said the professional of the subs (← is this way of saying correct?), Ishige-san.

Yes. YES!
You’re right.

But I thought that I'm finished with my work~~
The last time I went there, I concentrated too much, and my teeth were chattering and was not in the right position,
After I reached my house, I started to shiver and groan, and had to take some medicine.
(My daughter looked afraid, but she seemed to close her eyes.)

Do I have to undergo those again?

Oh, I love "Sunaoni Narenakute".
I just have to write the scripts, I don't have to write the subs.
Well, I think that Jaejoong, who has to speak in Japanese this time, is having trouble…


Roaring with laughter, with no meaning…

I need to have a feeling that I've outgamed someone.

So, the second half of the subbing.
I'll, I'll do my best.


2010-03-17 16:11:54

Oh, again, the hives…

When I do the subs, I have the hives.
The last time I was in the editorial office, I’'e had the hives.

When I was writing the scripts for "Aishiteruto Ittekure", I have heavy hives, too,
and I had to go to an academic medical center.

When I am driven into the corner and concentrate on things, the hives appear.

Smile a little smile (forced my face into a smile).

Source: Eriko Kitagawa's Blog
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

Jaejoong Filming "Toki Wo Tomete" PV

This photo is taken at the "Toki Wo Tomete" PV filming scene when Jaejoong is filming the PV and it should be taken by illegitimate fans. Jaejoong look so chic together with those era feel machines. The filming venue is actually a museum for elementary students to visit, which is located at Kanuma. Jaejoong look so magnificent! (It should be refering to Jaejoong's golden hair~) Haha.

Source: 日博Hero yuu & Ann063 @ 百度在中吧
Translation: sicashinki @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

Oricon Daily Video Clip Collection -The One-


15位 4th LIVE TOUR 2009-The Secret Code-FINAL in TOKYO DOME 東方神起 09/30 RZN

17位 3rd LIVE TOUR 2008~T~ 東方神起 08/06 RZN

19位 2nd LIVE TOUR~Five in the Black〈初回限定盤〉 東方神起 09/26 RZN

Credits: DBSKnights

[Tohoshinki Credit Card] Membership Campaign Began

Japan's Orient Corporation Co. Ltd 【8585】 will start a new round of membership campaign for [Tohoshinki MasterCard UPty iD] which is specially designed for Tohoshinki. The deadline for this campaign will be on 31st March 2010. During the campagin, the first 1000 people will be able to receive [Tohoshinki Original Sticker]. The issuing of stickers will end once the stock have been cleared.

Apart from the membership campaign, a number of promotions have been designed and also 8 different types of [Tohoshinki PREMIUM CARD] have been specially prepared.
◆ Members will receive a [PREMIUM CARD]. (1 pc)
◆ A detailed slip which is attached in the letter after using the credit card. (1 pc)
◆ Members are able to exchange their favourite card with their points.
◆ Release all of the 8 types of cards and [PREMIUM CARD Special Paper].

Source: 在中家族 & sexyonly在中 @ TVXQbaidubar
Translation: sicashinki @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

Max Changmin and Lee Yeon Hee, We Got Married?

TVXQ member, Max Changmin and Lee Yeon Hee's wedding photos had triggered a strong interest from fans after it had been released.

Recently, the internet Fan Cafe had released Max Changmin and Lee Yeon Hee's wedding photos.

Both of them are currently filming the drama, "Paradise Ranch" in Jeju.

The wedding photos are taken last month when they are filming the wedding scene.

"Paradise Ranch" is a drama that uses Jeju as the background to describe the young career and love. The relationship between Max Changmin and Lee Yeon Hee in the drama is both of them know each other since young and they get married on their own against their parents' wishes. Both of them and Joo Sang Wook will developed a love triangle.

Max Changmin's first TV drama, "Paradise Ranch" is targeted to broadcast in April. The drama is currently in the process of pre-production in Jeju.

Source: 百度李沇熹吧 & 命中注定只恋允 @ TVXQbaidubar
Translation: sicashinki @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
Posted 3/18/10 , edited 3/18/10
Daily Oricon Charts {Album/DVD}

General DVD (includes Movies, TV Shows)

Music DVD


12位 4th LIVE TOUR 2009-The Secret Code-FINAL in TOKYO DOME 東方神起 09/30 RZN

17位 2nd LIVE TOUR~Five in the Black〈初回限定盤〉 東方神起 09/26 RZN

18位 3rd LIVE TOUR 2008~T~ 東方神起 08/06 RZN

19位 HISTORY in JAPAN Vol.4 東方神起 10/28 RZN


21位 BEST SELECTION 2010 東方神起 RZN 02/17

Credits: TVXQBaidu
Shared by: DBSKnights

B-Pass January 2010



Habit (after wake up) in The Morning: Artists Who Seem to Have Big Temptation to Fall Asleep Again?

#5 YOOCHUN ~~~ Chunnie? are you a sleepy head??? xDDD

credit: b-pass + dnbn
Shared by: DBSKnights

Latest Top 100 Handsome Men in Asia

*(T/N: this rank was found in one of Suju's fan site.)

69 Kazuya Kamenashi
68 Park Hae Jin
67 Kim Dong Wook
66 Park Taehwan
65 Daniel Wu
64 Hyun Bin
63 Lee Donghae
62 TAE
61 Chi Cheng Jun
60 Wallace Huo
59 Takuya Kimura
58 陸毅
57 Shun Ogur
56 Leon Jay Williams
55 Roy Chiu
54 Chun Jung Myung
53 Kim Bum
51 Sung Min Moon
50 Takeshi Kaneshiro
49 Mike He
48 Haruma Miura
47 Lee Sungmin
46 Koike Teppei
45 Seung-ho Yu
44 Yamapi
43 Jang Keun Suk
42 Ji Hyun Woo
41 Lee Yong Dae
40 Joo Ji Hoon
39 Jang Dong-gun
38 Lee Dong Gun
37 Aaron Yan
36 Lee Min Woo
34 Shin Hye Sung
33 Kang Dong-won
32 Woo-Hyuk Jang
31 Duan Wei Huang
30 Changmin
29 Kim Kibum
28 Micky Yoochun
27 Ekin Cheng
26 Choi Sung-Kuk
25 Eunhyuk
24 Vic Zhou
23 Nichkhun
22 Ryeowook
21 Song Seung Heon
20 Jun Jin
19 Rain
18 Moon, Hee-Jun
17 Kim Hyun Joong
16 Lee MinHo
15 Nicholas Tse
14 Yunho
13 Leeteuk
12 Kyuhyun
11 Choi Siwon
10 Wang Lee Hom
9 KangTa
8 Il-woo Jeong
7 Jerry Yan
6 Wu Chun
5 HanGeng
4 Bae YongJun
3 Lee Junki
2 Kim Heechul
1 Kim Jae Joong

Translated by: [email protected]
Credits: 百度
Shared by: Sapphirepearls + Shades of Jae'd, international Kim Jaejoong Fanclub //
Take out with full credits please!

Yunho - Rehearsal in Las Vegas 100313 ENG SUB

Credits: purplepuzzle19
Shared by: DBSKnights

Korea’s Top 20 Most Wanted Celebrity Boyfriends

1. G-Dragon Bigbang (896 votes)
2. Jang Geun Sok and Lee Minho (860 votes)
3. Donghae SJ (823 votes)
4. Nichkhun 2PM (756 votes)
5. T.O.P Bigbang (718 votes)
6. Minho SHINee (624 votes)
7. Daesung Bigbang (543 votes)
8. Hongki FT Island (517 votes)
9. Yunho TVXQ (456 votes)
10. Yonghwa CN Blue (319 votes)
11. Jae Joong TVXQ (314 votes)
12. Taemin SHINee (298 votes)
13. Hyun Joong SS501 (295 votes)
14. Seungri Bigbang (291 votes)
15. Thunder MBLAQ (288 votes)
16. Heechul SJ (285 votes)
17. Taeyang Bigbang (279 votes)
18. Taecyeon 2PM (264 votes)
19. Leeteuk SJ (256 votes)
20. Jonghoon FT Island (245 votes)

CREDITS: ☆emily @ sfi IBIGBANG & bbvip
Shared by: [email protected] + DBSKnights

Taking the Photos for "Sunaoni Narenakute" Posters

Finally, the team “Sunaoni Narenakute” started. This time, we will send you the report of filming the poster. Eita-san, Ueno Juri-san, Jaejoong-san, Seki Megumi-san, and Tetsuji Tamayama-san participated.
The first work of the 5 actors (who are the main casts for this drama) was this poster filming. All the actors excluding Jaejoong-san had experiences of joint appearances, and for this drama, they have already started the rehearsals and have gone to a get-together dinner, so there was already a good atmosphere. You can see the lovely moods by just looking at the photos.

The poster was taken on the roof of Fuji TV bay area studio. The actors were playing around and pushing each other, bubbling over saying “Stop, stop!” According to the request from the staff “Everyone, please smile”, all the actors started to laugh out all at one, and was laughing at themselves… “We are not shy! It’s so fun!” shouted Eita-san, and then, all the surrounding staff were laughing out loud, too.
Jaejoong-san, who was the center of attention joked, “I will melt down if I have so much sunshine on myself…” and set everyone to laugh. He seemed to be very nervous during the rehearsal (he is saying “I am really nervous now, too”), but he definitely is the mood maker of this team!
Our next report will be the start of the filming! Please look forward to them!!

Source: Fuji TV “Sunaoni Narenakute”
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

Tohoshinki to Sing Ultra Man Zero Soundtrack Genesis is Confirmed Not True

Finally the official confirmation is here!

Remember about Ultraman Zero movie in which Tohoshinki has been rumored to sing its soundtrack (Genesis)?

Unfortunately the info turns out to be untrue.

Our friend Rieko mailed TSUBURAYA STATION, the production company of Ultra Man, before to clarify the issue:

“I saw on a foreign site that there was going to be a new ultra Man movie, and that Tohoshinki is going to sing the theme song. Is this true?”


Thank you for always using our site [TSUBURAYA STATION].

We are contacting you about the question you sent us.
The movie and the theme song that you asked us about is not true.
Thank you for contacting us.
Please take care of TSUBURAYA STATION.


credit: [email protected]

Twitter of "Sunaoni Narenakute" Photographer

I am doing the image editing task for the 5 persons which I’ve taken photos the other day.
The person whom everyone loves has a good complextion~

Source: Kono Hidek'is Twitter & Sunaoni Narenakute
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

Windbreaker Yunho Recommends on Sale Soon?

Fashion and Business News Today
Friday, March 19, 2010

As for the spring clothes which one Yunho recommends?

EVISU introduced spring product recommended by Yunho from TVXQ as their main product for the spring 2010. Yunho has been under contract to model for Evisu.

This product presented provides light comfort made by super lightweight material and this line is also designed as simple and cool. It can easily be carried around since it transforms as a small pouch which is handy for a trip or sports. (Omitted a few)

Evisu plan to offer an event to seek testers for this product (the pouch transformation type windbreaker). The release of the event starts in their homepage from March 20 to April 11. The men and women are requested to submit the reason why they want to be a tester of this Yunho recommended product. The selected testers will each receive five Yunho recommended pouch type windbreakers.

Always Keep The Faith!

Source: link
Translated by: [email protected]
Shared by: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Which Artist You Like to Perform at a-nation'10?

a-nation’10 Vote for Artist You Want to Perform

Voting period: February 28, 2010 ~ on going
Current Total Vote: 766

1. TVXQ (438/57.2%)
2. Exile (150/19.6%)
3. Kumi Koda (62/8.1%)
4. AAA (27/3.5%)
5. Namie Amuro (16/2.1%)
6. Ayumi Hamazaki (16/2.1%)
7. Arashi (7/0.9%)

How To Vote

Find a voting box on the right side of the page in this URL:

Clikc the second from top “東方神起/TVXQ”

Click the bottom which writes, “投票/Vote” (Then your vote is sent. ^^)

*Note: This is not an official a-nation website vote

Official a-nation hompage URL:

Always Keep The Faith!

Translated by: [email protected]
Shared by: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
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Yunho Have Been Invited to Participate in "Michael Jackson's First Anniversary Commemoration Concert"

Uknow Yunho will participate in "Michael Jackson's First Anniversary Commemoration Concert (THE Tribute Concert)" together with all the well-known singers from around the world. He is the one and only Asian singer that have been invited.

During this coming 8th June, "Michael Jackson's First Anniversary Commemoration Concert" will be held at the Wembley Arena, the well-known charity performance venue in United Kingdom (It can accommodate 80,000 people) to cherish the memory of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson who had unfortunately passed away in June 2009. His biological brother, Jermain Jackson (Bass singer) who is also the member of JACKSON 5 have planned this concert.

Uknow Yunho, the only Asian star that have been invited and Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Prince, Carlos Augusto Alves Santana and other performancers have been confirmed. Michael Jackson's lifetime friend, Stevie Wonder, Beyonce, Black Eyed Peas' and other well-known singers have also been invited. The other related details are waiting to be confirmed.

Because of this London performance, the staff of "Michael Jackson's First Anniversary Commemoration Concert" in United Kingdom, Mark Bush had give Yunho lots of praises after watching Uknow Yunho's past data and his practices when they're discussing about the invitation list of singers. He have affirmed that his outstanding potential is perfectly matched with the pursuit of this performance, therefore they make a recommendation and invitation.

Uknow Yunho who will b participating in "Michael Jackson's Tribute Concert" in Korea and being the only Asian singer, have been confirmed invited.

Beside that, "Michael Jackson's First Anniversary Commemoration Concert" have attracted the attentions from all musicians around the world as it will be broadcasted worldwide on TV in June.

Before the arrival of the London performance, Michael Jackson's Korea Commemoration Concert "a Tribute BAND FROM MICHAEL JACKSON's THIS IS IT movie and U-Know Live" will be first to reveal the gorgeous stage in Yongsan War Memorial of Korea in Seoul on 27th March and 28th March.

Source: 中国U-KNOW允浩房 & 浩吧前线消息组 @ u-know允浩
Translation: sicashinki @
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What's New? TVXQ Official Website

New TV Information from TVXQ Official Website:

Fuji TV『僕らの音楽/Bokurano Ongaku/Our Music』
※This time "TVXQ works" will air
All the members
March 19, 2010: 23:30~23:58

New Magazine Iinformation:

The Television Week: Jaejoong
March 24, 2010

Always Keep The Faith!

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Fans' Messages on "Sunao ni Narunakete" Official Website

1. When I heard about the team of this drama including Eita and Juri Ueno together with Ms. Kitagawa's script, it's definitely a must to watch~ This is really a good news. And also with Jaejoong starring in it, I have become more looking forwards to it.

2. I have high hopes with Jaejoong's acting~ Being his first appearance in TV drama with such luxurious lineup, he definitely must put in all his efforts.

3. It's also a big aspect that if Jaejoong could show us his acting.

4. Being a fan of Tohoshinki, I'm really happy for Jaejoong's first appearance in the TV drama.

5. Also, I'm looking forward to what kind of gesture can Jaejoong show us in his very first Japanese drama.

6. Although I'm looking forward to Jaejoong's first appearance in the drama, but I'm more looking forward to the luxury lineup~

7. What kind of acting will Jaejoong be showing us? This seems to become a big aspect~

8. I'm so looking forward to it!! Both Juri Ueno and Eita are starring in the drama! It's absolutely gorgeous~ Also, no matter what, this is Jaejoong's first acting in Japan~! When the notice about his appearance announced, I was so happy as if it's my own affairs.

9. With Jaejoong's first appearance in a Japanese drama, I'm wondering what kind of drama would it be and I'm so looking forward to it.

10. Eita, Juri Ueno, Tetsuji Tamayama and also Jaejoong joining in. I'm so looking forward to see what kind of spark will be created among them.

11. This drama is very special with the appearance of my favourite Jaejoong. Moreover, there is my favourite Ms. Kitagawa's script and the rest of the drama casts are very impressive too~

12. After Jaejoong's first appearance in the drama have been confirmed, I have been looking forward to it and hope that it can start quickly.

13. At the same time, I'm also very concerned about what kind of acting will Jaejoong show to us.

14. Our Jaejoong is finally acting in a drama! I cried tears of joy.... Thanks everyone...

15. My favourite Jaejoong will be acting~~ I was so happy after knowing about it~ This is also his first acting appearance, therefore I'm so looking forward to his acting~

16. I'm a Jaejoong's fan. However I do like the other casts too, therefore I'm so looking forward to it~

17. Moreover, there is my favourite Tohoshinki's Jaejoong in it~~ This drama has all my favourite casts in it and I'm so looking forward to it~^^

18. Surprisingly, Tohoshinki's Jaejoong starred in the drama~ I really didn't expect it!!

19. I'm so happy that Jaejoong is confirmed acting in the drama.

20. I'm also very looking forward to Jaejoong's activities.

21. I'm also very concerned about what kind of acting will Jaejoong show us~~!! I'll support it~ *^^*

22. Ah~ I'm also looking forward to Tohoshinki's Jaejoong's acting^^

23. Tohoshinki's Jaejoong's first drama appearance have attracted many attentions.

24. Jaejoong, fighting~

25. This drama have gathered all my favourite actors and actresses, moreover there is Jaejoong's first drama appearance too. It is something you can never think of dreaming! I'm so happy!

26. Jaejoong's first drama appearance, fighting~

27. In between, there is Jaejoong's appearance. This is going to be a formidable drama~ I'm so looking forward to it.

28. I'm quite looking forward to see what kind of reaction can Jaejoong lead to.

29. Tohoshinki's Jaejoong, whom I recently started to pay close attention to, will also be acting in it and that makes me even more looking forward to the broadcast.

30. I'm really very happy when Jaejoong's appearance have been confirmed. And, Jaejooong, even though the filming is tough, but please take good care of your health! Fighting~

31. I can't hide the joy of knowing Jaejoong will be acting in the drama.

32. Jaejoong, fighting.

33. I'm especially looking forward to see Jaejoong act by using Japanese.

34. I wonder what kind of gesture will Jaejoong show us by being an actor.

35. Furthermore, even though it's my first time seeing Jaejoong act, but he's my favourite idol. Therefore I'm really looking forward to it and curious about what kind of drama is this.

36. In addition, for Jaejoong being able to act in a Japanese drama, this is definitely more happy than anything~ I'm really thankful for it m(__)m

37. My favourite Jaejoong is also in the drama~ \(^O^)/ Thank you!! How would Jaejoong feel about the drama?

38. In between, there is my favourite singer, Jaejoong using Japanese to act and it's his first appearance in Japanese drama. This topic is too enrich!

39. I hope everyone including Juri Ueno, Eita, Jaejoong and the rest to show their best~ I'll always support them.

40. I heard that Jaejoong will be acting in the drama and that makes my mood even high!

41. Furthermore, there is still my favourite Jaejoong in it!!

42. My favourite Jaejoong will be acting in it too~~ From now onwards, I'll be looking forward to it!!

43. I was so looking forward to the drama after hearing that Jaejoong will be acting in it. I hope it can start as soon as possible!

44. The cast for the drama are Eita, Juri Ueno, Tetsuji Tamayama, Megumi Seki and Jaejoong~ Although there are many tough parts in the filming of Japanese drama, but I hope every cast will be able to maintain a good relationship in order to complete the filming.

45. This is Jaejoong's first Japanese drama appearance with his brown hair! I'll cheer for him^^

46. Jaejoong is not only attracting people's attentions by being a singer, but also as an actor too!

47. I wonder what type of drama would it be especially when Jaejoong is acting in it! I'm so looking forward to it. Jaejoong, fighting!

48. To be honest, I seriously had a shock when Jaejoong's appearance have been confirmed. I believe that there are many people looking forward to be able to see Jaejoong's acting for the first time.

49. In between, there is Jaejoong who is having his first Japanese drama appearance. I am very concerned about how he will feel.

50. My favourite Ms. Kitagawa's script and Jaejoong!

51. I like Tohoshinki's Jaejoong very much. I'm so looking forward to see what kind of doctor will Jaejoong show to us~

52. I've been a Jaejoong's fan ever since he debut in Korea. The day of him acting in a Japanese drama have finally come~ I totally didn't expect it.

53. I'm really happy after knowing that Jaejoong will be acting in Japanese drama.

54. No matter what, I still like Tohoshinki's Jaejoong the most. I wonder what will this drama become with him joining in.

55. I'm really happy to be able to see Jaejoong acting in a Japanese drama.

56. Jaejoong~! I'm really very happy as it's his first Japanese drama^^ Jaejoong, fighting!

57. I'm so looking forward to the drama after hearing that Jaejoong will be acting in it. I wonder what kind of acting will he show to us.

58. Ms. Kitagawa's script~ Beside that, there is still Jaejoong being as an actor and I'm really very concerned about it^^

59. Tohoshinki's Jaejoong, although Japanese lines is very tough but please keep on going.

60. I'm really happy about Jaejoong's drama appearance~ I'm looking forward to his acting, so please keep on going ^-^

61. I like Ms. Kitagawa's works very much. Eita, Tetsuji Tamayama and Jaejoong, all the handsome guys gathered!!!

62. I'm also looking forward to Jaejoong's drama appearance.

63. I need to thanks many people and Ms. Kitagawa will be the first. Everyone please keep on going! Always keep the faith.

64. Till now, I still can't believe that Jaejoong is acting in a Japanese drama. Being as a fan, I'm really happy when I heard about Jaejoong will be acting in the drama!!

65. No matter if it's Ms. Kitagawa's script, Eita and Juri Ueno or Jaejoong's first Japanese drama appearance, I'm definitely looking forward to it.

66. Jaejoong, I know it's very tough to use Japanese to act but please keep fighting.

67. Because I like Tetsuji Tamayama and Jaejoong very much, therefore I'm so looking forward to their future interactions.

68. I love Tohoshinki's Jaejoong so much~ I even dreamt of him acting in a Japanese drama before, therefore I'm really happy.

69. I've been waiting for the drama after knowing the confirmation of Jaejoong's appearance. At the same time, I'm looking forward to see what kind of acting he will bring to us.

70. I'm really thankful for choosing Jaejoong to act in the drama. I'm really nervous before the confirmation of Jaejoong's appearance have been released, but now I'm really looking forward to it.

Source: 百度在中吧 & 陌入初见 @ TVXQbaidubar
Translation: sicashinki @
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"Heading To The Ground" EVENT

Information from Bigeast Office

T/N: This is related to the article here:

1.Bigeast Fan Mail
【Newest Information】 Yunho’s first starring drama "No Limit~Heading To The Ground~" DVD-BOX 1 & DVD-BOX 2 Set <including the ticket for the purchasers' event>, sales to be decided by lot drawing.

Hello, Bigeasts!

Thank you for waiting!
We will start the application for Yunho's first starring drama "No Limit ~Heading To The Ground~" DVD-BOX 1& DVD-BOX 2 Set <including the ticket for the purchasers' event>, "sales to be decided by lot drawing" as of today.
Please do not miss the chance to participate in the premium event, which Yunho himself will be on stage.

This <including the ticket for the purchasers' event> is a limited version only for Bigeasts. The ticket for the event is included in the set.
Since there is a limitation in the number of product sales, the sales will be decided by lot drawing. Only the persons who drew the winning numbers can purchase the product. (Price including tax: 31500yen, excluding postage)

We have posted the application information, notice when purchasing, the event schedule, and the participating notice in the NEWS section of the fan club site. Please check well in advance before applying.

【Period of Application】
2010/3/19(Fri) 12:00 ~ 2010/3/26(Fri) 18:00

【Application method】
Please log into the fan club site, check the notice in the NEWS section, and use the special form for the application.

【Winners Announcent Method】
We will inform the winners by April 2 (Fri), by mail.

>>>Sent on 2010/03/19 by Bigeast Office

2.From Bigeast Homepage

(Spot Trans)

Please do not miss the chance to participate in the purchasers' limited event, which Yunho himself will be on stage! (Jung Yunho, Guest: Ara)
※This event will be a talk event. There will be no singing.

DVD-BOX Purchasers Event "Jung Yunho in "No Limit~Heading To The Ground~ Premium Event 2010"

【General Outline of the Performance】
<Tokyo:Part 1>
Place: Tokyo International Forum Hall A
Date: June 26 (Sat), 2010
Open: 11:30 / Start: 13:00

<Tokyo:Part 2>
Place: Tokyo International Forum Hall A
Date: June 26 (Sat), 2010
Open: 16:30 / Start: 18:00

<Kobe: Part 1>
Place: Kobe International House Kokusai Hall
Date: July 4 (Sun), 2010
Open: 12:00 / Start : 13:00

<Kobe: Part 2>
Place: Kobe International House Kokusai Hall
Date: July 4 (Sun), 2010
Open: 16:00 / Start : 17:00

Source: Bigeast Office & Bigeast HP
Translation: smiley @
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(Spot trans)
The gift card is a prepaid card which can be purchased in Toho Cinemas nationwide.

The limited design cards will be released soon!
Joint drama project of Japan and Korea
Collaboration with Telecinema7

First movie of Tohoshinki Jaejoong! x Scriptwriter Eriko Kitagawa

Source: TOHO CINEMAS Gift Card
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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
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Jaejoong is Ranked #1 as The Most Promising Idol Turns Actor

Jaejoong from male group TVXQ is chosen as the most promising idol turns actor.
Online music site ‘monkey 3′ conducted public opinion survey from March 12th to 18th resulted in 1555 participants.

The subject of the survey was “Who is the number one idol that is most promising as an actor?”. And as a result, Jaejoong gained an overwhelming 46% supports (715 people) that placed him on the top spot.

Jaejoong was reported to show a stunning expression in the tele cinema “Heaven’s Postman” he starred in. In addition, he will also appear in Fuji TV drama “Sunao Ni Narenakute” which will broadcast in April along with Eita and Ueno Juri.

On the second spot was TVXQ’s Changmin with his “Paradise Ranch” drama which was obtained 16% supports (247 people).

Number 3 belonged to 2PM Nichkhun with 13% (201 people). Nichkhun was just removed from the cast of movie “Shining Diploma” recently. While the 4th and 5th place were takend by 2PM Taecyon with his “Cinderella Story” and 2AM Im Seulong with “Personal Taste” respectively.

source: news nate

Monthly Musical March issue – Junsu Met Japanese Wolfgang Actor

T/N: Yoshio Inoue is a musical actor who was cast as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in Japan back in late 2007. The article below is his column at Monthly Musical March issue entitled “My Musical Story part 3″. Yoshio Inoue traveled to Vienna and London before for his part 1 and 2 articles and now the Seoul story is published.

I watched Korean version of Mozart during my last visit to South Korea! I watched it two times.

TVXQ Junsu who acted as Wolfgang is amazingly popular, I was surprised to see hundreds audiences that came from Japan.

I found myself having some conversation with the other audiences which was always followed by a question, “And what do you think about Junsu’s Wolfgang?” it’s truly a hard question to answer, and I’d been in trouble for so many times due to this. ^^

However, I think he was a very cute and charming Wolfgang.

After the performance, I was able to meet with Junsu at the backstage.
Since it’s just right after the end of the stage, he must be exhausted, however he showed a concern to me instead, and for him being so gentle, I’m thrilled!

And as I told him, “I was the Wolfgang in Japan” We began to share various experiences of our each other performances.

He said, “At the last death session, I always think that I’m actually dying,” and I unintentionally shouted, “Yes! Me too!!” showing a strenuous agreement.
It was only a brief conversation, but since we had experienced the same role thus I feel that our heart shared the same deep feeling, I’m really glad.

- omitted -

source: dnbn
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Seo Beom Seoks Interview with Lounge

Credits: Xiahsshi

Tohoshinki Junsu Korean Performance, - Special Live Report! from Replique Bis18

Source: Replique Bis18 + xiahsoul + xiahking
Translation : nellojnkeis @

Tohoshinki to Release Selected Singles in a Movie by Mumo

Tohoshinki simultaneously releases selected singles from the past in a movie.

Tohoshinki will make a simultaneous release of selected single CD jacket photos and songs from past singles; you can enjoy this “movie” that will have 5 different secrets and a total of 21 varieties of choices. This had been distributed by mu-mo since the 10th of March.

This “movie” will have 16 selected songs. Each song will cost 50 yen. Also, by each one you buy, you get the chance to receive a secret selected song by the members of Tohoshinki.

Currently, Tohoshinki, who is in the middle of their successful release of a Best Album which was released on the 17th of March will also release a DVD with 26 videos,「TOHOSHINKI VIDEO CLIP COLLECTION -THE ONE-」. Besides, a song 「時ヲ止メテ」(Toki wo tomete), which is included in their Best Album will be release as a single on March 24th. It is the commercials song of Menard.

Information of release:

2010.3.17 on sale!
4,500 yen (Tax included) RZBD-46534

1. Stay With Me Tonight
2. Somebody To Love
3. My Destiny
4. 明日は来るから (Asu wa kuru kara)
5. Rising Sun
6. Begin
7. Sky
8. Miss you
9. "O"-正・反・合- (“O” Sei Han Go)
10. Step by Step
11. Choosey Lover
12. Lovin' you
13. Summer Dream
15. Forever Love
16. Together
17. Purple Line
18. Beautiful you
19. どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? (Doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattan darou?)
20. 呪文 -MIROTIC-
21. Bolero
22. Kiss The Baby Sky
23. Survivor
24. Share The World
25. Stand by U

First press specials:
-Special memories from their first visit to Japan 「HUG- International ver.-」Video clip
-HUG (International ver.)
-Off shot movie
-Off shot movie of Calendar photo shoot

30th Single「Toki wo tomete」
2010.3.24 on Sale

CD+DVD【Limited edition ・ Normal edition】
1,890 yen(Tax included)

1.時ヲ止 メテ (Toki wo tomete)
※Menard TVCM Song (2009)
3.時ヲ止メテ (Toki wo tomete) (Less Vocal)
4. CHECKMATE (Less Vocal)

時ヲ止メテ (Video Clip)
Off Shot Movie ※First press

【First press limited edition privileges】
-Postcard, Jacket size (1 from 6 different types)
- DVD: Off Shot movie

CD【Limited edition・Normal edition】
1,050 yen(Tax included)

1. 時ヲ止メテ (Toki wo tomete)
※Menard TVCM Song (2009)
3.時ヲ 止メテ/ Toki wo tomete - never end remix -
4.時ヲ止メテ/ Toki wo tomete (Less Vocal)
5. CHECKMATE (Less Vocal)

【First press limited edition privileges】
-Postcard, Jacket size (1 from 6 different types)
-12 pages booklet

Translated by: Park [email protected]
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Tohoshinki's 2nd Largest Exhibition Had Confirmed To Hold in Shibuya Shop!

【Shibuya Shop】 Tohoshinki's 2nd Largest Exhibition Had Confirmed To Hold!
In order to commemorate the new single "时ヲ止メテ" which will be releasing on 24 March, the open space at the lounge in the 1st level of Shibuya Shop will once again showcase Tohoshinki's merchandises!!

Date & Time: 23rd March (Wednesday), 10am - 29th March (Monday), end at 9pm. (There will be no exhibition on 28th March from 10am to 6pm)

1: Tohoshinki's Huge Poster Exhibition
In the exhibition, human sized posters which estimated to be the same height as the members, 4 meters long huge banners, past promotion posters and some photos that have yet to be exhibited will all be exhibited together.

2: Videos Shown on Big Screen
『TOHOSHINKI VIDEO CLIP COLLECTION』 which had released on 16th March will be shown on the big screen!

3: Valuable Colourful Papers Used for Tohoshinki's Special Issue in TOWER Magazine (20th February) Before The Final Draft
It will exhibit the valuable colourful papers.

4: Sale of Korea Official Merchandise
Transparent file folders, guidebooks, hologram-note, star collection card and many other new Korea official merchandises will be on sale!! (Limited stocks available, so please order it as soon as possible!!)

5: Because of the good reviews on Tohoshinki's 『2nd Mini CD Collection』, it will also be placed in the lounge area during the exhibition. (Limited stocks available. While stocks last.) The promotion of giving posters and gifts to consumers when purchasing the Japanese version of Best Selection Album (CD version/CD+DVD version) will also be ongoing during the exhibition! Please visit the exhibition!!

Source: ROCKJJ & micky『瑶』 @ 东方神起吧
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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
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U-Know Yunho, The Only Asian Artiste Invited To Perform At The Michael Jackson First Anniversary Memorial Concert

U-Know Yunho was given the honor to participate in the 'The Michael Jackson First Anniversary Memorial Concert (THE Tribute Concert)' alongside world renown artistes from all over the world as the only Asian representative.

Fellow JACKSON5 member and older brother of Michael Jackson, Jermain Jackson has planned 'The Michael Jackson First Anniversary Memorial Concert' at England's Wembley Arena (seating 80,000), which is also famous for being the location of the LIVE AID concert, on June 8th in memory of Michael Jackson's death last year in June, 2009.

Artistes other than U-Know Yunho, the sole representative of Asia, are Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Price, and Santana, who have been confirmed to attend, while Stevie Wonder, Beyonce and of the Black Eyed Peas are also planning to conglomerate in one location for the deceased star.

Mark Bush, a representative of the concert, stated, "While we were looking through footage of artistes around the world, we saw U-Know Yunho's promotional footage and other representatives, who have been watching him rehearse and were amazed by his talent, recommended him highly to us so we decided to invite him to attend."

'The Michael Jackson First Anniversary Memorial Concert' is planned to be aired worldwide on television in June, which would mean that U-Know Yunho will be the center of attention of artistes all over the world.

On the other hand, U-Know Yunho will be performing at 'A Tribute Band from Michael Jackson's This is It movie and U-Know Live', which will be held on March 27th~28th in Korea, before the concert in London.

Source: [tvdaily+DNBN]
Translation credits: [email protected]
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M-NET Korea's Top 100 Stars That Doesn't Make Sense (Gag Wise)

1. Yoo Jae Suk (MC)
2. Kang Ho Dong (MC)
3. Kim Bum (actor)
4. Lee Hyori (singer)
5. Daesung (Big Bang)
6. Hero Jaejoong (TVXQ)
7. An Young Mi (Comedian)
8. Kim Hyun Joong (SS501)
9. So Ji Sub (actor)
10. Noh Hong Chul (Comedian)

11. Yoo Seung Ho (actor)
12. Shin Bong Sun (Comedian)
13. Lee Minho (actor)
14. Kim Yuna (Figure Skater)
15. Wang Seok Hyun (actor)
16. Nichkun (2PM)
17. Taeyeon (SNSD)
18. Jang Dong Gun (actor)
19. Kim Shin Young (Comedian)
20. Rain (singer)
21. Park Bo Young (actor)
22. Jang Yoon Jung (singer)
23. Jo In Sung (actor)
24. Han Ye Seul (actor)
25. Yoo Se Yoon (Comedian)
26. Seungri (Big Bang)
27. Park Ji Sun (Comedian)
28. Jung Nicole (Kara)
29. Xiah Junsu (TVXQ)
30. Kim Myung Min (actor)
31. Park Myung Soo (Comedian)
32. Lee Jun Ki (actor)
33. Kim Tae Hee(actor)
34. TOP(Big Bang)
35. Han Min Gwan(Comedian)
36. Lee Seung Ki (singer)
37. Kim Hee Chul(Super Junior)
38. Lee Hong Ki(FT island)
39. Jung Hyung Don (Comedian)
40. Kang Dong Won(actor)
41. Hyun Young (singer)
42. Park Hyun Bin (singer)
43. Hwang Jung Min(actor)
44. Yoon Hyung Bin (Comedian)
45. Son Dambi(singer)
46. Yoon Jung Shin (singer)
47. Park Mi Young(MC)
48. Lee Chun Hee (actor)
49. MC Mong(singer)
50. Goo Hye Sun (actor)
51. Kang Yoo Mi (Comedian)
52. Jung Woo Sung (actor)
53. Jo Kwon(2AM)
54. Jang Seo Hee(actor)
55. BoA(singer)
56. Kim Jong Kook(singer)
57. Park Sung Gwang(Comedian)
58. Micky Yoochun (TVXQ)
59. Tiffany (SNSD)
60. Brian (Fly To The Sky)
61. Lee Soo Geun(Comedian)
62. Hwayobi(Singer)
63. G-Dragon(Big Bang)
64. Park Ye Jin (actor)
65. Jaebeom (2PM)
66. Joo Ji Hoon (actor)
67. Shindong (Super Junior)
68. Hwang Hyun Hee (Comedian)
69. Lee Wi Soo(author)
70. Lee Yeon Hee(actor)
71. Kim Rae Won(actor)
72. Kim Won Hee(MC)
73. Kim Kyu Jong(SS501)
74. Choi Yang Rak(Comedian)
75. Park Ji Sung(Soccer star)
76. Korea national baseball team
77. Shin Jung Huan(Comedian)
78. Max Changmin (TVXQ)
79. Im Ye Jin(actor)
80. Eun Ji Won (Singer)
81. Jessica(SNSD)
82. Kim Sook Yeong(actor)
83. Cha Tae Hyun (actor)
84. Jung Hye Young Couple
85. Boom(MC)
86. Ye Ji Won(actor)
87. JunJin(Shinhwa)
88. Moon Geun Young(actor)
89. Kim Suro(actor)
90. Sunmi (Wonder Girls)
91. Kim Gura - Kim Dong Hyun (Father and son)
92. Daniel Choi(actor)
93. Yoo Chae Young (singer)
94. Lee Soon Chae (actor)
95. Kim Gook Jin (MC)
96. Song Sung Hyun (actor)
97. Park Hwee Soon (Comedian)
98. YoonA(SNSD)
99. Kim Na Young(Comedian)
100. Jung Jae Yong (Comedian)

Source: Superjunior吧 & XIAHKING
Translation: [email protected]
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Sunao Ni Narenakute: More Casts Details

Fuji TV every Thursday 10:00 pm – 10:54 pm

Eita / Juri Ueno / Jejung / Megumi Seki / Tetsuji Tamayama

Screenplay: Eriko Kitagawa / Director: Mitsuno Mitio / Producer: Nakano Toshiyuki

It’s hard to be honest, a drama depicting a bright image of a youth group of five men and women.

“Twitter” is a communication tool that is explosively popular in internet right now to expand social life through internet. Originally met via twitter, this five youth group of men and women started their act as men and women with bright images. Not being able to be honest, they hardly to show their true self, while each of them actually has a deep trouble. However, various events that are happening soon after, naturally nurture their love and friendship. The five people in this drama starring Eita and Juri Ueno as a couple, Tohoshinki’s Jejung, Megumi Seki, and Tetsuji Tamayama. This youth drama is expected to create a large new sensation once it’s airing!

Haru is a high school teacher named Mizuno Tsukiko (Juri Ueno) who is going to meet his friends in Shibuya whom she met on twitter. Eventhough they haven’t met yet, but since she feels that his man of fate is among Haru’s twitter friends, Haru’s best friend Nishimura (Megumi Seki) wants to come along too. As they go to a cafe for the meeting, Rinta (Tamayama Tetsuji), and Doctor (Jejung) are already waiting. However, Haru’s eyes are trapped as she sees the man who is coming late. It was a man who brawled on the street some time ago, “the lowest man/the bad guy”, and the man was Nakaji (Eita)…

Cast Profiles:
Nakaji (Eita)
His real name is Nakashima Keisuke. A novice photographer, being seen low as his current main job is taking pictures for porn magazines. He took step as a photographer as he admires his father who was a war photographer.

Haru (Juri Ueno)
Her real name is Mizuno Tsukiko. A part time high school teacher. She’s a type of not a straightforward person. Having no self confidence, thus never once since her birth, she ever dated a man. Her father left his family ever since her mother in menopause. And her brother is under rehabilitation of drugs.

Doctor (Jejung)
His real name is Park Sung-soo. He came from South Korea to Japan five years ago with his sister. On twitter, he lies that he is a doctor, while in reality he’s only a medical equipment salesman. Since the business is not doing well, the company is in trouble.

Peach (Megumi Seki)
Real name Nishimura. A best friend and high school classmate of Haru. Being invited by Haru to come with her meeting the 4 people. A type who doesn’t like to think too much, but sometimes a little harsh when it comes to men.

Rinta (Tamayama Tetsuji)
Real name is Ichihara Kaoru. A magazine editor of a medium-sized publisher. Due to the previous sales, he’d been appointed to be editor in chief, and currently is aiming to be an editor. But he’s been receiving an intense sexual harassment from a female editor.

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New Boy Group D-NA reminds people of DBSK?

Before you all say that no one can be is good as DBSK,
I just wanted to tell you that what most people said is that
their first single reminds them of DBSK's first single, HUG.

You can watch their live performance here:

Other than the fact that there's also five of them,
now, don't you think the feel of the song is similar to our boys' HUG?

So, D-NA stands for Dae Guk Nam Ah.
They sing and dance and can also sing a cappella. Hmmmm.....

Apparently, in a recent interview,
they said that they aspire to become the next TVXQ.
But before you all bash, please know that they are pretty humble as they admitted that
they have A LONG WAY TO GO before they can be in the same level as our boys.
Also that their idols are the members of TVXQ.

Btw, to those who are curious,
D-NA had their debut in Music Bank on March 5 this year.
So, yes...they're REALLY REALLY NEW.
Other than that, they're also really young!
Their youngest member is only 16 years old (western age)!

Check out their MV:

If you notice, their MV also bears a similarity to DBSK's HUG MV.

I've spoken to a lot of DBSK fans about this and some of them confessed that
watching and listening to this group made them remember of DBSK's younger years.
Some of them even cried. I got teary eyed.

Let's admit it, we all MISS them.
We miss listening to them sing with their sweet, angelic voices.
We miss seeing them fool around in variety shows.
We miss seeing all those "making film" or behind the scenes videos,

But, let's hold on and remember never to give in.


Credits: sharetherhythm +
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Tohoshinki - Toki Wo Tomete PV

Credits: DBSKnights

To yoonhoivy: PLS STOP UPLOADING PHOTOS, you've done so much violations already.
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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
Posted 3/21/10 , edited 3/22/10
Twitter of "Sunaoni Narenakute" Staff

We will start filming tomorrow!! Though it is rainy, we’ll go on~~ at last, the love story drama "Sunaoni Narenakute" will start. Everyone, please look forward to the drama.
(Mar 15 4:10pm)

We successfully started the filming!! But, oh, I was late …from the first day. (other sentences omitted)
(Mar 16 2:44pm)

Everyone, good evening!! Ueno Juri-san (as Haru) has started the filming. For all the actors, they will start very soon~~
(Mar 18 9:54pm)

Good evening~!!! Today Tamayama-san (as Linda) and Jaejoong-san (as Doctor) started the filming (^v^) Tamayama-san’s words when Jaejoong-san started the filming were very impressive!! The words were "Oh! Everyone is welcoming Jaejoong with more applause than me." Linda-san, surely not(T_T)
(Approx 10 hours ago)

Source:hiroto1222 Twitter
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Twitter of Avex CEO Matsuura

1. "Kotobani Dekinai" from "Bokurano Ongaku"

2. Matsuura Twitter

Kotobani Dekinai... (T/N: Cannot express in words...)
11:48pm Mar 19th

Source: masatomatsuura Twitter & j0016pop @ youtube
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Tohoshinki's Toki Wo Tomete PV "Cassiopeia|

I notice it, but I was heck a lazy... so luckily someone did it...

AVEX is So Amazing! Break Out has great meaning during these times, just the line

"I'll keep praying don't forget, Baby we keep the Faith eternally"
is so Great!

and now its cassiopeia stars and they're filming in a planetarium too
Credits: baidu + DBSKnights

Kamiji Yusuke blog entry

(t/n: T/N Kamiji is a popular actor!)

Title: Acting like Tohoshinki♪

Acting like an idol with everyone *laughs*

Our image is Tohshinki *laughs*

Each of us checked where to stand and made the face expression

Pashari (clicking sound of camera)

We check the picture

Start to crack up!!

We have absolutely no element of an idol (^-^)v

source: kamijiyusuke
trans by: [email protected]
shared by: + DBSKnights

Karen Miyama blog entry

Title: Finished Shooting

Today was the last photo shooting day of “cyber”
I was able to wear a lot of clothes I usually don’t wear~

I did this game called “kokoro scandal” today during the filming, it’s a DS software but it tells you your current feelings or it can help you find yourself by just speaking to it.
It was really fun and I was doing it the whole time
It tells you the type of guys you like and it seems that my type is a student that is tall.

It’s really fun so please try it!

Today was hot-
Maybe because it was inside the studio??
I really tried hard so please check the catalog for Cyber Gadget and hopefully have interest in the items.
Gachapin was so cute~

Also the cameraman gave me a cute skull necklace!!
It’s shiney and really cute!
Thank you!
And the cameraman picked Tohoshinki’s song for me!
I was able to do the photo shoot havng fun!
Thank you again!

And and!!
It’s surprising!
I won the Tohoshinki’s Pinky Campaign Present!
Tohoshinki’s Cuo Card and huge poster!
I’m soo happy.
I think ill listen to Tohoshinki on my iPod tonight and be able to sleep well!!!

okay, bye


*T/N Another Tohoshinki celebrity fan! Actress Karen Miyama mentioned them in her blog.‏ She was the actress who was in the Korean drama “IRIS” as the little girl’s house who lets Lee Byung Hun stay.

source: karen-mi
trans by: [email protected]

Tohoshinki fan boys blog entry – Kujirai Kousuke and Takiguchi Yukihiro

thanks to CL for letting us know there are plenty of THSK fan boys out there and for an unknown reason we never have enough of the fan boys XDDD

*Kujirai Kousuke – he’s a fairly popular actor/singer/stage dude. He’s most well-known for his role as Kaidoh Kaoru in the Prince of Tennis musicals. ^^ He kind of adores Tohoshinki.

*Takiguchi Yukihiro – Also a fairly popular actor/singer/stage dude.

Kujirai Kousuke Blog Entry


Title: At Tower Record

A picture infront of Tohoshinki’s Junsu-san.

Wow, my face is so loose.



(T/N The blog before was about how he bought itunes card or something and what he bought was a “secret” and this entry was him saying)

Oh shoot! I forgot to put the picture!
If there is no picture the last “s e c r e t!” seems like I’m a weird person!



Until today I lost the timing to write this but
I bought the Tohoshinki’s new album on the day it came out!
and the DVD version too.
Sorry. I honestly watch it everyday.
I only listen to this on the subway.
They’re so good. They’re so handsome.
I want to become Tohoshinki *laughs*
I think the person who can connect with me is Sekine Tsutomu-san.
I want to call them Brother.
I will be watching the live today too!



Title: 200/3/21

Me and Tohoshinki *laughs*

I watched “bokura no ongaku”-.


I’m disgusting today!

It’s a a joke, a joke!


Takiguchi Yukihiro Blog Entry


(So Cute! he's kinda wearing liek soemthing YC would like it)
Title: Music

I went to the Tohoshinki’s concert with Kujira-chan~

I never really said it to most people but…

I like Tohoshinki

Of course the songs but their personality is wonderful

and of course…Junsu’s oyaji gag is good(^m^)

I was so excited about the Tohoshinki’s concert and before it even started Kujira-chan and I were saying “oh my god I’m so exited♪” like 100 times!!

And after each song we were saying “Seriously they’re so handsome”

Their dance was great and their voices were wonderful


is great

source: Kujira-ism+takiguchi-sd
trans by: [email protected]

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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
Posted 3/22/10 , edited 3/22/10
The Interest of 30 – 40 year old Female Fans Towards Tohoshinki is Increasing

On March 24th, Tohoshinki are decided to release their mix album “TVXQ NONSTOP-MIX VOL.2″ along with the new single “Toki Wo Tomete”. “Toki Wo Tomete” had been used as Japan cosmetic company Menard TVCM “3 Steps of Beautiful Treatment” CM song and was also included in the group’s best album “BEST SELECTION 2010″ only for 2CD+DVD version, and all of sudden was cut to be a separated single.

In questionnaire survey to reveal public’s expectations towards “Toki Wo Tomete” single, by comparing to the percentage of respondents during the release of “Stand by U” and “BREAK OUT!”, seems that Tohoshinki’s number of fans in their 30th – 40th are much increasing than their teenagers fanbase.

There are still high expectations towards Tohoshinki’s future activities.

ORICON expectation survey result
(random picks of 400 people: 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th — 50 people for each men and women from each age category)

Questionnaire was carried out to count the level of artist awareness, interest to the single, and interest to buy the single.

Source: oricon biz
Shared by: + DBSKnights

STEADY April 2010 Issue

*this is the magazine issue*

5 sets of footsteps, marking their 5th year since their debut. From their Japan debut, Tohoshinki have grown to be top stars in Asia. Behind their glory, they put in loads of hard work, fought past countless obstacles, and at the same time, they gave everyone courage and strength.

"Out of their Japan activities, 'Best Selection 2010' was filled with their countless thoughts and love." - Takeiti Takako

Fans of Tohoshinki, as well as those who know them through 'Best Selection 2010', from the moment our magazine started selling, everyone should have been reminiscing your own memories while listening to the album repeatedly.

With each change of track, there is always a strangely clear scene of Tohoshinki's image during the time when the song was released crossing their minds. This is the strength of music.

This maybe the album's charm. I (T/N: the author of the article) am also listening to the album and reminiscing that particular scene while writing this article.

I first met them in 2004, when they were in their teens. The first question of the interview was "What is your favorite song?" Yunho chose 'Hug'. They sung the english version of the song during their first visit to Japan. But in this album, the song is recorded in Japanese. This being their debut song in Korea, they are probably most comfortable singing it in Korean as the 5 of them had a hard time singing the song in Japanese. Holding a note filled with Korean explanations and Korean pronunciation sounds of the Japanese lyrics, the scene of them practice singing a language that they were not familiar with still seems so clear in my head.

Then, they were all into a state of depression where they have to stay in Japan for a long period of time, spending everyday studying Japanese, until the third single , "When we are able to tell the difference and the meaning of using 'で' and 'が' in a line from the lyrics, '君と夢で会えたら それだけ'で'いい それだけ'が' いい', I like Japanese!" - Jaejoong

With such emotions, they were able to understand the meanings of each sentence when minor changes of words were used.

While listening to this song, the happenings of a scene when Tohoshinki were filming came to mind.

At that time, Jaejoong, who injured his leg during dance practise, needed to use crutches to walk. There were photos of other members helped him throughout the whole ordeal. Due to bad blood circulation because of the injury, which caused swelling and pain, Jaejoong also had to tolerate it all and force wear the shoes prepared for the photoshoot. The interactions amongst them were all caught on the camera.

The summer after that, it was Yunho's turn to get injured on the leg during TVXQ's Malaysia concert, which led to his absence in Tohoshinki's performance in the A-Nation tour then.

"That was around the time of the 7th single, . was our first single that got into the Oricon Weekly Charts! 6th! We were all very happy about it. But it was a pity that Yunho hyung was unable to perform with us on stage." - Junsu

After every A-Nation performance, 4 of them will always give Yunho, who was admitted in Korea's hospital, an overseas call, telling him everything that happened during the performance.

"Listening to the voices of the members gave me lots of strength. Really want to join them… It was really very hard, at that time.

Because there was such an experience, when the 5 of us reunited after a long time to perform (8th single, released Nov'2006), I felt happiness when we performed together." - Yunho

That was really a very difficult period of time for Yunho. But it was these hardships that brought Tohoshinki a more profound friendship.

In such situations, Tohoshinki attracted many with a very deep dance song, . Their popularity in Japan started to rise. At the same time, due to their Korea activities, they became very busy.

's PV shooting took place in Korea due to their busy schedule.

Wanting to repay all those who gave the 5 of them love and happiness, they continued to work hard at any time, at anywhere.

"It is our mission to work hard in order not to let those who had hopes and faith in us disappointed." - Jaejoong

With their continuous hard work and their fans to back them up, the single , which was released in June 2007, came in 2nd in the Oricon Charts.

They broke the record by having 5 continuous singles, following , coming in first on the Oricon charts, marking the unwavering popularity of Tohoshinki.

However, in May 2009, during the last rehearsal which took place on the eve of their 2nd nation-wide live tour, Junsu injured himself.

"I've also injured my leg once and due to that, I was unable to join the others in the concert in Thailand. At that time, I'm very thankful as the members worked extra hard for my sake.

I was also very frustrated with myself for being not able to join them in dancing. So I fully understand Junsu hyung's frustrations and feelings. But that also strengthen our teamwork, and of course, showed our strength when we sing." -Changmin

After this obstacle, came Tokyo Dome. While listening to there, tears started dropping unconsciously. Their harmonization was different from their usual way of singing it. Yunho's bass harmonizing with Yoochun's baritone in the first verse, Changmin's High Tenor in the Chorus, Junsu's wide vocal range and Jaejoong's gentle voice, shocked everyone. Tohoshinki will most probably remember the red ocean that filled the audience during that performance for life.

"I was once afraid of standing on the stage. But when more and more people start to know Tohoshinki, the number of people treating us like family also increased. It is also due to everyone out there, we were able to work even harder." - Yoochun

The songs that were included in this album, are sung while thinking of everyone out there. From the days they spent in Japan till now, plus the memories of those who love Tohoshinki, are the results of their activities in Japan.

I hope that with these songs in the album, together with Tohoshinki, will bring smiles and memories to everyone.

This, I bring to you, dear Tohoshinki fans.

Translation: suhanASHLEY @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Bigeast Fan Mail

Asia's No.1 Vocalist "JUNSU"'s Solo Single is Open to Accepting Pre-orders Now

Hello everyone in Bigeast.

It has been decided that "JUNSU"'s solo single "Untitled" will be released on 5/26!
On this occasion, <Bigeast Version> will be open to pre-order starting from 4pm on 3/23 (Tue).

[Bigeast Version]
■Title: "Untitled" <Bigeast Version>
■Release Date: 5/26/2010
■Type: CD single (Picture Labeled Method)
■Price: 735 yen (itax included)
1. Untitled
2. Untitled 2
3. Untitled (Instrumental)
4. Untitled 2 (Instrumental)

【Bigeast Version Original CD】
■Picture Labeled
※Picture Labeled means that the CD will be imprinted with a picture on its surface.

【Bigeast Member's Privileges】
■Bigeast-only "JUNSU's small handwritten bulletin (jacket-sized/8P)"
※Only available for Bigeast members.
※"JUNSU's small handwritten bulletin (jacket-size/8P)" is a bulletin that includes JUNSU's handwritten comments, jacket-sized/8P.

【Enclosed Priviledges】
■Jacket-sized card
※1 random card out 3 different ones.
※This jacket-size card is available for all versions that will be on sale.

[Order Deadline]
From 4pm, 3/23/2010 (Tue) 〜 noon, 6/2/2010 (Wed)

[Delivery Method]
Orders from 4pm, 3/23/2010 (Tue) 〜 noon, 4/30/2010 (Fri) will be delivered on release date.
Orders from 1pm, 4/30/2010 (Fri) 〜 11:59pm, 5/25/2010 will be delivered on the next day of the order.

★Bigeast (Tohoshinki) Official Shop

-Information about Bigeast mobile shop omitted-

>>>3/23/2010 from Bigeast Office

Source: Bigeast Fan Mail
Translation: linhkawaii @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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"Jaejoong Himself will be Seen in The Drama"


영웅재중, 日 드라마 첫 촬영…"자연스러운 모습 기대"
Entertainment News
입력 : 2010-03-22 13:51:02
Partially Translated

"Jaejoong himself will be seen in the drama". Eriko Kitagawa who is a writer of a new Japanese drama “Sunaoni Narenakute” wrote her expectations of Hero Jaejoong of TVXQ in her blog on the 21st. "Sunaoni Narenakute” is Hero Jaejoon’s actor debut drama in Japan.

Eriko Kitagawa wrote in her internet blog, “It may sounds like I am promoting it, but I have to say that Jaejoong in the movie 'Heaven's Postman' and Jaejoong in the drama 'Sunaoni Narenakute' is totally different." "Jaejoong may have looked/delivered as a flower handsome man in the movie, but in the drama 'Sunaoni Narenakute' more natural figure of Jaejoong will be seen."

Eriko is a popular hit screen/drama writer who helped Jaejoong debut as an actor through the movie "Heaven's Postman". (-omitted)

Always Keep The Faith!

Translated by: [email protected]
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“Where is Xiah Papa’s Pizza Shop?”


Society News
[수도권] 서울 120다산콜 상담…외국인들의 궁금증은
2010-03-23 05:19

-Partially translated

For foreign language services, press number 9.

A Foreign language counseling call service (120 다산) started in Korea on the 24th last month.

Prior to opening the service, the counseling call center selected and hired 20 counselors who can communicate well in English, Chinese, Mongolian, Vietnamese and Japanese last December. The five languages were selected according to the diverse numbers of the foreigners living in Korea.

There are quite a number of people who come from Mongolia and Vietnam to Korea for an international marriage or business reasons. The numbers of calls recorded in the past were, English (927 calls), Vietnamese (767), and Mongolian (559).

While the call center supports foreign residence living in Korea, many numbers of the calls recorded in the files from Japanese speaking persons were such as “please tell me how to go to TVXQ member’s father’s Pizza shop”, “where is the Iris’s drama shooting location?”, etc.

Always Keep The Faith!

Translated by: [email protected]
Shared by: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
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Junsu's Non-No Interview

Credits: as tagged
Shared by: + DBSKnights

What's in April Issue

Tohoshinki ‘Toki Wo Tomete’, eternally.

At the first quarter of 2010, Tohoshinki’s popularity is overwhelming as compare to before. Both single ‘Break Out!’ and ‘Best Selection Album 2010’ had taken down the first position at Oricon Chart with excellent selling number. With that momentum, they are once again starting the releasing trend billowy.

To blend in their ‘weapon’ perfectly into the wonderful and flawless vocals, is something that only Tohoshinki can achieve.

Both their single ‘Break Out!’ and the ‘Best Selection Album 2010’ that was released on February top the Oricon Chart on it’s released, 2010 had been a great start for Tohoshinki.

Next on the 24th March 2010, they will be releasing their 30th single ‘Toki wo tomete’. When this song was released last spring as the theme song for ‘MENADO’ CF, there were many comments like “Is this Tohoshinki’s new song?”, “No official single release for this?” surfaced among all fans. However, during that time there was no plan for a single for this song, therefore among the fans. they had called this song as the ‘Dream Song’. Even after this song was included in their ‘Best Selection Album 2010’, there were many who wished that there would be a single for ‘Toki wo tomete’.

Why many fans love this song so much? Because it can consider as the true portray of Tohoshinki and it’s an emotional song. This song included the heartbreaking lyrics, gentle rhythm and the pain of the main lead, but the most importantly is the perfect harmony by them each taking the main vocal position in this song.

This single ‘Toki wo tomete’ had perfectly blended the beautiful and gentle vocal of the 5, which is something that only Tohoshinki can achieve. On top of that, even though the lyrics are short but every single words are able to touch your heart deeply.

There is this climax in the song, ‘Though the time might stop, but I will always be there by your side’. We can’t stop the time, but because of this we have to appreciate the current feelings, to remember it in heart, even thought it’s sorrow, we still have to accept the reality of it, that’s what the song trying to convey.

In addition, YunHo’s Tokyo Dome solo song ‘Checkmate’ will be included in this single as the second number. ‘Checkmate’ is the wild dance song, which YunHo performed during their Tokyo Dome live tour with a group of sexy dancers.

The third number of this single is the never-end remix version of ‘Toki wo tomete’, a fast beat rhythm added onto the emotional piece of the original.

On top of the single ‘Toki wo tomete’ that will be released on this March, there are some more CD/DVD of Tohoshinki to look forward to.

•4th LIVE TOUR 2009~The Secret Code~FINAL in TOKYO DOME (Blue-Ray)

This spring had become ‘The Spring of TOHOSHINKI’. Till this date, they had yet to release any of their video clips collection album, therefore this time round we can enjoy all their single clips at one go. From the innocent 5 during their debut time till now, the growth they had gone through the years to become a successful artist. In this collection, we will be able to see the days and nights of their busy schedule in these 5 years, a record of Tohoshinki.

27th April 2010, will be the 5th year anniversary of their debut in Japan, which path will they take on after that. Till then we will look forward to their 6th.

Source: MAZE + What's In Magazine
Translation: sshutingg @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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You Know You’re TVXQ Crazy When

•You google search Cassiopeia in hopes of finding the headquarters and joining
•You continue looking to be a part of Cassiopeia even though you kinda cant
•Everytime you see a picture from a variety show, you know exactly what was going on
•You can tell what DBSK era/phase they were in by their hair
•Are still trying to find a way to join Cassiopeia
•Want to learn Korean
•Want to go to Korea
•Want to become that staff memer that wipes the sweat off their faces after a performance
•You momentarily want to become a back up dancer just so you can touch them during the “Tohodancer Tohodance Tohodancer FIGHTING” chant
•Have already taken steps to learn the MIROTIC dance
•Whenever you talk to others about DBSK, you talk as if you are close personal friends with them
•e.x. “Did you know Max talks in his sleep?…. Micky is so crazy when he’s tipsy…”
•You start laughing with one of your hands covering your mouth (JJ style)
•You clap while you laugh (Max style)
•You’ve absent-mindedly began to laugh like Xiah Junsu
•At a particular hysterical moment you always do a “stand and walk around” laugh (DBSK style)
•You know the answer to a variety show question about their personal habits/preferences (ex. “MC: Micky, what body part do you look at first when you see a woman; You: The neck… d’uh; Micky: The neck”)
•You scream along during Max’s part in Rising Sun
•You do the little butt thing Yunho does in the beginning of “O”
•You know how many siblings they each have
•You really want to know what their favourite colours are
•When you find out their favorite color is the same as yours you, for SOME reason, get extremely excited
•You talk about DBSK to anyone with ears
•You’ve seen the Mirotic MV and Wrong Number MV an excessive amount of times
•Fell in love with Bolero within the first 6 seconds of hearing it
•You can call out who’s voice is who’s when they sing
•You look to them for Fashion advice
•Want to get your hands on the DVDs even though the only Korean words you understand are “hyung… saranghae… and oppa”
•Are able to watch a 60 minute Variety show without subs and feel like you know what their saying
•The people around you hum Mirotic against their will ‘cause you play it all the time
•You twitch everytime you hear Mirotic and Wrong Number ‘cause you’ve been practicing the dance moves and your body can’t help but want to dance
•Your friends talk about how they’ve been eating all day and you inform them about how Max eats 8 meals a day… they have no idea who Max is OR … they actually know who Max is because all you talk about is DBSK
•Your friends ask you “what’s new” and all you tell them is what new thing you found out about DBSK because that’s all you’ve been doing all day (watching Variety and Radio Shows).
•You want to become famous in your country JUST so you can somehow use your fame to get closer to them
•You know all the English words in their songs… and that’s about all you can sing
•Even though you sometimes Criticize Cassiopeia… you still look for a way to be a part of it
•You want “Miduhyo (Believe)” and “My Little Princess” to be played at your Wedding~
•Whenever you watch a performance by them you look around for something red to wave around
•Everytime you hear about their “ideal girl” you see if you compare… no matter which member it is
•You go into withdrawal when you havent done something DBSK related for a while
•Even though you dont live in Korea and still follow their Japanese activities, you’re kinda sad they’re going back to Japan soon
•You’re extremely proud of them when they write a song
•When you read fun random facts about DBSK… you know about 97% of them already
•You believe they’ve all lived up to the meaning behind their names (U-know, Hero, Xiah, Micky (lol), Max)
•You want to get a UFO account
•Because you CAN’T get a UFO account, you think up things to say if you did have one… and wonder who would answer as well as what he would say
•You KNOW they are here to stay
•You feel sorry for what Cassiopeia would do to SM Entertainment if they ever disbanded DBSK
•You’re still looking for ways to be a registered member of Cassiopeia
•You want to send DBSK a video of you gushing about how much you love them and how much you appreciate their music
•Even though you downloaded some of their songs,… you still want to buy their albums
•You want to give Micky a big hug every time you see him cry
•Even though there might be members you like more than the others… you dont dislike any of them
•You say a random “Fighting” or “Hwaiting” when you’re about to do something intense (or not so intense)
•You still laugh at the “U-Know Yunho- Fighting, Choikang ChangMin- Fighting, Micky Yoochun- Fighting, Youngwoong JaeJoong- Fighting, Dong Bang Shin Ki- FIGHTING” …….. “… Xiah Junsu- Fighting” thing
•You know the “Kamo, Come On!” Oyagi gag, compliments of Xiah Junsu
•You get pissed when people say that DBSK is overrated…
•You want to give Xiah a hug every time he does something only Xiah would do
•You see a “stalking” video on youtube featuring one of the members and feel bad that they can’t get any privacy… but still watch the video.
•If you ever meet another DBSK fan outside of the internet you immediately feel like you’ve known each other for years
•You know their birthdays but don’t know your own friends’s birthday
•If a few of the members are missing on a Variety show you can imagine what the missing members would say if they were there
•You make up sound-alike-lyrics to the Korean/Japanese lyrics just so you can sing along.
•You think up fan group names as catchy as “Cassiopeia” and “Big East” for your country
•You want to shake hands with whomever thought of Cassiopeia
•You’re STILL looking for ways to join Cassiopeia
•Get upset when people still say 800,000 fans because it’s an outdated number -there are waaaaay more than that now
•You’re in on the “Max and his ‘special’ movies” joke
•You might be the girl in Wrong Number (the one that calls them a lot) (lmao!)
•For some reason, you love JJ even more when you find out he takes risque pictures of the others
•Whenever you hear a good song, you want to use to it to make an FanVideo about DBSK
•Your body went through spasms when you found out DBSK was going to be on FuseTV
•You get as excited as the people in the show when Yunho uses his hometown dialect… even though you really can’t tell the difference

So who's TVXQ crazy?
I! ;)

Credits: [email protected]
Shared by: DBSKnights

Facts Why We Love TVXQ

1. Succeeded as an acapella group

2. They don’t suck in dancing
3. Junsu’s voice
4. Yunho’s MANLY, deep, sexy voice
5. Joongie’s smooth voice (when he’s low)
6. Joongie’s rough/husky voice (when he goes high)
7. Changmin’s voice just sounds unique – like yeah
8. Junsu’s singing ability
9. Joongie’s singing ability
10. Changmin’s singing ability at such a young age
11. Junsu’s adlibs
12. Micky’s ability to make girls faint just by smiling (this has really happened)
13. Changmin’s ability to get girls to steal his underwear?
14. Their ages
15. Their yupkiness
17. Changmin’s dorkiness
18. Changmin’s dorky laugh
19. Micky’s laugh
20. Joongie’s laugh
21. Yunho’s dancing ability
22. Junsu’s dancing ability
23. Joongie’s pierced titty
24. Yunho’s flirtiness
25. Their tri-angle outfits
26. Way You Are outfits (make them look so punk and hot )
27. Their songs! Who does not like their songs -___-?!?!
28. Their dance moves (some are funny!)
29. Changmin’s tallness (even though he’s the youngest)
30. Joongie’s prettiness (prettier than a girl…really…)
31. Junsu’s koala nose
32. Yunho’s fake teeth (lolz…)
33. Micky’s perviness
34. Changmin’s eyes
33. Junsu’s double-eyelid-less eyes
34. The fact that Junsu’s the only one without double eyelids and yet he still doesn’t want to get surgery
35. The fact that Micky doesn’t like wearing contacts
36. The fact Junsu is obsessed with SAUSAGES
37. How Changmin would sell his soul for food
38. The way Changmin tries so hard
39. How Changmin has not gone through his voice break yet
40. Junsu’s SECOND voice break
41. Micky’s hat collection (over 200 hats)
42. Yunho’s saggy tits
43. Yunho’s old teeth too
44. Yunho’s hair styles (even the guys like his hair)
45. How Joongie stole Changmin’s first kiss
46. How Changmin found out about his first kiss
47. How Changmin was shocked that his first kiss was with Joongie
48. Then the fact that Changmin didn’t know Joongie kissed him
49. How Changmin found out Joongie kissed him while he was sleeping
50. How Changmin cried after he found out!
51. Junsu’s fobby facial expressions
52. Junsu’s weird facial expressions
53. The fact that Junsu has a bit of interest in sexual stuff
54. The fact that Joongie is also interested in sexual stuff
55. How Joongie likes lingerie
56. Micky’s inability to dance
57. Micky’s hobby
58. The fact that Micky’s hobby is to imitate Rose from Titanic
59. Micky’s acting in Non-Stop
60. Yunho’s acting in Non-Stop
61. The fact that Yoo Jae Suk goes psycho over Yunho
62. The fact that Yoo Jae Suk absolutely LUFFS Yunho
63. The fact that Yoo Jae Suk absolutely LUFFS TVXQ
64. The fact that Yoo Jae Suk absolutely LUFFS Micky
65. The fact that Kang Ho Dong absolutely LUFFS Micky
66. The fact that Kang Ho Dong absolutely LUFFS Yunho
67. The fact that Kang Ho Dong absolutely LUFFS TVXQ
68. The fact that Kang Ho Dong tries to copy Yunho’s dancing
69. The fact that Yoo Jae Suk tries to copy Yunho’s dancing
70. The fact that MS. Shin tries to copy both Micky and Yunho’s dancing
71. How Micky is always eating in their car – and I mean ALWAYS
72. Joongie’s fobbiness in english
73. Joongie’s feminine side
74. Joongie’s six pack *drool*
75. How Joongie turned out so pretty/hot with 8 older sisters ;
76. How Joongie used to wear his pants up to his tits when he was around 2
77. The fact that Junsu is a twin
78. How Junsu has an unidentical twin
79. How Junsu is the younger twin
80. Junsu’s favourite phrase, “Eeh roh go it nae”
81. How Junsu still puts hearts in his SMSes to his mum
82. How Junsu promised his mum he would be successful and build a big house for his momy
83. How Junsu cares for his family so much
84. Junsu’s ever so blonde hair
85. Junsu’s thick eyebrows
86. Micky’s thick pretty lips
87. Joongie’s cute stubby nose
88. Changmin’s pretty ass eyes
89. Yunho’s nose
90. Joongie’s triceps
91. The way Yunho talks (so babyish)
92. The way Junsu wears the ring given to him by SBSK
93. Junsu’s plump butt
94. How Junsu full chucked a spaz in the making of the Magic Castle MV
95. How Junsu tried to translate the Magic Castle song and ended up only replacing a few words with english hahaha
96. Junsu’s konglish version of “POP” by N’SYNC
97. Junsu’s “heavy head” dance
98. Micky’s pointing dance (on X-men, where he points to the sky)
99. How Junsu’s the smallest in the group
100. How Junsu likes girls that speak english
101. How Changmin also likes girls that speak english
102. How Changmin was late to school
103. When Changmin stepped into his classroom on the day he was late and realised they had a test
104. When Changmin realised the moment he stepped into his classroom the test had just finished
105. The fact that Changmin came first for his yearlies in 2004
106. The fact that TVXQ are trying so hard to learn Japanese for their Japanese fans
107. The fact that TVXQ are trying so hard to learn Chinese for their Chinese fans
108. The fact that TVXQ are eager to come back to Korea
109. The fact that TVXQ miss their Korean fans the most
110. The fact that Yunho has no ass
111. Junsu’s big belly button
112. Micky’s collar bones
113. Joongie’s love for cooking
114. Changmin’s love for eating Joongie’s cooking
115. Yunho’s height (185cm)
116. Changmin’s height (186cm)
117. Changmin’s glares in The Way U Are MV
118. Junsu’s glares
119. Yunho’s yupki faces
120. Micky’s face when he’s stuffed his mouth with bread
121. The way Junsu tried to imitate Usher
122. The way Junsu hit his lip with his necklace when trying to imitate Usher
123. The fact that Joongie is married to Yunho (officially…)
124. How Junsu likes fancy girls
125. How Yunho would make such a great father
126. How Yunho absolutely loves kids
127. How Junsu likes cameras
128. How Junsu played a prank on a little kid about stealing her camera
129. How Junsu begged the little kid if he could buy it off her
130. Micky’s fobbiness
131. Micky’s famous quote, “Sucks! This Stupid!” in the SM training lessons
132. Junsu’s cuteness in his audition
133. The fact that Micky was scouted and didn’t need to audition
134. Joongie’s pajamas
135. The fact that Junsu proposed to Micky
136. The fact that Junsu also kissed Micky while he was sleeping!
137. The fact he apologised to all his fans for getting married to Micky at such a young age
138. When Junsu sings Stevie Wonder’s “Lately”
139. Joongie’s lame acting skills
140. Yunho’s rapping
141. Yunho’s “Whicky whicky wah wah~” (In Stay With Me Tonight Song)
142. The fact that Junsu loves and hates his best friend at the same time
143. Junsu’s cuteness in the 100 Q and A thing
144. How Yunho shouted “I love you Cassiopeia fans!” in front of millions and millions of people
145. Yunho’s skill in HapKiDo
146. The fact that Yunho came third in a HapKiDo championship
147. How Yunho has great leadership
148. Changmin’s innocence
149. Changmin’s shyness in front of a camera
150. Even though Changmin’s tired, he alwasy greets his fans with a smile
151. The fact that Changmin suits glasses
152. His prettiness when he smiles
153. How he always respects people, even though they’re younger than him
154. How he spends so much time talking about his faults
155. How he spends so much time saying sorry to his parents and ending up crying
156. The way Changmin said he wanted to be a normal person in University (as in, not a celebrity)
157. Changmin’s honesty
158. The fact that Changmin can eat a whole pizza by himself in only a matter of minutes!!!
159.The fact that Changmin tries so hard when he’s dancing that the other members are always worrying that he might hurt himself!
160.When Changmin feels he didn’t do satisfactory in a performance, he’d cry and say sorry to his fans(even though they didn’t mention anything about him)
161. The fact that Changmin replies to ALL his fan’s SMS messages
162. How Changmin literally GULPS his food down and ends up finishing his meals 3508375 times faster than the other members!
163. How even when Joongie sweats, he still manages to look beautiful
164. How Joongie saw Micky cry when their song came first in Inki Gayo
165. How Joongie cried with Micky on the day their song came first
166. How Joongie made other members cry on the day their song came first
167.How Yunho managed to show his happiness and manliness without crying on
the day their song came first
168. How Joongie’s hair is so shiny and silky that it could help in the suicide of a fly
169. How Joongie scolded Changmin for wanting to be a normal Uni student
170. How Joongie had such a big passion to be a singer
171. How Joongie still sometimes cries when he thinks about his first love
172. How that proves Joongie really knows what true love is
173. How Joongie ran away for a few days just because he wanted to be a singer but his parents didn’t want him to?
174. How Joongie had a huge fist fight with someone who swore about H.O.T (he must have been a big fan)
175.The fact that when Joongie was young, he couldn’t even sing a proper tone, but now that he’s practiced so much because of his passion to become a singer – he has improved and become one of the best.
176. The fact that Joongie came first when it came to the person who greeted his elders the most
177. How Joongie can’t wink
178.How Joongie realised Micky was sick just before a KMNET performance, so when he was dancing and singing, he’d always check if Micky was alright!
179. How Micky has such love for his family
180.How Micky still cries when he thinks about how he couldn’t say “I love you” to his family whe leaving the airport from America
181.How his bucket hairstyle still looks good on him although some people just look horrendous with it
182.How Micky still has a bit of innocence in him when he admitted he still likes Astro boy and Micky Mouse
183. How Micky fans other members after a performance if they’re hot, even though he’s sweating his skin off
184. How he lectures his fans for doing dangerous things
185.How Micky cancelled his American citizenship and stated he will go to the Korean Army when the time comes and remain a Korean citizen
186. How Junsu is so frikken cute when he’s shy
187. How Junsu cried a lot because of his first voice break when he was younger (kids teased him…poor guy…)
188.How Junsu said the other members of TVXQ were as important as an oasis in a desert to him
189. How Junsu did a wave infront of many fans and made some fans even have nosebleeds(for real!)
190. How Junsu is just NATURALLY cute
191. How Junsu absolutely LOVES soccer
192. How Junsu is so good at playing the piano
193. How Junsu listens to his fans when they tell him to start dieting…
194. How Junsu’s so funny and comfortable with his fans
FanGirl: Oppa! You’re so pretty!!
Junsu: Thanks, you’re quite handsome yourself! XD
195. How Junsu still goes to baseball games with his twin brother even though his schedule is PACKED
196. How Junsu even forgot his last name because he was so used to saying his full name was “Xiah Junsu”
197. The fact that when someone says “cute”, everyone immediately thinks “Junsu”
198. How Yunho is pretty and HOT even when he hasn’t even got any makeup or hasn’t even washed
199.How when Micky was sick and in hospital, the remainding four of TVXQ had to perform a song on stage, but Changmin was nervous so Yunho grabbed Changmin by the arm, looked straight into his eyes and said, “I believe in you.”
200. How Micky was sick and before the performance, TVXQ said, “FIGHTING!” but Yunho put his hand in last and said, “This is Micky’s hand”
201. The fact that Yunho can dance, sing, rap, act and be an MC without sucking
202. How Yunho’s hobby is to write poems or short fics
203. How Yunho even falls asleep when sending SMS messages
204.How Yunho saw a ghost but didn’t want to wake any other members,fearing they would get scared to,he faced the ghost by himself and cried by himself too?
205. How Yunho is TVXQ’s leader
206. How Yunho looks so manly yet has an adorable personality
207. How Yunho loves donuts
208. How Yunho already knows how he is going to propose to a girl
———-3 roses, “One is you, one is me, the other is how my image has changed”
209.When TVXQ have finished their performance, he would tell each member what mistakes they made and how they can improve
210. How Yunho makes dancing look so easy when it isn’t
211. How Yunho’s hands are so manly
212. How Yunho has such a great body *drool*
213. How Yunho’s head size is very small
214.How Yunho shouted, “I love you Jihye!” (his sister’s name) in front of other celebrities towards the camera
215. How Yunho loves his home suburb (KwangJoo)
216. How Yunho confessed he likes girls with long natural hair, big eyes and an elegant look
217.How Yunho made his FanGirls want to be like above^!
218. How TVXQ have only been in the music industry for a year and are bigger than most other groups
219. How TVXQ are innocent yet sexy at the same time
220. How TVXQ just exist and breathe the same air as I do
221. YunSu LUVE
222. Micky’s crush on Junsu
223. Junsu’s love for Micky
224. YooSu couple
225. JaeHo couple
226. JaeMin couple
227. YunChun couple
228. JoongShim couple
229. YooHo couple
230. JaeSu couple
231. ChangHo couple
232. ChangSu couple
233. YunMin couple
234. How every member of TVXQ have tried to kiss all their members
235. Their radio skits
236. KBS Daesang Way U Are perf – Xiah’s facial expressions are so priceless in the instrumental section
237. Junsu’s perfect teeth
238. Junsu’s LOONG snake (if you see the KMTV drawing comp. you’ll understand)
239. The meaning behind Junsu’s LOOONG snake
240. Junsu’s memories when he was in Primary school about him being short
241. Junsu’s sneezes (they’re so loud same as how he laughs!)
242. Changmin’s pouty mouth
243. Junsu’s crooked lip
244.How Micky heard Yunho crying in the middle of the night and went to see what happened because he cared for him
245.How Micky found out he was crying because he could see a ghost and he started crying too because he was even more scared
246. How TVXQ members tend to kiss other TVXQ members when they’re sleeping
247. How TVXQ sang Hweesung’s “With Me” so well
248. How TVXQ sang Tim’s “Sarang Hap Ni Da” so well
249. Micky’s fobby english (Their message to IN:COM forums,”Don’t still Jeanie nuna’s file)
250. Junsu’s piano playing skills
251. How Junsu and Junho (his twin) have never ever fought
252. Junsu’s love for chicken
253. Joongie’s ability to scream and yet sound pleasant
254. The fact that Joongie can’t rap
255. Micky’s buttery Le Mario-like narrations
256. Yunho’s squeaks in some songs
257. Yunho’s “CHOOM CHOOM CHOOM CHOOM” *from the MBC Nolluhwah special*
258.How Yunho quietly asked Lee Ji Hyun, “Are you ok?” when he REALLY LIGHTLY knocked her over in the Chicken fight game in X-MEN and everything went quiet because he spoke LOL
259. TVXQ’s yupkiness in singing Tim’s “Sarang Hap Ni Da”
260. How Joongie only likes girls of his age
261.How Joongie can’t trust himself with dating younger girls because he has never taken care of a girl younger than him (because he’s the youngest in his family and the only boy- child in his family)
262. How Changmin doesn’t trust himself with clothes
263. How Changmin admitted that he sucks with clothes and fashion
264. Their ability to speak Chinese
265. Their ability to speak Japanese
266. Their ability to speak Korean
267. Their tiny ability to speak English
268. How TVXQ can’t spell “forums”
269. How Changmin spelt forums as “forms” first, then “foums”
270. How Yunho spelt forums as “Frums”
271. Their attempts in speaking/writing English
272. Their mistakes when speaking/writing english
273. How Micky cannot stand the smell of Japanese soy-bean paste “natto”
274. How Changmin does not hate any food – no matter what it is o_O
275. How the Japanese have realised TVXQ have an abnormally large appetite
276. The fact that TVXQ were able to hire a helicopter for their “Mi Duh Yo” MV
277. The fact that TVXQ were able to clear a bridge in Bexco,America for their “Mi Duh Yo” MV
278. How many guys have mistaken Joongie for a girl
279. How many girls (not only guys) have ALSO mistaken Joongie for a girl
280. How the guys who have mistaken Joongie for a girl have called him “HOT”
281. How TVXQ came out on “Mi Ahn Ha Da, Sarang Han Da” (the Mini-series with So Ji Sup and [L]im Soo Jung)
282. How TVXQ were mentioned in the Korean Mini-series “Bom Nal” (Spring day)
283. How TVXQ’s poster was spotted in the Korean Mini-series “Kwae Girl Choon Hyang” (Delightful girl Choon Hyang)
284.How Junsu stuffed up in a Hug PERF in the Boa-Britney special
285. How Joongie stuffed up a Hug LIVE perf by coming in 2 beats earlier than normal
286. How Junsu always loses his shoe in his performances
287. How Micky slipped in a Tri-Angle perf at a concert
288. Cassiopeia parkas – I love them Those Red Pearl Winter Jackest….
289. The TVXQ caps with the fluffy things on the sides
290. The three storybooks about TVXQ
291. How Junsu relies on God the most
292. How Junsu has been with SM for more than 6 years
293. How funny and comfortable Junsu was in his audition
294. Junsu’s self confidence
295. How Junsu got 100% in his Uni prac test
296. How Yunho also got 100% in his Uni prac test!
297. How Joongie came out on “Taegukgi” as an extra!
298. Joongie’s love for saying “FOUR”
299. The fact that there’s only one group that can make children’s songs sound amazing. [When TVXQ sings “Mountain Spring”]
300.How Yunho likes to drink coke when sitting by the Han River when he has
to think about something deeply?
301. Their coolio names (Xiah Junsu/U-know Yunho/Micky Yoochun/Max Changmin/Hero JaeJoong)
302. How Junsu goes BRIGHT RED in the face when he’s surrounded by fangirls
303. How TVXQ chose Junsu as the official dishes man
304. Joongie’s occasional boners
305. How TVXQ caused major traffic jams in China because there were so many people on the road to get their autographs
306.How Junsu was chosen as an official “Ulzzang(Pretty)” of Korea – with other
contestants like lee-wan, hyun-bin, se7en, won-bin, jang dong-gun, and kang dong-won (He won by getting 600+ votes?
307. Micky’s ability to clap with his feet when standing up
308. The way Micky always thinks it’s his turn to do the MI on M-net
309. How Changmin loves video games(So does Joongie!)
310. How TVXQ suits whatever style of music
311. How Junsu was judged as a grade 2 kid by a grade 3 kid when in actual fact he was in grade 5
312. Yunho’s love for touching Jaejoong’s boner
313. Junsu’s webcam pics
314. Junsu’s batman shirt
315. Junsu’s frequent blushing
316. How Junsu pronounces “radio” in konglish
317. Junsu’s Konglish
318. Changmin’s camera shyness
319. How Changmin respects his anti’s too….
320. Miduhyo
321. Thanks to
323. Tri-Angle (ext. version feat Boa and The Trax)
324. Will you be My Girlfriend
325. Million Men
326. Like now [????]
327. I never let go
328. Kid [???]
329. You are always.. [? ???]
330. Whatever they Say (Acapella version)
331. Whatever they Say (Added Instrumental version)
332. The Way U Are
333. Tri-Angle (TVXQ version)
334. Through the Forest
335. Mountain Spring [???]
336. Stay with me Tonight
337. Try My Love
338. Oh Holy Night
339. Hug
340. Hug International Vers.
341. Santa Claus is coming to town
342. Magic Castle [??? ?]
343. Micky’s version of Choi Jong Won
344. Micky’s version of Brian McKnight’s “So Sorry”
345. Yunho’s love for Kan Cho.
346. Changmin’s pronounciation of “yummy” ??? -> ??? ??)
347. Changmin’s head swish in “HUG”
348. How Changmin did so well in his MI
349. Junsu’s MI
350. Micky’s MI
351. Micky’s FAKE MI!
352. Micky’s “Sseng Ddoong Mat Jyo!”
353. Yunho’s MI
354. Joongie’s MI
355. Yunho’s KM Artist ID
356. Junsu’s KM Artist ID
357. Joongie’s KM Artist ID
358. Changmin’s KM Artist ID
359. Micky’s KM Arist ID
360. Yunho and Jaejoong’s marriage
361. They sing GREAT
362. They’re are just pure lovely
363. Junsu’s dolphin voice is so cute
364. Junsu’s cherry butt
365. Yunho’s dancing
366. Junsu’s dancing
367. Yuchun’s astro boy shirt is so cute!
368. Best acapella group ever
369. Changmin’s talent at such a young age
370. How Changmin is ubber smart
371. Yuchun’s little brother is cute also
372. How Jaejoong has 8 sisters
373. How Yunho’s little sister is really cute
374. Junsu’s lovely twin
375. Changmin’s two little sisters look just like him
377. Junsu’s birthday comes out wrong on everything
378. Junsu singing “N’sync-Pop”
379. How Changmin messes up on his pitch so much but tries so hard
380. Yunho’s old teeth
381. Yunho’s little belly
382. Changmin falling asleep on stage
383. Yunho crying because seeing a ghost
384. Yuchun crying with Yunho not even knowing what was going on
385. Jaejoong’s hot ulzzang(pretty) pix
386. Yunho’s rapping is awesome
387. Yuchun’s english
388. Yuchun’s deep sexy voice
389. Junsu’s high squeeky voice
390. Jaejoong’s smooth soothing voice
391. Yuchun having the nickname Micky Mouse
392. Jaejoong’s cute little feet
393. Yuchun’s wonderful piano playing
394. Junsu’s AWESOME piano playing
395. Yuchun’s sexy red Ferrari
396. Yunho’s cute and bad acting
397. Yuchun’s awesome performance on Nonstop4
398. TVXQ’s love for their fans
399. Easily crying
400. How they always dedicate their awards to Cassiopeia
401. Jaejoong’s pajama’s
402. Yuchun’s piggy pajama’s
403. Changmin’s piggy pajama’s
404. Yunho’s welcoming
405. Jaejoong’s camera hogging
406. Yunho’s cute and bad singing
407. Junsu and Yuchun sleeping together O.o
408. Junsu and Yuchun’s love towards each other
409. Yunho’s very carismatic personality
410. Yunho acting like The Trax
411. Changmin TRYING to act like The Trax
412. Changmin’s very unique voice
413. Yunho and Yuchun’s voice being similar
414. Their tri-angle performance
415. Their Step By Step performance
416. Their cute and sloppy english in HUG English version
417. Their koreanish sounding Japanese
418. Their koreanish sounding Chinese
419. Jaejoong’s titty peircing
420. Their first performance of Hug
421. Yunho’s sexyness when drinking Coke
422. Junsu’s mom’s comments of him
423. How Junsu loves and hates Hyukjae
424. Yuchun’s lip gloss
425. Yuchun’s little sexy wink
426. That Kanghodong is so nice to Yunho
427. That Kuminara is so nice to Yuchun
428. How Kanghodong sorta got scared(?) when Yunho said he was the leader of TVXQ
429. How Yuchun is so good at makchoom
430. Yunho’s new “straight” teeth
431. Yuchun’s way of copying Rose
432. Changmin’s way for singing to Lexy’s song “Girls”
433. Changmin’s way of singing “Just Once”
434. TVXQ debuted on the day after Christmas
435. Such pretty ballon color (Red Pearl colour!)
436. Pretty fanclub name (Cassiopeia?
437. Jaejoong’s sexy and built body
438. Changmin’s pretty and sparkling eyes
439. Junsu translating Magic Castle into English
440. Junsu’s very cute and big belly button
441. Junsu kissing Yuchun!
442. Jaejoong kissing Yunho (Yunho’s expression was really urbenly cute!)
443. Changmin likes being a camera hog at times
444. Junsu singing the song “Lately”
445. Jaejoong singing the song “Incomplete”
446. Jaejoong singing the song “Come To Me”
447. Yuchun singing the song “Gather my Tears”
448. Junsu singing the song “To Bride”(his favorite song)
449. TVXQ singing “NRG – Hit Song”
450. TVXQ singing “Wheesung – With Me”
451. Micky rapping in Hotmail
452. Changmin’s dorky glasses
453. Yunho’s sexyness in glasses
454. Changmin’s LONG list of food he wants to eat
455. Changmin’s empty bowl of bibimbab
456. Changmin getting really sorry after saying something to Harisu
457. Changmin bobbing his head side to side while talking
458. How Changmin acts so mature for his age
459. Changmin leaving early at the radio show, telling people to text message him
460. When TVXQ cried after receiving first place in Inkogayo
461. Fast that Jaejoong couldn’t sing is shocking
462. Jaejoong’s audition
463. Changmin’s audition
464. Junsu’s audition (and very high voice)
465. Yunho’s audition
466. Yunho singing “Im Jae Bum – Go Hae”
467. Jaejoong’s really weird winking (he can’t wink!)
468. Junsu’s very cute shyness
469. How Changmin’s favorite book in Harry Potter
470. Jaejoong’s baby pictures
471. Changmin’s baby pictures
472. Yunho’s baby pictures
473. Yuchuns’s baby pictures
474. Junsu’s baby pictures
475. How in one of Junsu’s baby pic that he is wearing a Micky Mouse sweater
476. Junsu’s love for his twin with a passion
477. How Junsu calls his twin grother “hyung”
478. How in Mid Uh Yo Jaejoong’s flower got stuck in his jacket pocket at the end
479. How Jaejoong started singing too early for a Hug performance
480. How Yuchun is an awesome MC for kmtv
481. How Yunho was a great partner
482. The fact that Stepho sees TVXQ almost everyday
483. Yuchun’s lyrics/music in english that dont make any sense
484. Yuchun’s graffiti skills
485. Jaejoong’s ability to draw awesomely
486. How Yunho asked if anyone wanted to go on date with him at Disneyland
487. How TVXQ wants to go on dates with every single Cassiopeia member
488. How some girls broke into TVXQ apartment and stole Changmin’s underwear
489. Yuchun’s greesyness
490. How TVXQ always looks over their rehersal
491. How we could name all of Jaejoong’s sisters names, Jini, Suni, Mikyung. Sookjin, Ahyoung, Yoosoon, Minjung
492. TVXQ trying to spell english
493. How Jaejoong came out on TaeGukGi
494. Jaejoong’s time zone rap
495. Their four lettered names
496. How TVXQ can be DBSG, DBSK, TVXQ, TOHOSHINKI, ????
497. How Yuchun got 1st place for most goodlooking
498. How Jaejoong got 2nd place for most goodlooking
499. How Jaejoong is a camera “whore”
500. Changmin loving Video games
501. Changmin loving to read
502. How TVXQ took pictures with Hamasaki Ayumi
503. Yuchun’s and Changmin’s way of eating ramyun on the setting of Magic Castle
504. How all of them are so cute eating chicken
505. How Yuchun acts like he’s being wangdda
506. How TVXQ is so respectful to all the “sunbae” singers
507. How they got to sing with BoA and The Trax
508. How Jaejoong and Junsu still look cute as money
509. How Yuchun acting like he was sleeping is so cute
510. Thanks To MV
511. Tri-Angle MV
512. Mid Uh Yo MV
513. Hug Korean MV
514. Hug English MV
515. Stay With Me Tonight MV
516. How Yuchun’s smile is so freaking sexy
517. Micky’s PERFECT heart shaping thingy with his hands
518. Jaejoongs attepmt to make a heart with his hands to the fans
519. How TVXQ looks pretty as girls
520. How there are picture of TVXQ resteraunts
521. How TVXQ helped the disabled
522. How Changmin stopped eating just to help someone
523. How Changmin opened the door for the grandma in the Smart CF
524. How Jaejoong was pushing Yunho on rollerblades
525. How Jaejoong picked up the little kid in Smart CF
526. Yuchun’s little mambo dance
527.The fact that when I get together with my friends all I do was talk about them!^_^
529. How Jaejoong would look most good in everything
530. How Junsu won the Being a Girl Contest
531. How Junsu dances to Valenti
532. How Junsu dances to Sung In Shik by Park Ji Yoon
533. How TVXQ came out on Comedy House when they’re not even that funny
534. How all of them study Japanese and English and Chinese so hard
535.Jaejoong’s hairless armpits
536. Yunho’s red underwear
537. Yuchun’s blue underwear
538. Yuchun’s Micky Mouse boxers
539. The fact that Jaejoong is Bloodtype O
540. The fact that Yuchun is Bloodtype O
541. The fact that Changmin is youngest but is the tallest in TVXQ
542. The way that TVXQ sings “Bbo Bbo Bbo”
543. The way that TVXQ sings “Pong Dang Pong Dang”
544. Yuchun’s cute fobbish way of saying “water”
545. Junsu’s copying of saying “water”
546. The way that TVXQ sings “Mountian Spring”
547. I love all their songs!
548. Their sexy ‘The Way U Are’ outfits!
549. The fact that Jaejoong loves “3.6.9″ Game
550. The fact that Jajeoong loves to read Dragon Ball Z
551. The thing that Jaejoong thinks when looking at the mirror is “Mommy”
552. The fact that Jaejoong is like the “Mom” of TVXQ
553. The fact that Yunho is like the “Dad” of TVXQ
554. The way Jaejoong sleeps on his belly (Shrimp postion)
555. The fact that Jaejoong is scared of cockroaches
556. The joke that TVXQ always says “Ee rul goh eet nae~”
557. Jaejoong’s first kiss was in 6th grade
558. Changmin has never had a girlfriend
559. The fact that Jaejoong’s nickname is Boojaejoong~
560. The fact that Changmin thinks he is too dark
561. TVXQ’s Hug outfit is the far by most cutest outfits!
562. The fact that Changmin’s idea of a date is jogging with the girl
563. The fact that Changmin is Buddhist but sings songs dealing with Jesus
564. That I laugh, cry, and smile everyday because of TVXQ…
565. That Changmin at his age has NO interest in girls what-so-ever
566. The fact that Yunho likes Jeon Ji Hyun
567. Junsu’s becoming a singer is the unacheived dreams of his mother
568. The fact that Junsu is Bloodtype B, but doesn’t seem like it cause
Bloodtype B guys are known to be players(This should be Micky!)
569. The fact that Junsu mentioned Hyukjae in like every single question that he answered for a survey he once did
570. Changmin’s way of motion in Hug perf. when he is singing the second verse
571. Changmin’s way of saying “Mad Eet Nun” in Hug
572. Junsu thinks that he is ‘Perfection’
573. How Jaejoong eats hamburger in front of Tei
574.How Changmin looks so scary when people are video taping him when
eating chicken
575. The fact that Junsu thinks he was a prince in his past life
576. The fact that TVXQ is close to The Trax
577. The fact that Cassiopeia is so annoying but so close
578. The fact that Junsu’s so nice, even if the other members tease him that he has red face he doesnt get mad
579. Yuchun’s Drive outfit (where he ties the front of his shirt )
580. Changmin’s Magic Castle outfit! SO HOT
581. The little finger thingy in The Way U Are perf. during the chorus
582. Yuchun’s lovely headphones~
583. The TVXQ wristband that Yunho received from his fans
584. How TVXQ is always so poliete whenever, where ever
585. TVXQ all waving at the same time
586. Yuchun’s one million trillion zillion gagillion dollar smile
587. Yunho’s sniff the flower picture
588. TVXQ all wearing the same aporn
589. Jaejoong’s non-buttoned white shirt in the Mid Uh Yo LA MV
590. Jaejoong in the 1st TVXQ Ting CF
591. Yuchun in the 1st Ting CF
592. Jaejoong’s sexy Tri-Angle hair (they say he looks like Legolas in LOTR!)
593. TVXQ’s Magic Castle look, prince look
594. Yuchun acting like a kindergartener
595. TVXQ’s ability to laugh whenever
596. TVXQ necklaces
597. Jaejoong’s prettiness wearing a crown
598. TVXQ’s pretty letter bracelets
599. Junsu and Yuchun’s couple ring!!!
600. Changmin and his hot self in a school uniform
601. Yuchun and Junsu going(went) to the same high school
602. Junsu and Yunho being accepted into collegeeee!
603. TVXQ always practicing singing on the karaoke
604. TVXQ holding fake stars could never be ANY hotter
605. The remote control car that comes out on the TVXQ Photobook
606. The fact that TVXQ has so many items for sale
607. Yuchun looking so much like Harry Potter
608. Junsu’s lovely rainbow long sleeved shirt (that he wears alot)
609. The same shirt Yuchun(RIVAL) and Yunho(HOTMAIL) wore
610. Yoojaesuk LOVES yuchun with a passion
611. Yoojaesuk LOVE yunho with a passion
612. Shinjunghwan loving yunho
613. Shinjunghwan loving yuchun
614. The TVXQ netizen thingy is so effing funny
615. Yuchun’s lovely shades in the Photobook
616. The TVXQ training outfit!
617. The fact Changmin and Yuchun drinking the same slushy
618. The lovely TVXQ character pillows
619. Yuchun crying at the end of a Mid Uh Yo perf.
620. The many lovely TVXQ pins that they sell everywhere in Korea just for fifty cents
621. Yuchun’s pimp player hat
623. Changmin replying to all of his fans SMS messages
624. Yuchun’s sexy Adam’s apple
625. Changmin’s soaked-with-water face in The Way U Are MV
626. Junsu and his lovely Poccari Sweat drink
627. Yunho’s make believe “Kan Cho” Ad
628. How TVXQ was is Bonsang of their first year of debut
629. Because TVXQ are doing better than a lot of the singers that have been out there for years
630. How TVXQ has the potential to love little kids
631. Yuchun’s fuzzy scarf in the Magic Castle outfits
632. Yuchun’s fuzzy jacket which makes him look like a eskimo
633. Yuchun’s face expression that makes him look constipated
634. All of the TVXQ members playing basketball makes them look sexy
635. Junsu’s doggie is also cute (RICHIE…the name of the dog…)
636. Yunho’s doggie is also cute too
637. Micky saying “Everyone~ I think I’ve fallen in love. With all of my
fans” before performing Whatever They Say at a Ting concert
638. TVXQ’s ability to make three girls sneak in the boys bathroom stalls just to
see TVXQ (Xiah was in there?
639.TVXQ still taking signatures in a position of which they were sorta uncomfortable
640. Yunho crying after a stupid girl flicking him off
641. Yunho’s sexy dance at Nol Luh Wah
642.TVXQ dance Lee Mario Dancing Steps!
643. Junsu and Jaejoong practicing Lee Mario dance at the Hair Salon
644. TVXQ singing “Sa Rang Hab Nee Dah” by Tim
645. The sexyness in all of the TVXQ members when wearing school uniforms
646. Changmin and Yunho and Junsu’s hair after riding the bungee jumping sorta thing at LA
647. TVXQ’s sexy Hollywood Bowl perf.
648. Yuchun trying to tell everyone a secret but the other members blocking him (and how yuchun keeps coming back)
649. Yuchun’s gangster self back in Virginia
650. One of Junsu’s nicknames being Chicken
651. TVXQ kissing other TVXQ members when sleeping
652. They mentioned TVXQ in Bom Nal!
653. TVXQ’s poster was in the drama Kweh Girl Choong Hyang
654. Shinjunghwan trying to do Yunho’s lovely robot dance
655. How Shinjunghwan’s dance is somewhat similar but not really
656. Jaejoong’s Bae Bah Jih in his baby pictures
657.Jaejoong and Changmin trying to feed us(the fans..) cereal!!!
658. Three TVXQ storybooks
659. Two Korean singles
660. Their lovely Japanese song “Stay With Me Tonight”
661. How TVXQ looks so photoshopped on the cover of SWMT but are amazingly still hot
662. Jaejoong is pretty cause his older sisters
663. How Jaejoong sometimes acts feminine
664. Junsu and Junho are ferternal twins
665. Cassiopeia fluffy hats!Changmin models for it.
667. The way Yunho says “Jang Nan Ggooh Ruh Ggeee!”
668. When Yunho said that Tony, Kim Jaedong, and someone else that they’re old on Xman
669. Yuchun’s disco(?) sorta dance on Xman
670. Yunho’s sexy collar bones
671. Yuchun’s sexy collar bones
672. Changmin’s sexy sweating
673. TVXQ getting into that stupid accident and fans supporting them
674. How TVXQ has a lot of anti’s but TVXQ tries to handle it as best as possible!
675. Changmin trying to look serious
676. How Junsu acts like a little kid
677. How Junsu says “I Love Ooh yoo!”
678. How Yunho acts like a little kid
679. How Yuchun kisses at the camera screen
680. How Yuchun acts like a little kid
681. How Changmin is the youngest but sometimes acts the oldest
682. How they dance
683. How TVXQ always practices
684. Junsu’s awesome laughingQ
685. How Changmin always reads his fanletters when he has time!
686. Changmin’s most memorible gift was a whole box of fanletters sent from the fans!
687. Junsu get caught watching porn
688. Junsu taking pictures with his camera
689. Junsu trying to copy Usher but ends up hitting his face with his necklace
690. TVXQ came out on MiSa for like a minute in the TV behind So Ji Sup!
691. Junsu proposing to Yuchunnn
692. Junsu’s 100 Questions & Answers
693. Changmin’s 100 Questions & Answers
694. Yuchun’s 100 Questions & Answers
695. Jaejoong’s 100 Questions & Answers
696. The fact that Changmin is always smiling even he doesnt feel good
697. Changmin is good at crying
698. Jaejoong babbled on him crying
699. Changmin is good at eating. VERY good
700. Changmin is an over-acheiver in everything he does
701. How Jaejoong is always looking at the camera
702. Changmin’s head jerking thing in Hug Perf.
703. How Yunho tries to do it also but ends up hurting his neck
704. How Changmin pushed Yunho out of the way to show him how it’s done?
705. Changmin’s cute/weird expressions toward the camera
706. How Jaejoong has a passionate love towards H.O.T(H.O.T = High Five Of Teenagers…)
707. How TVXQ tried copying Shinhwa
708. TVXQ’s no smoking jingle was so cute
709. Junsu’s head rocking thing is crazy
710. Jaejoong’s ability to look like he is really crying in the Ting CF
711. Yunho’s ability to jump REALLY high
712. TVXQ jumping all together in front of a theater in LA
713. Yunho jumping off a swing set nonstop like 826275256198 times
714. How Junsu always listens to his fans
715. Yunho is yet TVXQ’s leader
716. TVXQ first said they didn’t have a leader, but Yunho is it anyway
717. Yunho is from KwangJoo
718. Yunho’s sexy self riding a motorcycle in Nonstop5
719. Junsu is Christian
720. Jaejoong is Christian
721. Yuchun is Christian
722. Yunho is Christian
723.Changmin is the only non-christian person in TVXQ(he is buddist )
724. Junsu moonwalks… EVERYWHERE (even to the bathroom!)
725. Micky saying Aegiyah in a sexy way
726. Junsu saying Aegiyah in a baby way
727. Yunho saying Aegiyah in a cute way
728. Changmin accidentally saying a curse word in korean
729. Jaejoong is good at drinking
730. Changmin screaming in Tri-Angle
731. How Jaejoong looks so hot in a wife-beater
732. How Jaejoong offering ME roses in Hug MV
733. How Yunho winks at ME in Hug MV
734. Jaejoong brushing his teeth with Pjs!
735. Junsu’s attepmt to try to touch his nose with his tongue
736. Yunho trying to play drums on Junsu’s head XD
737. Jaejoong’s ability to keep laughing at absolutely nothing
738. Jaejoong’s sexy fake tatoo (he has it in somewhere bottom of the stomach…)
739. Jaejoong’s sexyness when wrapping a snake around his neck
740. Changmin is a GREAT student in school (his parents were teachers?)
741. TVXQ trying never to leave anyone out
742. Changmin’s cool kneeling down on the stage when screaming part in Tri-Angle
743. Changmin likes moonwalking
744. TVXQ and 7 Princess took pictures together
745. Junsu is sucha blonde
746. Junsu’s mother was a former Miss Korea(Or Jaejoong?)
747. Micky's dimples

First of all, if you really read all of this, I congratulate you.
Second, is there anything else you wanna add to this list?
Don't hesitate to tell us. ;)

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Broadcast Date Of "Sunao Ni Narenakute"

Sunao ni Narenakute
(Fuji TV)
Thurs 22:00

ep 01(04/15)
ep 02
ep 03
ep 04
ep 05
ep 06
ep 07
ep 08
ep 09
ep 10
ep 11

Source: [DNBN]
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Kikuchi P's Blog Update


Thanks for all your supports.


T/N: 9.4% is a considerably high rating for a midnight program (11:30pm-11:58pm). The usual rating for "Bokura no Ongaku" is in the 7-8% range. It also beat out other music programs that were on air at other times (not midnight). Not to mention that last week's episode only guest was Tohoshinki, while other programs featured more than one artist.

Source: Kikuchi P's Blog & Video Research Ltd.
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"Sunao ni Narenakute" Introduction Private Showing

Invitation to Drama "Sunao ni Narenakute" Introduction Private Showing!

Members of Tamayama Tetsuji's Fanclub are invited to drama "Sunao ni Narenakute" that will be broadcast on Fuji TV starting this April.

4/12/2010 (Mon) planned to start at 1pm (planned to end at 3pm)

Tokyo Metropolian Area 

Eita・Ueno Juri・JaeJoong・Seki Megumi・Tamayama Tetsuji

■Number of Applications to Be Accepted

-Information on how to apply for the invitation omitted, since it only applies to Tamayama Tetsuji's fanclub members-

Source: Tamayama Tetsuji's Official Website
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22311 cr points
Send Message: Send PM GB Post
"Under my sky" -TVXQ
Posted 3/24/10 , edited 3/24/10
Jejung To Attend「Sunao Ni Narenakute」Public Conference

A public conference for Fuji TV's new drama「Sunao Ni Narenakute」will be held on 12 April 2010.

Date: 12 April 2010, Monday

Time: 1300 (set to end by 1500)

Venue: Within Tokyo

Attended by: Eita, Juri Ueno, Jejung, Megumi Seki, Tamayama Tetsuji

Participants: 20 people only

*Method of participation omitted

Source: [heyjj]
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Jejung's Mischievous Jokes~ 「Sunao Ni Narenakute」Field Report

The drama「Sunao Ni Narenakute」will begin airing on April, on Fuji TV. On the drama homepage, a report of the poster photoshoot was revealed.

「Sunao Ni Narenakute」is a drama that depicts the friendship between 5 men and women who communicate through Twitter. It stars Eita, Ueno Juri, Megumi Seki, Tohoshinki's Jejung and Tamayama Tetsuji. It has also been rumoured that singer Kikkawa Koji might make an appearance.

The field report consisted of text and photos; Eita, who was in high spirits, said, "It's fun~!" and Jejung who laughed and joked, "If I get in contact with this kind of sun, I'll melt." Next up, the starting of the filming will be released, so we'll look forward to it.

Source: [RBB TODAY]
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Lambsey will Cover Stand by U in Their Upcoming Single

Duo Lambsey who wrote lyrics for Kimisuki and Bolero will release their newest single, “Yumeoibito” on May 12th, 2010 and they again, will do a cover of Tohoshinki’s song–this time is “Stand by U” as their single’s B-track.

1. ユメオイビト
2. Stand by U
3. ラムジ Best Medley
4. ユメオイビト (Instrumental)
5. Stand by U (Instrumental)

Lambsey also belongs to AVEX and even in their concert, they had a special corner to do cover of some Tohoshinki’s songs! ^^

Let’s call it, AVEX love… XD

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100324 Oricon DVD Weekly Ranking

Oricon Weekly DVD Music Ranking


Artist: Tohoshinki
Maker: RZN
Release Date: 2010/03/17

Oricon Weekly DVD General Ranking


Artist: Tohoshinki
Maker: RZN
Release Date: 2010/03/17
(*General Category includes DVD Movies and all other types of DVD's)

Always Keep The Faith!

Translated by: [email protected]
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Member's Comments in "Toki wo Tomete" Bigeast Version

Toki wo Tomete!!
It is a very gentle and sweet song.
I hope everyone will get healed as you listen to this song. Bye bye ~~^.^

I'm in a good mood *^^*
Everyone, are there times that you want to time to stop at the moments that hold many of your memories??

P.S For me, I want to stop the time right now.

·From YooChun·

Toki wo Tomete ..!!
Please listen to it often ..!
Because it's a song that will make your heart beat fast ^^
See you ..^^

Toki wo Tomete
To stop time ...
It's impossible to do~ Ha Ha
That's why, let's do our best at everything we do so that we won't regret anything~

Toki wo Tomete is a very heartrending song... It can make me cry. ^^*
Please listen to it often~☆

Source: Toki wo Tomete Bigeast Version + dnbn
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Yoochun's comments from "Tokiwo Tomete" Bigeast Version

p.s For me, it's NOW.

In the Bigeast version, the messages from the 5 members…
Yoochun's comments really got me…ヽ( °◇°)ノ

Good day^^
In your many memories,
have you experienced a time when you wanted "Tokiwo Tomeru" (T/N: your precious moments to last forever)?

p.s For me, its NOW.
From Yoochun


I thought for a while
Oh, Yoochun, you don't need to put "か" after "中", lol.
(T/N: Yoochun made a cute mistake in writing unnecessary hiragana character "か"after the kanji character "中".)
Yoochun is saying that he wants the precious moments to last forever.
He is not saying of the past, not of a recent time, but "Ima" (T/N: NOW)
I thought and thought.....

I’ve heard that the filming the PV took all through the night.
The 5 members should have been together all day and night.
The rumor that the backstage room was divided has no meaning.
There were in the same space.....
The "NOW", when all the Tohoshinki members were together.
Until a few months ago, it was natural that the 5 members were together,
but NOW, there are challenges that the future presents.
Under those circumstances, the 5 are together for "NOW".
Singing the song together, harmonizing, and making a new song.

This miracle "NOW" should have been a very precious time for Yoohun.
He loves Tohoshinki more than anything in the world..^^
So, he wanted the precious moments to last forever…
Thus....."p.s For me, its NOW"

Am I right, Yoochun?

Yoochun's words are so deep, I am always thinking about the hidden meanings.
It is always so fun and exciting to make inferences about the background / bottom of Yoochun's words, but this time, my eyes are full of tears.
My only wish is that this precious "NOW" will last as long as possible.
If I was a wizard, I could grant Yoochun’s wish......
If only I can use magical spells......

Really.....Yoochun.....your comments got me.....(ToT)/

This is Yoochun, writing the message to all the Bigeasts!
He wrote the kanji characters "機嫌" saying "Difficult.....". He worked hard and practiced them♪

Yoochun...thank you very much for doing your best and to write your wonderful message♪
I became cheerful watching your funny offshoots^^
We were able to see Yoochun in motion~!
We were able to hear Yoochun’s voice!

I’m kind of happy~(*^。^*)Fufu~♪

Source:MY TREASURE (romi’s blog)
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Another History Made "-THE ONE-" 109,000 Sold in One Week


2010年3月24日 4:00

"TOHOSHINKI VIDEO CLIP COLLECTION-THE ONE-" of a popular Korean group TVXQ made a profit of 109,000 pieces and got the first place by Oricon synthesis DVD ranking on the 29th. And it also shined with the first place of "The number of the overseas artist's successive acquisition" by ranking the first place of the music DVD sales by the overseas artist in Japanese music history.

There are only three other DVD's by overseas artists that made the first place in DVD sales at Oricon Ranking in the past. Those are "The Beatles Anthology <first time production special priced version>" (Year 2003) by Beatles; "Red Zeppelin in DVD" (Year 2003) by Red Zeppelin; and also "4th LIVE TOUR 2009~The Secret Code - FINAL in TOKYO DOME" (Year 2009) by TVXQ. TVXQ jumped to the independent first place of the numbers of the acquisition with this product "TOHOSHINKI VIDEO CLIP COLLECTION-THE ONE-".

(*T/N: Meaning, TVXQ's DVD "-THE ONE-" sold the most DVD sale numbers by selling 109,000 pieces in only one week! Among the top four DVD general sells accomplished by the overseas artists, two of them were made by TVXQ and the other two were by Beetles and Red Zeppelin. No other overseas artist could mark the top DVD general sales in Japan. Only these four DVD's sold more than Japanese artists at the time of their DVD sales. And Tohoshinki marked the top of the oveaseas artists in the history of Japan by ranking the top twice with their general DVD sales ranking.)

Always Keep The Faith!

Translated by: [email protected]
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Bigeast Project [Your Top 10 Songs]

2010/03/15 Bigeast事务局


Bigeast Mail
Hi, members of Bigeast. On April 27, 2005, TVXQ debuted in Japan with “Stay with Me Tonight”. Because of the upcoming 5 years anniversary, Bigeast is preparing a collection of your top 10 TVXQ songs. Here’s your chance of being TVXQ’s director. The songs you pick don’t have to be in the same order as “BEST SELECTION 2010”. Please participate!

◆ Voting Period: March 15th (Monday) 17:00 ~ March 28th (Sunday) 23:59
◆ Selected will be announced mid April (Could be changed)
◆ Only for Bigeasts
◆ Important Items:
※ We will select the song which has collected the most votes for M-1 ~ M-10.
※ Music will be released PC online only, such as iTunes Music Store, and will be fee based.
※Please only vote once. After voting, you can’t go back and edit your votes. (Repeated votes will not be affective).
※Postcard and mail-in votes cannot participate. Please just vote in this form.

>>>Sent on March 15, 2010 from Bigeast Office

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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
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Tohoshinki's DVD Claims #1 Spot By Selling More Than 100,000 On First Week; First #1 Foreign Artist

Tohoshinki's DVD『TOHOSHINKI VIDEO CLIP COLLECTION-THE ONE-』attained number one on the 29/3 DVD rankings by selling 109,000 copies.

Up until now, there have only been 3 foreign artists to top the overall DVD ranking charts: The Beatles' "The Beatles Anthology " (#1 on 14 April 2003 charts), Led Zeppelin's "Led Zeppelin DVD" (#1 on 23 June 2003 charts) and Tohoshinki's 『4th LIVE TOUR 2009~The Secret Code~FINAL in TOKYO DOME』 (#1 on 12 October 2009 charts).

This time, with this second piece of work making it as #1 on the charts, Tohoshinki became the first foreign artist to top the DVD charts more than once.

In this DVD, all the video clips that were recorded for all their past singles have been included. From their first single "Stay With Me Tonight" until their latest single "BREAK OUT!", these video clips have been recorded in order of their release.

Their 29th single, "BREAK OUT!", which was released in January, made them the first foreign artist in history to break the 200,000 mark in initial sales. Also, the group's first best album 『BEST SELECTION 2010』 was released in February and they achieved their first #1 on the album charts (1/3 charts) since their debut 5 years ago, and also broke the record for foreign artists by achieving the highest record in history, selling 413,000 copies in initial sales.

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YoungWoong Jaejoong, Voted Top 'Man More Beautiful Than Women' In Japan

TVXQ's YoungWoong Jaejoong ranked first in the 'Mar More Beautiful Than Women' poll that was done by Japan's Konest.

This poll, which 3379 people participated in, took place for 15 days starting from the 2nd and was done under the title "Which male celebrity is more beautiful than women?". YoungWoong Jaejoong received 39.3% (1327 people) of the votes and proved his soaring popularity in Japan as a Hallyu star.

SS501's Kim Hyung Joong of 'Boys Over Flowers' was close behind with 30.3% of the votes.
Regarding this, one Japanese reporter wrote, "Roughly 70% of the votes were given to Korean singers," and "YoungWoong Jaejoong, who is transforming into an actor through the drama 'Sunao Ni Narenakute' in April, will gain more popularity with this new title as 'Man more beautiful than women'.

Many Japanese netizens who participated in the poll did not hold back on their praises for YoungWoong Jaejoong's good looks and said, "The word 'beauty' is a word just for him," "Visual Shock", "A beauty that could not have existed in this world beyond our imagination."

Source: [newdaily+DNBN]
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HMV Tohoshinki Portraits Contest Winners

Image credits to HMV Japan

Tohoshinki have successfully released their first album ‘Best Selection 2010’ last month, to incorporate with the release, HMV had organized a ‘TOHOSHINKI Portraits Contest’ from 16th February to 5th March 2010 at 57 outlets in Japan. Total of 600 work piece were submitted.

HMV had gone through tough audition for all the submitted work and had finalized the 1st and 2nd winners together with 54 special prizes for all HMV outlets respectively, which make up of 57 prizes all together. All winners will receive a ‘HMV Gift Card’ that can be use at all HMV outlets, and their work piece will also be displayed.

On top of that, March 2010 is the high release peak for Tohoshinki with the releasing of ‘TOHOSHINKI VIDEO CLIP COLLECTION – THE ONE’ on 17th March, ‘4th LIVE TOUR 2009 – THE SECRET CODE’ Blu-ray Disc, ‘TVXQ – NONSTOP – MIX VOL.2’ and their 30th single ‘Toki wa tomete’.

To commemorate these releases, HMV will be holding an exhibition of Tohoshinki precious signature posters and panels at Ikebukuro City Square at April.

Source: HMV Japan + BaiduTVXQ
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Short Interview With Jejung - [Sunao Ni Narenakute]

It has been revealed that the Japanese drama [Sunao Ni Narenakute] is slated to air on 15 April 2010.

Q: How did you feel when it was decided that you will be part of this drama?
JJ: I thought to myself "Is this for real?" I couldn't believe it. Using Japanese to act, there are more or less worries about it.

Q: What did the TVXQ members who are in Korea say to you?
JJ: They said, "Pull up your socks, take care of your health and do your best" and "This is a really good experience for Jejung."

Q: Your impression of Eita and Ueno?
JJ: Eita is a really good drinker (laugh). Ueno gives off a really happy image, you'll feel 'healed' after seeing her act.

Q: Do you really like Eriko Kitagawa's scripts?
JJ: At first I didn't know that the script was by Eriko Kitagawa, so when I realised it, I was really happy and surprised. [Long Vacation] is my favourite.

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Conversation between [Sunao Ni Narenakute] Cast When They First Met

N: Below is a cut from the television weekly magazine

JJ: Because this is my first attempt at a Japanese drama I'm really nervous... 'Doctor' is troubled because of his family and job, but he still has a chivalrous heart. Although I really like this character, it's really hard... Before we started filming, we already had a get together. The relationship between all 5 of us is very heartwarming.

Ueno: Puppy? (laugh) But I'm really very happy. Tamayama is very 'high' and Jejung keeps telling jokes.

JJ: (Shy) My character is very interesting so I want to make everyone laugh. Although when I joke using Japanese, the atmosphere gets a little delicate in 2 seconds... (laugh)

Tamayama: He's really cute like that~~ His face immediately turns red and he looks really innocent when he covers his face with his hands.

Megumi: Jejung is a special person that is loved by everyone...

JJ: Not true~ (shy) Not only does Tamayama play the main lead out of all 5 of us, he's also like the neighbourhood older brother (laugh). Ah, if only it's possible, I'd like to experience exciting encounters just like in the show.

Tamayama: Jejung keeps giving me drinks and I can't remember what happened towards the end (laugh).

JJ: I want to do it again! Moodmaker Eita, please take care of it.

Eita: Eh? ... I don't want to carry the burden of just being the moodmaker (laugh)

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KEJ Vol 702 - [Postman To Heaven] Press Conference Report & Interview

Telecinema [Postman to Heaven] Press Conference

Loved by all of Asia, Jaejoong (Hero), a member of the popular, 5-member idol group TVXQ, challenges acting with his debut work as the male lead for [Postman to Heaven], which is part of the Japan-Korea collaboration [Telecinema7]. Jaejoong stars opposite cute actress Han Hyo Joo and they create a love story that is both innocent and fantastical.

On 9 November 2009, 4pm, more than 100 of TVXQ's fans (or more likely, Jaejoong's) gathered outside the CGV theatre in Seoul. According to a source, fans started showing up at noon and the crowd started building up from 2pm onwards. In their hands, they carried flowers, placards and gifts, letting us see their deep love for Jaejoong.

In fact, there was a lot of concern amongst the media on whether Jaejoong would attend the press conference for [Postman to Heaven]. Due to his dispute with Korean management company, SM Entertainment, together with TVXQ's Xiah Junsu and Micky Yoochun, there were suggestions that Jaejoong might not attend the press conference. However, Jaejoong not only attended the press conference, but he also showed enthusiasm from start to finish, and expressed his passion for his debut work in acting.

Before the movie was screened, Jaejoong, stepped on the stage with Director Lee Hyung Min to answer questions, and like all new actors he was unable to conceal his nervousness. Bathed under all the spotlights, Jaejoong started speaking and said, "Since it's the first time I'm attending a press conference (screening), my heart is beating really fast. This is the first time I'm standing alone in front of the cameras, so I'm nervous as well."

Following that, he also said, "This is a piece of work that is constantly in my mind even after we wrapped up filming last year, so if everyone feels happy watching it, I will be really happy."

After the screening, the interview and photo-taking with Jaejoong, Han Hyo Joo and Lee Hyung Min was the highlight of the press conference. During the question and answers, Jaejoong spoke about his determination, "This is my first time acting and it's a fresh challenge... If given a chance, I will always try my hardest to do my best."

Faced by requests to pose intimately for the photos, the two leads could not hide their awkwardness and caused everyone to burst out laughing.

On 11 November 2009, [Postman to Heaven], which depicts a dream-like love story, was released as part of the Japan-Korea collaboration project. After it was released, due to the support from Jaejoong's fans, even though there were few screenings, they received fantastic support. Also, [Telecinema7] was a much talked about collaborative project which involved top Korean stars and the best Japanese scriptwriters and Korean directors.

7 works, including [Postman to Heaven], were released as part of the collaboration:
5 November 2009 - [The Relation of Face, Mind and Love], Lee Ji Ah and Kang Ji Hwan
11 November 2009 - [19], Big Bang's TOP and Seungri
19 November 2009 - [Triangle Bell], Ahn Jae Wook, Kang Hye Jung and Lee Soo Kyung
26 November 2009 - [Paradise], Kim Ha Neul and Ji Jin Hee
3 December 2009 - [After the Banquet], Shin Sung Woo and Ye Ji Won
10 December 2009 - [A Stone's Dream], Cha In Pyo and Kim Hyo Jin

Reporters' Q&A

--Please share your thoughts as well as greet everyone.

Lee: With such a concept, a collaboration between Japanese scriptwriters and Korean directors, although I had many worries about how it would turn out, in the end I took up the challenge and tried. Even though this is my first time working with Jaejoong, but I worked with Han Hyo Joo during [Spring Waltz], so I went into filming with an easy and happy heart.

HHJ: I had a lot of interest in something like [Telecinma], therefore I decided to accept the challenge. Although the story and the feelings are somewhat like a fairytale, sometimes it seems like fairytales are even closer to real life happenings than novels; isn't that so? To me, this movie is like that.

JJ: This is my debut work in acting and it's a challenge that is new. I received a lot of help from Han Hyo Joo and the director and completed this piece of work, which holds a lot of meaning to me. It's the first time I saw myself appear on the big screen in the cinema, so I was really nervous. But I'm really thankful that everyone laughed a lot as they watched this movie.

--It seems like the script was specially written with Jaejoong in mind. Why is that? Please tell us if the scriptwriter and the director had any expectations from Jaejoong.

Lee: Although I'm not sure with regards to the scriptwriting, but it was decided from the start that Jaejoong would play the role of 'Jaejoon'. Before this project, I wasn't very aware of TVXQ, but during filming, I memorised the names of all the members and I could understand a little on why the scriptwriter chose Jaejoong. While Jaejoong was doing his Asia tours, he was really busy and he would come once they ended and completed 4 weeks worth of filming in 2 or 3 days. Even with his packed schedule he made time to go for acting lessons, so there is this regretful thought that if only he could afford to spend more time on it, he would have been even better.

--With Jaejoong as a member of a popular group, isn't it hard playing his lover?

HHJ: In the beginning there was a lot of pressure but it gradually lessened and completely disappeared towards the later stages of filming. I have to say that Jaejoong's fans and staff took care of me really well and it was a very enjoyable filming process. What's noteworthy is that Jaejoong's acting skills was explosive and his reaction and adaptability was really good, and I think he has a lot of potential from here on.

--How do you usually prepare yourself?

JJ: I started preparing when I received the script. At that time, it was also a really busy period due to promotions for [Mirotic], and I allowed everyone to see me when my performance level was not at my best, so I felt really apologetic towards the director. If time had allowed it, I would have done better in terms of preparation. I wasn't able to do that this time, so it's a little regrettable.

--Most singers use their actual name when they act. What is the reason for using your stage name "Hero Jaejoong" for this movie? Please also tell us if you'll continue to challenge acting in future.

JJ: I wasn't the one who decided to use the name "Hero Jaejoong" on the poster, so I'm not too sure about that as well. Whether I will continue to challenge acting, that's also something that I can't say for sure right now. I think it's more suitable to say "If given a chance, I will do my best."

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Ray Magazine May Issue – Secret in Junsu’s room

Junsu Data

Date of Birth: 1987/01/01
Blood Type: B
Height: 178cm
Habit you cant fix: When someone praises me I get embarrassed and I start to laugh
Gestures you like for a women: When the girl leans forward and puts her hands on her chest part to hold her clothes
What you were afraid of as a child: the dark
What guys need: ladies first
What girls need: good manners
What you do when you cant sleep: I listen to songs that I can carefully listen to the music and lyrics.
What you want to do the day before the earth dies: sing in front of my fans! sing in front of everyone!

If going on a drive date, I want to go where there is water and a night scene.

“I wonder if everyone listened to our best album.” This was Junsu’s first words when he entered the studio. You can tell that he loves music from the bottom of his heart!

“In the album, there is different genre of Tohoshinki’s songs. I think you can naturally hear our growth from the beginning to recent.”
The guy who was always joking around became a guy who shows a serious face expression.

He can pull off the black suits so naturally and is so handsome!
” I like suits style originally and I usually wear it too. I have a lot of suits in my private life too, I have the image of a ‘men’ equaling to suits”
“Fashion isn’t something you follow but I think its important that you find a style that matches you. I like girls who has confidence and is wearing what is her style” said Junsu.
“oh, but turtlenecks are different *laughs* I like people who matches turtlenecks. Like wearing a turtleneck,jeans and boots is good” Hmm maybe he likes the common things?

“Maybe, like marriage too, I want to get married as soon as I can! On a special day with my girlfriend I want to plan a surprise with my friends, or go on a drive date, I want to do something like that.

If its a drive date I like places with water and a night scene so I want to go somewhere like the beach,lake,or a river.It’s case by case if I pick where to go or if she picks. Sometimes maybe we can just walk to somewhere near….
It seems that he has his ideal date. It seems like we were able to see his personality alittle more. Weather it’s music or love he is always looking straight forward.

I don’t want to follow whats popular but I want to have confidence in myself.Relationships of course but I have strong desires to get married too!

Source: Ray Magazine May Issue
Translation: [email protected]
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Ray Magazine May Issue – Secret in Jaejoong’s room

Jejung Data

Date of Birth: 1986/01/26
Blood Type: O
Height: 178cm
Habit you cant fix: I feel nervous if I don’t have a ring
Gestures you like for a women: When a girl brings her hands near her face
What you were afraid of as a child: cockroach
What guys need to be popular/liked : Who tries their best towards fashion and themselves, and who understands the other persons feelings.
What girls need to be popular/liked: same as what guys need!

What you do when you cant sleep: I turn off all the lights and put music on.
What you want to do the day before the earth dies: Sleep. because I don’t want to see it.

I want a relationship for example,where i can talk to her at a Izakaya.
(Izakaya= japanese bar)

At any angle you take a picture of him, he lets out an aura that is blinding.
We asked him how he keeps his perfect looks, “You wear clothes to bring out your personality, it’s sad to wear clothes to hide your complex parts. That’s why I work out my stomach and chest”. While we were being impressed of Jaejoong, “I love to eat so, I don’t want to have to care about what I eat. I have friends who are the same age that has their belly coming out” he said shyly and laughing. Because he has a strong feeling towards beauty, he has strong feelings towards fashion! When he has a photo shoot for fashion he cares a lot, especially towards the accessories and he even uses his own sometimes.

“I really like accessories, so when I go shopping I first buy the accessories then shop for clothes that matches the accessories. I like ones that have silver as a base and has a black stone”. So in your private time, do you wear clothes like this? “Suits like this, I wear it once in a while when I go to a bar *laughs* but usually I wear casual clothes like jeans and boots. I like to not pick where to go and walk the streets I usually go to. On dates I actually want to just spend time together and go into an Izakaya we see”. Even though he is strict, inside the strictness you can see the human like wanting. Making it to the top in 5 years nothing has changed, even now.

“I have memory for each song we sang in the 5 years. In the best album we picked and picked out of all the good songs. Although I feel that there is so much more I want everyone to listen to!*laughs*”.

Source: Ray Magazine May Issue
Translation: [email protected]
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Ray Magazine May Issue – Secret in Yunho’s room

Yunho Data
Date of Birth: 1986/02/06
Blood Type: A
Height: 184cm
Habit you cant fix: I forget stuff…
Gestures you like for a women: When she is cooking
What you were afraid of as a child: scary stories
What guys need to be popular/liked: A man who can protect a girl
What girls need to be popular/liked: Kindness and who works hard for their job.
What you do when you cant sleep: Read a hard book
What you want to do the day before the earth dies: Eat with the people i love.

One day I want to sing at a concert for the person I love.

Yunho who stands in front of the camera, looking sharper then ever.

“Usually at Ray photo shoots we wear clothes that are similar to usual Tohoshinki’s image but today it seems like its more of a work tune.
To Yunho fashion is “something that I can show my feelings naturally”.

“Usually I express [ I feel happy today! ] by using clothes *laughs*. Every year I sort of pick a theme for that year. Like short pants or hats. Right now it’s glasses. From thin frames to thick ones I have more than 50 collected. I have good eyes so there is no lens”.

What does fashionable Yunho want girls to wear?

“Something natural. I love checkered print so I want to have the same checkered print somewhere together with my girlfriend.
But if I like someone truly from my heart fashion doesnt really matter”.

Yunho thinks it’s an important step to really feel and understand that person before it becomes a relationship.

Even though it would take a while, he said “I will risk my life to protect her. When I get a girlfriend what I want to do no matter what is to sing only to her at our concert for my solo part”.

How romantic!

“Really? *laughs* Artists do show everything to everyone. In Tohoshinki’s songs too, not only me but it has the members pure parts in it. If it’s a recent song, you can probably feel the manliness *laughs*.So when listening to our best album I hope you listen to it like that”.

Source: Ray Magazine May Issue
Translation: [email protected]
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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
Posted 3/25/10
Pre-order Junsu's 1ST Solo SIngle NOW!


YesAsia Global || YesAsia North America

YesAsia Global || YesAsia North America

Sales of Japan Version CD, DVD, and Blu-ray music products at are also reflected on the Oricon music charts.





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Korea-Japan Joint Project ‘Tele Cinema 7′ is Debuting as Japanese Manga

Tele Cinema 7 which wraps up the leading Korean and Asia wave stars; TVXQ’s Hero Jaejoong, Big Bang’s TOP and Seung Ri, Ji Jin-hee, Kim Ha Neul, Ahn Jae Wook, Kang Hye-jeong, Cha In-pyo, Han Hyo-joo will be entering Japan’s manga area.

According to KENAZ (representative Lee Woo-jae), Tele Cinema 7 manga content will be finalized in late May in Japan, and in corporation with SKT comics portal site ‘Toondosi’ and Japanese mobile provider, will start selling the manga via e-book store.

Even from the planning stage, ‘Tele Cinema 7′ had been drawing a lot of interest from public since it’s a project that gathers famous Japan directors and South Korea artists.

‘Heaven’s Postman’ which stars TVXQ’s member Jaejoong and ‘19′ which stars Big Bang’s TOP and Seung Ri will start screening at the end of May in Japan theaters, while in summer the movie will broadcast through CS satellite broadcast transmission and DVD is planned to release in fall. A full-fledged Japan advancing plan is already decided, and it’s expected that ‘Tele Cinema 7′ along with its manga contents will create a big fuss in Japanese market.

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Bigeast Email part 2

Dear all Bigeast,

Previously, to commemorate the release of “BEST SELECTION 2010″, we had a SPECIAL DAY store, however, due to many requests, we decided to hold it again with below schedule!

At the ENCORE DAY store, we will sell the album release commemoration items.

We will also exhibit the third set of costumes which was not exposed yet during the previous SPECIAL DAY moment. While some collectibles and CD/DVD will be the same as the previous ones. By all means, let’s participate.

[OTC] Encore DAY Conference

3 / 28 (Sun), 3 / 29 (Mon) for 2 days
On both days, the shop will OPEN at 11:00 ~ 20:00 (CLOSE) (PC only)

[Costume Exhibitions]

The third set was costumes worn by the members at 4th LIVE TOUR 2009.
※ The rest two sets are the same costumes which had been exhibited recently in Shibuya HMV and Shibuya TOWER RECORDS

[Sale Items]

● CD · DVD
● Clear file set – one set contains 3 species, total 7 species, there are 20 kinds of combination : 1,000 yen each (tax included)
● Ring note – Black and White, total 2 species: 800 yen each (tax included)
● Fashion stickers – Black and White, total 2 species: 600 yen each (tax included)

※ The goods have the same contents as ones sold in mu-mo shop
※ The members will not visit the stores in ENCORE DAY
※ Please notice that the goods are limited in numbers
※ Please refrain from lining up since the previous day because it causes inconvinience to the nearby stores.

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Tohomobile Staff Blog

Is he doing well~?

We were wondering if YuChun was doing well, so we contacted him!

Since he said, "I wanna eat ramen…", we believe that he is doing very well (LOL).

We asked him, "Please give us something for Tohomobile!", and we received a picture of "Fresh YuChun", so please take a look of him♪

Source: Tohomobile + linhkawaii
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Tohoshinki’s New Song “Toki wo Tomete” Started in First Place

Korean quintet Tohoshinki’s 30th single “Toki wo Tomete” sold almost 125,000 copies on the first day of its release, claiming the top spot of Oricon’s Single Daily Chart on 3/23. Tohoshinki’s remix album “TVXQ NONSTOP-MIX VOL.2″ which was released on the same day took the second place on Oricon’s Daily Album Chart. It is predicted that both their single and album will take the top spots of the weekly charts.

“Toki wo Tomete” was already included in the 2CD+DVD version of their first best album “BEST SELECTION 2010″ which was released in February. The song was used in the 2009 commercial “To Shine Beautifully in 3 Steps” of Menard Cosmetic. It has quickly become a popular song, and even though it has been hurriedly put in the album, due to the requests of fans, it has been cut from the album to form a single. The coupling song of the single is YunHo’s solo song “CHECKMATE”.

Moreover, their album “TVXQ NONSTOP-MIX VOL.2″ this time is the second remix album after one that has been released in February 2007. It is a non-stop mix of 22 songs that are linked to their popularity, such as “Beautiful You” and “Doumini coopere Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattan Darou?”

Source: Oricon’s News
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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
Posted 3/26/10 , edited 3/26/10
Top 20 Forever Cute Stars

1. Jaejoong (TVXQ)
2. Donghae (Super Junior)
3. Sohee (Wonder Girls)
4. Eunhyuk (Super Junior)
5. Taemin (SHINee)
6. Tiffany (SNSD)
7. Sungmin (Super Junior)
8. G. Dragon & TOP (Big Bang)
9. Yunho (TVXQ)
10. BoA
11. Leeteuk (Super Junior)
12. Kibum (Super Junior)
13. Sunmi (Wonder Girls)
14. Taeyeon (SNSD)
15. Dana (CSJH The Grace)
16. Yoona (SNSD)
17. Hongki (FT Island)
18. Heechul (Super Junior)
19. Shiwon (Super Junior)
20. Kyuhyun (Super Junior)

Source: [Hey!JJ + SNSD baidu bar]
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I Seong Min "and Xiah Junsu ate a meal while clearing their misunderstandings"

Source: JES + isplus.joins+ cn.joins
Translated by: nellojnkeis @
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The Television Magazine March 26 Issue

Very Manic! What they said on television’s dictionary!
What is Jaejoongs complaint to Junsu?
Changmin looks up to ○○?etc.

When Talking with the comedian’s they continuously say the funniest things.
It’s almost 5 years since their debut. From shows like “Music Japan”and “Music Fair” that they were in ever since their Japan debut but they have also been in many variety shows, especially the variety shows who have comedian’s as the MC like Downtown and CreamStew. To the MC’s power they talked about their past relationships that brought attention!

A- Arita’s bags under his eyes. (from Shabekuri 007)
This is what Jaejoong noticed on “Shabekuri 007″. When they got asked if theyve seen this show Jaejoong said “this person(Arita) left a big impression! His bags under his eyes!”. Arita who could only smile bitterly for the MC asked “His bags were the funniest?”

B-Black Day (from Oshare-ism)
Yunho who talked about his past love experience about Korea’s anniversary. He explained that in Korea if you spent Valentines day and White day alone you will eat black jya-jya-noodles on Black day. Ueda who said “you’ve never spent black day before huh!” Yunho honestly answered saying “yes”. Also on 11/11 you send a Pocky snack to each other. Nakata (Oriental Radio) asked “do you guys Pocky kiss?” Junsu honestly answered “we do”.

C- Charisma (from Hey!Hey!Hey!)
This is what Junsu wanted to be after he graduates his oyaji-gags. “I performed at alot of place and there is more pressure, and I have no more ideas so im going to graduate from the oyaji-gags and from this year I’ll show my charisma” said Junsu. While saying that, he stared at the camera and posed but there were laughter’s from the audience. Yunho said ” I’ve never really felt it”(Junsu’s charisma)

D-Don Quixote (Japanese Store) (from Shabekuri 007)
This is where Yunho was surprised by when he came to Japan, for it had many different types of items. “The song is the best! It comes in my head before I sleep and I think [I want to go again!]” he said passionately. Junsu also said “He was singing it the whole time when he woke up”. Yunho also said that he wanted to try singing to song sadly and performed it “Don Qui~ Don Qui~ Xuote~ Xote~”.

E- “Ero” Character (Ero=Erotic) (from Shabekuri 007 and Ontama)
They were asked “is there a erotic character in Tohoshinki?” and from the silence Junsu answered “sometimes” with a bittersweet smile. They had to guess and point at who they think is the most erotic character from the Shabekuri members and they all ended up pointing at Arita. The reasons were “He has bags under his eyes and it seems lecherous” said Junsu and Jaejoong who said “It seems like hes enjoying the night time”. Also when Jaejoong said his habit is to “put his tongue out when hes singing” and sang “Beautiful You” to show it. The MC said it was “erotic” and Jaejoong got very shy.

F- Fetish (from Ontama)
Yoochun who said he has a fetish for Junsu’s smell. His question was “What you would say to today’s Junsu when smelling him” he answered “Did you shower?”. Wha..what kind of relationship do they have!? Also Junsu’s question was “What you would say to Changmin, who you see sleep everyday” he answered “I’ll be there so wait for me!!” Jaejoong who asked “go where?” and Junsu answered “I was going to meet him in our dreams”….If that’s the case its okay.

G- Genki Hatsuratsu! (from Osama no Brunch and Oshare-ism)
This is Jaejoongs type of girls. Usually he says “girls who have beautiful hands”. At the public conference for the commercial “Oronamin-C” which the members are in, he said “I want to fall in love” so he was asked for his ideal girl type and Jaejoong said an ad-lib using the catch phrase “Genki Hatsuratsu!”. When introducing himself he said his charm point was “I’m 23. I’m young and can live healthy”. Jaejoong’s standard is “healthy”?

Release Date: 3/17 Tohoshinki 4th Live Tour 2009 -The Secret Code- Final In Tokyo Dome (6,300yen)
Last years live concert comes out on Blu-Ray.
The Tokyo Dome concert, the dream stage that was held in 2009 will come out in Blu-Ray!

Tohoshinki Big Release- 3/17(wed) and 3/24(thr) 2 weeks of continuous release! single,album,DVD and Blu-ray the 4 title!

Year 2010 is also the best! Releasing 4 title!
The CD single they released in January “BREAK OUT!” was number1 on the Oricon Chart.
Continuing from that they released a best album in February that sold over 40,000 copies from the start and created a new record. After entering 2010 Tohoshinki keeps the popularity. They are releasing 4 titles 2 weeks in a row. The song that every fan wanted became a CD single, Re-mix album, and music video collection o 26 songs. Also the live DVD they released
last year will be released as a Blu-ray. Its the4 titiles that you can enjoy their charm.

Release Date: 3/17 TOHOSHINKI VIDEO CLIP -THE ONE- (4,500yen)
Enjoy 26 songs and their music video on DVD. From their Japan debut song “stay with me tonight” to their newest “BREAK OUT!”. It has 26 songs and is a full volume that has songs from dance tunes to the drama song “Stand By U” that had Tanaka Kei and Iriyama Noriko.

Release Date: 3/24 TVXQ NONSTOP-MIX VOL.2 (2,625 yen)
Nonstop-mix vol.2! The first volume was released in October 2007 and was loved! It has their hit song “Why Did I Fall In Love With You” to upbeat songs such as “Share The World” and “Survivor” that you can listen to non-stop.

Release Date: 3/24 Toki wo Tomete (1,890yen)
The phantom song is finally becoming a CD single! Their 30th single is the song that was used to Menard’s commercial in 2009. All the fans were waiting for this song to become a CD. This song has string instruments at the main sound and their beautiful voices come together. It is one of the biggest ballad song. There is a CD+DVD version that has the music video and also a CD version that comes with the re-mix of “Toki wo Tomete”.

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Oricon Favorability Ranking for Male Artists

Favorability Ranking for Male Artists

1. Arashi
2. Masaharu Fukuyama
3. Mr. Children
4. Kobukuro
5. Yuzu
7. Tohoshinki
9. Kinki Kids
10. B’z

( March 26, 20:10)

Source: Oricon Web De☆View
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Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Ranking: Song as Your Wake Up Alarm

Overall Ranking

1 「Troublemaker」Arashi  (2010)
2 「Joyful」Ikimonogakari  (2009)
3 「Ichibutozenbu B'z  (2009)
4 「Someday」EXILE  (2009)
5 「Kurenai」X (1989)
6 「Gold Soul」Shōnan no Kaze (2008)
7 「Happiness」Arashi (2007)
8 「BREAK OUT!」Tohoshinki (2010)
9 「Linda Linda」The Blue Hearts (1987)
10 「ultra soul」B'z  (2001)

Source: RBB Today News
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CEO Matsuura Twitter

CEO Max Matsurra tweeted the following:
トンペンなんで!RT @mai_koreanstudy: @masatomatsuura 안녕하세요. 前、ブログかブログのメールにファイティンって書いてあって驚きました。何で知ったんですか?
about 13 hours ago via Echofon

mai_koreanstudy says: Earlier you wrote on your blog saying Fighting, it surprised me. How did you know this saying?
masatomatsuura replies: Because I am a トンペン! (TVXQ’s fan)

source: matsuura twitter
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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
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Tohoshinki's DVD Sells 100K In The First Week - #1 For The Most #1's Achieved!

Tohoshinki's DVD "TOHOSHINKI VIDEO CLIP COLLECTION-THE ONE-" achieved the number one spot on the overall DVD ranking with 109,000 copies sold. Up until now, the only three foreign artists to achieve first on the rankings for their music DVD's were The Beatles' "The Beatles Anthology (First Press Edition)" (achieved first 2003/4/14) and Led Zeppelin's "Led Zeppelin DVD" (achieved first 2003/6/23), and now Tohoshinki's "4th Live Tour 2009 ~The Secret Code~ FINAL in Tokyo Dome" (achieved first 2009/10/12). This time is Tohoshinki's second round in getting first on the overall ranking and has been named first on the "Foreign Artist #1's On The Charts".

In the DVD, all the video clips that Tohoshinki have released will be recorded in there. From the first single "Stay With Me Tonight" till their latest single "BREAK OUT!", the videos have been recorded in chronological order.

The 29th single "BREAK OUT!" released in January had been the first for a foreign artist to break the 200,000 mark. Once again, their first Best Album "BEST SELECTION 2010" released in February achieved the first #1 for the group since their five year debut, with sales of 413,000 copies, the highest ever for a foreign group.

Source: [Oricon]
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A Tribute BAND FROM MJ’s THIS IS IT movie and U-Know Live

First, I’m sorry I couldn’t take a picture. Since I’m short, so I decided not stand with the crown, but stood with the guard at the back of my section T-T. THe good thing was that I saw Changmin because he and Minho got the seats (behind section). I tried to take a picture of Changmin, but 2 guards stopped me. I tried to reason them that Changmin is not a part of a show. THey said the rule is “no picture”. When did they decide to use the guard who can speak English!! Usually when I speak English very fast, the guard would down his tone a bit. laugh.gif laugh.gif My friend said she saw Go Ara, but my retina couldn’t detect her, so I’m not sure.

There’re lots of people and the concert was succesful. So eventhough that means I couldn’t see the stage as well as I used to, I’m happy.

Yunho was smoking hotter than the smoke and fire they used in the effects. He got so thin and looked more like the “O” days. The pics that Jess posted were the 1st and opening performance. And I tell you, he is the most un-photogenic person on earth. He looked like a prince today because of his graceful move and confidence.

I couldn’t see the stage sometimes because I’m short, so I looked on the screen once a while. It’s a bit turn-off because the video stream didn’t match the voices, and it happened for the whole concert.

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Evisu Launched Couple denim Maria Jujin

Casual jeans brand Evisu released a couple denim of 4 series of which the first in the series, represented marriage.
This couple item was made with the same materials, and have the same washing instructions but the purpose of the design was to show the curves of the body of both male and females.

For the male, the design bears a pattern to make the leg curves longer and for the females, the jeans were made from the bottom to the ankle with a bootcut curve to show the S line.

The jeans were designed to have a vintage and refined look.

source: bnt news
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Choikang Changmin-SHINee Visit U-Know Yunho’s Concert

TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin, SHINee’s Minho and TRAX’s Jungmo visited U-Know Yunho’s concert performance to support him.

The three male celebrities attend “A Tribute band from Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT movie and U-Know Live’, that was held today at Yongsan’s War Memorial Hall, to support fellow agency-mate U-Know Yunho.

At 6:45 pm, SHINee’s Minho and Choikang Changmin appeared and the fans stood up and welcomed their sudden appearance.

U-Know Yunho’s agency representatives said, “To support U-Know Yunho, SHINee and TVXQ came to the concert despite the cold weather. More celebrities will visit during the performance on the 28th.”

*what a very supportive baby...i mean, magnae xDD*

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ZE:A Leader Joon Young Doesn't Just Look Like Micky Yoochun

Looks like Joon Young doesn't just look like Micky Yoochun...

Apparently, during their Tokyo concert, Joon Young shed tears in front of everyone in the area as he and his members were overwhelmed by the turnout of the audience.
When news of this came out, netizens then commented that he reminded them of Yoochun more.
But Joon Young wasn't alone in crying as his member, Hyung Shik, also cried with him.


Are you guys thinking of what I'm thinking?
Well, in case you're not, I was just thinking about how much this reminded me of our boys' performance of PROUD.
Yoochun cried first, and then Junsu followed, while Yunho was holding back his tears.
And the reason for their tears are the same. :)

I gotta say, Japanese fans truly are awesome.
They bring their favorite artists to tears. ;)

Anyway, there are a lot of things that remind us of DBSK these days
which just goes to show how much we love and miss them.

But like I said before, let's not give in.
Let's continue to stand strong and believe in them.
We all need to be together and here for them during these times.


Source: allkpop
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[Videos] Yunho This is It Concert in Seoul

Yunho Tribute Concert - Entertainment Weekly

Yunho - SSTV News


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U-Know Yunho, Catching Michael Jackson

‘A Tribute’ band from Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT movie and U-Know Live’ which is held at Yongsan War Memorial Square is a tribute concert to reminicent the death of King of Pop Michael Jackson (1958 – 2009) in June last year. 15 of Jackson’s hits were unfolded in the concert that was lasted for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

TVXQ’ U-Know Yunho (24) took the lead vocal for the concert and all 2000 audiences showed enthusiasm to his brilliant debut. Tony Terry and Van Johnsons were the other vocalists appearing, and not only the songs which would reminiscent you to Michael Jackson, but U-Know Yunho’s dance and stage costumes were all focused to give Jackson vibe throughout the concert.

The opening concert songs were taken from one of Jackson’s best selling album ‘Thriller’ that was released in 1982. The song was ‘Beat It’. U-Know Yunho popped out from under the stage, and despite the highly cold weather, he showed off his magnificent dancing skill.

After ‘Beat It’, U-Know Yunho said, “Hello! This is U-Know Yunho. It’s really cold, isn’t it? I feel delight to stand as lead singer in this Michael Jackson’s tribute show.” and “I’m going to show you performances that will blow away the cold.”

Terry and Johnson then appeared to sing bunch of another Jackson’s hit songs for the audiences, ‘Working Day And Night’ and ‘Rock with You’ which were from Jackson’s 1979 released album ‘Off The Wall’

‘PYT (Pretty Young Thing)’, ‘Remember The Time’, ‘Human Nature’ were performed with a live band and by listening to them the memories of Jackson’s hits were given a strong holds in our mind.

U-Know Yunho appeared again on stage to sing a song from 1987 Jackson’s release ‘Bad’, ‘Smooth Criminal’. U-Know Yunho showed a passionate Michael Jackson performances and being compared to the opening stage, the fans cheering was even hotter.

When Terry sang a song that belongs to the brother group Jackson Five, ‘Never Can Say Goodbye’, during the call he said, “Michael I love you. I never can say goodbye.” turning the fans in screams. Eventhough Michael Jackson was not physically exist anymore, but his name and music still bring a big effect.

After some spare moments, U-Know Yunho appeared to sing ‘They Don’t Really Care About Us’ and ‘Jam’, the stages gave a different manifestation in Jackson respect. Yunho showed a different charisma that one he showed during TVXQ performance and his skill was flawless.

Yunho, Terry, and Johnson finished the stage with encore song ‘Thriller’ whose music video was the first to be registered in United States National Movie book.

U-Know Yunho’s mates from the same label company TVXQ Changmin as well as SHINEE’s Minho did appear and attracted many attention. The concert was delayed for more than 1 hour and 10 minutes, leaving the 2000 audiences trembled in cold and frowned. ‘A Tribute’ band from Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT movie and U-Know Live’ will take another stage tomorrow on 28th and be held at the same place.

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2000 Fans Showed Excitement Over U-Know Yunho’s Michael Jackson Memorial Concert

TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho had his appearance in Michael Jackson tribute concert ‘A Tribute’ band from Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT movie and U-Know Live’ held at Yongsan War Memorial Square today on the 27th.

The venue was filled with approximately 2000 people. Japanese, Chinese, and Korean fans were all anticipating the concert which was supposed to start at 6pm.

At 7:10 U-Know Yunho climbed up the stage with the track ‘Beat It’ and welcomed the whole 2000 fans.

The performance was highly influenced by one in Michael Jackson’s last movie ‘This Is It’, however U-Know Yunho showed up his own dance style while was dancing to Michael Jackson’s routines.

After finishing the first song, Yunho said, “To be the lead singer in Michael Jackson’s tribute concert, I feel delight to stand here.” also, “I hope the performance will chase away the coldness.”

Yunho got his stage again in the middle of the show, for ‘Smooth Criminal’. U-Know Yunho dazzled the audiences with his dance and definitely blew the cold away. He reached the peak of his performance during the song ‘Thriller’. The amusing ‘drill’ dance put on fire at the audiences, and they began to shout “U-KNOW YUNHO!”

U-Know Yunho then said, “Please keep showing a great interest in the future, thank you!”

However, due to the lack of preparation, there were some significant inconvenience missing in the whole concert. From the scheduled performance that was supposedly started at 6pm for approximately 2 hours, the actual concert was delayed for 1 hour and 10 minutes and only started at 7:10 pm.

An official said, “The concert had been delayed due to mechanical inspection.” he asked for audiences’ patience. With most of the audiences were standing, they needed to wait for the stage to be prepared.

Above all, the R area that costs 110,000 won and S area that costs 99,000 won are considered expensive tickets. Whether this concert could be seen worth for all those costs, we should reconsider again.

With the involvement of Ken Stacey, Van Johnson, and Tony Terry as the concert’s singers, this concert had been expected to be a concert with 100 points of vocals, however seems that this Michael Jackson’s tribute concert had been overvalued. The performance skills were below expectations. It was Michael Jackson’s songs, but with feeling of limited power of the song itself.

Ken Stacey’s skill doesn’t reach U-Know Yunho well. In the end this memorial concert was said to be just U-Know Yunho 100,000 won concert.

U-Know Yunho is expected to attend Michael Jackson’s tribute concert at London’s Wembley Arena at June 8th (local time), and be the only Asian artist on the show.

Source: today korea + media paran
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