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DBSK News Updates!
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Who’s the best idol actor/actress?

Big Bang’s TOP was rated to have the best current acting career as well as the one with the highest potential in his future as an actor amongst idols in the acting scene.

Three major broadcasting company directors (MBC, SBS, and KBS) along with 7 professionals were surveyed to rate the 11 idols that have been featured in dramas or movies in the past2 years. Idols were rated for their ‘acting career up to date’ and ‘potential for growth’; TOP was rated the highest of everyone, averaging 7.6 and 8.0 out of 10, respectively. Professionals praised that “[TOP's] sharp and bold image is appealing” (Ahn Hyuk Mo) and also advised that “it is time for [TOP] to broaden his acting career” (Huh Woong). TOP starred in the movie “‘71: Into the Fire”, winning the Best Male Rookie Actor award at the prestigious 47th Baeksang Arts Awards.

Following TOP, JYJ’s Park Yoochun placed 2nd scoring 7.0 and 7.7, and 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon placed 3rd scoring 6.6 and 7.6. Park Yoochun debuted in the acting scene through “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” and followed through in MBC’s all-new-series “Miss Ripley“, whereas Ok Taecyeon debuted through “Cinderella’s Sister” and followed that up by starring as a lead role in “Dream High”.

Reviewers commented about Park Yoochun saying that “he needs to keep his dry smoothness” (Yoon Suk Jin) and that “he shows a potential in melodrama” (Lee Daeyoung). Concerning Ok Taecyeon, reviewers stated that he is “serious [about acting] and has that star quality, but because of his busy schedule he lacks the time to put that much effort into acting” (Lee Moon Won).

Amongst female idols, T-Ara’s Ham Eunjung who was also featured in “Dream High” received the highest score. Eunjung received a 6.3 in ‘acting career up to date’, placing 4th, but she placed 5th in ‘potential for growth’ with a score of 6.4. She was criticized, “her strong point is her everyday, next door type appearance, but she needs to gain experience” (Ahn Hyuk Mo).

T-Ara’s Jiyeon placed 7th in ‘acting career up to date’ but tied at 6th with CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa in ‘potential for growth’. Kara’s Goo Hara who is currently acting in SBS’s “City Hunter” scored the lowest in both categories. Professionals coldly criticized that “she needs to escape the shade of being an idol” (Yoon Suk Jin) and that “she is better fit as a singer” (Ahn Hyuk Mo).

Afterschool’s UEE placed 10th in ‘acting career up to date’ and tied with Goo Hara for 10th in ‘potential for growth’. She received criticisms that “she fits the current trend, but ultimately will fall behind” (Ko Young Tak) and that “she needs serious consideration in what else she could show other than her healthy appeal” (Huh Woong).

Kim Hyun Joong of SS501, who received big spotlights as one of the top upcoming Hallyu Stars through his roles in “Boys Before Flowers” and “Playful Kiss” tied for 5th in ‘acting career up to date’ with Super Junior’s Choi Siwon, but fell to 9th place in ‘potential for growth’. Kim Hyun Joong received harsh criticisms from the reviewers that “he needs more stable acting to receive lead roles” (Ko Young Tak) and “the fact he sells despite his downside was his strength, but even that is becoming blurry now” (Lee Moon Won).

Choi Siwon, who placed 5th in ‘acting career up to date’ and higher as 4th in ‘potential for growth’, received criticism that although his acting is somewhat stable, he is trapped in his roles within his handsome appearance.

There are mainly three routes in which idols enter their acting career.

First, the historical drama route: Fin.K.L’s Sung Yuri in “Thousand Years Love”, JYJ’s Park Yoochun in “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”, and Afterschool’s UEE as young Misil in “Queen Seon Duk”. Historical dramas carry a specific tone for lines, and the recent rise of fusion-historical dramas make it easy for rookie actors and actresses to pull lines off. Historical dramas, rather than trendy dramas, also give the impression that the idol actors/actresses are taking acting more seriously.

Second, the musician role route: Jung Yonghwa of CNBLUE and Lee Hong Ki of FT Island in “You’re Beautiful” along with Miss A Suzy in “Dream High” are typical cases. Idols can showcase their talent and act naturally. In MBC’s “Fall In Love” which will air its first episode on the 29th of June, Jung Yonghwa will play the lead role as a college student who is majoring guitar in music school.

Lastly, debuting outside of Korea using their international popularity. Kara’s Goo Hara debuted as an actress in “UraKara” in Japan and then recently kicked off her acting career in Korea in SBS’s “City Hunter”. Super Junior’s Donghae will debut in acting with a lead role in Taiwan through “Glamorous Challenge”, set to start sometime this year. MBC’s “Playful Kiss” in which Kim Hyun Joong was featured in had very low ratings in Korea, but it went on out to Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and many other countries to gross a total of approximately 4 million dollars.

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JYJ Charity Concert in Japanese TV "Ohayou Asahi-desu"

Credits: chiiika0103

(Caps on right top)

JYJ comes to Japan after a long time.
Giving support by the charity live concert.

(Talk part)

MC : This is an exclusive video! The three members of JYJ, Junsu, Jaejoong, and Yoochun, held a charity concert yesterday to support the Eastern Japan earthquake disaster. They appeared in front of the Japanese fans after a long time.

MC1: They are really great!
MC2: You can see a lot of them!
MC1: Yes, this is a long video. They held two performances yesterday at Ryogoku Kokugikan, and 20000 got wildly excited.
Junichi Ishida: The audience there was very lucky!
MC1: JYJ is amazing. Tohoshinki became a 2 members’ group, and Junsu, Jaejoong, Yoochun-san formed the group JYJ. The fans really want to see the members, hear the songs, and see them dancing. Since it was a charity concert during the suffering time, the members have written a message board, and it will be sent to the disaster stricken area today.

T/N: This was broadcasted in TV Asahi Asahi Broadcasting Corp., one of the major nationwide TV networks around Kinki Area (Osaka & Kyoto).

Source: [email protected]
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Bigeast Mail: Participation in "A-Nation For Life" At Ehime Decided!

Good afternoon to everyone at Bigeast.

We would like to express our sympathies for those who have been affected by the Tohoku Earthquake. We hope that the affected areas will be able to recover as soon as possible.

It has been decided that Tohoshinki will be participating in the “a-nation for Life” Concert at Ehime!
This means that Tohoshinki will be performing at all (a-nation) concerts ☆
Let’s enjoy this passionate summer together with the members!

Also, the second round of applications started on the Official A-nation site at 1300 on 7 June!
Please apply at the site stated below. Sales will be done via balloting.
As there is no “first come, first serve” priority, please remember to apply within the stated time period.

[Application Period]
7 June 13:00 – 12 June 23:59

[Application Site]

(Other details omitted)

Source : [Bigeast Official Site]
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Ripley Ep. 4

Credits: chuniee
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JYJ's Kim Junsu Gives A Multi-Cultural Family A "House of Love" As A Present

Supported by popular group JYJ’s Kim Junsu, the “House of Love” project has once again bore fruit, presenting another family with a gift of happiness.

Kim Junsu has been silently working with the UN-established AdraKorea, and has been supporting the “House of Love” project which helps to improve the living conditions of the handicapped and other people in need.

On the afternoon of 3 June, at Taean-eup , Taean-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, a “moving in” ceremony was held for Ga Mo and family. A multi-cultural family, Ga Mo and family were living in an old house with poor living conditions for 40 years or more, but with Kim Junsu’s help, they now have a designated kitchen and washroom, as well as a study room and other amenities for easy living, an elegant and beautiful house made from wood.

At the “moving-in” ceremony, Ga Mo’s family members had tears in their eyes as they said, “I don’t know what to say, but we’re really thankful.” Ga Mo’s niece was smiling happily. “I really like my new study, I can now study hard in my own room, and draw as many drawings as I like.”

The construction of this “House of Love” was led by Jin Tae Gu, head of Taean-gun and Kim Dae Seung, Chairman of AdraKorea, with volunteers and villagers etc participating as well, who also came to congratulate them.

With Kim Junsu’s support, this is the fifth project for “House of Love.” Thanks to Kim Junsu’s help, the handicapped and elderly living alone in Chungcheongnam-do’s Danjin-gun and Taean-gun , as well as other people in poor living conditions, have found a new home. This is the first time a multi-cultural family has become a beneficiary (of this project.)

Kim Junsu started his charitable contributions to AdraKorea in 2008, and this organization has been using their funds to expand the “House of Love” project.

Kim Junsu’s charity activities are not limited to Korea, but also extend to other countries. In Cambodia, the “housing renovation and improvement project” is being implemented. As the “Xiah Junsu Village” had attracted a lot of attention, this project was expanded to other areas including Pusat, improving the unsafe living conditions for the impoverished children of Cambodia.

Kim Junsu’s charitable actions have given more warmth and kindness to the global village.

(T/N: Names were translated from Chinese and may be slightly inaccurate)>/span>

Source [BaiduTVXQ + Enterpost]
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Junus - Korean Musical Awards

Credits: finggy17
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Yunho reveals TVXQ’s full Bora Bora nude beach story

Yunho’s long-awaited nude beach story has finally been revealed!

On the 7th, SBS’s ‘Strong Heart‘ invited back many of the past ‘Strong Heart’ champs from the last year and nine months to pick out the best ‘Talk King’ of the stars.

TVXQ’s Yunho started out the show with a placard that read, “Bora Bora nude scene.” He shared, “When TVXQ were rookies, we went to the Bora Bora islands to film our music video for ‘Hi Ya Ya Summer Days‘… The beach and scenery was so lovely that it looked like a scene from a movie… We played with the stingrays in the ocean and also partook in water polo. At that time, we were so full of youth and excitement that we put all our focus into the game and our swimsuit bottoms slowly came off.”
Posted ImagePosted Image

His confession surprised his fellow cast members on the set but he continued on, saying, “However, we were told that shooting for the video would begin immediately. The staff members were heading towards us on the beach and because there were female staff members present, none of us got out of the water. We were just watching them from inside the water. Because we were embarrassed to tell the staff the truth, we told them, ‘We’re in an important match right now. Can you just wait a little?’ to delay and buy some time. The problem was we couldn’t figure out which floating swimming briefs belonged to which member. In time, we eventually wore our own swimming briefs and ended this incident.”

However, their adventures in Bora Bora didn’t end there.

Yunho added this tidbit, “That isn’t the end of the story… Right outside the doors of our hotel, you can go swimming. Even the floors were made of glass so you could see the ocean underneath. The building was such that if you look up from the ocean, you can see into the hotel room.”

Yunho also shared the group’s little mischievous adventure.

He said, “Since we were at a resort, it was full of newlyweds. As it got dark, our curiosity arose. We all thought, ‘Let’s have a special experience this once,’ and went swimming in the ocean. We started peeking into other people’s room from the ocean and saw various couples kissing… We went from room to room as if it were a world tour. Let’s just say some of the things I saw that night, I’m taking it to my grave.”

Who knew that the members of TVXQ were such peeping toms?!

Source: AllKpop
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TVXQ wasn’t spared from a crazy schedule

Former 5-man group, TVXQ and their grueling schedule has caught attention. This follows SNSD’s alarmingly crazy schedule which was revealed last week.

SNSD’s written out day to day schedule recently surfaced to the online community. The schedule proved the hard work of current sky-rocketing popularity of SNSD, showing that they barely have a moment to rest from June 8th until the end of July. Some perspectives saw their busy schedule as not a sign of popularity, but more of a health concern.

However, the spotlight has shifted back a few years as the former 5-man TVXQ’s schedule recently appeared online as well.

The schedule plotted out TVXQ’s errands for a year, from July 2008 to July 2009, including but not limited to: magazine photo shoots, studio recording sessions, movie filming, DVD filming, cover photo shoots, and CF shoots.

With that said, netizens were shocked to see that the schedule had the 5 members entering and departing the country almost as often as normal people have mealtimes and pulling multiple gigs a day with barely a day to rest throughout the year. Netizens commented, “SNSD doesn’t even compare to this”, “Is this even possible?’, ‘That’s horrible, that must have been so painful’, ‘Celebrities have it hard’, and ‘They need avatars’, sharing both their feelings and concerns.

Source: AllKpop
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Daily Post Of JYJ Tweets

Japan was blessed by you too^^
(Jaejoong, 12.40pm KST) I felt blessed….o(^▽^)o


Yes, focus on that and you’re golden! :)
(Jaejoong, 5:52pm KST) Let’s just focus on the performance

Source: [Jaejoong's Twitter]
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Kim Junsu Wins The Popularity Award For The Second Consecutive Year In 'The Musical Awards'

Kim Junsu beat stiff competition at ‘The Musical Awards’ and won the Popularity Award for the second consecutive year.

At the 5th The Musical Awards ceremony that was held at the Sejong Arts Center on June 7th, Kim Junsu won the Popularity Award for his role in the musical ‘Tears of Heaven’.

‘Tears of Heaven’ is a large-scale romantic production that depicts the love of one man that seems to supersede fate. Kim Junsu played the role of ‘Jun’, a Korean soldier in Vietnam who falls in love with a woman there and devotes his all to her, and was praised for his charismatic singing and acting.

As Kim Junsu was unable to attend the awards ceremony due to his performance in Japan for JYJ’s World Tour, a pre-recorded acceptance speech was aired.

Kim Junsu began by stating that the video of his acceptance speech would not be aired if he didn’t win the Popularity Award and continued to say, “I believe that this award, given to me for the second year running, is meaningful and priceless to me as it is one given by the masses,” and “I thank you all and I will continue to work hard to become an actor worthy of this award, so please continue to give me your love and attention.”

Source: [newsen]
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Netizens Are Baffled By TVXQ's 'Crazy Suicidal Schedule'

The schedule of TVXQ, when it was a five-member group, has become a hot topic once more.

Recently, TVXQ’s schedule was sorted and released in an online community, catching the attention of many netizens.

Spanning from July of 2008 to July of 2009, the schedule is deemed to have been ordered and sorted by a TVXQ fan and includes the phrase ‘This excludes some activities such as photoshoots for magazines, music recording sessions, filming for MVs, filming for DVDs, photoshoots for photobooks, and filming for CFs.‘

The schedule surprised many as it shows an endless repetition of flying in and out of the country with at least 3~4 scheduled activities per day and little to no rest.

Netizens who saw this stated, “It would be hard to follow if one was not healthy”, “It’s a suicidal schedule”. “This must be the kind of road people have to walk on to be the best” and “They must not even have the time to eat. That’s sad.”

Source: [bnt news]
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Tohoshinki New Single "Superstar"

Product details of the NEW single to be released on July 20 (Wed) !! & Seven & i version will be relaeased!!
2011.7.20 on sale

■CD+DVD【Initial limited release/regular release】AVCK-79027/B 1,890yen(including tax)
1. Superstar
2. I Don’t Know
3. Superstar –Less Vocal-
4. I Don’t Know –Less Vocal-
I Don’t Know –Video Clip-
Off Shot Movie *only for the initial limited release version

【Benefit for the initial limited release】
Jacket size card (1 card randomly included from 6 types)
Off shot movie

■CD【Initial limited release/regular release】AVCK-79028 1,050yen(including tax)
1. Superstar
2. I Don’t Know
3. Superstar –Summer Heat Remix-
4. Superstar –Less Vocal-
5. I Don’t Know –Less Vocal-

【Benefit for the initial limited release】
Jacket size card (1 card randomly included from 6 types)
Deluxe 12pages’ booklet

■Seven & i version (limited in quantity) AVC1-79032/B 1,575yen (including tax)<NEW!!>
1. Superstar
2. I Don't Know
Sogo/Seibu "Silver bear’s silver card, Tohoshinki Version, TVCM" plus making video
Seven net shopping TVCM + making video
Other images scheduled to be included

* The reservation will start from June 20 (Mon), 10:01 in nationwide Seven-Eleven shops and Seven net-shopping!
* This version will be limited in quantity. Please note that the sales will cease when the product is sold out.
* Please refrain from making inquires to the Seven-Eleven shops before the above reservation date.

Source: Tohoshinki Official Website
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Tohoshinki New CM for 7 net shopping

They themselves will appear in the TV CM for 7 net shopping!

They themselves will appear in the TV CM for 7 net shopping!
We will announce the details in a few days. Please wait till then!

Source: Tohoshinki Official Website
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JYJ’s Yoochun treats the staff of “Miss Ripley” to an expensive dinner

The generosity of Yoochun’s wallet was revealed recently, after it was discovered that he bought the staff of his new drama, “Miss Ripley“, an expensive dinner as a gesture of his gratitude.

The JYJ member reportedly made reservations at a sushi restaurant in Jeju Island during the staff’s stay there, and treated everyone to sawedged perch, which is considered to be the best dish on the menu. The staff had stayed up all night filming for the drama, so the meal was said to have been a much-needed energy boost.

Yoochun commented, “I always felt apologetic towards the staff with us. We’re a dream team aiming to create the best drama possible, so I hope we continue to support each other.”

Source + Photos: Sports Chosun via Naver
Source: AllKpop
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JYJ Charity Concert (Fan Account)

Yesterday’s Kokugikan.
It was sooooooooo good~♪
The acoustic effects were better than expected.
I went there to watch the Sumo (Japanese wrestling) a few times before, but it was my first time that I heard music there.
A few years ago, Kokugikan was totally refurbished, so that you can hear the sumo referee’s voices clearly.
That time, the acoustic effects and stage lighting were all changed, it’s really good now.

Everyone, do you know that the Sumo ring is newly made before each tournament?
(T/N: there are 6 major sumo tournaments every year, each lasting 15 days, and 3 of the tournaments are held in Kokugikan.)
So that is the reason of such stage settings.
…oh, those who weren’t there could not understand me by this explanation.
(Please go on to the youtube tour)

It was usual that they were performing in Arena or Dome…
This time, I really think that it was a wonderful experience for both the three members and us fans.
Kokugikan has its special “PRESENCE”. You could not experience the “TENSE” in a large venue as Arenas and Domes.
The audience can concentrate to the stage, “A SENSE OF UNITY”.
It was a luxurious space where we can feel THEIR TEMPERATURE.
(T/N: The Saitama holds up to 37000, Tokyo dome holds up to 50000. Kokugin holds up to 11000)

The stage was so NEAR!
The venue was filled with 10 thousand, but I couldn’t believe that there were so many (maybe not?)
There were standees on the 1st floor!
Near the exit, there were people who should be in the entertainment world (obviously, dancers)
The fans sitting nearby were whispering “Doesn’t her face look familiar?” and such.
I could see the dancer-looking guy, but couldn’t really confirm, so I just ignored them.

I went to the evening event. I wondered if they should have been tired from the afternoon event, but, they were really professionals!
Jaejoong was a little bit wheezy, but…Jaejoong was doing most of the talking.
When it becomes to singing, they were terrific, scoring goals!
There were few places where Jaejoong and Junsu couldn’t hit the high notes.
But! We all go so excited when Yoochun shouted just a little bit!

I long for Yoochun’s “ZA・I・DA・M・A~”
(T/N: It was always Yoochun who shouted “Saitama” or other names of the cities during “Somebody To Love”. The writer for this fan account is a fan of Yoochun.)
What surprised me the most this time was!
Jaejoong ’s dancing performace became dynamic!
Yoochun was able to follow their dancing ~ giving me tears.
Junsu’s dance was as always, so cool & perfect even to his fingertips and joints, uncomparable with the other two members! Oh, you shouldn’t compare them.
But, but, but, Jaejoong’ s and Yoochun’s songs and dances were really good, too!
It was like “What was their performance in the Dome?” from the start.
(T/N: the writer should be referring to the Thanksgiving Dome event on June 2010.)
Was it because it was Dirctor Kim’s specs?
I think that it was a stage that showed all of their charms.
The dance was urbanized (LOL) and matured!!! …compared to that of the first stage of Tohoshinki.

The place where we sat was Junsu’s special dance spot.
Junsu fans should immediately be knocked out.
For their vocals, it was perfect, no worries or uneasiness.
“Fallen Leaves” was the best! They are really good singers.
The deepest part of my nose became……
They can sing gently & softly, and they also can sing up tempo songs, oh, they have perfect skills as singers.
I did not mean to compare…but my ears automatically compares with the vocals of…

After they were divided to 3 and 2, I was thinking “Mottainai (T/N: what a waste), but if you think that they are collaborating within one group, I can take it with ease.
I prefer to think that this performance was established on its own.. that is acceptable for me.
At the time of the dome event, the 3 members were on their honeymoon JJY was newly made, so I tried to understand that their stage was the extra innings of Tohoshinki.
But this time it was different!
They were “JYJ”!
They had the back dancers from the time they were Tohoshinki…but,
OH! YES!!!!
Those dancers LOL
At the start of the world tour, I didn’t like those dynamite bodies of the lady dancers~~
But, when I actually saw them with my own eyes, I thought that the stage effects were really good!
It doesn’t seem childish, nor boyish, it isn’t common.
It is totally different from that “ALL SMP” + manly & sexy style of HoMin’s come-back in Korea.
This time, the dance was sophisticated and smart LOL

It was an event after a lot of fuss, but consequently, the outcome was successful thanks to all those interferences.
If they were to use the Saitama Arena as initially planned, the performance may have been common and ordinary.
Of course, there was a big difference, they were able to sing in Japan again!
Everyone should know this, even if I do not write in detail.
The Kokugikan was the right choice!
I want them to perform again in Kokugikan!!
Thank you for all those interferences, that management company.
… but, what will become of their future? I’m a little bit uneasy…

Oh, they seem to have said in the afternoon event “We are sorry that we couldn’t sing in Japanese.”
It’s OK, you can sing to us the next time.
All the three members can write the lyrics and compose, they have such talents.
It should be easy for them to write in Japanese than in English, since they understand the language, they can use the words and be emotional.
You can make a Japanese album on your own!
Then, you can speak and sing in Korean, English, and Japanese! The Japanese people don’t care about the record labels.
We won't say anything uncool!
We will approve your works as fine ones.
We’re waiting for you!

I have heard many times from before that big artists who have experienced the Arena or dome were saying that the festivals should be held at a big box (stage), with all the excitement!
But, if that situation becomes common…
The artist cannot (will not) hear the voices of the audience, and be intoxicated on his own…
When the artist is puffed up like that, it will be troublesome!
Do you know the place where the big artists (who experienced the Arena and Dome) want to perform?
They want to perform in a live music club or Zepp class (T/N: holds up to 2700), where they could be near the audience!!
In those clear acoustic venues, the echo sound is limited so you cannot deceive the audience, and your performance will always be checked.
It is said that the size of the venue where both the musician and audience can feel each others’ breathing and temperature is up to 10 thousand.
In those places, you can feel the music ecstasy “Oh, this is the live!!!”
In this meaning, this event was truly a live concert.

In Kyocera dome, I heard that Chagmin-kun was the advertising manager LOL.
Please do get off that eco-car.
(T/N: the writer is making fun of the lyrics of “I Think U Know”.)
This lyrics of this song is a joke all around the world now.
Please make a good “made in Japan” album.
The back dancers and back chorus can help you, but, you yourself have to carry on the main vocals.
If the two sing the songs which really fit their vocals, it will be of high quality… I believe…
The Japanese staffs, please take care of them!
Would they go for the year end rewards with the new album?
A farce impact (T/N: these two words have the same sound “shougeki” in Japanese) comeback, and aim for the Kouhaku?
Avex, we know you are just the distributor now, but, staffs~~~~~~~~please do your best!!!!!!!

My regrets..
I wasn’t able to be possessed to that left ? right?...right hand entangling Yoochun LOL
It was Asian specs and Dirctor Kim’s works. And there was not enough time for the solo songs…
If this was the North American world tour, the director was Mr. Jeri Slaugther…
I could have been possessed with…

Source: chara1019
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JYJ Park Yoochun's Cameo Appearance In MBC's Drama "The Greatest Love"? "A Pleasant Surprise"

Park Yoochun made a surprise appearance in “The Greatest Love,” drawing the attention of the viewers.

On the episode of “The Greatest Love” that was aired on 8 June, while Goo Ae Jung and Yoon Pil Joo were having a meal, the television screen behind them showed a familiar image. It was Park Yoochun, who is currently playing Song Yoo Hyun in the MBC drama “Miss Ripley.”

It was later discovered that the shooting for “The Greatest Love” had happened to be during the airing of “Miss Ripley,” and therefore became an indirect form of promotion for the broadcaster’s drama.

Netizens said, “It’s a pleasant surpise,” “What a good way to promote your own drama,” etc, in response to Yoochun’ s surprise appearance.

(Irrelevant information omitted)

Source : [Jrw8008 + Nate]
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TVXQ Uknow Yunho perfectly transforms into "John Travolta"

In the SBS “Kim Yuna’s Kiss&Cry” to be broadcasted on June 12th, compared to the charm he showed off through his previous dance performance, Uknow Yunho attempted something new, transforming into the charismatic man Danny from the musical “Grease”

When Uknow Yunho came out, everyone praised his acting of brushing his hair with a big comb, completely transforming into the role of a cute dandy boy. The judge raised her thumbs, saying “it is almost as if we saw John Travolta.”

Yunho was partnered with the figure skater Claudia Miller, the two together exhibits elegant figure skating skills. In Kiss and Cry, once the two of them entered, they received everyone’s attention like a rising new star would. The entire performance from the unique entrance grabbed everyone’s eyes, along with the music, and elegant turns again received a lot of popularity on the ice rink.

Please watch June 12th broadcast of Kim Yuna’s Kiss&Cry to see how Uknow Yunho transforms into John Travolta

credit: cheersyoonho
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Daily Post of JYJ Tweets

omg lol Xiahmori by a cat… this is too precious♥

(Junsu, 10:35pm KST) Leo, shall we play soccer?

(Junsu, 10:36pm KST) If you want to play by yourself, you could do that..

Junsu… you’re cute too lol

(Kyung Jong, 11:02pm KST) @0101xiahtic He’s cute….ㅡㅡ
(Junsu, 11:21pm KST) @StarBell87 Kyung Jong, you’re cute too lol

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Stars' Airport Fashion? 'The Backpack Is A Must-Have Item'- JYJ's Park Yoochun And TVXQ

Sunglasses are already a staple for completing airport fashion, but celebrities are now adding on another finishing touch in the form of a backpack. Let’s take a look at what stars are wearing to the airport nowadays.


JYJ’s Park Yoochun, who cannot be left out when talking of the fashionistas of airport fashion, can be seen completing his look with a backpack.


In the airport to head out for their concert in France, TVXQ were also seen with backpacks. Choikang Changmin especially drew the attention of many with the studded design of his backpack.

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HoMin- KBS Music Bank in Japan CM

Credits: kanimisocha
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HoMin- Meet TVXQ Ep. 3

Part 1

Part 2

Credits: kanimisocha
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HoMin - SMTOWN '11 in Paris

Credits: smtown
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Yoochun - Noble Looking Stars

Credits: dbxtoho9
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JYJ Pusan Concert "In Heaven" (Fancam)

Credits: Gunja623
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JYJ's Park Yoochun Shows His Heartfelt Emotional Scene

Actor Park Yoochun shows his heartfelt emotional scene, causing the filming location's atmosphere to be solemn.

In MBC's popular drama 'Miss Ripley,' Park Yoochun plays the role of second-generation chaebol Song Yoo Hyun. On the 13th of this month when episode 5 will be broadcasted, the earnestly acting Park Yoochun will pay a visit to his birth mother's grave, and his manner of holding in his tears will stimulate the viewers' tear glands. Actress Yang Mi-Kyeong plays the role of Park Yoochun's birth mother. Although Song Yoo Hyun currently lives with his stepmother in a harmonious family, he still retains that deeply sincere heart for 'his birth mother who left the world when he was a child.' Song Yoo Hyun holds a bouquet of flowers when he goes to his birth mother's grave, and recalls the happy times he spent with his mother when he was a child.

A staff member at the filming location stated, "Park Yoochun's crying scene was performed very sincerely, and caused the filming atmosphere to become solemn." He rated his acting skills in crying rather highly.

According to this staff member's statement, Park Yoochun first immersed himself in emotion before he officially started to film. His "NG-less" crying scene received the director's "okay" gesture.

Credits: TVXQBaidu
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JYJ Pusan Concert Encore, June 12 (Fan Account)

The fans' waves

1. From Youtube

Credits: 6002theMore

2. from [email protected] (original in Japanese)

During the encore, Jaejoong requested the fans for a wave. We started the wave with their signal. But the wave did not stop, since the fans were all in high spirits.

JaeSu tried to stop the wave by various actions, but, in vain. The lights of the venue was turned down, and at last the wave stopped.

The wave went all around the venue for 6 times. The fans were all doing their best!

Source: [email protected] & [email protected]
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Yunho - Kiss & Cry Cut

Credits: CodeAnalysisSeason5
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Hip Hop Group Cream Team's U-Know Yunho Taecyeon Diss Controversy "Puppets Who Spit Out Rap"

Hip hop group Cream Team’s new single ‘Yes, You’ has been swept up in controversy for dissing U-Know Yunho and Taecyeon.

Releasing their third single ‘Yes, You’ on the 7th, Cream Team’s Mazorkey and Amotai quickly became hot topics for using slang and swear words as they directed their lyrics at idols singers saying, ‘Doll-like kids are taking their clothes off, some are ripping them off. They are the idols of kids, this isn’t a diss but saying that is awesome isn’t cool at all.” They also became the topics of a heated debate when netizens accused them of directly attacking and dissing TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho and 2PM’s Taecyeon.

In hip hop, dissing is common and used in a variety of ways to attack people rappers don’t like through songs or actions to portray their raw emotions. Using implications, rappers leave evidence for listeners to guess who the subject of their diss is.

Netizens who heard ‘Yes, You’ say that the lyrics ‘Doll-like kids are taking their clothes off, some are ripping them off. All they have to show are their chocolate abs that will melt off soon’ are garnered at Taecyeon, who is called ‘Ripping Taecyeon’ for his shirt-ripping performances while the lyrics, ‘The white page and dry pen that reflect your heart, is that the truth of life that you speak of?’ sound similar to the rap that U-Know Yunho performed on KBS 2TV’s ‘Happy Together season 3′, implying that Cream Team are mocking U-Know Yunho.

Furthermore, Daum’s Music Corner’s introduction to the single album is pouring oil on the flame. The introduction reads, “Cream Team’s Mazorkey and Amotai are pulling the bowstring taut and their targets are 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon of JYP and TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho of TVXQ,” and “A sharp admonition against those who act like the main characters of hip hop with their extravagant performances and so-so looks.” By blatantly stating U-Know Yunho and Taecyeon’s name, Daum solidified the fact that ‘Yes, You’ is a diss song aimed at the two singers.

As the controversy grew, Cream Team’s Amotai left a tweet on his Twitter account that read, “There isn’t a single part in my lyrics that directly singles out Ok Taecyeon or U-Know Yunho. If you feel guilty about that, call me out for it,” and “Unlike my lyrics, Mazorkey’s definitely has parts relating to Ok Taecyeon and U-Know Yunho.” By indirectly admitting that ‘Yes, You’ is a diss song aimed at the two singers, Amotai has only caused the controversy to rage further.

Source: [joy news]
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Interview With JYJ Dancer Telisu

Before our interview, I was sitting at Tom n Toms in Koreatown, Los Angeles, staring down at my notes and scribbling down questions, when I felt everybody's attention directed toward the entrance. I glanced up to see Telisha Shaw walk through the door. She introduced herself to me as Telisu. Despite looking super-star glam and fabulous, she was so friendly and personable that I immediately felt comfortable calling by Telisu, the nickname given to her by her Asian fans that she has happily adopted for her newfound K-pop persona. With a sweet and bubbly personality, she turned our interview into a two-way conversation as we chatted in circles on a number of irrelevant topics.

Aside from dancing alongside top American artists such as Janet Jackson and Christina Aguilera, Telisu has been featured in Hollywood films such as Step Up 2 and television series such as Glee. During our interview, she took me by surprise and revealed her plans to debut as a K-pop singer. Later on, at the San Jose stop of the JYJ tour, we even met up again, and when she dropped her debut single "Our Secret" onto YouTube, she just couldn't stop squealing and checking her Twitter.

Telisu tells Asia Pacific Arts stories about her "sexy (or not-so-sexy) times with JYJ," why "boom!" is her catch phrase, and how she just couldn't keep "Our Secret" to herself any longer.

Asia Pacific Arts: How did you begin your career as a backup dancer?

Telisu: I'm originally from Memphis, Tennessee and I just came over to LA to audition for an agency. I made it, and then I was sent out for jobs. I have always wanted to dance since I was a kid, so I knew this was what I wanted and just went for it. It's been a pretty seamless process.

APA: How did you begin working with JYJ?

T: I got a call back in October 2010 from a producer who I've worked with before, and he said he was working with this enormous K-pop group. He asked if I had any suggestions for choreographers, and I told him about one of my dear friends, Jeri Slaughter. He got in contact with Jeri and well, long story short, they flew here and interviewed him; later, he got hired and brought me on as one of the dancers. And now here we are. [laughs]

APA: What expectations did you have before working with JYJ?

T: I feel like they have this reputation for having this intense work ethic that you don't really find in a lot of artists. That definitely was proven right when we went into rehearsals with JYJ. I think a lot of times artists feel that their job stops after the recording process. But, as I've come to find out with artists such as JYJ, they understand that the completion of the project includes going to rehearsals and making sure that the music, videos and stage performances are justified. You have to come with 110%, otherwise you're shortchanging yourself for not letting your project be the best it can be.

I looked them up beforehand so I knew what I was getting into, but what went way beyond my expectations was just how nice and amazing they are as people. I didn't think we were going to gel so well because of the language barrier, but that didn't stop us from communicating and starting this amazing little family.

APA: Is that relationship different from other artists you've worked with?

T: One of the things about being a dancer is that you get to be in the close circle with the artist, especially because you're the only one that gets to share the stage with them. The band and backup singers are set way behind them, but you're really sharing that energy and space with them. It's like everybody's childhood dream is coming alive, and it's so precious to be together with 15-20 people with the same thoughts. So, sharing that ground with people who you've struggled day in and day out with, throughout the whole process, forms a special bond, especially when you're making art with a lot of heart. I'd have to say our energy is definitely playful. [laughs] Since you get to come into their world and meet their family and friends, you grow this friendship where you just want to protect them. They are precious guys, and I see myself being in contact again even after the job stops.

APA: How would you describe their personalities?

T: Hmm… JJ [Jaejoong] is really quiet, but when he hits the stage he's a completely different person. We always laugh and make fun of him about that. When he comes into rehearsals, he [keeps] to himself in a corner. [laughs] Micky is -- I don't know how to describe him in one word, but he's definitely good with the girls. He's not afraid to talk to them. One time, we [the female dancers] lied and told him we were all lesbians. He was taken aback, but he was cool with it: "Oh… cool… they're lesbians." [laughs] And Jun [Junsu] is definitely the jokester. He is a super sweet-hearted guy. It's just so amazing to get to work at such an intimate level with these boys. I just don't see my life without them anymore.

APA: What was the difference between working on their 2010 showcase versus their 2011 concert? At the 2011 press conference, Jaejoong promised "more sexiness."

T: He did? [laughs] Oh, that's 'cause they met all the girls [back up dancers] right before the press conference. I told them, "Wait until you see these girls…" So, they walk in, and their faces were like "Oh yeahhh." They didn't say anything, but their eyes lit up, like "This is going to be nice." [laughs] I think they upped the sexiness because here in the US, it's part of the artistry. They're grown men, and I think they are trying to go with what the songs evoke. Like, you wouldn't do "Mission" choreography for "I Love You." The choreography represents the lyrics, and I think they're trying to show a more mature side to them here.

APA: I heard there was quite some talk about the crotch grab move from the first two stops of the tour. Will more of the choreography be edited in the Asian legs?

T: Yeah, that didn't happen in LA. It was edited out because I don't think it was met with the reception that was initially expected. [laughs] But in terms of the choreography, if it calls for it, it'll happen. Jeri Slaughter is really good at showing that through his choreography. Just because of the difference in culture, I think it'll be edited down some more.

APA: Do you have any favorite choreography?

T: I like doing the sexy choreography. Don't get me wrong, but I just love mashing it out with the boys. I love choreography like "Be the One" and "Mission" ‘cause you get to hit it hard. I love "Ayy Girl" ‘cause it's smooth and suave. But, I do love performing "Pierrot" with all the girls too. In "Get Out," I get to dance with all three of them, so that's fun. Underneath the stage, JJ and I have to be in a full embrace before the lift goes up, and before we always go: "Fighting!" Then, he rubs my face, and he even pulled my hair once when I walked away. I didn't even notice until I saw a fancam. "Look at that, JJ quiet and sexy type." [laughs] And Mick -- the facials I get from Mick. He just has this face he does when you're dancing with him or he's dancing with the other girls… I'm just like "Don't laugh!" You know he's into it, but you just want to crack up. Then, you get to Jun and you're like "Awww, Jun." He was on his knees, and I had no idea how I was supposed to work with that or how I should dance with him. I was like "Oh my god, your parents are in the audience. Umm… never mind I'm just going to leave now." [laughs]

APA: Any funny incidents on the U.S. tour that made it memorable?

T: When we were rehearsing for "Get Out," our lift broke. So, Micky's lift goes up first and then ours [her and JJ's lift], but only our heads were sticking out. I was like "Oh my god, I'm not going to make my mark. I'm supposed to get to Micky." The lift goes up a little more to our waists and I just had to climb my way out. By the time I got to Micky, he was trying to be funny like:"You are so late. Don't even worry about it. I'm over it." I was like, "No fair! I tried to get over to you!" He turned away and was like, "No, just go. You go dance on over to Junsu now." Then, we just cracked up laughing.

APA: It seems as though your interest in the Korean culture has grown. Has JYJ played a role in influencing that change?

T: For sure. Before I went to Seoul, I was always drawn to Korean culture. It didn't click for me until I was super geeked to get on the plane. I was like "Boom! I'm going to my beauty motherland!" Everybody who knows me knows that I always go to the Korean spas and am obsessed with the beauty supplies. Even before I moved here [Koreatown], I was always over here. When I got off the plane in Seoul, it was like love at first sight. But when I had to leave, I was so upset. I took this photo before I got on the plane and saw just how miserable I looked. [laughs]

I told my parents, "I'm moving over here [to Korea]" and they said, "Have you lost your mind?" I was like "I think so. I am just completely into it." So, that started the process of me learning the language. I got into K-dramas, and it blew up. I got into K-dramas because of Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and I was working with Micky at the time, so I was like "I gotta check it out." Then, I got hooked, seriously hooked. Like, I can't tell you when was the last time I watched an American show besides reality TV. [laughs]

Truthfully, I didn't know much about K-pop, aside from the few friends that worked with some artists, but yes, working with JYJ has sparked this complete deeper affection I have for Korean culture. And yes, it has influenced me to move there, and [now] living there part time and in LA. And this may sound silly, but I love penmanship. I always write in all uppercase or lowercase just ‘cause I like symmetry. Hangul characters are a blessing to me. "Oh my god, they've got squares and circles and lines, whoa!" [laughs] I just love it. I started taking classes at KCC, I'm trying to learn the language through that route, and I watch K-dramas to reinforce learning the language. It's one of those things you have to do every day. If you don't use it, you lose it. I asked my teacher, "How am I going to learn this language better?" and she was like "You need a Korean boyfriend." I was like "Okay, I'll look into that. "

By the way, you know that song "Black and Yellow?" My friends say it's my theme song ‘cause I'm just so in love with the Korean culture, fashion, music, dramas, everything! When I'm online, I know which sites to go to if I want to watch things or go shopping. So, the song "Black and Yellow" comes out and they're like this is totally you. [laughs]

APA: Have JYJ helped you out with your Korean?

T: Yeah, during rehearsals, we practice and they correct me. There are certain words I try to say, and they tell me what's right, but mostly they just end up laughing at me and think I'm crazy. [laughs] During the time we were apart, we used to go back and forth on Twitter, and when JJ and Jun wrote to me in English for the first time, I was so happy! We really try to help each other out. [laughs]

APA: What sparked your music career?

T: Through me dancing with JYJ, this whole new amazing dream came about, and I get to explore my music career! While I was on tour, I got an e-mail via my manager here in LA from a production company in Tokyo that wanted me to come and perform my music. I just felt unprepared, and I didn't want to go into it blindly, so I turned it down. But, I told myself that was the last time that'll ever happen to me. I told JYJ's managers about it and they were being so amazing, trying to help me get this off the ground. I was blessed enough to record with the producers of "Ayy Girl." Actually, when I met the producers, I had no idea they worked with JYJ. So when we both found out we had been working with them, they were like "We worked with them, so we have to work with you." It was like fate!

I was really excited about how this is all coming together. Hence, the name change on Twitter. So when it first started, I was basically getting these tweets about people calling me Telisu, and it just caught on and turned into this whole thing. It was given to me by the Asian culture like a nickname, and I think it's me. I just love it. Originally, it did come from the shipping of Jun[su] and I, but the name flowed and popped, and it was from my Korean loves! It's my homage to the fans. To me, it's a sign of being embraced by the Asian culture, because the Asian market is sparking this music career for me. Jun calls me Telisu too, and so does the rest of the JYJ family. If your family calls you Telisu, that's what you are. [laughs]

I'm so excited for everybody to hear the music I've been working on [squeals] I am grinning from ear to ear! My cheeks hurt! [laughs]

APA: What type of music are you working on?

T: I'd definitely say my music to going to be more K-pop. There's going to be English and Hangul on all of my singles. I'm like tearing up. I am so appreciative of this. I started recording with Interscope artist, FreeSol, and they produced a couple of singles for me. When C-Jes heard about it, when they came back to LA, that sparked everything else. Basically, they're helping me get started here in the U.S., but mostly I want to be an artist in Asia and Europe.

APA: As a non-Korean, how do you feel about making your debut there? How are you preparing for it?

T: I've been studying the language and going to Korea in my free time. I'm really trying to soak in the culture in any way I can, through music, dramas, everything. We know that a lot of things that don't happen or go well because of fear. I always felt embraced whether in LA or Seoul. They are happy that you even want to know about their culture, so they want to share it with you. I definitely think there's room in the market for other races. When you go to Seoul, they play everybody else over there, so why couldn't a non-Asian break into the Korean market? I'm going to be the first black K-pop artist. [laughs] I'm going to make it happen. I would encourage anyone not to let anything like race or ethnicity stop you from doing what you love. That should not be the reason why you let all your hard work, prayers and dream fall to fear. That's a great road to regret.

APA: Can you tell me more about your debut single, "Our Secret?"

T: I'd say it's very Janet Jackson and T-Boz from TLC inspired. It's an upbeat song that's kind of like a love letter about taboo love. Can you, regardless of race and where someone comes from, love somebody and not be judged? If you're seen as somebody who isn't on the same level as [a boy], could you still like him and have it be okay? Liking somebody is already hard enough, but then having to worry about these obstacles on top of it -- the song is about a taboo relationship and how it would be amazing for it to be accepted. And you're both afraid of what it'll do to the purity, that amazing little energy that you guys have with each other.

For the lyrics, I tried to put myself in that situation and figure out how I would feel and what I would do if it was me. There were a couple of times I got comments on Twitter saying, "You're just a dancer." Yes, that's a part of me, but they were implying that I wasn't good enough or I'm undeserving. I thought, "Well, what if he saw me as somebody amazing and great? Just as how everybody else finds something to love in him, what if he found something like that in me?" This song is really a layered cake. [laughs]

APA: I know there has been a strong reaction to your song as JYJ fans seem to be concerned about what your lyrics may imply. How do you feel in regards to that?

T: Before the release, I let a few people hear it and I've gotten a good reaction! I was fearful about how it was going to come across, because I definitely don't want to come off like I'm disrespecting anybody, look unappreciative or look like I'm unfocused on my job with JYJ as a dancer. I've shown it to all the boys and C-Jes, and they were pleasantly surprised by my music. Sometimes you need that reassurance to know that you're going down the right path. With the Twitter name change and my new blonde hair, this is going to be me from now on! My fans have been completely amazing, and I'm just so blessed they're in my life. Even when I doubt or question myself, they always reassure me saying, "You're doing it. Please do it!" So, full speed ahead! That's why I try to have a personal relationship with my fans on Twitter, because I want them to know they are a part of this and I'm appreciative that they are a part of my life. They helped influence my dream and me taking this to another level.

APA: Do you plan on collaborating with JYJ?

T: Oh, wow! I have never thought of that. That would be the icing on the cake, the cherry on top. [laughs] I would love to do that, especially to pay homage to where this all started. If it weren't for them, this would not have happened for me. I would love to do that to show my appreciation and gratefulness to them. Oh god, just thinking about it gives me chills. Who would turn even turn that down? [laughs]

APA: How has your career progressed so far?

T: Well, I just had a fanmeet, and I was so worried nobody would come! It was great to see some of my fans, and I incorporated them into my EPK. I'll be dropping teasers by the time I come back from the JYJ Asian leg. I'm super excited! It feels like the earth just keeps giving.

APA: What concept or theme are you aiming to express through your debut release?

T: I guess you could say it's based off of me being Telisu and the different facets of my personality. There's a very bubbly side of me that's completely my personality, and there's the mix of my fashion sense. When I tell people I do the K-pop look, they say, "Really? You look like you're in a rock band." [laughs] I think it's the mixture of the two worlds. I'm always like that. There's something always off about it that I like, so I can play on any part of my character or personality that I want. A little rock chic with a little sprinkle of posh. Definitely nothing that is too bourgeois that it's stuffy. Definitely playful for sure. I love fashion, and I love the idea that I don't have to look like a certain person the entire time.

APA: Are there any current artists in the Korean music industry that are influencing the music you want to make?

T: Top three besides JYJ -- I mean how many times could I mention how amazing they are? -- I love Wonder Girls, 2NE1 and Big Bang. Out of my musical influences, those would definitely be the top three. As far as showmanship, style, they're gorgeous! [laughs] I've been looking into them and researching them and paying close attention to what they do, their management, just everything.

APA: As a dancer, are you planning to choreograph your own work to your songs?

T: Oh, if only! I don't think I'd be able to handle doing that, along with making and singing my songs. [laughs] I want to focus on developing myself as a singer, and I love that I can bring in other people with their talent and expertise and showcase that in my work. Jeri Slaughter is on my artistic directing team, and I like it when choreographers let me be a girl but also let me dance. Sometimes you only get to do one or the other, and I love the fact that his style lets you do both. Girly and hood, you'll get it all from him -- which is why I'm starting my career off with him at the helm of my choreography. I'm open to other ones too though. I'm sure there are plenty others that I don't know yet.

Oh my god, I also love Rino Nakasone. When she did the "Keep Your Head Down" choreography, I just lost it. I was like "How are these two boys going to mash out this choreography? How is this going to work?" But when she put one in the front mashing out and the other like his shadow, I was amazed. I just freaked out. She is so sick. I'd love to work with Peanut and Gil Duldalao too. If I could have a choreographing team, they would be it.

APA: So it seems like "boom" is your catch phrase. What does it mean?

T: Boom, it's just how I feel inside! I put it out there, and I get energy back. It's my pop at the end of the sentence. It's contagious ‘cause people are hitting me back now with a boom! And I just love it. You've got to enunciate and elongate the o-s. It means: "That makes so much sense." Confirmation or agreement. It means, "Let's go! Let's get it started!" I guess it means a lot of things, but it definitely represents me. [laughs]

Credits: Mai @ Asia Pacific Arts
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HoMin- Star Date w/Eng Subs

Yunho admits he sings in the shower and is a Beckham fanboy.
Changmin speaks English and tells how shy he was in school.
Both (try to) speak French.

I love these boys...

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HoMin- Paris Airport with Fan

I tapped Changmin and asked for a picture and Yunho said okay and thank you afterwards but they were in a hurry so that was all :(

Credits: [email protected]
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JYJ in Busan - Ayyy Girl & Be My Girl

Ayyy Girl

Be My Girl

Credits as noted in video
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JYJ Nii Calendar Preview

Thanks for the tip, kim :)

Looking good, JYJ boys!

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Hayato’s Blog Updates

June 12, 2011
The Final Episode of the Charity Concert

I wrote that this will be the final episode on my own (lol)

I’m dropping an advance hint…because I do not have many stories left for you..

Before that,
Many seem to have the question that…who is Hayato?
There was even a rumor that he is a fictitious character.

Let’s proceed by elimination.

I am not a staff of C-JeS.

I am not a staff of Zak, either.

To tell the truth, I myself cannot explain in one word who Hayato is…who am I?...what is my position?..what rights do I have to be involved?...Isn’t he the marketing planner for 3hree VoicesⅡ?・・・To be begin with, this “Marketing Planner” does not represent the correct position of me・・・

I was caught in.

Yes, that is the most correct word.

I already knew JYJ’s circumstances.
During the incident last year, I was just with the person concerned.
We were under presence conditions as if it was a movie.
I was in the center of the truth when everyone was flustered by twisted reports and vicious rumors.

But, it is difficult to convey the truth.
The truth should seem to be a lie, too.

So, we decided to make the “3hree Voices Ⅱ”.
Let everyone know their true appearance without any dramatization.
Convey their thoughts they are feeling towards their fans.
And, I joined the team as the planning supervisor.

The terms to join was, without pay… that was my determination.
As you all know, I have other regular business, so I wanted to join them light-heartedly, without having interests.

Yes, the start was like this.. but, before I knew, the situation became….

And, who dragged me in?... let me keep that a secret.
That person connects me to JYJ.

Mr. mysterious X

I am sorry for the long introduction.
The main subject.

June 7.
The afternoon event was just about to start.

I reported to you that they were earnestly doing the rehearsal on the day before.
They were even doing the rehearsal on the date (of the concert) until the last minute.
That was the reason that the starting time was a little bit delayed.

The audience was expecting JYJ to appear every moment.
But will they really appear?...some should have felt anxiety.

All of a sudden, the lights of the venue were turned down.

At once, the excitement was on full power.
Everyone stood up all at once.
The penlights were swaying.

When the three members were introduced on the screen, the audience was in excitement.

That time, the Mr. X was with the 3 members.
He shook their hands one by one,

He wanted to say “take care”.

That time,
They seemed uncommon.
They were overly serious by extreme tension.

What happened?

He said that he never saw them like that.

Junsu was saying during the MC.
“I was nervous after a long time… but it was a pleasant feeling.”

But, they didn’t show their tense even a tiny bit.
Their songs and dances were perfect.

The unity with the audience was wonderful.

On the other hand,
In the evening event, they seemed to be more relaxed, and you could hear their funny talks.

Ryogoku Kokugikan.
As you know, the sumo tournament is held here.

Buy the way, did they take a show?
Or, take a bath?

They took a bath which is normally used for the sumo wrestlers.
(T/N: the sumo wrestlers are very big in size, average is, 185cm & 156kg)

According to the interpreter for the staffs, K-san,
The 3 members happily took the bath together.

Their laughs and speaking voices could be heard, and they were very cute, a heartwarming scene…

It was a good thing that their tension was released, and that they became the regular themselves.

The 3 members who had undergone that upheaval day, went back to Korea from Narita airport the next morning.

I think that the charity concert was just yesterday,
But they are now having a concert in Pusan.

I wish that they will take care of their health, as everyone is saying.

T/N: The bathtub of Kokugikan,

Credits: chara1019

Source: JYJ2011 & chara1019
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Celebrities are normal human being too, U-know Yunho and Kim Hyung Joong revealed embarrassing physiological stories

Idols U-Know Yunho and Kim Hyun Joong recently revealed their embarrassing stories due to physiological reactions in a tv program and made audiences laughed.

On 14th’s SBS TV Strong Heart Battle of the Kings episode, TVXQ U-Know Yunho and singer-actor Kim Hyun Joong revealed the stories that happened due to physiological reactions.

U-Know Yunho said, “That was during the filming of Cola CF, and (I) drank 23 bottles at a go, in order to capture the best look.” He continued, “The CF company’s staffs were all ladies and from the start I used my deep voice and greeted them, leaving them a good impression. But later on, due to a natural physiological reaction, I thanked them with a very weird voice in the end,” this set the whole audience laughing. (T/N: He burped in the midst of saying thanks. lol)

After which, Kim Hyun Joong revealed, “During the filming of street program, School of Rock, (I) had wanted to go to the toilet but did not make it thus I endured it. Right next to the lecture hall was the toilet and have decided to run to the toilet right before the female high school students came in. But behind me there were some students following. I thought it would be embarrassing if I was to dash to the toilet therefore I made a turn into the waiting room of the lecture room instead. Later at the backstage, I found a very dusty and old plastic bottle and used a scissor to cut it open…… and I told myself to keep this story to myself till I die. But I threw the plastic bottle right out of the window,” leaving everyone roaring with laughter.

credit: koreastardaily
trans by: [email protected]
shared by: DBSKnights

'Miss Ripley' Park Yoochun and Lee Da Hae transformed into handsome bike couple

On the MBC TV Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Miss Ripley’ episode 6 broadcasted on the 14th, Park Yoochun and Lee Da Hae transformed into bike couple, both dating while wearing handsome black bike outfits and helmets.

In ‘Miss Ripley’, Park Yoochun who acted as Mondo Resort Group’s successor, has been portraying his gentle image, but through this bike scene, it was the first time his wild and handsome manly charisma was exhibited. Lee Da Hae who acted as Jang Miri, changed her usual feminine style and came out in handsome bike outfit, play role as a bike couple with Park Yoochun.

This filming was done late last month in Itaewon and Banpo bridge and the bike they rode on is worth about 40 million won. According to staff, the two of them anticipated this bike scene a lot and smiled like a child during the filming. Especially for Park Yoochun who has a penchant for driving, he was delighted just by the ability to ride a bike.

The production company has expressed that Park Yoochun will be showing his manly charisma gradually in the drama and this riding scene hinted the progression of the storyline to a new level, thus hoping the audience to wait for it.

‘Miss Ripley’ is a melodrama that tells the story of a woman who unwillingly said a lie and this led to more lies, resulting in a danger that she would lose all the she had.

credit: koreastardaily
trans by: [email protected]
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JYJ Vietnam Charity Game in Fuji TV

Credits: jyj2011able

(0:03-0:58, narration part)
The dream performance in Vietnam.
In Vietnam, there was a charity match for children from underprivileged homes. Before the game started, the three members of JYJ sang songs, and livened up the venue. From Japan, Kazu (T/N: Kazuyoshi Miura, very famous soccer player) and other players participated. He was a member of the team of Asian star players, and the 44 years old Kazu showed us! Following the charity match with the all-Japan team held in March, he again made a goal, and showed his presence. In the second half of the game, JYJ’s Junsu took the field. The venue was filled with great cheer. When Junsu was holding the ball, the fans were paying no attention to the game, and were shouting aloud.

T/N: This was broadcasted in Fuji TV Super News (evening news program) on June 16. Fuji TV is one of the major nationwide broadcasting TV stations in Japan.

Source: jyj2011able @youtube
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Japanese Fans Give Support to the "JYJ World Tour Concert in Busan"

On the 11th and the 12th of June, more than a thousand Japanese fans donated rice wreaths to support the "JYJ World Tour Concert in Busan."

A wreath is made ​​up of 500 kg of rice and also has the names of the 448 members who donated. Fans who came to the concert even searched for their names and took a photo with it.

Concert organizers stated that JYJ decided to donate the 1.73 tons of rice to those in need in Busan.

In addition to that, the "JYJ World Tour Concert in Busan" gathered more than 3,500 Japanese fans, occupying almost all of the hotels in the region and once again, all of us felt the power of JYJ.

During the concert in Busan, Park YooChun, Kim JunSu and Kim JaeJoong sang "I Love You," "I Can Soar," and "Still in Love" respectively, showing different styles of performances.

Source: BaiduTVXQ
Translation: nings @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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TVXQ, SNSD, SHINee, etc. SM artist to all star on 'Come To Play'

SM Entertainment artists including the groups TVXQ, SNSD, SHINee, f(x) will all be participating together in one event.

According to a representative, the SM Entertainment groups will take part in filming “Yu Jaesuk and Kim Wonhee’s Come to Play” on the 22nd at the MBC Dream Center. They will be participating specially for the SM Entertainment group special on the highly known talk show “Come to Play.”

The representative said, “They will be talking honestly about the Paris concert and leading the K-pop industry.” Because all the artists are busy, it’s impossible for everyone to show up, but because it is the first time all of the SM Entertainment groups will be on one show, so it is gaining interest.

In addition, they will also talk about possibilities of entering the European market as well as their feelings about when they met European fans, so people are even more interested. The air date has not been decided yet.

Source: Sports Chosun
Translation Credit: ☆[email protected]
Shared by: DBSKnights

JYJ's Yoochun to narrate for a special MBC documentary

JYJ’s Yoochun is lending his voice for a documentary.

According to MBC, the idol will be narrating for the documentary, ‘The Hometown I’ve Once Lived In‘. It tells the story about Korea’s small towns, which are slowly disappearing under the force of urban developments.

It specifically investigates a small country town in Kangwon-do that protested against a developing golf resort for six years; the town’s citizens tried to prevent being forced out of their homes.

The production team stated, “We chose Yoochun to be the narrator in the hopes that his soft and kind voice will touch more viewers about the painful stories we all hold about our hometowns.”

They added, “We explained the program’s special purpose and content to Yoochun’s team, and Yoochun gave a positive response [to them], thus agreeing to narrate.”

The documentary is set to air on June 17th.

Source & Photo: Star News via Nate
Credit: Allkpop
Shared by: DBSKnights

TVXQ & Kpop Artists Oricon Rankings for first half of 2011

TVXQ rose to the highest ranking amongst foreign artists on the Oricon chart for the mid-year 2011 rankings.

In the recently published Oricon singles chart for the first half of 2011, AKB48 held the top two spots (1st and 2nd), followed by the 5 member male group Arashi at 3rd. Coming in at 4th place was none other than TVXQ.

Last January, TVXQ released “Why?” (Keep Your Head Down), in which the approximate sales were around 130,000 units on the first day, winning the Oricon daily singles chart. With 230,000 copies sold during the first week, it also topped the Oricon weekly chart.

With such a substantial sales figure in it’s first week of release, unimaginable by most foreign artists, TVXQ held 1st on both the Oricon daily and weekly singles chart. It marked the 9th time in which they ranked 1st, which is a record (by a sizable margin) for the highest amount of number 1 hits by a foreign artist.

After TVXQ in the singles chart, other Korean artists also performed admirably. KARA ranked 12th, while Jang Geun Suk came in at 15th. With almost 320,000 copies sold, SNSD ranked 10th on the full album chart, while KARA ranked 14th with almost 230,000 copies sold, attracting much attention for it’s high rankings.

Meanwhile, TVXQ is scheduled to release their next Japanese single, “Superstar” on July 20th. “Superstar” is expected to place 1st on the weekly charts and it is already believed that TVXQ will break another record.

Source: Newsen
Credits: Allkpop
Shared by: DBSKnights

JYJ's Junsu shows off his football skills in Vietnam

On June 15th, JYJ’s Junsu showed off his impressive football skills at Park Ji Sung’s charity match, “Doosan Asian Dream Cup 2011“, which was held in Vietnam.

JYJ opened up the event with a performance that electrified everyone in the stadium. Kim Junsu then joined the second half of the match to replace Lee Jae Kwan (Korea University); he played alongside football stars like Ki Sung Yueng (Celtic FC), Park Chu Young (AS Monaco), and Park Ji Sung (Manchester United) for a total of 20 minutes.

Since he’s the leader of celebrity football team ‘FC MEN‘, his skills were of no surprise to fans. Junsu even managed to keep up with pros for the full 20 minutes!

In the end, the ‘JS Friends‘ team lost to the ‘Navibank FC‘ with a final score of 3-4.

Source + Photos: Mydaily via Nate
Credits: Allkpop
Shared by: DBSKnights

JYJ to Hold and encore concert in Gwangju

On June 16th, C-JeS Entertainment revealed that JYJ would be holding an encore concert for their world tour!

The message read:

“Hello, this is C-JeS Entertainment.

We would like to thank the Korean fans for the support they’ve shown JYJ on their world tour. Because JYJ’s concerts have been focused mainly on Seoul, we have prepared a ‘JYJ WORLD TOUR CONCERT IN GWANGJU‘ so that they may meet more of their fans.

We ask for your interest and support. The ticket information will be written below. Thank you.”

Check out the concert info below!

Date: June 26th, 2011 at 7 PM KST
Location: Gwangju Yumju Gymnasium
Tickets Open on June 17th, 2011 at 8 PM KST
Costs: VIP 120,000 WON / R 110,000 WON / S 90,000 WON / A 70,000 WON / B 60,000 WON

Source + Photos: C-JeS Official Homepage
Credits: Allkpop
Shared by: DBSKnights

TVXQ Max Changmin's Style exposed; Lone trip to Hawaii

TVXQ Max Changmin had a good time enjoying his trip.

Fashion magazine IN STYLE revealed Max Changmin’s photos in the Hawaii trip. Max Changmin who has been active as the group TVXQ, did not go with U-Know Yunho this time, instead he went on a lone trip to recharge. One of the photos showed Max Changmin in a singlet with his model look and the free-spirited smile firmly captured girls’ hearts. Especially with the beautiful scenary, it made the photo even more alike to a painting.

This image of Max Changmin will be meeting everyone in the 7th issue of IN STYLE.

credit: koreastardaily
trans by: [email protected]
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"Kiss & Cry" U-Know Yunho vs Kim Byung Man - Who Will Emerge Victorious? Survey Shows An Even Competition

Who will emerge as the final victor in SBS’s “Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry?”

On 13 June, Kiss & Cry started a survey on their homepage to “Predict Which Team Will Emerge As Champions.”

This survey will go on till 8 July. As of 16 June, the “visual group” out of the 10 – U-Know Yunho and Claudia is placed at No. 1 with 40.6% of the votes, with the previously tearful and emotional Kim Byung Man and Lee Soo Kyung couple taking second spot with 33.2% of the votes. As this is a long-term voting process, the tides may turn at any time.

U-Know Yunho, who only started skating 2 months ago, has attracted a lot of attention with his extravagant performances and sly acting abilities. Kim Byung Man came back from an injury to resume training, and overcame his difficulties to complete his performance, causing Kim Yuna to be touched to tears and was awarded high marks

You can participate in the “Kiss & Cry” winners’ voting on the “Kiss & Cry” website. This show will be aired every Sunday at 6.40pm.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Newsen]
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Daily Post of JYJ Tweets

Jaejoong’s got himself a new friend

(Jaejoong, 9:32am KST) Tese, we have to meet again..!

(Tese, 10:29am KST) @mjjeje You must have arrived at the airport. I’m grateful to have met you, I hope to see you again in Japan

(Jaejoong, 7:07pm KST) @TeseBochum9 Have a safe trip to Germany~ I hope you recover from your surgery soon! Eat lots of good food! I’ll e-mail you~

Source: [Jaejoong+Other's Twitter]
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Kim Jae Joong & Jong Tae Se - Singer & Soccer Player Meet

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong and North Korean National Soccer representative Jong Tae Se took a picture together, displaying a surprising connection.

On June 16, Kim Jaejoong wrote on his Twitter: “Tae Se-ah. We need to meet up in the future!” whilst uploading a picture.

After the picture was revealed, netizens expressed, “His network of friends is expanding”, “So handsome”, and “South and North in peace”.

Source: [baidutvxq]
Translation credits: [email protected]
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"The Official Notice Regulating JYJ's Activities Violates The Fair Trade Laws"

Congresswoman Park Seon Suk of the National Party has called for the Fair Trade Commission’s active role in investigating unjust trade acts in the entertainment industry.

At a National Assembly conference held on the 13th, Congresswoman Park brought up the topic of the Korean Federation of Pop Culture and Arts Industry(KFPCAI)’s official notice that asked entertainment agencies and broadcasting companies to refrain from providing JYJ with activities. She called for an investigation to determine whether or not this official notice violates the Fair Trade Laws.

JYJ is a three-member group of Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu, all from TVXQ.

Congresswoman Park Seon Suk stated, “There have only been two instances in which the FTC called for an order of rectification in the entertainment industry in the last five years,” and “Both instances involved the domestic entertainment agency SM Entertainment.“

She continued to state, “It is not that I doubt the competitive edge that the Hallyu Wave has as it has even spread past Asia into Europe, but I believe that if the industry continues to be made of certain entertainment agencies using their superior position to take dominance over others, then the it will not last long.“

Congresswoman Park also stressed, “I ask that (the strengthening of the binding power of) the FTC’s model exclusive contract for the entertainment industry be examined as a legislation.” To this, Chairman Kim Dong Su stated, “It will be done.”

Source: [inews24]
Translated & Shared by:

Idol Fans, "The War To Find Fanclub Colors"

-Groups keep debuting but colors are limited
-Fan fights lead to alternatives like glow-sticks

Idol groups keeps debuting but it isn’t easy choosing a color for each of them. The photo is of Taiwanese H.O.T. fans who visited Korea in 2001 as they cheer H.O.T. on with their white balloons.

“B2ST doesn’t have a balloon color.” CEO Hong Seung Sung of Cube Entertainment is in a quandary over B2ST’s balloon color. Each idol group usually has a balloon color that symbolizes who they are, but with the increasing number of idol groups against a limited number of colors, it’s become very difficult to choose a color.

Balloons are the representative item that fans use to cheer for idol groups. At concert venues, fans flock together with balloons the color of ‘Our Oppa’ in their hands, ready to cheer. On stage, just looking at the color of balloons helps singers determine how many fans of each singer comes to the performances.

Using balloons to cheer began with first generation idol group H.O.T.’s white balloons. More and more idol groups began to set an official color for their fanclubs with GOD using sky-blue and Shinhwa choosing orange. While first generation idols used primary colors, second generation idols are mixing a variety of colors so that they do not overlap with each other.

According to SM Entertainment, TVXQ’s color is ‘pearl read’(a red that sparkles), SHINee’s color is ‘pearl aqua green’(a slightly bright green that sparkles) and Super Junior’s color is ‘pearl sapphire blue’(a blue that sparkles). Though fanclubs are usually who decide their balloon colors, entertainment agencies will sometimes step forward to make the decision.

Balloons also spark a competition of pride amongst fans. Pop culture critic Kim Jak Ga stated, “These days, idol fans say that they go to concerts to show their support and power,” and “As each group has a different color for their balloons, they show their power by having the most number of balloons at the venue.“

Fans think of balloons as a medium that connects them to their singers. That is why ‘fights’ break out between fanclubs over balloon colors. When fans of F.T. Island were ready to designate their balloon color as ‘pearl rainbow blue’, Super Junior fans began writing online posts of protest, stating that the color was too similar to their own color of ‘pearl sapphire blue’.

One fan stated, “When viewed from afar, you can’t even tell the difference between the two colors.” A TVXQ fan expressed of her reluctance to share balloon colors with other groups as she said, “Because fans and singers have lots of memories embedded in and feel a sense of connection through balloons, it wouldn’t be easy for us to give up our balloon color (to fans of other singers), even if our favorite group disbands.“

As it has become hard for fanclubs to choose balloon colors, some have turned to alternatives such as glow-sticks. YG Entertainment idols have created special glow-sticks instead of balloons for their fans to use. Big Bang’s are crown shaped while Se7en’s are in the shape of a ’7′. CEO Hong Seung Sung of Cube Entertainment stated, “If it’s too difficult to choose a balloon color for B2ST, we will use glow-sticks instead.”

Source: [hankyoreh]
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Daily Post Of JYJ Tweets

It is indeed :)

(Jaejoong, 6:49pm KST) This bus is cool^^

Source: [Jaejoong's Twitter]
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Yoochun's 'Do Not Love Me' - 'Miss Ripley' OST

Credits: uonyong
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SMTown Tokyo Additional Performance

SMTown Tokyo Additional Performance!!

June 20, 2011

Hello, Bigeasts!

The new concert date for 【SMTOWN LIVE in TOKYO SPECIAL EDITION】 has been announced.
Moreover, in response to your passionate supports, we have decided upon an additional performance as:

<Summary of the Concert>

KANGTA/BoA/Tohoshinki/SUPER JUNIOR/SNSD/SHINee/f(x)/J-Min and more

Sept 2 (Fri), 2011 Doors open 15:30 Start 17:30

Tokyo Dome


■Application Period
June 20 (Mon), 2011, 18:00 ~ July 4 (Mon) 12:00

12,800yen (including tax)
※Stick light included  ※1 applicaton/up to 2 tickets

■System charge
450yen / ticket (including tax)

*You will need a ticket for children over 3 years old
*You will need 1 cellular phone per 1 ticket (of purchase). The ticket is a digital ticket, and you need to download the ticket to your cellular phone. The person accompanying also needs a cellular phone.
*Please check here for the compatible models. http://portal.bdwk.j.../bw_mobile.html
*For the person accompanying, he/she also has to register to the “ticket board” (free of charge)

★Inquires for the concert: 0180-993-997 (24 hours recorded guidance)

☆Pre-order for “Superstar” (7&i version) starts today!!
Starting today, the 20th, the pre-order for the new single “Superstar” (7&i version) has started at the nationwide Seven-Eleven shops and 7net shopping!
The sales quantity of the product is limited! Please hurry and check the nationwide Seven-Eleven shops and 7net shopping!

The picture of the jacket is also relaeased! Please check here!
Tohoshinki official website

>>>Bigeast Office
Sent on June 20, 2011

Source: Bigeast Fanclub
Trans: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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HoMin - Making of Shilla Duty Free CF

Credits: tsukifuyu
Shared by: DBSKnights

Yunho - Kiss & Cry

Credits: capricouknow2
Shared by: DBSKnights

Miss Ripley - NG (Eng Subs)

Credits: mickytoho2
Shared by: DBSKnights

Kim Junsu's Musical 'Mozart!' premiered on the 17th

JYJ Kim Junsu appeared on the stage of musical ‘Mozart’.

Receiving new actor awards and popularity awards from last year’s prestigious award shows, “The Musical Awards” and “Korean Musical Award”, Kim Junsu who successfully debuted as a musical actor returned once again as music genius Mozart.

Nicknamed ‘Xiahzart’ and grabbing a place as musical actor, Kim Junsu received a nomination for the Best Actor award with seasoned actors such as Jung Sung Hwa and Jo Seung Woo etc, in the “5th The Musical Award” held on the 7th of June.

During the open rehearsal for Mozart, Kim Junsu had expressed, “To me, ‘Mozart’ is not just a simple musical work, it gave me a feel that I have once again descended to this world.”

Reappearing on Mozart’s stage, Kim Junsu said, “Have been thinking about wanting to reappear, presenting the looks of the best stage. I have been having many thoughts for the past 1 year about Mozart, about music and would want to present a different production of Mozart from last year’s.”

Additionally, Im Taekyung, Park Euntae, Kim Junsu, Chun Dong Shik will be performing in musical “Mozart” till the 3rd of July at Sungnam Arts Centre with Kim Junsu having 13 performances.

credit: newsnate+baidu
trans by: [email protected]
shared by: DBSKnights

C-Jes Free Fanmeeting DVD's For Fans With Membership

Hello everyone! This is C-Jes.

C-Jes will target fans with membership and provide an exclusive, free activity.
Free purchases can be ordered at the online “C-JeS Store”. Not only will members now have the privilege, but also non-members who are pending to receive their membership will also be eligible once their requests have been verified.

JYJ Fanmeeting – “Sweet White Valentine Date DVD” – March 12 held at Jamsil Stadium

Contents: 1 DVD, approx. 2 hours
Shipping: Mail Courier – 2500 Won (standard rate)
First pre-orders: June 22-28 (7 days)
Delivery Period: Upon receiving the orders, mass delivery will commence late-June, early-July. But if the number of orders exceed the number of stocked copies, they will be sent out on a first come first served basis. Please understand!
Others: Limited to 1 copy per member. If more than 1 copy is ordered, they will be automatically cancelled.

Thank you!

Source: [baidutvxq]
Translation credits: [email protected]
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Daily Post of JYJ Tweets

Wooo Xiahzart has begun his power trip~ :)

(Junsu, 10:13pm KST) I had two performances today.. Though I wasn’t in that great of a condition, I was able to gain strength from your support and end each performance safely and well! Thank you^^ Most of all, I really enjoyed the buffet that Xiah Yeonhap (T/N: Fansite for Junsu fans) provided for us in Busan, and I want to thank you so much for the snacks and tea that we received from you today~~

Source: [Junsu's Twitter]
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Park Yoochun Reveals Romantic Charm With a Birthday Party in "Miss Ripley"

Park Yoochun appeared on “Miss Ripley” drama as the “strongest birthday party boy” as he had prepared a colouful birthday party on the show.

On the 7th episode of the MBC drama “Miss Ripley” to be aired on June 20th, Park Yoochun prepared a surprise birthday event for the woman he had fallen in love with. Appearing with flower baskets filled with his love, Park Yoochun also had decorated the room with beautifully coloured balloons, and on a cake with two layers had written “Happy Birthday Miri” etc, Park Yoochun shows his “fine romance” with Lee Da Hae and boasts the charm of the “perfect romantic boy”.

On the 17th, the shooting for this scene was held on a set in Gyeonggi province. During this shooting, Yoochun prepared balloons for the birthday set with the shooting crew, laughing and enjoying himself like a child. Especially to write naturally on the two layered cake, he used the chocolate pen to practice and practice a number of times. Seeing him put all his will into writing each character with perfection, the staff noted at his enthusiastic zest in all the filming involved.

The production company has stated that, “Park Yoochun from Miss Ripley is emerging as “the best man all woman would have a romance with” and that “there is no woman that would not be touched by Park Yoochun’s unconditional love for Lee Da Hae. In the future, the true love Yoochun has shown Lee Da Hae will become a more interesting story”.

credit: innolife
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Yoochun Participated in Miss Ripley's OST with 'The Place I Left Empty For You'

Park Yoochun, who is currently filming in MBC ‘Miss Ripley’ has participated in the OST.

In ‘Miss Ripley’, Park Yoochun who is portraying as the Mondo Group’s successor Song Yuhyun will be singing an insert song ‘The Place I Left Empty For You’ for the drama.

‘Miss Ripley”s production company, Curtain Call Media expressed, “Through the ‘Miss Ripley’ OST that Park Yoochun sang, he will be able to fully reveal his own character Song Yuhyun’s feelings.”

‘The Place I Left Empty For You’ was composed by Jun Haesung who was the composer for SBS ‘Secret Garden”s ‘That Woman’ and it will be inserted into the drama from the 8th episode as Song Yuhyun’s theme.

The song will be out on all major online music stores on the 21st. ‘Miss Ripley’ official OST that include Hwayobi’s ‘Glass’ and ‘If It Was Not You’ etc, will be out on the 4th of July.

credit: 10.asiae+jrw8008
trans by: [email protected]
shared by: DBSKnights

JYJ's Kim Junsu Caught On Camera Being A Soccer Pitch 'DdalBabo'

Group JYJ’s Kim Junsu appeared in the Thong Nhat Stadium in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on the 15th of this month to show off his hidden soccer skills at ‘The 1st Doosan Asian Dream Cup’, Park Ji Sung’s charity soccer match.

Meanwhile, two photos were sent to ‘Enter Post’ recently.

They were unreleased photos that were taken at the opening ceremony of the April 15th ’2011 Peace Star Cup Celebrity Soccer Tournament’ at the Suwon World Cup Stadium.

In the photo, Kim Junsu is seen making eye contact with a little girl and conversing with her. He even bent over to be at level with the little girl and talked to her with what seem like warm words. But the little girl seems somewhat awkward and out-of-place. The difference in the two people’s expressions in the same situation brings a smile to one’s face.

What was Kim Junsu saying to the little girl?

Kim Junsu’s soccer pitch ‘DdalBaBo’ moments don’t end just here.

In another photo, Kim Junsu is seen fixing his hair while refusing to let go of the little girl’s hand. Even the little girl doesn’t let go of Kim Junsu’s hand, even if it meant scratching her cheek with the opposite hand. The moment caught on camera shows the two mirroring each other in a cute way.

‘Enter Post’ would like to ask this little girl, whose name we don’t know, a question that fans must be wanting to ask.

“Kid! What good deed did you do in your past life to deserve such good luck?”

Source: [Enter Post]
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Daily Post of JYJ Tweets

omg you worry me T__T Get better soon♥

(Jaejoong, 10:23pm KST) Are you all doing well? Recently, I suffered from a bacterial infection and am trying to overcome the inflammation on my arm as a result of it as well as the heat.. Careful to not let the heat get to you and don’t forget to think of your cleanliness!(Be careful with food)

I feel you…Japan is wet and hot now :(

[Akio, 10.32pm KST) @mjjeje I'm doing rather well. It keeps raining in Japan. Is your arm okay?
(Jaejoong, 10.39pm KST) @akionosuke It's been a while. Is Japan well? (^-^) It's too hot here, it's bad (T_T)

Poor Akio had to ask twice to get an answer about his arm LOL

(Akio, 10.43pm KST) @mjjeje It's cloudy and rainy, really humid! I want sunny weather. Korea is hot eh, I like hot weather better! Is your arm alright?

(Jaejoong, 10.48pm KST) @akionosuke Up till yesterday it was still rather bad, but I got an injection today so it'll probably be better soon.(^-^)But I actually like Japan when its rainy like that~

source: [Jaejoong's Twitter]
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Miura Says, "Park Ji Sung Brought JYJ Here? He's Amazing~"

The charity soccer match ‘Asian Dream Cup’, founded by Asian soccer icon Park Ji Sung(30, Manchester United), successfully ended on the 15th in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. With Korean and Japanese all-stars present, the match garnered much attention from Asian soccer fans and JS Foundation has decided to reveal some interesting behind-the-scenes stories.


○… “Park Ji Sung, he’s amazing~”
When ‘Hallyu stars’ Jaejoong and Junsu of JYJ appeared at the welcome banquet on the 14th, the Japanese players, including Nakata Hidetoshi and Miura Kazuyoshi(FC Yokohama), were delighted to see them and said, “Is that really JYJ?” They even joked as they said, “For Park Ji Sung to have brought JYJ here, he’s amazing!”

During the entire banquet, Kim Jaejoong was seated next to the Japanese players and was seen conversing with them in fluent Japanese, even joining the players for some alcohol after the meal after being invited by Nakata. It was also said that he befriended many of the soccer players such as Jung Tese.

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JYJ's Yoochun Releases "A Space Left For You" for the 'Miss Ripley' OST

JYJ’s Yoochun released his participation track for part three of his drama’s OST, MBC’s “Miss Ripley“.

Yoochun sang his own theme song, “A Space Left For You“, which is a song composed by Jun Hae Sung (of Baek Ji Young’s “That Woman” and Hyun Bin’s “That Man” fame). The emotional lyrics and passionate melody blend well with Yoochun’s deep voice.

Producers said, “Through the OST for ‘Miss Ripley’, Park Yoochun will be expressing everything he has inside of him for his character, ‘Song Yoohyun’. The beautiful melody and Park Yoochun’s voice makes for a heartbreaking song that will pave its way into the hearts of viewers.”

Source + Photos: Everyday Economy via Naver
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Jaejoong's Elbow Infection

The pic of Jaejoong's elbow infection was taken in Vietnam and was found by Japanese Cassies
(The injury seems quite serious...i wonder what happend...maybe he fell off his skateboard? @[email protected] poor jaejoong...*sigh*)

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Fahrenheit took pictures with both Yunho and Jaejoong?

Fahrenheit was recently spotted multiple times during their visit to South Korea. There, they held a fan meeting with special guests Ryeowook and Kyuhyun of Super Junior. A few days later, two of the members, Calvin Chen and Jiro Wang, went shopping. Much to the delight of Cassies, they also took photos with cardboard standees of DBSK’s Yunho and JYJ’s Jaejoong.

With DBSK's Yunho

With JYJ's Jaejoong

With all three members of JYJ

This wouldn’t be the first time Fahrenheit’s first encounter with DBSK. In 2008, Fahrenheit expressed that they would like to work with DBSK, “We heard that their new album is getting a good response so we would really like to try to work with them.” The two groups also had the chance to meet at the Asia Song Festival, where they took a photo together.

DBSK and Fahrenheit in 2008

We’ll be seeing more of Fahrenheit with Jiro Wang starring alongside Goo Hye Sun in the Taiwanese drama adaptation of Japanese manga, "Absolute Boyfriend." Fahrenheit will also take part of the Korea Tourism Exhibition as representatives of Taiwan.

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"The Power Of Park Yoochun"..."Miss Ripley" Is Successfully Sold to China, Japan, Taiwan

“The Power Of Park Yoochun” is truly unstoppable!

JYJ member Park Yoochun is currently starring in MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Miss Ripley” which is continually being exported to various countries and reaping big rewards. “Miss Ripley” started airing this month” and was sold to China, Japan, Taiwan and other countries during the “2011 Shanghai TV Festival.”

As“Miss Ripley” is a show that casts Park Yoochun, who is active as a singer throughout Asia and holds the firm position as a “Hallyu star,” it has received a lot of attention from overseas buyers even from the planning stage. Therefore, once the show started airing, it simultaneously opened up pathways for the overseas markets.

MBC personnel expressed, “After the first episode of the drama aired, it didn’t take very long to get contracts. So actually, it can be considered as a pre-sale. As he is a member of JYJ, and has a large fan-base all across Asia, we could negotiate for favorable terms when signing the contracts.”

Recently, Park Yoochun was invited to participate in the “The 1st Doosan Asian Dream Cup,” and went to Vietnam for this first charity event from the JS Foundation, founded by English Premier League player Park Ji-Sung.

Other JYJ members Kim Junsu and Kim Jaejoong, together with Park Yoochun paid a visit to Vietnam and received a passionate reception from the Vietnamese fans, once again proving that they are indeed representative Hallyu stars.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Sports Hankooki]
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Jung Sun Ah Praises Kim Junsu in Her Interview

It looks like each member of the ‘Mozart quartet’ has his own unique character?

“They’re different. Each of them are different.”

#2 Kim Junsu(Xiahzart): “Wow~ That kid is really a prodigy. That word explains him well. I think he’s really intelligent. Compared to last year’s performances, he wasn’t able to rehearse much for the encore performance because he was also holding a world tour in between. He came to about two rehearsals and did a run-through and he was so good at it. There were a lot of changes in the lyrics from last year’s performances, but he was perfect.“

“He talks to me on the phone and we chat on Kakao Talk often. I really like him. But it’s not only me; other ‘aunties’… like Young Suk and Lee Gyeong Mi, really like him too. This is confidential.. but when we’re in the make up room, there’s a monitor that let’s us watch what Junsu’s doing on stage. Whenever Junsu comes on, we all say, “How is he so good?”, “Awwww~” and “Look at him, look at him!” Gyeong Mi’s love for Junsu is amazing.”


Two of your husbands are older than you and two are younger than you.

“I don’t know about Junsu, but I can feel the age difference with Dong Seok, though they’re both younger than me. He’s quite handsome on stage. Hahaha!”


“Could there be anyone (who came from being a celebrity to a musical actor) who loves musicals more than I do? For people who have come from the TV screen to the musical stage, some may see musicals as just a job that brings home the paycheck. But how much do those people really love musicals? Of course, Junsu is an exception. From when I was little, I’ve always dreamed of becoming a musical actress. Now, I’m living it and wanting to make it my entire life.”


Who is the actor who has had the best chemistry with you till now? Just so you know, a fan of Kim Junsu asked this question.

“Hahaha! First of all, I’d just like to say that I have horrible memory. When a concert has an encore performance, people usually remember how other actors were in the initial performance, but I can’t. My mom says, ‘How do you memorize your lines with that awful memory of yours?’ I’m better at momentary concentration.”

“At first, I worked really well with Gun Myeong. At that time, I didn’t know much so it must have been hard on him. I work really well with Junsu too. I thought we wouldn’t have great chemistry together but we surprisingly do. It’s because Junsu’s so witty.“


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Bigeast Mail - SMTOWN LIVE in TOKYO SPECIAL EDITION Additional Performance Decided!

Good Afternoon to everyone at Bigeast!

Although the date and time of the postponed performances for SMTOWN LIVE in TOKYO SPECIAL EDITION has been confirmed, as a response to everyone’s passionate support, we would like to inform you that we have decided to hold an additional performance.

Concert Information


Performers: KANGTA/BoA/Tohoshinki/SUPER JUNIOR/Shoujo Jidai/SHINee/f(x)/J-Min and more

Concert Date: 2 September 2011 (Friday)
Gates Open: 15:30 Concert Starts: 17:30

Venue : Tokyo Dome

(Other Information Omitted)

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Which Idols Do People Want To See On 'Immortal 'Music Classics 2'?

As netizens continue to take interest in idols’ vocal talents, they’ve voted for Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon as the idol singer they’d most like to see on KBS 2TV’s ‘Immortal Music Classics 2, Singing Legends’. In the TV Entertainment corner of the women’s portal site EZday, a survey was conducted with the title ‘Which idol singer would you most like to see as a new member of ‘Immortal Classics 2′?’ and 45% of voters gave their support to Taeyeon.

Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation, who are currently sowing the seeds of a new Hallyu Wave in Europe, receives much love for her vocal talent. Second place went to JYJ’s Kim Junsu with 21% of the voters’ support. Kim Junsu has been taking the musical industry by storm with his explosive vocal talent and is receiving much love as a member of JYJ.

2AM’s Jokwon came in third with 19% of the votes and Big Bang’s Taeyang followed with 13% of the votes. Netziens who participated in the survey showed much affection for Taeyeon and gave her their full support.

‘Immortal Classics 2, Singing Legends’ airs every Saturday on KBS 2TV and is a program in which idol stars reinterpret popular songs of the past and compete with each other.

The survey was held for a week from June 6th till the 12th with 1001 participants. 74%(739 people) were women and 26%(262 people) were men, 15%(155 people) were in their 20s, 39%(398 people) were in their 30s and 29%(291 people) were in their 40s, showing a strong participation from female netizens in their 30s and 40s.

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SBS Reveals JYJ's Kim Jaejoong is likely to star in new drama "Last Secretary"

After many reports that JYJ's Kim Jaejoong will be starring in a drama in the latter half of 2011, a representative of SBS has stepped forward to reveal that Kim Jaejoong has is likely to be cast in their new drama, "Last Secretary".

If casted, Kim Jaejoong will play a chic and charismatic man in his 30s named Cha Muheon. As a powerful yet gentle man who is active in the financial world, Cha Muheon is a person who can read people's mind and is nicknamed "Prince". It has also been revealed that the drama will include a love-triangle story involving Muheon and his cousin, Jiheon.

After starring in the 2009 movie "Heaven's Postman," this will be the first time that Kim Jaejoong will be starring in a Korean drama.

As an idol-turned-actor, Jaejoong spurred interest from Japanese media last year and ranked #1 in the "Sports Nikkan Drama Grand Prix" for the "Best Supporting Actor" category for his role in his debut drama, "Sunao ni Narenakute."

Fellow member Park Yoochun already has multiple accomplishments under his belt, as he starred in last year's hit drama "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" and is currently starring in "Miss Ripley," while Kim Junsu has become a hot star with his musicals "Mozart" and "Tears of Heaven."

Regarding Kim Jaejoong's role in the drama, representatives stated, "It looks promising, but has not been confirmed."

"Last Secretary" is a romantic comedy which revolves around a female heroine's love story with an office superior after her employment at a large conglomerate. The drama is scheduled to begin airing in August after "City Hunter" and may star actresses Choi Kanghee and Lee Heejin.

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'Miss Ripley- Ep. 7 & 8

Ep. 7

Ep. 8

Credits: Toudou
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'Come To Play' Makes A 'SM TOWN Special' With Fans All Over The World Using SNS

K-pop fans will be coming to play to ‘Come to Play’.

MBC’s ‘Yoo Jae Seok and Kim Won Hee’s Come to Play’ took questions from fans all over the world till the 20th with the theme ‘Questions You have for SM Entertainment Singers’.

The staff of ‘Come to Play’ posted a notice last weekend on Social Network Services(SNS), such as Facebook and Twitter. They were thoroughly surprised at the number of messages they received over the period of time they gave to fans.

A representative of ‘Come to Play’ stated in a phone conversation with Hankooki that, “Thousands of messages have been flooding in till the deadline today on the 20th.” He also added, “Japanese, American and European fans are a given and we’ve received messages from countries whose languages we can’t even recognize.”

The reason ‘Come to Play’ has created such an event is because SM Town successfully completed two concerts on the 10th and 11th in Paris, France. To repay the international fans for their support, ‘Come to Play’ and ‘SM Town’ singers will be communicating with them through SNS.

All members of Super Junior and GIrls’ Generation will be present, as well as some members from other groups such as f(x) and TVXQ. The special episode will air on the 27th.

Source: [Hankooki]
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Han Ye Seul Invites Choikang Changmin On A Surprise 'Summer Solstice' Date

“Choikang Changmin, do you want to spend the summer solstice with me?”

While clearing up rumors of an alleged wedding, actress Han Ye Seul proposed a surprise date to Choikang Changmin. This was on the 20th during the ‘Spy Myeong Wol’ press conference at the KBS Drama Center.

On this day, Han Ye Seul cleared up rumors of her getting married soon and said, “Though it might be difficult to get married in the next year, my chances will probably shoot up in two to three years.” She continued to say, “If I want to get married, I should probably stick to the plan of getting a boyfriend after this production is over.”

To this, Eric also helped her as he said, “I too was curious of the rumors so I asked her about it on the plane, but she told me she has no plans to get married any time soon. But I’m worried that another article will be published with the title, ‘Han Ye Seul to get Married in Three Years’. Those were words that could be misunderstood easily.”

When asked what she thought about being chosen as Choikang Changmin’s ideal woman, she aroused laughter from those around her when she said, “Choikang Changmin, do you want to spend the summer solstice with me?”

Source: [seoul ntn]
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'StarQ10' What Are The Unusual Records That TVXQ Have Set?

What records have Hallyu stars TVXQ set that have surprised the world?

On the 25th, SBS’ E!TV ‘StarQ10′ made an investigation into TVXQ’s unusual Guinness World records as well as their overseas activities.

In 2008, TVXQ won the Guinness World Record for the biggest fanclub in the world and in 2009, they won the record for being the most photographed celebrities in the world with over 500 million photos taken of them.

During their Japanese tour, they set a record by selling out their tickets in a mere second. They surprised everyone when it was found that they were so active overseas in 2004 that they traveled the equivalent of 80 trips around the world.

TVXQ even proved their popularity in China when they received 136,031,908 votes in a popularity vote on a Chinese site. A Russian figure skater (Ilia Kulik) even used one of TVXQ’s songs for his gala show.

‘StarQ10′ staff plan to call overseas Korean residents to listen to the extent of K-POP’s popularity and the Hallyu Wave.

In this episode, questions for ‘SM idol groups who are redrawing the Hallyu map with K-POP’ will be revealed in six keywords.

The episode of SBS’ E!TV ‘StarQ10′ will air on the 25th at 2:30

Source: [tv daily]
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Park Yoochun's 'This Empty Place Is For You' Takes Over Online Music Charts

Park Yoochun’s ‘This Empty Place is For You’ has taken over various online music charts.

In Part 3 of the ‘Miss Ripley’ OST, Park Yoochun sang Song Yoo Hyun’s theme song ‘This Empty Place is For You’ and became a hot topic for doing so.

Part 3 of the ‘Miss Ripley’ OST, which includes ‘This Empty Place is For You’, was released online at midnight on the 21st and immediately became the most searched term on various portal sites as well as the most popular song on various music charts such as Naver Music, Daum Music, Melon, Dosirak, Bugs and Cyworld, effectively making an ‘all-kill’ on domestic music charts.

On the afternoon of the 21st, ‘This Empty Place is For You’ was still the most popular song on Daum Music’s Real Time Charts and Cyworld Music’s Real Time Charts, and was the second on Melon’s Recent Songs Chart and third on Bugs Music’s Real Time Charts. The song was still highly ranked in other online sites such as Dosirak and Naver Music as well.

‘This Empty Place is For You’ has been praised for perfectly portraying the longing for a woman by blending Park Yoochun’s emotion-filled voice with sentimental lyrics. As it shows what Song Yoo Hyun is feeling in the drama, it is expected to better complete the drama and Song Yoo Hyun’s method of showing his love for Jang Miri.

The song came on during the 7th episode of ‘Miss Ripley’ on the 20th when Song Yoo Hyun confessed his love for Jang Miri and proved Park Yoochun’s popularity as ratings shot up during the scene.

A representative of the production company stated, “Park Yoochun’s soft and warm voice was perfect for the song ‘This Empty Place is For You’ and this allowed him to make an ‘all-kill’ on the music charts,” and “He’s as passionate about his music as he is about acting, which makes us believe that Park Yoochun is a true entertainer.”

The ‘Miss Ripley’ OST will be released offline as a full album on July 4th.

Source: [tv report]
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Xiah Junsu Lives In The Same Neighborhood As Lee Sora...288m^2 For 1.8 Billion Won

It has been confirmed that JYJ’s Xiah Junsu lives in the same neighborhood as singer Lee Sora.

Lee Sora’s Winsle County town house in Paju, Gyeonggi-do has become a hot topic online and it has been found that Xiah Junsu’s parents live in the same area.

Xiah Junsu’s house is a 87 pyeong(approximately 288m²) Winsle County house and was sold to him at a market price of around 1.7 to 1.8 billion Won. Lee Sora is living in a 75 pyeong(248m²) house that costs approximately 1.5 billion Won. The two houses are at a very close distance though each is built as a detached villa, and they’ve been called the ‘Star Town Houses’ amongst those living in the neighborhood.

Xiah Junsu has garnered great attention in the past when he released photos of his house’s interior on his Twitter account. In May, he uploaded photos of his garden of flowers with the captions, “I fed my fish. The baby fish have grown up so much,” and “This is the scenery of the garden from the second floor. The azaleas have bloomed and the running water sounds pretty good.”

Winsle County is made up of 98 large-scale town houses across 43,281m² of land and each villa has three floors, of which one is underground. Each villa has an average of 100m² of private gardens, has parking space for at least two cars and can each have its mailing address registered individually. Each room has great lighting and scenery as the houses are surrounded by an array of beautiful landscapes.

A representative of Dongmoon Construction stated, “As it is impossible to see the inside of the house when you pass by, it would be close to impossible to invade the families’ privacies,” and “Most of the people who live in the houses are executives of firms, professionals, and delegates.”

Source: [star mk]
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Fan Report Regarding Yunho's Leg Injury

This is written by [email protected]

Through the help of a Korean Noona fan, I am able to directly ask Yunho’s father about Yunho’s leg injury. Due to Yunho’s hectic schedule and the continuous skating practice for two days, Yunho strained his leg and it is slightly swollen. However, the leg injury is not so serious to the extent that he needed hospital treatment. Yunho’s injury has been relieved through medications and massage treatments. Yunho and his father would like everyone to not worry too much about his injury and hope that everyone could continue supporting the show.

I’ve the same thought as many of my friends. We are proud of Yunho for participating in the show but on the other hand, we are worried about him as well. Upon learning he had himself injured, we do hope that he can withdraw from the program immediately. However, given his character, we know that Yunho does not allow himself to be defeated easily. Since he chose to participate in this program, he would put in his very best till the very end of the program. Its either he works hard till the very last second of his performance or he do not participate at all. This is our Yunho. Therefore, though we are worried about him, let’s watch him complete each and every of his performances beautifully. Yunho hwaiting!

Source: [email protected]
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Park Yoochun Moves People With His Sentimental Narration In The 'MBC Special'

Park Yoochun’s narration left a deep impression on people.

During the MBC Special ‘The Hometown I Used to Live in’, Park Yoochun’s voice made a special appearance as he took on the job as the narrator.

The program was divided into four sections of ‘Our Hometown, Two Months worth of Records’, ‘Shock, the Scene of Destruction as Seen from the Sky’, ‘The Scenery isn’t the Only Thing that Changes’ and ‘Seomjin River Citizens’ Rage’ and showed the last moments of serene peace and scenery that we wish to return to, but will disappear forever.

Park Yoochun’s unique, sentimental and baritone voice added another level of sincerity to the documentary that highlighted the painful reality that lay for our hometowns as they are uprooted by the government’s development plans.

Netizens gave Park Yoochun positive marks for his first narration as they said, “As I was watching the MBC special, I teared up as the sad reality and Park Yoochun’s voice molded together”, “Park Yoochun’s voice is really nice” and “I was able to get into it more because of Park Yoochun’s narration.”

Park Yoochun is currently working on a tight schedule as he films for MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Miss Ripley’ but decided to take on the narration job as he agreed with the theme of the program.

Source: [seoul ntn]
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Lyrics To Yuchun's "The Empty Space Left For You" (from Miss Ripley Sountrack)

The Empty Space for You
Album: Miss Ripley OST Part3
Composed & Written by: Jung Haesung
Song by: Park Yuchun

I hope it’s not love
The coming goodbye hurts so much
If you can be happy, [I’ll] stop now stop
This is all I can do for you

My love is an empty space only for you for you for you
I look away and laugh with effort so that you don’t find out
I don’t like it when you’re hurt I don’t like goodbyes
You shouldn’t love me

I would like it if it wasn’t you
Because you, you are the most precious to me in this world
So I push you away and make you cry and turn you down
This is all I can do for you

My love is an empty space only for you for you for you
I look away and laugh with effort so that you don’t find out
I don’t like it when you’re hurt I don’t like goodbyes
You shouldn’t love me

Don’t wait for me… I barely hold back the bitter tears
And I turn around and leave like this

I love you I love you I love you I love you my only love
Although I shout with my heart I can’t call out because [you’re] too precious
My pain is okay because I love you
I can just cry until I’m crazy

I don’t like it when you’re hurt because I love you
I can just do this much


[너를 위한 빈자리]
앨범 : 미스 리플리 OST Part3
작사곡: 전해성
노래 : 박유천

사랑이 아니었음 좋겠어
자꾸 다가오는 이별은 너무 아프잖아
니가 행복할 수 있다면 그만 이제 그만
네게 해줄 수 있는 건 이것뿐

내 사랑 너만을 너만을 너만을 너를 위한 빈자리
눈치 채지 못하게 애써 외면하며 웃고 있는다
니가 아프면 난 싫어 이별은 싫어
날 사랑하면 안돼요

그대가 아니었음 좋겠어
세상에서 가장 소중한 그대 그대 이니까
그래서 널 밀치며 또 울리며 뿌리치며
네게 해줄 수 있는 건 이것뿐

내 사랑 너만을 너만을 너만을 너를 위한 빈자리
눈치 채지 못하게 애써 외면하며 웃고 있는다
니가 아프면 난 싫어 이별은 싫어
날 사랑하면 안돼요

기다리지마 쓰디쓴 눈물 또 겨우 참아내며
난 뒤돌아서 가요 나 이렇게

사랑해 사랑해 사랑해 사랑해 하나뿐인 내 사랑
가슴으론 외쳐도 너무 소중해서 부르진 못해
내가 아픈 건 괜찮아 사랑하니까
난 미치도록 울면 돼

니가 아프면 난 싫어 사랑하니까
난 여기까지 하면 돼

Source: @thelenalee
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Park Yoochun's "Miss Ripley" Soundtrack Has Taken Over Online Music Charts

JYJ’s Park Yoochun’s song for the drama “Miss Ripley” has recently become a hot topic.

For his current drama “Miss Ripley”, Park Yoochun sang in Part 3 of the soundtrack for Son Yoohyun’s theme song of “This Vacant Place For You”, which has become a huge hit. This soundtrack “This Vacant Place For You” was released online on June 21st midnight becoming the number one searched keyword in various portal sites and on top of that topped various music charts such as Naver, Daum, Melon, Dosirak, Cyworld, etc.

This also continued on the afternoon of June 21st when Yoochun’s song “This Vacant Place For You” remained number 1 in Daum’s Music Real Time Charts, Cyworld’s Music Real Time charts, and became number 2 in Melon’s Recent Music chart, and 3rd on Bug’s Music Real Time charts. Among this, the power of Park Yoochun has kept this song highly ranked in other online websites such as Dosirak and Naver as well.

“This Vacant Place For You” has received praises, complimenting the harmony that exudes in Park Yoochun’s vocals, which combined with the lyrics, perfectly expresses the pained heart of a woman. It has been said that it expresses perfectly Son Yoohyun’s heart in the drama and his love for Lee Da Hae creating a drama of a higher level of perfection.

The production company comments, “Park Yoochun’s warm and soft voice in “This Vacant Place For You” was perfect for this song and has monopolized all music charts. Channeling the same enthusiasm he has in singing into his acting, we believe that Park Yoochun is a true entertainer.”

source: innolife
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Yoon Hyung Bin Says, "I Insulted TVXQ And Was Insulted By 180,000 People In One Hour"

Comedian Yoon Hyung Bin talked about a dizzying moment during his days as ‘Wang Biho’.

In the ‘Strong Heart’ episode that aired on the 21st, Yoon Hyung Bin talked about what happened to him after insulting TVXQ during his days as ‘Wang Biho’ in the KBS tv show ‘Gag Concert’.

On this day, Yoon Hyung Bin aroused the curiosity of many when he said, “Kang Hodong earned a Guinness World Record by shaking hands with 28.233 people in eight hours. But that doesn’t even measure up to what happened to me.”

According to the comedian, his homepage was flooded when he insulted TVXQ on ‘Gag Concert’. His homepage was visited by a total of 180,000 people in a mere hour and became ‘a field of insults’.

Yoon Hyung Bin said, “At that time, as soon as I said TVXQ’s name, the audience looked at me with sincere worry for my safety,” and “The insult I made was, ‘They have a fanclub of 800,000 but have only sold 100,000 copies of their album?’”

He continued to show the power(?) of TVXQ by saying, “When I looked at the ‘field of insults’ on my homepage, I thought ‘Wow, I’ve never seen those kinds of insults before,’” and “I’ve always been attacked by my antifans when I was ‘Wang Biho’. Usually, 20,000 to 30,000 people would appear on my homepage but when I insulted TVXQ, I attracted 180,000 people.”

Source: [tv report]
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Park Yoochun's Version Of Miss Ripley OST A Big Hit

The Miss Ripley OST that JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun sang is performing well on various music charts.

Park Yoo Chun sang the OST “The empty seat for you” which is the theme song for his character and is gaining a lot of popularity.

The moment that the song was released (June 21st) it was number one on real-time searched words and made number one on various online music chart (Naver, Daum, and Melon etc.)

Park Yoo Chun’s version of “The empty seat for you” is said to fit well with Park Yoo Chun’s sensual voice and perfectly portrays a man’s affection for one woman. The song fits in well with Park Yoo Chun’s character “Song Yoo Hyun” and makes the drama a more enjoyable experience.

The drama “Miss Ripley” itself gained more popularity for its episode on June 20th where Park Yoo Chun’s character confessed his love for Lee Da Hae’s character. During the scene, the OST played in the background.

The production team stated, “Park Yoo Chun who is as great at music to the amount of passion he has for acting is a true entertainer.”

Miss Ripley’s OST album will be sold offline on July 4th.

Credits: [email protected]
Shared by: DBSKnights

"Miss Ripley" Park Yoochun Reveals His Identity To Lee Da Hae

On yesterday’s episode of MBC’s “Miss Ripley,” Yoo Hyun (Park Yoo Chun) unveiled his identity to Mi Ri (Lee Da Hae) by confessing that he’s Mondo Group’s heir.

After Yoo Hyun and Mi Ri started officially dating, he cautiously revealed, “My dad is the CEO of Mondo Group” in order to introduce her to his parents. Mi Ri, who was aware of the fact, made a surprised face, pretending that she was shocked, as she demanded “How could you deceive me?” Yoo Hyun apologized, “I’m sorry. Can you please forget everything else and just think about me? Please understand that I did this so that I could meet you.”

However, as Mi Ri continued to pretend that she was fuming, Yoo Hyun confessed “I love you. I’m upset that I have to confess my love to you in this kind of situation, but I really mean it. I love you.”

Things have been going on the way Mi Ri had planned as Yoo Hyun revealed his identity to her. She followed alongside Yoo Hyun to meet his father In Soo (Jang Yong) and confessed that they have promised to marry each other. However, his step mom Lee Hwa (Choi Myung Gil) gazed at her suspiciously, foreshadowing that she might possibly influence Mi Ri and Yoo Hyun’s relationship.

MBC’s “Miss Ripley” received viewer ratings of 13.2% yesterday, a slight increase of 1.3% from Monday, according to statistics by AGB Nielsen Media Research. Meanwhile, SBS’s “Lie to Me” and KBS’s “Baby-Faced Beauty” which are aired during the same time slot received 8.7% and 14.6%, respectively.

Credits: [email protected]
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Hayato’s Blog Updates
The number of fans' signatures are so few

June 23, 2011
A little bit disappointed

I heard that the fans sent a demanding paper to avex.
(T/N: Hayato should be referring to this one.)

Reading the contents, I think they are the fans' natural opinions and rights.

But, were there only 14923 signatures?... so few?

The number of the international fans' signatures are also included…

There were more than 20000 who participated in the charity concert… there were many more who wanted to participate, but could not… and so few?

JYJ’s 3 members' feelings toward avex… me, who have directly heard from them, think that this number is unexpectedly small.

I heard that there were fans who took the lead not to participate in the petition.
I feel very sorry that…JYJ’s feeling toward Japan has not reached the fans.

I do not need anyone’s comments concerning this matter.

(on 11:08)

(T/N: The comment column which the fans could write in was closed from the start, and the article itself was deleted approx two hours after posting.)

Source: JYJ2011
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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The Current Situation of JYJ in Japan
From Weekly Magazine Shukan Bunshun

T/N: Shukan (Weekly) Bunshun is a weekly magazine, a circulation of 500 thousand copies per week (2008). The main target is for working member of the society.

It is almost a year since, and there were many pains… we didn’t know it was this hard to be able to come to Japan. (Jaejoong’s MC)

There was the charity event for the Eastern Japan disaster by the Korean 3 members’ group JYJ on June 7 at Ryogoku Kokugikan, Tokyo. 20 thousand went wildly excited.

Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu broke away from the Korean 5 members’ group Tohoshinki, and formed JYJ. They brought the case to court because they were dissatisfied of profit sharing and of the 13 years’ long term contract, the so-called “slave contract”. They are being in opposition with Yunho and Changmin, who remained as “Tohoshinki”. Being in such trouble, avex, who have signed with them their Japanese contract, have suspended the activities of the 3 members from September last year.

“The remaining contract period is less than one year. They intend not to approve any of their activities.” (person related to the record company)
JYJ side has stated that the charity itself is not show business, however, avex stated that “there are contractual problems”, and there was talk that the performance itself will be cancelled.
“The concert at the Kokugikan was not announced until the last minute, and JYJ side forced their way through. avex is now enraged, and if there is a similar case in the future, they may claim compensation for damages. (same person)

“It is so lonely that they resumed their activities for only one day. If they hold a concert every day, I will go every day, and I will contribute every day, too.” There are such fans’ voices. On the other hand, the tabloid newspapers and TV stations took no notice of the event the next day.
It should be a little later before we can see their Japanese activities.

(T/N: above the article)
They sang 12 songs for both the afternoon and evening event. The ticket price in auction sites were up to 5 times of the original price. It was the first time that the Kokugikan was full of ladies. (T/N: Kokugikan is the venue for traditional Japanese sumo wrestling matches.)

(T/N: right bottom of Junsu picture)
Junsu is active in musicals. His twin brother Juno is active in the entertainment world, too.

(T/N: left bottom of Jaejoong picture)
Jaejoong was the eldest in Tohoshinki. He made his Japanese drama debut last year.

(T/N: right bottom of Yoochun picture)
Yoochun was living in US since he was in the upper grade of elementary school till right before his debut in 2004.


T/N: avex stockholders' meeting 2011 will take place on June 26 (Sun), 10:00am at the Tokyo International Forum

Source: Shukan Bunshun & [email protected]
Trans: smiley @
Special thanks:
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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THSK New Single 'Superstar' Top the Charts on HMV & 7-11

On 20th June, Tohoshinki's new single 'Superstar' top the pre-order chart at 7-eleven store.

On the 21st June when HMW started the pre-order for their new single, it top the chart as well.

Source: BaiduTVXQ
Translation: sshutingg @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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JYJ Junsu's Luxury Townhouse Garners Much Attention

JYJ Junsu’s luxury townhouse has been the center of attention lately after it was revealed that veteran singer Lee So Ra also lives in the same ritzy neighborhood. Local media reported that they live in Paju, a suburb area just outside of Seoul. The district they live in is an upscale neighborhood with only 98 townhouses that are mostly comprised of two ground floors and a basement.

After the location was reported, many fans and media went back to Junsu’s past Tweets where he revealed photos of the interior of his house. In these photos, you can see an upscale bar, luxurious living room, garage with a ping pong table, and a garden with a mini waterfall/water fountain.

Junsu currently lives with his parents at home. The average price for this townhouse reportedly goes as high as $2 million USD.

Credits: thunderstix @ soompi
Shared by: DBSKnights

Park Yoochun's Stylist Fixes His Hair With Delicate Hands,'I Want To Be That Hand For A Day'

Park Yoochun’s stylist has become the subject of envy.

On the homepage of MBC’s ‘Miss Ripley’, a photo of Park Yoochun reading over his script was recently posted. He showed his passion for acting in little gestures such as highlighting all his lines with a blue highlighter.

But what caught the eyes of netizens the most was a mysterious hand that was fixing Park Yoochun’s hair. Many believe that the hand belongs to Park Yoochun’s coordinator.

As Jung Woo Sung’s stylist has already become the subject of envy for being the one to have bestowed the actor with a kiss mark for a scene in his production, netizens are once more showing a heated response to such a photo. Netizens left comments such as, “I want to be those fingers”, “The stylist must have saved the country in her past life,” and “I want to be that hand for a day.”

Source: [tv report]
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Ultimate Global Agency, United Asia Management To Launch

Imagine all your favorite top stars -- TVXQ, Kim Hyun-Joong, Soo-ae, Super Junior, Park Jin-young, ect. -- in one place. How exiting would that be? Well imagine no further because this is indeed happening on June 24th at 7.30 PM at the Banyan Tree Club & Spa in Jangchoong-dong, Seoul.

This event celebrates the lunch of a grand-scale collaboration agency, United Asia Management (UAM), which will tie together six of the top and biggest entertainment agencies here in Korea: KEYEAST, AM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment and Star J.

June 24th will consist of a press conference and a congratulatory party. Some of the special star appearance will be Kim Nam-gil, Choi Gang-hee, Kim Soo-hyun, 2PM, Ahn Sung-gi, Cha Seung-won, and Jung Joon-ho. Expected to attend as audience members will be stars Gwak Gyeong-taek, Kim Ji-woon, Kim Sung-soo and Yoon Seok-ho.

UAM said that the agency was formed to team up the country's biggest artists and related enteitainment officials. It will support the activities of Korea's stars, especially k-pop starts to further spread the Hallyu wave abroad.

Source: KBS Global
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JYJ To Repay Fans For Their Support With The 'Gwangju Encore Concert'

To repay their fans for their endless support, such as selling out the recent Busan concerts, JYJ(Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) will be holding an encore concert.

On the 26th at 7pm, JYJ will be holding the ‘JYJ WORLD TOUR CONCERT IN GWANGJU’ at the Yeom Joo Gymnasium and greeting their domestic fans once more.

JYJ stated, “We are thankful to have met so many domestic and international fans at all our concert venues since April, when we started in Thailand, Taiwan, and China, then flew to Canada and the United States to finally end in Korea,” and “We were able to show a wide variety of our talents through this world tour by singing songs from our worldwide album as well as other self-composed songs. As we have much affection for this world tour, we are happy to be able to hold an encore performance.”

After the encore concert, JYJ plan to focus on their individual activities. Park Yoochun is currently playing the role of Song Yoo Hyun in the MBC drama ‘Miss Ripley’ while Kim Junsu will be participating in the encore performances of the musical ‘Mozart!’ at the Opera House in the Seongnam Arts Center till early-July. Kim Jaejoong is currently looking over possibilities of entering the domestic drama industry and is planning to greet Korean viewers soon.

An interview with the members, as well as clips from the concert, will be aired on the 28th through KBS 2TV’s ‘Live News Feed(생생정보통)-Entertainment Generation’.

Source: osen
Translated & shared by:

Tohoshinki- 7netshopping CF


CM+YH: 7 and I
CM: What are you doing?
YH: 7net
CM: Huh?
CM: Whoa! Who’s the recipient?
YH: From 7/11
CM: Really?
Narrator: online 24/7, 7net shopping
YH: Are you going to 7net?
CM: I will.

Ccredit: TVXQtweety3
trans+shared by:

Jaejoong Starring In "The Boss Has Changed"; Dedicating Himself To Acting Practice

Kim Jaejoong of JYJ’s appearance in a domestic drama has been confirmed. Kim Jaejoong has been cast as the male lead for The Boss Has Changed (working title) that will be broadcasted starting on the coming August 3as the follow up to City Hunter that is currently airing as SBS’s Wed-Thurs drama.

Kim Jaejoong has become known to be currently dedicating himself to acting practice, for the sake of his fans who had waited for him and for the drama.

An affiliate said: “He has continually been practicing his acting, but as this is the first time that he is meeting the Korean fans through a drama, he is preparing with even more effort. We wish that you will look upon him with favor.”

(Generic description of drama characters omitted)

Source: Newsen, MyDaily
Translated by: JYJ3
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Oricon Reveals The Results Of First Half Rankings of 2011!

Oricon recently revealed the results on the first half year rankings for 2011! Check out the Top 10 in the various categories below.

1. “Everyday, Kachuusha” – AKB48 : (1,499,026)
2. “Sakura no Ki ni Narou” – AKB48 : (1,076,916)
3. “Lotus” – Arashi : (624,865)
4. “Why? (Keep Your Head Down) - Tohoshinki : (284,410)
5. “Banzai Venus” – SKE48 : (270,208)
6. “Let’s try again” – Team Amuse!! : (262,091)
7. “T.W.L/Yellow Pansy Street” – Kanjani 8 : (252,634)
8. “Eternal” – Akanishi Jin : (241,630)
9. “Shumatsu Not yet” – Not yet : (237,813)
10. “Dear J” – Itano Tomomi : (215,466)

(Album and DVD ranking omitted)

Source: Oricon
Shared by: Tokyohive + DBSKnights

Yoochun's 'Miss Ripley' and Changmin's 'Come To Play' Were Filmed At The Same Time In The Same Building

JYJ’s Park Yoochun and TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin kept MBC’s staff on their toes as they filmed for their respective shows on the same day and time with just one wall separating them.

On the 22nd, Park Yoochun filmed for ‘Miss Ripley’ on set at the MBC Dream Center in Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do. He was following a rigorous schedule of filming for the drama in the morning in the MBC building and heading out in the afternoon to film in Gangnam.

Next to the indoor set of ‘Miss Ripley’ was the set of MBC’s ‘Come to Play’. On this day, many SM Entertainment singers were present after completing their ‘SM TOWN Live Tour in Paris’ performance in Paris, France. Choikang Changmin was present to represent TVXQ on ‘Come to Play’.

Fortunately, it was later found that the two did not run into each other due to their busy schedules. But as Park Yoochun and SM Entertainment representatives have not met in public since the 2009 lawsuit, MBC staff later reported that they were unable to hide their nervousness as they were kept on their toes.

Since Park Yoochun began singing as a member of JYJ, he has been unable to appear on variety shows. Though the lead roles of ‘Miss Ripley’ tried to appear on ‘Come to Play’, the plan was canceled due to doubtful reasons. Even ‘Section TV Entertainment News’ has dropped out of publicizing its own broadcasting company’s drama, which has never happened before.

At the press conference of ‘Miss Ripley’, Park Yoochun confessed, “Though I want to appear on variety shows, I keep getting ‘cut’.”

A representative of ‘Miss Ripley’ stated, “Park Yoochun was supposed to head over to Gangnam to film in the afternoon but filming was delayed, meaning that Park Yoochun was still in Ilsan when ‘Come to Play’ was being filmed,” and “Though the relationship between Park Yoochun and the company(SM Entertainment) may be strained, he is not on bad terms with the members so I don’t think he minded that much.”

T/N: The translator would like to remind readers that the word choice used in this article is not her own, but of the reporter who wrote the original article. I don’t think ‘Fortunately’ is the word that should be used to state the fact that the two did not meet (in public…. *crosses fingers*).

Source: [nocut news]
Translated & Shared by:

Park Yoochun with crescent smile, became the 'cutie' of the filming site

‘Miss Ripley’ Park Yoochun became the official ‘Happy Cutie’.

Park Yoochun who is currently passionately acting in MBC Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Miss Ripley’, as the character of international resort group successor Song Yuhyun who presented Lee Da Hae with his pure and flawless love.

Park Yoochun has placed his 100% involvement into Song Yuhyun’s character. The warm and emotional-filled voice with the sunshine smile has attained “Best acting skills” compliments and at the same time caused the racing hearts of many female viewers.

Staff revealed Park Yoochun has not only spread his lovely charisma in the drama but at the filming site as well. Words has it that, Park Yoochun, upon filming breaks or awaiting of the camera rolling, would indefinitely revealed his cuteness and warmed up the ambiance of the filming site.

Especially during NG or upon saying of the wrong lines, Park Yoochun would whined with his crescent smile or using all of his facial muscles to laugh out loud , arousing the filming site with laughters. Staff said, “On the filming site, Park Yoochun is the youngest, and thus due to his whines and ‘cutie pie’ happiness expressions, it made the filming site of ‘Miss Ripley’ a harmonious atmosphere.

In fact, big senior Kim Seung Woo has named Park Yoochun as his ‘precious junior’, therefore it can be depicted that Park Yoochun was humble and polite to his seniors and his personal character is very easy-going. Park Yoochun would also casually talked to those production staffs who are difficult to get along with and would show his concerns about them. This kindness side of him earned the highest popularity among the female staffs.

The production company expressed, “In the days of tough filming, Park Yoochun engaged the atmosphere of the filming site and laughters, and was the vitality element,”,”On the filming site, Park Yoochun is the youngest, thus he worked hard to ‘up’ the ambiance. A person like this, is worth the praising. In fact in many occasions, it was due to Park Yoochun’s smiles that the on-site was filled with laughters.”

On the other hand, in ‘Miss Ripley’, the guilt-stricken scenes of Lee Da Hae, who is making use of the two men Kim Seung Woo and Park Yoochun for success, has lead to the increase of the viewers’ curiosity.

The intriguing lies of Lee Da Hae has gradually lead to the danger of revelations and the fall into the abyss of greed. The hypocritical love that started between her, Kim Seung Woo and Park Yoochun, will there be realization of true love in the end? Viewers were especially attentive to this.

credit: jrw8008 + OSEN
trans by: rachui @ sharingyoochun

Yoochun's handwriting revealed in Miss Ripley, "Do handsome guys write well too?"

In an episode of Miss Ripley aired on the 20, Park Yoochun’s handwriting created a stir.

Yoochun, who is acting as Song Yoohyun, left a memo when Jan Miri(Lee Da Hae) was not home. That was when his handwriting was revealed.

The memo says, “This is Song Yoohyun. I’m sorry to leave so soon, but I have to go due to an urgent call. I’ll see you later in Seoul.” His neat handwriting attracted the viewers’ attention, and the viewers began to wonder, “Did Yoochun really write that?”

The netizens showed various responses: “Yoochun has a neat handwriting” “I guess handsome guys write well too.” “How can he have such a beautiful penmanship?” “Did he really write that?”

In a previous SBS’s Secret Garden, Hyun Bin’s handwriting also created a stir. Hyun Bin, who acted as Kim Ju Won, wrote his first and last letter to Gil Lime(Ha Ji Won) when she was in a life threatening situation. Hyun Bin’s neat and lovely handwriting caused a stir, and was loved by many viewers.

Yoochun is enjoying his highest level of popularity with his Miss Ripley’s OST ‘The Empty Space For You’

Source: Nate by Ilnung
Shared by: JYJ3

Translation of Changmin's InStyle Interview

Part 1

- “Last night, I slept really well.”

- Choikang Changmin had spent his first day in Hawaii, and seemed to be in good spirits. As he greeted us “Good Morning” and looked out at the gleaming sea, he sat, refined and poised like in a movie, sipping coffee and flashing us that killer smile.

- “The theme for this Hawaiian vacation has been settled. It’s ‘Rediscovering Shim Changmin’. So, would you like to come discover with me? (LOL)”

- Regarding his debut at the age of 17, and having always been known as “TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin”, this trip is particularly special to him. Even though this resulted in less time that he could have spent travelling Korea with his friends, the respite from their continuous activities in Japan and in Korea was more than welcomed, especially being able to travel by himself.

- “This is a real time off (from activities), but instead of resting, I’m spending my time on the school work that I was unable to do, or learning things that I couldn’t have before. Now that I think about it, it seems like I’m asking too much from myself. I should be disarming right now. (LOL)”

- Being in a duo with Uknow Yunho to become “Dong Bang Shin Ki”, and standing on stage once more, he underwent much pain and suffering, because he has to live as a part of TVXQ, which is of utmost importance, but he is unable to enjoy his youth. Perhaps, that is what led him to say that treasuring every moment in Hawaii may not be a reality.

- His favourite travel spots are expansive oceans, and tranquil mountain ranges.

Part 2

- “For the 2006 photoshoot, we went to Bora Bora Island, in Tahiti. Because the schedule was very tight, we couldn’t enjoy the place and relax, but to me, that was by far the best place on Earth. Everywhere you looked, the view was like a painting. If I had the chance, I would definitely want to go back. Ah, it seems like an ideal place for a honeymoon. (LOL)”

- Actually, he already has experienced the married life (?), in last winter’s drama serial “Paradise Ranch”. That was the first time that Changmin tried acting, and this new experience, no longer on stage, has fortified him. Strolling on Waikiki Beach, Changmin says: “Hawaii seems to complement my character. No matter where I go, I feel serene. Although coming by myself to Hawaii without Yunho hyung, I do feel sorry about that. (LOL) Having to say that I will be leaving this place soon, I already feel reluctant.”

- Having said that, however, when he returns to Korea, he will be boasting to Uknow Yunho about the 5 days he spent in Hawaii; how he took all these pictures, and how happy he was, exactly like the mischievious kid that he is.

- “Yunho hyung and I are complete opposites. So from the moment we started living together in the same dormitory, there were a lot of unresolved issues. For example, he would drink directly from the 1.5L bottle in the fridge, instead of pouring it into a cup. But over time, these small details no longer become points of contention between the two of us; we’ve gradually become like family.”

- Rather effortfully, he said that because they are like family, they treasure each other equally, hence helping TVXQ keep its place.

- Is there anything you would like to do after the interview?

Part 3

- “Having listened to Bruno Mars’ “The Lazy Song”, I want to do what the lyrics say, not doing anything, not thinking about anything, simply lazing in bed. I also want to write in my diary by the sea, because I want cherish these moments for a long time. Subsequently, when I write songs, I want to express these feelings in my lyrics. ”

- For this year’s summer vacation, he mentioned that he wanted to tour LA and New York with his friends. He also wants to watch performances with his favourite artistes, and shop in town with his friends, looking at various things. Come night time, he wants to go to a bar and drink good beer. Right now he is the headliner in the Hallyu Wave that is sweeping across Asia, Europe and America, a member of TVXQ, and is still very much Choikang Changmin. But in the quiet of the night, he is like any other 24 year old, wanting to enjoy good beer and music, meeting up with friends and eating pans of pizza, and hoping to meet to girl of his dreams.

- Given all that though, if life was that utopian, he would be uneasy. “I am TVXQ, I am Choikang Changmin, and I must surpass these standards.”; even then he is unable to change this mindset.

- “Now it is different. To feel like I’m moving along in life, to feel like I’m on my way to where I want to be, feeling happiness and melancholy alike are a must, even failure. You always feel a touch of regret with the days that have gone by. That is why, to compensate for that remorse you have to strive even harder in the futrue. When you’re on vacation, your heartaches are forgotten temporarily, and it’s like returning to the start, because you have another vacation waiting. Would you like to come with me on my next vacation? (LOL)”


Source: InStyleKorea100th, Charming, cclub99,
Translated by: empired @,
Distributed by: empired @,
Shared by: DBSKnights

Dream Team Jisung- Choi Kang Hee- Kim Jaejoong Come Together For 'Our Boss Has Changed'

Jisung, Choi Kang Hee, JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, Wang Ji Hae, Kim Chung, Park Young Gyu and Cha Hwa Yeon have come together for a new drama.

They will all be working together in the new SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Our Boss Has Changed(provisional title)’ that will begin airing on August 3rd. Viewers are already highly anticipating what is to come as the four leading roles are a fresh, new mix up, with the three veterans expected to bring perfect chemistry to the drama.

‘Our Boss Has Changed’ is a sweet, spunky, and energetic romantic comedy about a woman who, after struggling with unemployment, succeeds in finding work as a dispatched secretary for a hot tempered businessman in a large firm.

Jisung plays the role of Cha Ji Heon, the slightly lacking and childish youngest son of a conglomerate while Choi Kang Hee will be No Eun Seol, the woman who goes from an unemployed individual to a secretary at a conglomerate.

JYJ’s YoungWoong Jaejoong, who is taking on the domestic drama industry for the first time, will be playing Cha Moo Won, ‘the prince of the financial world’, while Wang Ji Hae will be playing Seo Na Yoon, a lawyer who is nothing more and nothing less than perfection.

The love lines that will be drawn between Jisung, Choi Kang Hee, YoungWoong Jaejoong and Wang Ji Hae are already a hot topic among netizens. The brazen and yet timid Jisung, the queen of comedy Choi Kang Hee, domestic drama rookie Kim Jaejoong and Wang Ji Hae will be drawing a love rectangle that will be of a great interest to viewers.

Adding more acting experience to the drama will be middle-aged actors such as Park Young Gyu, Cha Hwa Yeon and Kim Chung.

The production company stated, “We found the actors who will best fit the drama,” and “The images of the actors that perfectly fit their characters, the stable acting skills and the charm each actor has will perfect ‘Our Boss Has Changed’.”

‘Our Boss Has Changed’ will air after ‘City Hunter’ on August 3rd at 9:55pm.

Source: [tv daily]
Translated & Shared by:

HoMin For 7Net Online Shopping

Yunho and Changmin appeared in a CF for a new online shopping website called 7Net! You can view the CF here

This website here provides details of their new single “Superstar” to be released on July 20th, and also a chance to win a 7net poster. (But only available in Japan)

trans+shared by:

Park Yoochun's New Drama 'Miss Ripley' To Be Broadcasted In Japan on Mnet

Park Yoochun’s latest drama will now begin to air in Japan on Mnet!
Broadcasting will begon August 13th on Saturday from 8.45pm – 10pm.
Official website here.

[brief description of drama omitted]

Source: mnetjapan
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Japan's Prominent Newspaper Asahi Writes on "The Boss Has Changed"

Asahi, one of Japan’s most respected newspapers, printed an article on The Boss Has Changed.

The article does not say anything new, but let’s all have a chuckle at how the headline highlights the fact of Jaejoong’s appearance even though the article is ostensibly about the drama XD.

Source: Asahi
Translation Credit: JYJ3
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Preview for Tohoshinki’s New Song “Superstar”

Please click here, and then, click on the triangle next to 0:21.

Japanese Lyrics

We got to show like いいよ kiss が好きよ
You are my girl girl 燃えてけ だんだん
Good good 騒いで愛に急いで 目も眩むほどにまぶしい
Superstar  superstar  superstar  star


We got to show like iiyo kiss ga suki yo
You are my girl girl moeteke dandan
Good good sawaide aini isoide memo kuramu hodoni mabushii
Superstar superstar superstar star

English Trans

We got to show like, goody, loving your kiss
You are my girl girl, hotter, more and more
Good good, getting excited, hurrying up to meet you, you’re dazzling, getting dizzy
Superstar superstar superstar star


The lyrics are just from our hearings, not official yet. Thank you for your understanding.

Source: Tohoshinki Official Website & smokycross & smiley @
Trans: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

'The Yoochun Effect', Ratings Shoot Up When Park Yoochun Appears On 'Miss Ripley'

MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Miss Ripley’ is benefiting from ‘The Park Yoochun Effect’.

When looking at the viewer ratings per minute for the second half of the 7th episode that aired on the 20th, the ratings shot up past 16% during the scene in which Park Yoochun proposes to Jang Miri. As the average viewer ratings were 11.9%, one can see that Park Yoochun raised the ratings per minute by 5%. Even on the 21st, the ratings shot up to 15% when Park Yoochun appeared, proving once more of the effect he has on the drama.

Park Yoochun established his star quality as a singer and has built up his credibility as an actor through the drama ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’.

A representative of the drama stated, “Park Yoochun always comes to film with a smile and as the four characters in the melodrama have a complicated heart line, he is working hard and doing his best with his script. He gets completely immersed into his character and plans to bring out the charisma that is hidden in his soft nature.”

Park Yoochun also plans to change his hairstyle soon for the drama. Caught between Miri’s upcoming destruction and Hui Joo’s unrequited love for him, Yoo Hyun’s strife will add to the dramatic effect of the production.

‘This Empty Place is For You’, Park Yoochun’s theme song for Song Yoo Hyun, has had an explosive effect on the music charts.

Souce: [osen]
Translated & Shared by:

TVXQ's Japanese single "Superstar" covers, tracklist, and preview released

TVXQ will soon be releasing their Japanese single titled "Superstar" in July. This will be their third released single this year after the current duo released their digital single "I Don't Know" and single "Why (Keep Your Head Down)" earlier this year.

A 60-sec preview of their upcoming single "Superstar" has also been released online, revealing that the song will be another strong dance number. The single will be released in two different versions,CD and CD+DVD, each with their own cover versions.

The CD version will include a 12-page deluxe booklet with the CD+DVD featuring the music video for "Superstar." The song "I Don't Know" will be available on the single, with a special summer remix of "Superstar" only made available in the CD version.

Have you pre-ordered your copy yet?

CD + 12-page deluxe booklet

1. Superstar
2. I Don't Know
3. Superstar -Summer Heat Remix-
4. Superstar -Less Vocal-
5. I Don't Know -Less Vocal-


1. [CD] Superstar
2. [CD] I Don't Know
3. [CD] Superstar -Less Vocal-
4. [CD] I Don't Know -Less Vocal-
5. [DVD] I Don't Know -Video Clip-

Source: johanajamil2011 and CD Japan
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Hayato's Blog Updates

June 25, 2011
This week’s Shukan Bunshun

I have received comments and messages from many fans concerning this week's Bunshun article.

The place where I want you to read is P36 and 37.
(T/N: The summary of the article is; CEO Matsuura of avex is sued by a management consultant & professional troublemaker (at stockholders' meetings) Katsumi Motomura for confining and intimidating him (Motomura) in 2008, after the year's stockholders' meeting)

I only write what I've directly seen, what I've directly heard.
But I am not writing all that I know.

There are things that cannot be written.

One of them, Bunshun has written …


I may stop…

I am thinking nowadays that… I've done all that I could.

Well, I want to apply to my work…that is one reason…but looking into the numerous comments one by one, and to accept everyone's feelings firmly… sincerely hearing all the opinions.. that is my belief…but honestly, I am a little bit tired.

I am in the midst of the truth.
So I was continuously writing the truth the best that I can, but there are many fans that do not believe any of my words… they believe false information, and close their eyes to my articles which reverses to their beliefs… that cannot be helped.

"Please do believe in avex in the future."
"Please believe that if the 3 members return to avex, the 5 members may be together one day."

I do not think that believing in such a way is a bad thing.
If that is everyone's wish, you can keep on believing.

I posted an article about the petition the other day.
(T/N: Please click here for the trans.)

I received many comments. (clapping comments)
(T/N: There is a "clap" button with every article. If you agree upon the article, you can press the button to show your approval.)

There were many that could not agree to what I've written… a little bit disappointed.
Since it was a petition which required your real name, you couldn’t sign for it…
I understood that there were many that did not participate according to various reasons.
I should think over… that I lacked consideration.
I am sorry for those who were hurt by my article.

But, that petition was not only sent to avex.
It was sent to an important public organization, so that JYJ can freely be active in Japan.
That should have been the chance that they could be active in Japan.. so I accidentally wrote "A little bit disappointed".

I was impatient to the situation that… the fans themselves were wasting the big chance.
I am really sorry.

CEO Matsuura was tweeting at the timing when this petition had started.
"We are sorry for the fans, but even though there are 10 thousand signatures, we cannot admit a person who is wrong."

If there were 50 thousand signatures, he shouldn't easily have said such a thing… Wasn't it only me, who thought like this?

But, I do not care anymore.

I'm tired.

"Fuck you Hayato"
"Annoying, disappear"
"You should have died at the Tsunami"
"I'll pierce your eyes with a needle"

Are they anti?
If so, you should stop being a fan for the 2 members of Tohoshinki.
I myself like them (T/N: the 2 members), too.
So, I don't want you to make them sad…

Or, were they JYJ fans, and thought me annoying?
Then simple.. you should stop reading my blog.

To shut down this blog… that will make the anti-fans happy.. so I thought that I will continue writing by all means.
Honestly, I do not care about the anti-comments, and ignored them. (but according to the suggestion from the lawyer, I am reporting every IP address.)

But, I was depressed with the severe comments from the JYJ fans…it was painful.
They were the comments since they loved JYJ, so it was hard for me to take them just by myself.
So I was busy, raising and lowering my spirits (Lol)

I may close the blog now… or rest for a while.. or maybe comeback?
For the time being… I'd like to say "See you!"


※In July, there will be a special news on the 3hree Voices' site.
Please check them once in a while.

Oh, the back view of me is in 3hree Voices Ⅱ.
I think you would consider me handsome, how do you think? (lol)


at 09:48

Source: JYJ2011
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Watching The Korean Version "Mozart!"
An article from a Japanese writer's blog

(T/N: From profile; Kaoru Ohara is a professional writer, who watches theatrical performances and write about them in magazines.

June 22, 2011
The Korean Version “Mozart!”

Last weekend, I flew to Korea to see musicals.
The performance I watched was “Mozart!” ”Hedwig” “Spring Awakening”. Each performance was so wonderful, it was worth going. I felt the energy of Korean musicals on the trip.
So I would like to post my impressions for the 3 musicals.
First of all, “Mozart!”.

The story started from…
Last year, I collected materials from Yoshio Inoue and Ikusaburo Yamazaki (I was really impressed watching Wolfgang a from very near distance during the poster photo shooting), and I heard from Inoue-san that he watched Kim Junsu-san’s “Mozart!” in Korea. I got very interested. Inoue-san said that he was very happy to see that “Mozart!” was well received in Korea, as though he was a part of them. He also said that he shared the feelings when he talked with Junsu-san, who was performing the same Wolfgang. In Japan, you rarely perform two performances in a day, but Junsu-san was doing so, and he (Inoue) thought how tough that should be.
This spring, I watched the DVD of “Kim Junsu Musical Concert”, and was surprised in its high vocal quality. Thus, I thought that I really wanted to watch “Mozart!” in Korea.
Even though I wanted to see the musical, we cannot of course get the tickets easily. Junsu-san’s ticket was sold out at once. But I have contacted the ticketing site interpark with persistence (lol), and when you access to the site around midnight, the cancelled tickets come out one by one, and I was able to get a ticket which was cancelled.

So, to go on with the main subject.
“Mozart!” was performed by Kim Junsu-san (=JYJ’s Xiah Junsu-san. He seems to use his real name during the musical performance) and Park Eun Tae. I saw both performances.
The performance was different from that of the Japanese “Mozart!”
The charms of the Korean version were that they showed high vocal skills, and the performance world was really expanded by those skills. Especially, near the ending, the powerful force of the multiple vocals’ chorus singing “Mozart! Mozart!” was wonderful, beyond words.
The story is about a young man who was gifted to music, Mozart. He was hindered, and met misunderstandings, but, stuck with his music. Mozart appeared on stage in jeans and a shirt, just like modern young men. It was not Mozart that you could see in the music textbooks, but he was laughing, and also undergoing mental conflicts. The character of the performance was to show the “true living Mozart”.
What was magnificent about Junsu-san’s Mozart was that he was truly living his role.
My friend who was watching the musical together with me (who is familiar with the Hanryu wave) told me after the performance that Junsu-san did not have any experience before the previous “Mozart!” premiere. I was very surprised, but since he did not have any experience in acting, he might have been able to put forth his real heart to the role.

And generally, the musical performers from classical music fields are good in profound performance, but some are not fit to express the flippant part of Mozart. But Junsu-san was really good at expressing Mozart’s flippancy (e.g. going off to play when the friends tempts him), and he is also good at comical expressions. I think that this point is very important in expressing this Mozart role.
What is the most fascinating thing is that we can feel Junsu-san’s deep sympathy with Mozart, who was trying to express his own music however the interference may be. Especially in “Ich bin ich bin Musik”, I recognized that he was trying to convey the message with care during the song, though I do not understand Korean.
He was also including rockstyle shouts which you can rarely hear in regular musicals, so I was worrying “will his throat be OK?” (lol) But my friend said that he was always doing these shouts in his regular music acitivites (concerts), and he is famous that he has a strong throat. I thought “really?” These vocal skills was appropriate in expressing Mozart’s rock’n’roll spirits.

(other sentences omitted)

Source: There’s only here
Trans: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Jaejoong's Thoughts and Plans on Appearing on "Protect The Boss"(New Title)

JYJ Kim Jaejoong relayed his thoughts regarding his first appearance in a domestic drama.

Kim Jaejoong will appear in the new SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama Protect the Boss that will air as the follow up to City Hunter on August 3. Kim jaejoong plays the role of Cha Muwon, the “Prince of the Financial World” equipped with enormous abilities. He will collaborate with Jisung, Choi Kanghee, and Wang Jihye.

Kim Jaejoong has shown a good performance in the popular drama Sunao Ni Narenakute that was aired in Japan’s Fuji TV last year with Japanese star actors such as Ueno Juri and Eita. Jaejoong will challenge himself for the first time at the domestic drama scene with Protect the Boss.

Kim Jaeoong revealed: “I am happy to have met with great actors and directing team. It seems that it will be a pleasant and bright drama. I plan to dedicate myself to preparing for the drama after finishing the World Tour Encore Concert.”

Kim Jaejoong’s agency C-JeS Entertainment revealed: “Kim Jaejoong has been awarded the Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix Supporting Actor Award in 2010 through last year’s drama Sunao Ni Narenakute. With such experience, he will gift the viewers with solid acting.”

[On the other hand,] the title of the new SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama has been finalized as Protect the Boss. On the 24th, SBS revealed that “the title of the drama that will be aired as the follow-up to City Hunter has been finalized as Protect the Boss.”

This drama was originally referred to by the working title of The Last Secretary because it was to paint the love story between a female secretary and her superior. Recently it became known as the working title The Boss Has Changed. The production team has finalized the title as Protect the Boss and now has become able to dedicate itself to preparing for the drama.

Currently the actors Choi Kanghee, Jisung, Wang Jihye, and Kim Jaejoong of the group JYJ have been cast as leads. It is planned that the first reading of the script will take place soon.

(previously reported information omitted)

Sources: MyDaily; MyDaily
Translated by: JYJ3
Shared by: DBSKnights

Ripley Set Stars Wear Blankets To Combat Cold and Makes Them Fashion Statements

The leads of Miss Ripley, Lee Dahae – Kim Seungwoo – Park Yoochun – Kang Hyejung, have revealed their “All Kinds of Methods” to preserve their strengths in filming sets that go on through the night. The Monday-Tuesday drama Miss Ripley is getting heated praises with the splendid casting of super actors and their enthusiasms for acting that are like the flames of fire. They are continuing the all-night filming due to the packed filming schedules after the broadcast began and are working hard in order to heighten the degree of completion of the drama.


As for Park Yoochun, he is utilizing the blankets of many varied colors and making the plain blankets into fashion items. He sometimes ties the blanket about his shoulders to wear like a shirt and sometimes wraps it around his waist to wear like pants. It is a sensible wearing that makes the eyes gather as an off-field fashionista.

The production company relayed: “The actors of Miss Ripley are showing off varied methods to manage their strengths in order to combat the chilly night air in the continuing through-the-night filmings. All actors are giving their best in order to complete the best drama despite the difficult filming schedule. In the 9th and 10th episode that will air there will be a story development that is shocking because it reverses the situation so far. Please look forward to the large counterattack that will happen yet again.”

(Parts unrelated to Yoochun omitted)

Source: Osen
Translation Credit: JYJ3
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Actress Lee Heewon Cast As Jaejoong's Perfectionist Secretary with Feelings For Him

The Rookie actress Lee Heewon will transform into the secretary of Kim Jaejoong. The new SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama Protect the Boss cast Lee Heewon as Yang Hayoung, the perfectionist secretary to Cha Muwon (Kim Jaejoong) who is the cousin and the rival of Cha Jihun (Jisung).

Yang Hayoung has the best of credentials, having graduated from a top university of Korea and being fluent in four languages. Furthermore, she updates herself on the business administration in general and is acknowledged in her abilities, becoming the object of envy of all (other) secretaries. In particular, she prepares refreshments for her boss at the speed of light and carries in her bag all items necessary for her work— a thorough person from beginning to end.

In the drama, she is an elite secretary who aids her boss Cha Muwon overtake the “lineal descendant” Cha Jihun and survive the successor game both materially and emotionally. She is the true wielder of influence in the Secretary Department and is a sunbae that Noh Eunsul admires. But she is also someone with a proud and cold attitude to make Eunsul’s work life tough.

She is guarding against Cha Jihun and Noh Eunsul who stand in Cha Muwon’s way and is harboring secret feelings for Cha Muwon.

Lee Heewon, who is returning to the drama scene after a long time since the drama Take Care of the Young Lady, revealed her thoughts: “As a beginner, I am happy to have been cast in a great work. I will do my best in the mindset that I am starting everything anew, and will show a good performance to the viewers.”

On the other hand, Protect the Boss is being aired as the follow-up to City Hunter. It is a romantic comedy that portrays the events that occur after the heroine who had been suffering from lack of work is hired as a dispatch secretary after much twists and turns to serve the male lead who is a delinquent superior to a mega-corporation. It will air starting August 3.

Source: Newsen
Translation Credit: JYJ3
Shared by: DBSKnights

N-Train's Leader Jung Jungkyun Says: "I Escaped Fraud Thanks To JYJ's Kim Jaejoong"

Jung Jungkyun of N-Train poured out his experience of close escape from fraud. [The boy group N-Train’s] leader Jung Jungkyun said: “In about 2008, the contact with the Chinese company was established and we even entered into a contract. However, after the large earthquakes of Szechwan the company stopped contacting us. So our going to China fell through.” Continuing, he said: “A team member withdrew and only two were left. But we came to meet someone who said that he was “an employee of Japan’s Avex.” We had a few meetings but because he showed us photos that he took with Avex-affiliated singers and such we could not help but believe him. So we went to Japan. At the time, JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong was working in Japan as TVXQ. I asked around about the man because TVXQ was affiliated with Avex. They said that ‘there is someone with that name in Avex.’ But as we talked, there began growing a feeling that something was wrong.”

Jung Jungkyun relayed: “I felt strange and so I called Jaejoong. As I asked about this and that, when I told him about the man’s appearance/clothes and looks, Jaejoong told me: ‘There is no such person in Avex. He is not an employee of Avex. Come back.’ So I returned to Korea. Even now I am thankful to Jaejoong.”

(Parts unrelated to Jaejoong omitted)

Source: Chosun
Translation Credit: JYJ3
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2PM, TVXQ, Kim Hyun Joong, and Super Junior get together for UAM Grand Opening

Top male idol groups, TVXQ, 2PM, Super Junior, along with SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong and many others came together to attend a launching event.

On a rainy afternoon on June 24th at ‘Banyan Tree Club and Spa‘ in Seoul, these top artists gathered for the ‘UAM (United Asia Management) Launching Party’.

UAM is a newly formed collaboration management agency of the top Asian entertainment companies, composed of KeyEast, AMENT, StarJ Entertainment, SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment.

Reaching further than the Hallyu movement, UAM was founded together by the 6 agencies, setting base on Asia as a whole. UAM plans to set their core focuses on online mediums, managing networking, and promoting through movies, dramas, and video footage production, as well as acting as a global agency for the artists in all 6 companies.

On this day, UAM is starting things off with a bright beginning as JYP, Soo Ae, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Soo Hyun, TVXQ, Super Junior, 2PM, Lee Yeon Hee, Go Ara, Miss A, Yoo In Na, along with other artists, actor/actresses, directors, staff, and producers affiliated with UAM and its related companies appeared at the event.

source + photo: ahaTV
credit: allkpop
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