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Tohoshinki's MC at a-nation Ehime

Tohoshinki's MC

Credits: saesaezai

Yunho: At last, Tohoshinki is able to stand on the a-nation stage!
Changmin: It is really warm.
Yunho: Yes, warm.
Changmin: Everyone, today is very warm, too, but are you still OK? Do you still have energy to enjoy Tohoshinki’s stage together with us? Thank you!
Yunho: Then, the next song… no, before going on, we would like to make an announcement. First of all, Tohoshinki’s new album will be released on Sept 28!
Changmin: We are doing our best in making the album, so please look forward. And, one more. The live tour for us Tohoshinki is decided to be held in January next year! This live tour will be Tohoshinki’s live tour in Japan after a long time, so we will do our best in preparation, so everyone, please look forward! So, to the next…
Yunho: Before going on, I would like to take a drink. May I?

Other Ehime Performances

Stand by U

Credits: saesaezai

Yunho: Everyone, you should know the song, yes. Lets sing together.

Somebody To Love
Please click here for the video.

Source: [email protected]
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Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Tohoshinki Nationwide Arena Tour

From Jan next year ~ the nationwide arena tour has been decided!

From Jan next year ~ the nationwide arena tour has been decided.

We will announce the details as the date and venue at a later date. Please wait awhile.

※If you enter the Tohoshinki Official fan club "Bigeast" (which will be restarting), the half year course by Aug 31, you will be able to participate in the pre-lottery ticket bookings for the nationwide arena concerts.
We are also accepting the memberships at all the a-nation venues. Looking foward to your entering the fanclub.

Source: Tohoshinki Official Website
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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NII FanMeeting Q&A Talk And Fan Accounts

(T/N: These are compilations of the NII fanmeeting Q&A talk and fan accounts from various sources, thus the style of how some information conveyed are different.)

JaeJoong: At the most, I can accept my partner to be 10 years my senior.
JunSu: I definitely can’t accept my partner to be older than me; I don’t want my loved ones to die earlier than me. (T/N: There are other sources which stated that this was said by JaeJoong and not JunSu.)
YooChun: I can accept girls who are older than me, since all girls who attracted me previously were all older.

The three of them signed a T-shirt each as gifts; and the fans whose numbers got drawn by the members will have the T-shirt. JunSu waved to the girl whose number he picked. There was a fan who asked how many tracks in the new album that are composed by the members. They replied that they are still preparing for it, so they couldn’t confirm how many there would be.

Question to JaeJoong: Do you remember your first love?
JaeJoong: We went out when I was in the sixth grade. It lasted for four years and eight months. We met up last year.

Question to JunSu: Will you be taking notice of a woman’s face or body?
(After this question was mentioned, the three of them started cutting in, saying things like, “If she’s pretty, isn’t that great?”) In the end, JunSu replied, “Body.”

JunSu jokingly told YooChun that he should start meeting up with people who are younger than him. YooChun replied that he would work hard for that, but he doesn’t know if it will be successful because he could not think of who to meet. 98% of the people he met up with were older than him.

The members were drawing the numbers, and fans who got selected could have a photo taken with them. All of the fans that JaeJoong picked were Japanese…

After that, the fans whose numbers got drawn were able to bring home a life-sized cardboard of one of the members. One of the fans was so surprised that she got picked, and YooChun even mimicked her expression. However, everyone was actually concerned about how to bring them home.

JaeJoong used Japanese to greet the fans. ♥ The translator said that JaeJoong is doing a better job than him~~

The members are giving JaeJoong’s drama “Protect the Boss” support. They mentioned that they are looking forward to meeting Cha Mu-won. JunSu said that he too wished that he could appear as Song Yoo-hyun’s secretary. YooChun then replied that he wanted a female secretary and JunSu asked, “Do I have to wear female clothes then?”

Everyone was looking at the photos for NII, where even though the weather was hot, the three of them still had to wear winter clothes. JunSu said, “We did the photoshoot at a fension.” YooChun corrected him, saying that it is a “pension”.

A fan dropped her wallet and it was found by JaeJoong. They even shook hands….

When the fans were screaming “Angel Xiah”, JunSu said that he has been an “Angel Xiah” for too long, and he would be a “Devil Xiah” one day.

YooChun-ah, let's take the train together... (F: miyaojeje)

Source: luvjey + xiahjungoo + 山米loveissammi's Weibo + TVXQBaidu
Translation: nings @
Special Thanks: dbskrox @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Thank you message from Tohoshinki after a-nation Ehime






This is Tohoshinki!
a-nation after two years' absense!!

We were nervous at the beginning since it was the first day, but we were so delighted that we were welcomed with very big cheers~~

And we cannot forget your delighted faces when we announced the album and the concert tour.
Please wait a little bit longer!

Oh, today was also very warm ~~ everyone, were you all OK?
Everyone! Please be healthy~~we will also take care, and cheerfully liven up the a-nation stages! Thank you for today!

T/N: This message was sent to the fans who participated in a-nation Ehime, via cellular phone service.

Source: a-nation Ehime Thank you message
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Junsu - "Scent of A Woman" OST Preview

Credits: poppoongrock @ youtube
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Tohoshinki's Much Awaited Original Japanese Album To Be Released in Sept.

It has been revealed that Tohoshinki will be releasing their new album on 28 September.

This is their first original album released in Japan since Yunho and Changmin restarted their activities as a two-man unit. The title and others will be relased in the future, but the singles’ title tracks “Why (Keep Your Head Down” and “Superstar,” as well as their coupling songs such as “MAXIMUM,” “I Don’t Know” and 7 other unreleased numbers will be added, for a total of 13 tracks.

Also, for this release, a DVD with PVs that are unreleased in the singles, and music videos will be included in one of the versions, and a DVD with video footage of the live event held this February at Makuhari Messe, Chiba will be included in another version. The CD-only version will have two more tracks than the previous 2 versions, for a total of 3 variations of this album.

The details of the albums are as follows:

〈Tohoshinki 『Title Undecided』〉
・Why? (Keep Your Head Down)
・I Don’t Know
・Thank you my girl
・I Think U Know
・Untitled Track 1
and others, total 13 tracks (tentative)

・“Why? (Keep Your Head Down)” PV
・“I Don’t Know” PV
・“Superstar” PV and others
※ Offshot Movie A as First Press Video Special (tentative)

・Why? (Keep Your Head Down)
・I Don’t Know
・Thank you my girl
・I Think U Know
・Untitled Track 2
and others, total 13 tracks (tentative)

・2011.02.08 Makuhari Messe Event LIVE Video
・Off Shot Movie B (tentative)
・Off Shot Movie C (tentative)

【CD Only (AVCK-79036X)】
・Why? (Keep Your Head Down)
・I Don’t Know
・Thank you my girl
・I Think U Know
・Untitled Track 1
・Untitled Track 2
・Untitled Track 3
and others, total 15 tracks (tentative)

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Protect The Boss Long Trailer (Eng Sub)

Credits: jyjsubs @ youtube
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Jaejoong Rants About Sasaeng Fans

JYJ’s Jaejoong ranted about his sasaeng fans again.

On July 30th, the star tweeted, “Sasaeng taxi teams have grown a lot in numbers. Drivers who don’t have any conscience or guilt and the number of pathetic kids will increase once again.”

He added, “Drivers will earn lots of money by doing such things and kids on taxis will take time and freedom away from people that they’re fans of by spending useless time and money. Isn’t that asking too much for stars to endure? For the last 7 years they’ve been there while I was eating, working, resting… even returning home. Is hiding and watching out for people like a criminal a normal lifestyle? Stop, I already endured so much. Let me concentrate on my work and sleep. You XXX.”

Jaejoong had previously spoken out about sasaeng fans and taxis last year and requested that they stop by using harsh descriptions such as “[They are] the evil of the society.” However, to combat his growing number of sasaeng fans, he wrote another message to them just after 8 months.

Netizens commented, “I feel like they’re anti-fans rather than real fans” and “Please use the word ‘illegitimate’ rather than ’sasaeng fans’. They’re not fans.”

Source: JoongAng via Nate + Allkpop
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HoMin - A-Nation '11

Somebody to Love

Stand By U

Credits: saesaezai
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Tohoshinki Next January Nationwide Arena Tour

Next year January~ decision to hold Nationwide Arena tour.
Regarding the date and venue will be announced later, please be patient.
※ Tohoshinki official fan club Bigeast, all the fans that have been a member for half a year up to August 31st can join nationwide arena tour ticket pre-selection.
All a-nation venues can accept the membership application. We invite everyone to join.

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Yunho - Kiss & Cry

Credits: CarrotShow120
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TVXQ Come Out On Top In Vietnamese Poll, Second Place Goes to Super Junior

TVXQ have come out on top in a poll taken by Vietnamese netizens.

According to Kofice, a Korean foundation for cultural industry contents, and the Vietnamese ‘Best Fan Forever(BFF)’ contest homepage on the 22nd, TVXQ came in first place with 90,898 votes from fans.

Super Junior was second with 87,845 votes, Big Bang was fourth with 19,399 votes, 2PM was sixth with 5,032 votes, Girls’ Generation was seventh with 4,139 votes, JYJ were eighth with 2,967 votes, Wondergirls were ninth with 2,856 votes and SHINee were tenth with 2,005 votes. The fact that eight out of the top ten were Korean idols showed the popularity of K-Pop.

B2ST(14th), 2NE1(16th), FT Island(20th), Choikang Changmin(23rd), U-Know Yunho(27th), Kim Hyun Joong(28th), T-ara(29th), 2AM(32rd), Park Yoochun(33rd), Kim Hee Chul(35th), Kim Junsu(36th), f(x)(37th), Donghae(38th), IU(39th), KARA(41st), Eun Hyuk(42nd), Kyuhyun(43rd), Ryewook(44th), and Yesung(45th) ranked in the top 50.

Foreign artistes who made the cut included Justin Bieber(19th), Britney Spears(30th), Miley Cyrus(33rd) and Eminem(34th).

The current ranking.

Voting is still open. You can go here & vote using the box at top right corner.

Credits: MT Star News
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Juno And His Twin Brother Junsu Have Opposite Characters

Juno, the older twin brother of Korean 3-man unit JYJ’s Junsu, held a commemorative handshake event for his debut Japanese photobook “JUNO,” with approximately 600 fans gathered for his first fan event.

On the (level of) completion of this product, “This is my first time, so 60 points” he replied humbly in Japanese. He has yet to show (the product) to Junsu, but said, “We’re twins but our characters are total opposites. (Junsu) is the type who will coolly express himself in a single sentence, so even if he saw it, I think he’d say “It’s cool~” and end it like that,” predicting (his brother’s) reaction with a smile.

Source: Daily Sports Online
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Park Yoochun's Straight Faced Acting, What Is He Trying To Say? Netizens' Curiosity

Singer-Actor Park Yoochun is currently active as the spokesperson of a brand of iced tea, and teasers for the second wave of advertisements have been revealed online.

On 30 July, this video was streamed online in some forum, with the title “Yoochun’s recently released CF video.”

In this advertisement, Yoochun is no longer the smiling, “warm guy” rookie teacher that was shown in the first set of ads, but is loud and frustrated, showing a straight-faced performance.

Furthermore, it seems like Park Yoochun was framed, looking helpless in front of the female teacher, and trying very hard to explain something. Looking at this situation, the netizens’ curiosity has been aroused.

Netizens passionately responded, “Park Yoochun’s acting standard has improved,” “Such a straight-faced performance, he acted very well” and other comments.

Also, Park Yoochun was playing main character for a drama that recently finished airing, and recieved a lot of love from the viewers.

Source: jrw8008 + Star News via Nate
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Kim JaeJoong: "I’m Surrounded By Angels", "I Feel Very Blessed"

"From Park Young-kyu sunbae to Choi Kang-hee noona to Ji-sung hyung, the cameramen, the lighting technicians...... they had been taking care of me like angels. During the filming process, everyone was working hard together. It was a great atmosphere and I'm enjoying it a lot."

"In order to portray Mu-won's cool and refreshing character better, I have been going to the gym less frequent and neither did I do workouts. A good physique doesn't suit Mu-won, in my opinion. I'm not as ambitious as Mu-won, however, he's good at making friends and we're indeed similar at this part."

"Recently, I've encountered some of the younger groups -- B2ST, A-PINK, BOYFRIEND etc when I went to the salon. I guess they're younger than me by 7 to 8 years old. They would greet me by bowing 90 degrees, and I did the same as well every time. Sometimes, I would joke around and say things like even though they are younger than me, and my stamina might not be as good as theirs, I'm still confident with my own singing."

"Despite the fact that I have been in this line for 6 years, I feel that I'm only at "5pm" on the 24-hour clock. I'm saying this because I think I have learnt quite a lot, and yet it's still the beginning for me and I have a lot of hopes for the future. Other than that, the existence of JYJ’s members is one of the reasons why I feel so blessed."

T/N: For some odd reasons, this article was written with only JaeJoong's direct speeches.


This boy, his humility, his cheekiness and "members" is forever one of his reasons for his happiness. :')

Source: Sports Chosun + TVXQBaidu
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Japanese Musical Directer Hishinuma Taeko Praises TVXQ And Worries About Newer K-pop Groups

With the upcoming press conference of ’200 Pound Beauty’ in Tokyo, Shochiku Company’s content creation director Hishinuma Taeko(54) visited Korea. She held a meeting in the CJ E&M office on the 21st and said, “The performances of Korean musical actors are of a very high quality. Production companies need to be aware of the fact that Korean musicals are of a high caliber and should be exported overseas actively.”

She said, “The perception of Korean musicals in Japan has changed greatly since the Japanese debut of ‘Goong The Musical’,” and “There were many critics who highly praised the production.” She showed surprise at the fact that small-scale musicals in Daehakro, Seoul are the rage in Korea while in Japan, license performance in large theaters take up the majority of productions.

Regarding the K-pop and Korean drama craze of the Hallyu Wave, she pointed out, “When TVXQ debuted in Japan in the past, they were thorough in their preparations which lead people to think, ‘K-Pop is of an extremely high caliber’. But these days, K-Pop groups are appearing in the Japanese market who severely lack in preparation when compared to TVXQ.” She also said, “Usually, plans for musicals are completed two or three years before the actual performance, but in Korea, there are many musicals in which the cast has not been finalized though the performances will begin in the later half of the year.”

Credits: Kuki News
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Tohoshinki A-Nation in Ehime

Better sound quality

Toki wo Tomete + Stand by U + Summer Dream + Somebody to Love



Source: BaiduTVXQ
Credit: As tagged
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Junsu - 'Scent Of A Woman' Episode 5 Preview

Credits: Poppoongrock
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Kim Junsu Participates In Scent Of A Woman's OST & Make a Cameo Appearance

Credits: As tagged
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Kim Jaejoong Says, "Me? A Prince? I Have Problems With My Looks

Versatile, a word that suits this man very well. Showing off his capabilities since his debut as a singer in 2004, he has even reached out his hand to the directing field. From the boiling summer heat of August, he will even take on the title of an actor. He’s quite a greedy person.

We’re sure fans have noticed by now who the star of this interview is. This man is Kim Jaejoong, who appeared in front of us, bursting through the monsoon rains that made it appear as if a hole had been carved in the sky.

The moment he greeted us, we couldn’t remember his past as a young teenager because of his mature appearance, so we called him “Jaejoong-ssi(氏)” instead of “Jaejoong-kun(君)”. He joked and said, “I’m still young. I like being called Jaejoong-kun.(haha)” This one statement had the effect of brightening the atmosphere that had darkened because of the dreary weather.

We are about to unravel the fun and honest stories that left us laughing from beginning to end.

#Acting: “I feel pressured because Yoochun-Junsu have done so well”
Kim Jaejoong will be making a complete transformation into an actor through SBS’ new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Protect the Boss’. Though he has already showcased his acting skills in the 2009 Telecinema movie ‘Postman to Heaven’ and the 2010 Japanese drama ‘Sunao Ni Narenakute’, this is the first time he’ll be appearing in the domestic drama industry and he’s bound to feel pressure and nervousness at the fact.

“To be honest, I don’t feel pressured. There is a nervousness that I feel from wanting to work hard because of all the anticipation for me and from the environment and situation that I’m approaching for the first time. But when people tell me how well Yoochun’s done in his dramas and how big of a star Junsu is in the musical industry, I end up feeling quite pressured. Sigh~“

Cha Mu Won, who Kim Jaejoong will be playing in the drama, has been introduced as the talented ‘prince of the financial world’. When we said that the title and appearance fit him well, Kim Jaejoong denied all these claims and left a ludicrous statement(?).

“It’s not true at all. I sometimes feel uncomfortable when I look at my face. It’s very unique, isn’t it? When I see myself dripping with sweat in the middle of a concert, I want to break the mirror. I have problems with my looks. I was talking about this with Junsu once and our agency’s CEO recorded our conversation and said he was going to post it everywhere. Ludicrous statements? But I’d rather look innocent than have such bold features.”

Now that we think about it, Cha Mu Won is slightly similar to Mondo Group’s Department Head Song Yoo Hyun of ‘Miss Ripley’, who was played by JYJ’s Park Yoochun. When we pointed this out, he said, “We are indeed similar. I saw that Yoochun’s company does a bit better than our company, using helicopters… Maybe we should be using one too(puahaha).”

“I met Yoochun at the hairdresser’s in a suit and I saw that he was wearing one too. As soon as we saw each other, we called each other ‘Department Head Cha, Department Head Song’ and acted out a random scene, saying, ‘It’s been a while since we last saw each other.’ It was really fun(laughter).”

#Directing: “I want to try directing for an idol group now”
He’s even tried directing. Debuting as a director through JYJ’s World Tour concert in April, and showcased his talents through Sohn Yeon Jae’s rhythmic gymnastics gala show. At the time, the meeting of Kim Jaejoong and Sohn Yeon Jae alone become a hot topic.

“I was given the opportunity to direct Sohn Yeon Jae’s gala show through my agency. I attended a meeting first before deciding to participate, but I didn’t have much time to spare. Luckily, I think Sohn Yeon Jae’s representatives liked me. Ah~ I even participated in the editing of the music. You knew that, right?”

There are many fans who are anticipating a meeting between Kim Jaejoong and other sports stars. He must be wishing to work on gala show’s of other sports stars other than Sohn Yeon Jae. But Kim Jaejoong suddenly seemed to have turned to stone. To help him out, we gave him a name of a famous sports star but he gave us an unusual answer.

“Park Tae Hwan? I’d like to try out a gala show with Park Tae Hwan. I’d like to create a new swimsuit for him that gives off a new feeling.(haha)”

He expressed his wanting to try out directing celebrities’ concerts as well as gala shows for sports stars. He boasted the versatility of his talents as he stated, “I want to try directing an idol group’s performance.”

#Singing: “We’ll release a new album within this year”
Though he’ll be making his acting debut and has succeeded in directing, Kim Jaejoong’s full-time job is acting. He released his first album ‘The Beginning’ with the other members of JYJ in October, 2010 and have been active ever since. The problem is that it’s hard to find JYJ on TV these days.

“We still haven’t let go of the thread of hope that will allow us to appear on music and variety programs. I hope that we’re able to appear on those shows when our new album drops.”

News that K-Pop is kicking up a storm in Europe these days has become a hot topic. It would be a shame to leave it out of the conversation. As JYJ are receiving much love overseas, it must be a great interest to them as well.

“We thought about showcases in Europe in the past. We weren’t able to go because of the time period, but we’d like to go in the future if we have time. Are we envious? Rather than feeling envious, I think about how hard it must have been for them because it’s always hard to be the first people going somewhere. Like how BoA paved the road to everyone else’s Japanese debut in the past. I like it because it feels like they’ve paved the road for everyone else.”

There has been no news of a new album since the release of ‘The Beginning’ over a year ago. As we know that fans are curious as well, we asked him about a new album and received the answer, “We’re preparing one. We would need great songs to make one. Of course, I’m sure a couple of those songs will be mine. Within this year… soon… It will come out as soon as possible.”

8 years since his debut. Now, he’s starting a new life as Kim Jaejoong, not YoungWoong Jaejoong. Compared to the past, he must show a more mature side to him.

“YoungWoong Jaejoong is a name that is a component of TVXQ. If I was still using the title of TVXQ, I would be YoungWoong Jaejoong in everything else that I’m doing. But the moment that JYJ began, I became Kim Jaejoong. I believe that the ability to find things about myself and show everyone those components is something that I’ve gotten much better at. I’m not perfect yet, so I can’t wait to see what is to come, but I do worry about the future.”

He will need a blueprint to push himself forward in the future. With a much more serious expression, he said, “Nothing’s changed. Because I’m going to keep living as a celebrity. I think our fans want to shape our future with us right now. Because we can see and feel that, I want JYJ to succeed and live a life with no regrets.”

We could see that Kim Jaejoong has become more mature and stronger as he has survived so many hardships. Like what he said, he has been able to come this far because of his fans, and it is now time for him to show something that will give back to them. It’s show time, and Kim Jaejoong’s eager for the curtains to rise.

Source: Seoul NTN
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Oricon 2011 Top Single List


Credits: TVXQBaidu
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K-pop Music Festival In Sydney Ticket Release Date on 1st of September

K-Pop Music Festival in Sydney 2011
Venue: ANZ Stadium
Date: 12 November 2011
Line up: TVXQ, SNSD, Shinee, Secret,
Miss A, KARA, CNBlue, B2st, 2AM, 4Minute
Ticket Releasing Date: 1st September 2011
Contact: [email protected]

Next update coming soon

Credits: JK Entertainment
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JYJ's Representative States, "KBS's Explanation Did Not Answer Our Questions At All"

A representative of Prain, the company in charge of JYJ’s PR, made a statement regarding KBS’s explanation as to why JYJ’s appearance on a KBS program was cancelled.

This representative stated, “KBS’s explanation did not answer a single question that JYJ’s representatives made,” and “What JYJ’s representatives called for was the reason why JYJ’s appearance was suddenly cancelled.” He continued to add, “We believe that JYJ, who were already promoting the cause as honorary ambassadors, could have appeared on the program as planned, regardless of Girls’ Generation and f(x)’s appearances. Other honorary ambassadors who were promised an appearance performed as planned, so we do not know why only JYJ were given a notification of cancellation.“

JYJ were scheduled to appear on the KBS special program ‘Challenge! 7 Natural Wonders of the World, This is Jeju’ as honorary ambassadors to the island’s nomination but were given a notification of cancellation by KBS four days before the performance. To this, JYJ’s representatives stated in an official statement that, “We have reported this case to the Fair Trade Commission and will carry out a lawsuit against the obstructions made against JYJ’s independent activities.”

On the 28th, KBS stated in their viewers’ thread that, “We received a call of confirmation from Girls’ Generation and f(x), who were on our list of celebrities to cast in the performance, saying that they would be able to perform,” and “As Girls’ Generation and f(x) have already spread out globally, even to Europe, we decided that their appearance would be more effective in promoting Jeju, which is in the running to be one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, to the world(broadcasting live to 72 countries through KBS World).”

The Prain representative stated, “We do not wish to cause a conflict with KBS because of this issue,” and “However, we will wait for the verdict from the Fair Trade Commission regarding this issue and we hope that such illogical events will not occur again in the future.”

Source: 10asia
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Kang Yebin Says, "I Haven't Been Able To Keep In Touch With YoungWoong Jaejoong"

Actress Kang Yebin held an open photoshoot at a cafe in Apgujeong on the 28th.

When asked what kind of relationship she and Kim Jaejoong have shared since she revealed a photo of the two looking close in February that quickly became a hot topic, Kang Yebin said, “That’s a photo that was taken on Jaejoong’s birthday. That was the first time we’d met,” and “Since then, I haven’t been able to keep in touch with him.”


Source: Sisa Seoul
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TVXQ to be MISSHA New Endorsement Models

Introducing MISSHA’s new endorsement models.

Starting from next September, TVXQ and MISSHA will be joining our efforts to reveal a better image to everyone. We also hope that members will offer their greatest support and patiently await MISSHA’s CF! Because of scheduling conflicts TVXQ could not be there for our Greeting Day this time around. It is a pity and we hope for our members’ understanding. The new CF will premiere on 1st September.

Source: TVXQBaidu
Translated by: [email protected]
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Kim Jaejoong, take care of him." Chinese Fans Send 100 Meals to Protect The Boss Drama Set

On July 30, Kim Jae Joong’s Chinese fans sent 100 meals to the set of SBS’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama, Look Out for the Boss in Paju, Gyeonggi Province. The meals, which were for the crew, had a market value of about 4 million won.

Among the meals, there were vegetable salads and sandwiches wrapped with notes, saying, ‘go with you, never stop.’

Chinese fan club president, Wang Ruo Ran passed the food out to each one of the crew and said, “Take care of Jaejoong.” The crew also said, “Thank you. We will enjoy the meal.”

An official thanked him and said, “When we were shooting the drama at Lotte World before, we were surprised because there were so many fans from all over the world. And today, they even came to Paju with the meals. That proves Kim Jae Joong is very popular.”

The drama, Look Out for the Boss‘s first episode will air on August 3.

Jaejoong's thank you note to the fans (MAZE)

Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary, thank you for your support today!

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Tohoshinki 'Superstar' & Jedward 'Everyday Superstar'

English version of Tohoshinki's 'Superstar'?

Single tracklist revealed on 24 June 2011
Single released on 20 July 2011

Tohoshinki- Superstar

Album tracklist revealed on 23 June 2011
Album released on 5 August 2011
Song uploaded on YouTube around end of July

Jedward- Everyday Superstar

The group Jedward is an Irish pop duo (identical twins) that debuted in 2010.
They recently tweeted about this on their official twitter account.

This could just be the same case as Mirotic where the company buy the song from the same producer/composer and released them around the same time rather than TVXQ doing a cover of Jedward song.

Anyway more love & exposure for our TVXQ/HoMin ^^
Jedward's fans have been nice & thanks to Jedward's tweets, many of them had look up info and songs by TVXQ. I haven't seen any real bashing from them so I hope it's the same for our side XD

Credits: Wiki + planetjedward + TheEffectGirl + SlimshadyVN
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JYJ - Lotte Duty Free Making

Credits: 123aquaprincess
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Found You English and Hangul Subbed

So I was browsing today and found the best mv so far for "Found You" and it's both english subbed and hangul subbed so you can sing along! Thought I'd share it with you guys. Enjoy! :D

Credits: youtube, as tagged
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Jaejoong- SBS Good Morning News PTB Interview at Press Conference

Blocked in some country. Can download the video here.

Credits: EvAiSmE
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Tohoshinki's Comments in Bigeast HP

We received Tohoshinki’s handwritten comments!!

Bigeast! 再始動おめでとう~♡
Bigeast! Saishidou omedetou~♡
Bigeast! Congratulations for the restart~♡

Korekaramo yoroshiku onegaishima-su ^^
Please support us ^^

2. Video

Excuse me, cannot link here. I hope for a youtube soon.We received a video message from the members.

Yunho: Bigeast members,
Yunho & Changmin: Hello, we are Tohoshinki!
Yunho: We will try our best so that we can have delightful memories with you Bigeasts,
Changmin: Please support us passionately! So, this was from Tohoshinki!
Yunho & Changmin: WE LOVE BIGEAST!

Source: Bigeast 
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Yunho - Haru (Eng Sub)

I can't believe I never knew about this?!? Maybe some of you guys have watched it before. But anyways, this mini drama, "Haru" was filmed in Sept. 2010 and it features Yunho, Bigbang, Kim Bum, Lee Daehae, Han Chaeyoung, and Park Shiwoo. And yes it's english subbed and HD! Enjoy! :)

The entire series is on this playlist so you can just click play and watch the entire thing! :D

p.s. Yunho plays a "romantic tough action actor" ;)

Credits: youtube, princessepiggy, as tagged
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Jaejoong - 'Protect The Boss' New Trailer

This is so funny! I really can't wait!!!

Credits: lunjij
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TVXQ become endorsement models for 'Missha' cosmetics

The TVXQ duo have been selected as new advertisement models for cosmetics brand ‘Missha‘!

Able-CNC Marketing revealed, “TVXQ’s powerful and luxurious image coupled with their passion for bringing new ideas to the stage perfectly fits the brand image of ‘Missha’ to a T. With TVXQ, Missha aims to become a global cosmetic brands in conjunction with the Hallyu wave, and thus become leaders of the international market.”

TVXQ will begin their official activities as ‘Missha’ models starting this month.

‘Missha’ is just one of several other endorsements they have under their belt, as they’ve also signed with ‘Pepsi Nex’, ‘Lotte Duty Free’, ‘Seven & i Holdings‘, and ‘SOGO Seibu’.

Source + Photos: Chosun via Naver
Credit: Allkpop
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Expectations Rise for JYJ Junsu's 'Scent Of A Woman' cameo

The anticipation for JYJ member Junsu’s cameo in SBS’s ‘Scent of a Woman‘ has definitely risen with reports of his spectacular concert performance in the upcoming fifth episode.

On July 28th, 500 fans flocked to a university in Uijeongbu to attend the fictional concert of Junsu, who plays a character of the same name and stature of being one of Asia’s biggest stars.

Kim Sun Ah, who plays the role of ‘Yeon Jae’, visits the concert with Lee Dong Wook and Um Ki Joon, as a great fan who’s admired him for quite some time.

At the concert, Junsu performed “I Can Soar” from JYJ’s worldwide album, “The Beginning“, and “Intoxication” from his Japanese single. Junsu also made sure to prepare a special event for ‘Yeon Jae’, who is diagnosed to be terminally ill.

Producers commented, “Although it was his first time acting, he was the absolute perfect fit for his character. His perfect stage manners and passion truly makes him Asia’s greatest stars. Staff members and co-stars all had a fun time enjoying the concert.”

Junsu’s cameo will be aired on August 6th.

Source: Allkpop + Photos; Asia Today via Nate
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JYJ Star Date at Gwangju Concert (Eng Sub)

Credits: kbsworld
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Resignation from Bigeast

Some of the Bigeasts are notifying the fan club of their resignation from end July.

Important Notice

Important: Your Inquiry/About the resignation
August 3, 2011

Thank you for your continuous support to Tohoshinki.

Currently, we are receiving many inquiries from the fan club members, and extra time is necessary for replying
Concerning the resignation, please wait for approximately one month for all the procedure to be completed. We appreciate your kind understanding.

We are sorry for causing inconvenience to everyone, and we beg your understanding.
Please wait a little bit longer.

We appreciate your continued support to Tohoshinki and the Bigeast in the future.

Bigeast Office
Aug 3, 2011

Source: Bigeast 
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Kim JaeJoong Makes A Surprise Appearance At SBS "Old School" Radio Program

Kim JaeJoong made a special appearance on the SBS “Old School” radio program which was broadcasted on the 27th of July afternoon. It was a live broadcast program and also the first one he participated in after the dispute with SM Entertainment started. As a surprise guest, JaeJoong participated for approximately 10 minutes, whereby he shared his feelings and experiences regarding “Protect the Boss”.

Kim JaeJoong expressed, “Despite the short time, it has been sometime and I want to greet our listeners.” He added, “Everyone, please watch out for “Protect the Boss”.”

He also talked about JYJ’s activities saying, “Right now, we are preparing for our next album. Even though we are not sure about the exact release date, but we will bring to you guys good pieces of music.”

On the other hand, Kim JaeJoong will be acting as the Prince of the Financial World – Cha Mu-won in the SBS new drama “Protect the Boss” which will be airing on the 3rd of August, officially debuting in the Korean drama scene.

Source: newsen + TVXQBaidu
Translation: nings @
Special Thanks: dbskrox @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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"Paradise Ranch" to Release DVD Box I & II on 11/02

"Paradise Ranch" portraits a love story about a couple who divorced after a mere six months and met coincidentally after six years at a horse auction in Australia. The screenwriter, Jang Hyun Joo had also wrote for "The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince" as well.

Product Information

Box I

4 DVDs
- 110 minutes/DVD
- 2 episodes/DVD
- 1 DVD, 100 minutes)
Photobook (In color print, 24 pages)

Box II

4 DVDs
- 110 minutes/DVD
- 2 episodes/DVD
- 1 DVD, 100 minutes
Photobook (In color print, 24 pages)

Language: Korean, Japanese-dubbed
Subtitles: Japanese

Source: TVXQBaidu
Translation: nings @
Special Thanks: dbskrox @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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TVXQ's Yunho and partnet Claudia withdraw from SBS's 'Kiss & Cry'

TVXQ’s Yunho has revealed that he and his partner, Claudia, will be voluntarily withdrawing from SBS’s ‘Kiss & Cry‘.

On August 2nd, PD Kim Jae Hyuk announced, “Due to Yunho’s busy schedule, he had no choice but to voluntarily leave the show.”

On the 3rd, SM Entertainment confirmed, “Despite working on his schedules overseas, Yunho showed his passion for the program by practicing whenever he could. His partner, Claudia, is also preparing as a backup national athlete for the ‘Junior Figure Grand Prix’ and hasn’t had the time to balance her schedule for the show. Thus, they’ve both decided to voluntarily withdraw from the show.”

Their performance last week will mark their last performance together for the show. There is still a team to be eliminated, however, for the fifth match.

Source + Photos: Newsen, Everyday Economy
Credits: Allkpop
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Airport Fashion: Kim Hyun Joong vs U-Know Yunho "They Both Look Great No Matter What They Where

The airport fashion of Kim Hyun Joong and U-Know Yunho, K-pop’s representative charismatic flower boys, has garnered the interest of netizens.

On the 28th, Kim Hyun Joong appeared in Gimpo Aiport to head off to his Tokyo International Forum showcase in Japan on the 29th. On this day, he showcased a natural fashion with comfortable jeans and a striped zip-up hoodie, completing his own style with Converse shoes and sunglasses.

Kim Hyun Joong’s hair color, which is now blonde for his next batch of activities, made him shine regardless of his plain clothes.

TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho became a hot topic for showing off airport fashion that highlighted his manliness.

On the 28th, TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin appeared at Gimpo Airport for their Japanese activities and U-Know Yunho showcased his great sense of fashion with a fedora hat as his focal point.

U-Know Yunho’s clean-cut and great fashion sense had him wearing a white t-shirt and pants, finished off with a vest.

Netizens who saw these photos had a great reaction to them as they said, “Both of them are so charismatic”, “U-Know Yunho is overflowing with masculinity”, “Kim Hyun Joong has his face covered in sunglasses but he still shines”, “U-Know Yunho’s body ratio is great,” and “Kim Hyun Joong has proved that he’s a walking sculpture!”

Credits: Star FNNews
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KBS' Explanation, Why Can't They Just Say It Was Because Of SM!

KBS released an explanation on the 28th regarding JYJ’s Jeju performance cancellation that has been called a national disgrace. It’s called an ‘explanation’, but it’s really nothing but a pathetic excuse that makes one’s face blush in embarrassment. If this was the kind of excuse that they were planning to release, then they really didn’t need to wait a whole week to release it. If they were going to repeat a unilateral statement that doesn’t give a proper answer to the question at hand, then they didn’t really have to release an official explanation at all.

Especially, the fact that they keep emphasizing, “JYJ’s appearance was cancelled based on a judgment by the production crew,” makes the suspicion grow that it wasn’t the production crew’s judgment at all. They say that they’ve emphasized the fact that, “The decision to allow people to appear on shows is solely up to the respective PD of that program and the decision is made based on which people will be more effective for the completion of the program,” but this seems to be nothing but cliché words that make up a lame excuse. It will be hard to find someone who will agree with a statement that merely beats around the bush.

Even if they do repeat a statement over and over again, the least they could have done is touch upon the issue that JYJ’s representatives brought up. The most important issue between the JYJ and KBS Jeju controversy is the part, “The broadcasting of the program may be impossible if JYJ appear.” This seems to contradict the statement made that it is the respective PD’s right to make the decisions. This is why many of JYJ’s representatives and fans believe that SM’s influence affected the outcome.

There is a crucial element that makes KBS’ explanation lose its persuasive power. The decision to have Girls’ Generation’s appear does not explain why JYJ were pulled out. As the decision that Girls’ Generation would be more effective than JYJ is one that is subjective to the PD and therefore can be accepted, Girls’ Generation weren’t the only singers to perform on stage, only proving the existence of external pressure from SM as there was no need to remove JYJ from the program because Girls’ Generation were appearing. The whole explanation by KBS is nothing but a lame excuse that replaces the simple statement that is was SM’s doing.

Also, if someone had to be removed from the list because of time restrictions, there must have been a team of real low awareness that could have been taken out instead of JYJ. Even if KBS were put in a situation of having to choose, it was illogical for them to remove the honorary ambassadors. KBS still haven’t answered the question as it to why it had to be JYJ; as they say, silence is a confirmation.

For Girls’ Generation who stood on stage and for JYJ who couldn’t stand on stage, it was an awkward performance. Though it was a grand performance that was prepared on the fields of Jeju, it was found that the atmosphere on location was chilly. It wasn’t a stage that Girls’ Generation, though forerunners of the new Hallyu Wave they may be, was supposed to stand on as replacements. The Jeju performance, which was supposed to promote the nomination of Jeju as one of the new 7 Natural Wonders of the World, has been left as nothing but a controversy. JYJ’s representatives have revealed that they have already reported KBS Jeju to the Fair Trade Commission, meaning that the event that was supposed to be a memorable celebration became nothing but a ruined affair.

As a result of the cue sheet that was suddenly changed four days before the concert, KBS Jeju succeeded in ensuring that their program would be broadcasted, but the atmosphere in the crowd was so chilly that it was embarrassing to catch on camera. Even though Girls’ Generation’s popularity shoots to the sky, it isn’t easy to amass a large number of fans with a sudden schedule change, especially due to the geographic location of the island. Also, the attitude and actions of the broadcasting company dropped the anticipation of the performance drastically.

Whether it was because of SM’s external pressure, or whether it was because of the production PD’s individual decision, all that matters is that the event did not live up to what it had strived to do. Though these unreasonable actions may work in the backyard of the entertainment industry, they aren’t enough to convince the public. This is the reason why the voice of criticism isn’t coming just from fans of JYJ. If KBS or SM believe that the movement against them in this issue is merely that of a fandom, then they are sorely mistaken. Before KBS explains for makes excuses, they must understand the popular sentiment that lies behind the JYJ issue.

Credits: Mediaus
Translated & shared by:

Opinions Split on KBS' Explanation Of JYJ's Performance Cancellation...'Ridiculous' vs 'Reasonable'

With the release of KBS’ official statement regarding the cancellation of JYJ’s performance in the Jeju 7 Natural Wonders of the World nomination program comes a split amongst netizens on whether on not the statement is reasonable.

On the 28th, the production crew of KBS’ ‘Challenge! 7 Natural Wonders of the World, This is Jeju’ made a post on the viewers’ thread of the KBS homepage with the title ‘The production crew’s stance on the cancellation of singer JYJ’s appearance’ in reply to the post made by a viewer with the title, ‘We demand an explanation for JYJ’s appearance cancellation’.

(omitted, to read KBS’ official statement, please go here)

But netizens seem to be split on their opinions regarding the production crew’s statement. In comments to the statement, most netizens were seen to be against the cancellation, stating, “This isn’t how a broadcasting company should act”, “No matter what the reason is, isn’t it going too far to make a unilateral decision to cancel a performance four days before the show?” and “Groups who have a lower awareness than JYJ appeared in the show, and they were all from SM.”

On the other hand, there were some opinions supporting KBS that read, “I understand the production crew’s statement that Girls’ Generation would be more effective”, “A change in the line-up of a program is something that can happen at any time. Aren’t JYJ overreacting?” and “They need to be more precise on whether it was a decision by the broadcasting company or a decision because of external pressure.”

JYJ were scheduled to appear on the KBS special program on the 20th as the island’s honorary ambassadors but were suddenly given a unilateral notification of cancellation. In an official statement, C-JeS Entertainment stated, “We have already reported this event to the Fair Trade Commission and we will filed a lawsuit against the acts that obstruct JYJ’s independent activities.”

Source: Osen
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JYJ's Kim Jaejoong Wears A Cute Ribbon Headband.

YJ’s Kim Jae Joong wore a cute ribbon headband while praying for his drama’s success.

Kim Jae Joong plays the role of, Cha Moo Won, in SBS’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama, Look out for the Boss.

Recently, while shooting at an amusement park, Kim Jae Joong wore a cute ribbon headband and said, “I bet on our an audience ratings with the other actors. I can’t tell you the exact amount but I think I guessed little high. I wish my fans in foreign countries who watch the drama counted too.” Kim Jae Joong made a victory (V) sign with his fingers and prayed for the drama’s success.

Main characters in the drama, Choi Kang Hee, Ji Sung, and Wang Ji Hye confidently said the ratings will be high.

Choi Kang Hee who plays No Eun Sul in the drama said, “The entire crew of the drama are close to each other and they make the atmosphere at the drama set comfortable. As a result, our rating will rise higher and higher.”

Ji Sung, who plays Cha Ji Hun, said, “I agree with her 100%. Believe in us.

Meanwhile, Look out for the boss is about No Eun Sul who is trying to find a job and finally becomes a secretary. She meets her boss Cha Ji Hun and they will lead the plot. The first episode of the post City Hunter drama, will air on the 3rd, at 9:55 p.m.

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Jaejoong's Japanese Friends Support His New Drama

U_and_YOU: Tonight at 9:55PM~ Jaejoong's drama will start( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Everyone, remember to watch~!

fuku0501: Good morning♪ Eh!! I don't know whether we're able to see it in Japan or not(/_・、) but the drama that Jaejoong stars in will be on air tonight at 9:55PM so please watch it (^^)v Ah~ Thursday is also good~

Source: @U_and_YOU and @fuku0501
Translation: linhkawaii @
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Tohoshinki's Changmin, First "Solo Stage" In Japan

Popular Korean group Tohoshinki’s Changmin (23) will be holding his first solo event in Japan on in November, for 2 days. This is to commerate the release of his first starring role in a Korean drama “Paradise Meadow” DVD Box set (I & II, Each ¥ 16,800, on sale 2 November.) Changmin, who will be participating in his first event in Japan as an actor, said “I want to prepare something special to show everybody for the first time, ” and is making plans.

Aside from his powerful singing and dancing, Changmin has captured the hearts of fans with his comical acting in this acting debut drama, and will be showing his charm by himself, as an actor.

The “Paradise Meadow Premium Event 2011″ will be held on 17 November at Pacifico Yokohama, and 19 November at Intex Osaka. Participants will be selected randomly from those who have purchased both the DVD Box Sets.

According to related personnel, they are currenly planning the stage design and performances, with Changmin personally suggesting ideas to ensure that the participating fans enjoy themselves.

At the moment, Lee Yeon Hee (23) the actress who plays Changmin’s wife in the drama, is scheduled to make a special guest appearance for both days. It seems like (participants) will be able to see the comical dialogue between the on-screen couple. In Japan’s media coverage on Tohoshinki, Yunho(25) enjoys more exposure, so there is much interest as to what different kind of image Changmin will be showing by himself.

This drama is a romantic comedy about a couple who got divorced, but was forced to live together again after 6 years, and was broadcast in Korean from January to March this year. It contains a romantic kiss scene which makes fans scream, between Changmin and Lee Yeon Hee, and this became a hot topic.

Changmin left a message, saying, “The details of the event are still a secret, but it will be an enjoyable event that is full of the drama’s charm. Please wait for it!” and Lee Yeon Hee too said, “I’m looking forward to seeing everyone,” showing her anticipation.

Source: Sanspo 1 & 2
Translated & shared by:

Even From The Land Of The Pyramids, "We Love You TVXQ"

The Hallyu Wave is spreading out, not only within Asia, but across the world. The Hallyu Wave, represented mostly by K-POP, is now expanding to Europe and the Middle East. Though the rage is not as big as it is in Asia, the Hallyu craze is quite amazing in Egypt. In 2005, the Ain Shams University created a Korean major and has been slowly but surely increasing the influence of Korean and the Korean culture in Egypt, even creating a Korean channel in 2010, and recently held its first Korean singing contest.

A total of 24 teams participated in the competition, coming from all parts of Egypt including Cairo and Alexandra. The seats of the Mahdi Library were filled to the brim with an audience that cheered for three hours straight as the competition carried on.


During every break was heard, “We love you TVXQ”
During the breaks that took place between acts in the performance, we could hear people shouting, “We love you TVXQ.” It was the TVXQ fanclub ‘TVXQ5 Egyptian Cassiopeia’, which has been active mainly through Facebook.


Source: OhMyNews
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Jaejoong - Protect The Boss Press Conference BTS

Credits: EvAiSme + Media_phile
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Protect The Boss Episode 2 Preview

The OST is by A Pink - 'Please Let Us Just Love'

Credits: EvAiSmE
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Protect The Boss Episode 1 Jaejoong Cut

Credits: lunjij
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Taiwan Channel V Visits Korea To Film Junsu's Cats

JYJ member Kim Junsu’s cats have become star animals of the Hallyu Wave.

Kim Junsu’s cats appeared in a program broadcasted by Taiwan’s Channel V on 2 August. The Channel V team had visited Korea in search of his cats, in turn proving the popularity of JYJ.

Photos of Kim Junsu’s cats, Tiger, Leo and Bakira had been revealed on his twitter. Netizens replied, “Cats have become world renown stars having met a good owner.”, “Visiting Korea just to film those cats, cool!”, “they could also have appeared in “Animal Farm”, “World renown stars forever!” “Kim Junsu should be feeling satisfied now.”

Source: baidutvxq
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CassPH reigns at the Fanchant Battle, Second Annual Kpop and Culture Fest

Once again, Cassiopeia proved their never-ending faith and love for TVXQ by grabbing the first place in the Fanchant Battle of the Second Annual Kpop and Culture Fest that which held last July 31, 2011 in SM Megamall, Megatrade Hall 2. The group – which was composed of 18 members: 13 dancers and 5 boosters – used a medley of Hug, Balloons, O Jung Ban Hap, and Purple Line for their routine.

Having been created a few months before the contest date, the participants was ecstatic to know that Cassiopeia Philippines will again participate in a Filipino kpop event. The excitement was felt in the first few days of practices. There was a lot of fangirling going around yet, as the days pass by, the road started to get bumpy. Conflicts arose between the members of the group specially when it came to the schedule of the practice dates. Some of them even considered quitting, and never did they had a complete attendance during the rehearsals except for the contest proper itself. Also, the pressure felt heavier given that they will not only represent one of the biggest fanclubs in the Philippines, but also the pride of Cassiopeia and TVXQ themselves. Written by Dan & Photo by Eka for Cassiopeia Philippines.
July 31st came. The group gathered in an area allotted for the participants to rehearse for the last time. While the 13 dancers were having their finishing touches in their routine, the 5 boosters roam around the event hall to bring together all the Cassiopeia that they could find. Despite knowing that their voices were critical for the contest, they still shouted from one place to another to find Cassies who are willing to learn the chant and participate. Several wanted to take part but couldn’t because of the time constraint, which greatly discouraged the boosters. They were able to gather around 20 Cassies and taught them the chant, specially Purple Line’s since an English lyrics was written to match the song. Good thing some already knew it, given that CassPH posted a tutorial video in their site several days before the event.

A few minutes before the contest proper, some of the Cassies that the boosters gathered disappeared, leaving them anxious. It was the dancers’ concern to show their best in the routine, and it was the boosters’ duty to have that ‘voice’ that needed to be heard. While the dancers were left backstage, the boosters positioned themselves near the stage, waiting for their fanclub to be called.

“No one might cheer for us and that no one might appreciate what we were doing.”, said one of the dancers. The fear of not having enough impact on the audience was greatly felt within the group. Carrying this worry in their heart, the dancers went up stage and started dancing..


The routine started with a voiceover saying “We are Dong Bang Shin Ki.”, and then no one was able to hear their own voices. Screams were heard all over the place. The boosters, together with the Cassies who participated, shouted their hearts out as the dancers gave their all in carrying out their routine. Red lights were everywhere, hearts felt like exploding while the performance was happening. The more screams and chants were heard, the more powerful the dancers became. The 4-minute performance was the epitome of unity and love. The dancers, together with the boosters, and everyone who shouted in the crowd, became one as they show their undying love for TVXQ. Cassiopeia became one for TVXQ.

Tears immediately welled up as the dancers and the boosters hugged each other the moment they met down the stage. “I was so worried. There were only a few Cassies I had with me minutes before the performance but then, it was as if everyone around me were screaming and chanting.”, mentioned by one of the boosters while crying backstage. The support received by the group was unexpected. They also said that if ever they did not win, they would whole-heartedly accept the result. What was important was that they were able to give their best in that fleeting yet unforgettable moment.

The sacrifices paid off as the emcees announced Cassiopeia Philippines as the winner. Again, river of tears flowed as the group went up stage to receive their award. Their tears did not only define their winning performance, not only the shouts of the crowd, but also the difficult journey they went through just to proclaim that even though their boys are currently not together, they will never, ever leave their position as TVXQ’s stars.

“Ate, your performance was great. What was the name of your fanclub again? Cassiopeia, right? Because of what you did, we feel for what you are experiencing right now.”, said by a non-Cassie to one of the dancers.

Cassiopeia, let us set up our world.
Till the end of time, we’ll light Dong Bang Shin Ki’s way.
Always keep the faith,
Keep on holding on, and hope to the very end.
Higher will be our progression,
Pearl Red lights, keep shining on.
Forever, Junsu, Jaejoong, Changmin, Yunho, Yoochun – always five!

Thanks for the tip, Louise!

Credits: CassPH
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Protect The Boss 1st Episode

Go HERE if it doesn't show up in your screen.

Credits: [email protected]
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Protect The Boss OST Part 1

01. 우리 그냥 사랑하게 해주세요
02. 우리 그냥 사랑하게 해주세요 (inst.)

Credits: As tagged
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All About JYJ

Credits: 111nadii
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HoMin "Rising Sun" at SMTown Paris

Official video of "Rising Sun" by Yunho and Changmin at SMTown Paris in June 2011.This is so so sad. The entire performance, although great, is just so empty without the other three...:'( nontheless, something to share with you all.

Credits: princessepiggy, youtube, as tagged
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Will JYJ's Concert really be held in Japan?

From ZAK Corp HP

1. ZAK announced on Aug 9, "Future Lineups (as of Aug 8, 2011), Concerning the event for JYJ, it is not decided yet. However, we are earnestly under negotiation so that we can inform you by the end of Aug. Please click here for details.

2. On Aug 10, ZAK slightly changed their description as "Concerning the event for JYJ, it is not decided yet. However, we are earnestly under negotiation so that we can inform you as soon as (the details are) fixed."

3. Now, on Aug 13, they have again changed as:

・Concerning JYJ, we are receiving many inquires. However, concerning JYJ's concert, nothing is decided yet. Please refrain from making inquires. Thank you for your understanding.

Source: ZAK Corporation
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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anation Nagoya Staff Report & Thank you message from Tohoshinki

1. a-nation staff report

a-nation Nagoya

A scene from today's a-nation. Getting excited playing table tennis backstage!

2. Thank you message

T/N: translated only the thank you message part

OMG~~Nagoya was dela (T/N: Nagoya dialect, meaning "very") warm!! We always had the image that a-nation Nagoya was the warmest, and it was really something. We should have collapsed if we haven’t eaten “Hitsumabushi” LOL. Just was because of everyone’s cheers.
Two years have passed since we last came to Nagoya, and we were v~~ery delighted to see everyone.
We recalled of the delights of the local live concerts, and thought that we want to have live tours as soon as possible.
We received a lot of Nagoya’s high spirits. Thank you again for today!!

T/N: This message was sent to the fans who participated in Nagoya a-nation via cellular phone service.

Source: Bigeast & Tohoshinki★ChangminMAX-LOVE★
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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The Deleted Article from Hayato's Blog

T/N: This article should be in connection to ZAK's announcement here.

T/N: The article is already deleted from Hayato's blog. However, the information that Hayato updated his blog, together with the original contents, was left in my friend's google reader. The image is very special, please do not claim it your own whatsoever by deleting the tags. Thank you.

They are taking membership fees… I'm at a loss for words.
(asian9437) (0:10, 4 hours ago)

I could only say… oh my god…
I know that I shouldn’t say anything thoughtless… But, are they …. taking advantages of the fans' weakness?
To be honest, I was disappointed…. Please tell me if there is a proper reason (T/N: for ZAK’s doing so).

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a-nation Nagoya, Various Fans' Tweets

They said "Bigeast arigato"。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。 via @unUknown

The cheers were No 1 for today! (Well, I just came here when AKB48 was performing) . Changmin's shouts in Rising sun and the big moon completely matched, so impressive. via @Charmyco

【a-nation Aichi】 Changmin said to Yunho, "It is really very warm!", and at that time Yunho was drinking water. Then Changmin said "OH!!! You are drinking water.." LOL. He is super cuteー(//∇//) via @AYA6002M

Though I was meters away, I recognized that they were very tall(*^^*)♥ There were many Bigeasts, and I was very happy(((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) via @AYA6002M

Today both of them had the scarfs around their waists. (I have the same scarf) via @aya0601tvxq

anation Nagoya finished safety without any accidents. 37000 have come to the see the performance. Everyone, please take care on your way back home(_ _)m via @GUTS_RUSH (a-nation staff)

Tohoshinki is super popular. They are much more popular than Kumi Koda. When I was walking around the venue, the number of fans which held (Tohoshinki's) towels and jumbo fans were most numerous. via @ haratter17

【a-nation Aichi】Changmin said "We are really happy!! Arigato!!" Yunho said "Arigato!!" In addition to his regular "Kamsahamnida", he said "Arigato Bigeast" (*^^*)♥ Homin, you're the best♪ via @ AYA6002M

Yunho threw something to Changmin! Changmin was having fun catching it(;´Д`) They were really cute. via @ aya0601tvxq

Changmin wrote a heart mark toward the screenヽ(*´∀`)ノ via @ aya0601tvxq

I am really ashamed .... that I thought the 2 members' Tohoshinki lacked something(>_<) My thoughts that Tohoshinki is a 5 members' group has not changed, but Yunho and Changmin were really, really keeping/protecting the name of Tohoshinki. via @myjjaib

I heard that Yunho and Changmin was playing table tennis backstage in T shirts and short pants♪ Cutie~(*^∀^*) via @smilealwaysxoxo

During the performance, Yunho was dancing bits of SJ's Mr. Simple! via @y0shimy

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Tohoshinki's new song "Back To Tomorrow" will be the Theme song for the Menard CM

ILLUNEIGE (Anti-aging care with 27 secrets)
"27 secrets" version CM

(few sentences omitted)

And the tie up music is sung by Tohoshiki.
This song implies the wish that "we want to shine forever",
completely matches with the brand concept of ILLUNEIGE,
and ennobles the CM's world to a higher stage.

The song is Tohoshinki's "Back to Tomorrow".

Hello, everyone, this is Tohoshinki.
This time, we are delighted that our new song "Back to Tomorrow" will be the theme song for ILLUNEIGE's CM. Our song completely matches the elegant style of the CM.
We want as many people as possible to see the CM and hear our song.


T/N: Tokiwo tomete was also the theme song for MENARD, 2 years ago. Click here for the video.

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The Reason Behind The Re-recording Of “I Will Protect You”?

The broadcast of the first episode of “Protect the Boss” together with the news of Kim JaeJoong’s (acting as Cha Mu-won in the drama) participation in the OST has caused an uproar from the fans.

JYJ member Kim JaeJoong composed and wrote the lyrics for “Protect the Boss OST Part 3”, and the track was introduced in the third episode of the drama. At midnight, music sites such as Melon, Dosirak, Bugs Music, Naver, and Daum uploaded the track and it was made available for purchase.

Regarding the OST track for “Protect the Boss”, the producers mentioned, “Through the OST recording, we once again confirmed the professional side of Kim JaeJoong.”

Although the producers were very satisfied with the recording of “I Will Protect You”, Kim JaeJoong, despite under mental and physical exhaustion due to the filming of the TV series proposed, "I’m not pleased still. Can I give it another try?”

Thus, “I Will Protect You” was born with a higher degree of completion. Kim JaeJoong is indeed one of the members from the vocal group JYJ who placed much effort for the OST, showing the best side to the audiences. The producers gave him a round of applause for his devotion.

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Partial Lyrics for Tohoshinki's new song "Back To Tomorrow"

Credits: kotasa1

(Japanese lyrics)
この木に健気に咲いた 一輪の花 儚く誇らしく
生きていく力に 満ちてる君を見て 涙があふれ出した
もう一度最初から 長い道を歩こう
きっと明日は輝くから BACK BACK BACK 今は BACK BACK BACK with me
必ずまた輝くから BACK BACK BACK ともに BACK BACK BACK with you

Kono kini Kenageni saita ichirinno hana hakanaku hokorashiku
Ikiteiku chikarani michiteru kimiwo mite namidaga afure dashita
Mouichido saishokara nagai michiwo arukou
Kitto asuha kagayaku kara BACK BACK BACK imaha BACK BACK BACK with me
Kanarazu mata kagayaku kara BACK BACK BACK tomoni BACK BACK BACK with you

A solitary flower, pure in bloom in a tree, so fragile but proud
Looking at you full of youthful zest, tears are beginning to overflow
Let’s walk the long road, once again from the beginning
Tomorrow should shine BACK BACK BACK now, please BACK BACK BACK with me
Should surely shine again BACK BACK BACK together BACK BACK BACK with you


The lyrics are just from my hearings, there may be some mistakes. Thanks for your understanding.

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Kim JaeJoong and Ji Sung Treated The “Protect the Boss” Crews To A Meal For 100 People

To celebrate their first place position on the AGB Seoul ratings chart (August 11th), Kim JaeJoong prepared 100 servings of ginseng chicken soup for the crew on the August 13th. The “Protect the Boss” crews expressed, "The actors felt that this action was very heart-warming, and that they are indeed part of a great team."

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Donghae, Heechul, & Yunho Mark Their 10-Year Friendship with a Photo

Super Junior’s Heechul and Donghae posed with TVXQ’s Yunho for a snapshot commemorating their 10-year friendship.

On August 12th, Kim Heechul tweeted, “It’s been 10 years as Heerobbong, Yurobbong, and Dorobbong. Why did you nickname me Heerobbong so I can’t even talk about our episodes on broadcasts, Yunho?“.

In the attached picture, Heechul is seen posing charismatically with labelmates Donghae and Yunho. While the picture of the three friends is certainly charismatic, many fans raised an eyebrow over Heechul’s nickname because ‘Heerobbong’ is a Korean term for ‘methamphetamines’.

Netizens who saw the picture commented, “Heerobbong? It sounds a bit wrong …“, “Handsome people befriend each other“, and “The three of you match well“.

How much they've grown hehe ^^
How about a mini photo spazz to celebrate the 10 years of friendship~

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Statement Regarding Seoul Drama Awards 2011 Voting

Background info:
This statement came after numerous complain from voters. Voters had recently realize that there was problem (or cheating) on the voting system and since then have been voicing their complain on the facebook discussion page and other social media.

A number of voters who had voted for Park Yoochun in the Best Korean Drama Actor category had noted that their vote had changed to Jang Keun Suk and some to the other nominee. The same problem seems to have also occurred in the other category: Best Korean Drama Series (Sungkyunkwan Scandal) and Best Drama Theme Song (JYJ - Found You).

Some voters have also said that their votes seem to have not been counted since the number of votes displayed did not increase on their votes though the system mark them to have already voted. Voters have also pointed out the rapid increase on the votes of some nominee.

Note: I am merely writing down what info fans that have been given to me (thus the focus on Yoochun and JYJ) and what I have seen in the voting sites and FB page. I'm not sure if this have happen to the other nominee.

The voting is still open. You can vote for Yoochun & JYJ here( or here(
Only 2 days left to vote. Like the page and vote! You can only vote ONCE.

Thanks to everyone for the tips!

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Junsu Twitter Update

It's raining..The sad state of three man ke

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Jaejoong Twitter Update

Lol~ It made it into Protect The Boss!

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Kim Jun Su's "You Are So Beautiful" Hit #1

New KT Music portal site Olleh Music has a new number one hit song this week: a song in SBS TV series Scent of a Woman “You are So Beautiful,” which JYJ’s Kim Jun Su sings.

2ne1’s “Ugly,” Super Junoir’s “Mr. Simple,” Miss A’s “Goodbye Baby,” and Ha Dong Kyun and Lee Jung’s “I Will Wait” (song in KBS TV series The Princess’ Man) seize the next five places on music chart.

Sunny Hill’s “Pray,” CM HaHa’s “Sticky Rice Cake” (Infinity Challenge), 4minute’s “Fee Style,” Davichi’s “Heaven,” 2ne1’s “Hate You” are also recorded high on the chart.

KT Music says, “In this week, there was a fierce battle between idol group’s songs and songs from TV series. Digital music charts will face some hot battles, too, as news songs are continually released.”

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Changmin - #9 Mnet Wide Ranking: The Best Of Times

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HoMin - Back To Tomorrow Preview

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Ji Sung & JYJ's Jaejoong Buy Lunch For 'Protect The Boss' Staff

Co-stars Ji Sung and JYJ’s Jaejoong decided to buy lunch for the staff and producers of their SBS drama, ‘Protect the Boss‘!

Jisung ordered a lunch line of 100 servings to celebrate recording #1 in viewer ratings for their time slot with 18.7% on August 11th.

Ji Sung said, “We’ve always wanted to dine with our producers, who are always suffering for us. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to due to the delay in our schedules from the rain. Not only am I glad that we recorded #1 in viewer ratings, but I’m also glad to be able to sit down with everyone and eat and converse like this.”

On August 13th, Jaejoong had also bought 100 servings of samgyetang (whole-chicken soups with medicial herbs) for the staff, who dug in wholeheartedly.

One producer commented, “Just seeing such a positive vibe between the actors just shows how great the teamwork is in ‘Boss’. We hope to continue this great teamwork, and produce the greatest drama.”

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News Clip On Yoochun's Recent Twitter Posts

News about Yoochun's three pictures posted recently on his twitter XD

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ETN Entertainment News: JYJ "Mine" Exhibit + JJ and Junsu OST + Yoochun's "Master Pieces"

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Jaejoong's Cameo on Ep. 7 of Scent of A Woman?

Around 1:25 the female character flips through a magazine, and guess who's in it? and guess which magazine shooting it was? hehehe~

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Back To Tomorrow Karaoke

i know many posts relating to the song have been posted before but i thought this was a neat video to share with you guys since it's such a great song and everyone loves it so much! <3

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Instiz Chart Rankings for the 2nd Week of August!

Instiz Chart Singles Ranking

1. SISTAR – “So Cool” – 13,035 Points

2. 2NE1 – “Ugly” – 11,306 Points

3. Miss A – “Goodbye Baby” – 5,119 Points

4. Kim Junsu – “You Are So Beautiful” – 4,194 Points

5. Super Junior – “Mr. Simple” – 4,187 Points

6. Kim Bum Soo – “Person, Love” – 4,148 Points

7. Dal★shabet – “Bling Bling” – 2,715 Points

8. 2NE1 – “Hate You” – 2,464 Points

9. Kim Jae Joong – “I’ll Protect You” – 1,984 Points

10. Bang Yong Guk – “I Remember” ft. Yang Yoseob of B2ST – 1,751 Points

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Junsu Reveals Special MV for "You are so Beautiful"

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SBS Morning News-- Jaejoong and Jisung Treating PTB Staff and Crew

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Protect The Boss NG

It's not a Jaejoong NG, but he's in this scene!<3

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SBS Preview for "Protect The Boss" Ep. 5 Shows Drunken Cha Mu Won

Jihun in the video gains more confidence as the presentation unfolds and he finishes the presentation nicely. Unlike CEO Cha who looks on such Jihun with pride, the expressions of Sukhee and Muwon who feels hurt in their pride harden.

On the other hand, Eunsul comes to have a meal with Muwon. The two sight-see the streets and have fun until the night, even drinking beer. When Muwon becomes intoxicated, Eunsul calls Jihun. Jihun who drives over in a breath becomes angry at Eunsul, demanding to know why she is with Muwon.

Source: SBS
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JYJ Appointed ICAAP Ambassadors for AIDS Awareness

For those that did not know,
ICAAP stands for International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific
Official website of ICAAP10

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Yoochun's 'Paintings' Twitter Pic in Taiwan Newspaper?

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JYJ To Promote Forum on AIDS in Asia-Pacific

K-pop idol group JYJ has been appointed PR ambassador for an international forum on AIDS in the Asia Pacific region to be held in Busan next week, the organizer said Tuesday.

The 10th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific, or ICAAP10, will take place from Aug. 26 to Aug. 30 in Bexco in Busan, gathering more than 4,000 AIDS experts from 70 countries in Asia Pacific. It will be the largest AIDS conference in the region and the first international AIDS-related conference in Korea.

Kim Jun-su (left) and Park Yu-chun of the K-pop idol group JYJ pose for a photo at a hotel in Seoul, after being appointed PR ambassadors of the 10th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific, which will kick off on Aug. 26 in Busan. (Park Hae-mook/The Korea Herald)

The three member group, consisting of former TVXQ members Junsu, Yuchun and Jejung, received the letter of appointment at the Imperial Palace Hotel in southern Seoul.

“As the PR ambassador, I have learned that AIDS patients can lead a healthy life with proper medical care. We will try our best to raise awareness in Asia,” said Park Yu-chun.

“The appointment of JYJ to PR ambassador for the conference will help share common regional goals in Asia Pacific to prevent and fight against AIDS,” said Cho Myung-hwan, chairman of the local organizing committee of ICAAP10.

Cho added that the appointment of the youth pop culture icon as the PR ambassador for the AIDS conference symbolizes that Korea serves the international community not only with economic growth but with cultural power and social responsibility.

Coming into the 30th year since the discovery of AIDS, the upcoming forum will be attended by Fiji President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, UNAIDS executive director Michel Sidibe, WHO Western Pacific regional director Shin Young-soo and officials from World Bank, ADB and the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR).

By Kim Yoon-mi ([email protected])

Credits: The Korea Herald
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Protect The Boss Ep. 5 New Preview

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SBS Releases Apink "Please Let Us Love" MV for PTB

SBS released official Protect the Boss Drama MV version of Apink's "Please Let us Love"

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Extended JaeChun at JYJ NII Fanmeet (Eng Sub)

5 Min. fancams of the NII fanmeet last month. OMG! not to be a spazz or anything but these fancams are SO GREAT! i feel like a creep by watching 5 min. of just jaejoong doing random facial expressions TT;; but he's so cute~~and there's a english subbed footage of yoochun talking about Jaejoong and "Protect the Boss" :3

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YooSu - ICAAP Part 2

Just listen to all the camera shutter going off o.o and the flashes~

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Jaejoong taking selca + SBS Good Morning PTB Filming

Oh wow...Jaejoong puts so much effort into his twitter pics...XD

Credits: SBS
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Which Korean Celebrities would best be suited for popular vampire roles?

The movie Twilight was recently aired on Korean television. A poll was held on an OCN blog, asking which Korean celebrities would best fit popular vampire roles from television and movies.

JYJ's Kim Jaejoong was picked as the best Edward from the movie Twilight.

Actor Lee Minho, who recently starred in "City Hunter", was selected as the best Stefan, the nice vampire from Vampire Diaries, while actor Kim Namgil, whose last work was in the drama "Bad Guy", was chosen as the best Damien, the bad vampire from Vampire Diaries.

Actor Lee Dongwook, who is currently starring in drama "Scent of a Woman", was chosen as the best Dylan Radcliffe, a vampire from "The Gates". Kim Saeron, a female actress, was picked as the best Eli from Let Me In. Actor Lee Byunghyun from Iris and actor Jo Insung, were chosen as the best Bill Compton and Eric respectively, both from True Blood.

Source: OCN
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HoMin - Message to SM TRUE

Hello, we are TVXQ. We heard that SM Entertainment, Korea and True Corp, Thailand have become a family. Congratulations! We hope that the collaboration of SM TRUE wouldn’t only improve entertainment business in Thailand but also hope this would be an opportunity to improve the whole entertainment business in Asia.

We, as TVXQ, would like to go there and showcase you with a good performance/work as soon as we can. We will give our 100% in our work. Please keep on supporting us and Congratulations once again.

Credits: hikkioil
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JYJ Appointed as PR Ambassadors for ICAAP 10

At a press conference on August 16th, ICAAP10 [The 10th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific] officially appointed JYJ as their PR ambassadors.

ICAAP10 is sponsored by UNAIDS and ASAP [AIDS Society of Asia and the Pacific] and it’s the first international AIDS-related conference held in the Republic of Korea. ICAAP10 is also expected to be the largest AIDS conference organized in the Asia-Pacific region.

The chairman of the local organizing committee of ICAAP10, Cho Myung Hwan, commented, “Appointing JYJ as our ambassadors will help share common goals in the Asia Pacific region to prevent and fight against AIDS.”

On their goals for this conference, Cho Myung Hwan stated, “We are hoping to provide an opportunity to rightly recognize signs of AIDS for young adults in the ages of 16- 24, who make up about 50% of AIDS patients“.

In addition, the chairman commented, “The successful launching of ICAAP10 conference symbolizes that the Republic of Korea serves as a leading country of Asia not only in economic growth but also with culture and social responsibility“.

At the conference, JYJ member, Park Yoochun stated, “As the PR ambassador, I have learned that AIDS patients can lead a healthy lifestyle with proper treatment” and added, “We are trying to break free the misconceptions of AIDS. We, JYJ, will do our best to raise awareness in Asia“.

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Jaejoong & Choi Kang Hee Go On A 'Date'

This week’s episode of SBS’s ‘Protect the Boss‘ will feature a special date scene between JYJ’s Jaejoong and actress Choi Kang Hee.

Filming for the scene took place at Daehak-ro earlier this month, and the two are scripted to walk through a park. They come across the ‘Goguryeo Band‘ performing “Life Is But A Dream“, which the pair danced along excitedly to.

The band and song were personally chosen by PD Son Jung Hyun, who fell in love with the song’s unique color. Thanks to his excellent choice, passerbys on the street were able to get a taste of some great music and were said to have crowded around to clap and join the free show.

The scene went on to feature the two trying on some sunglasses being sold on the street. After seeing Jaejoong wearing an ice cream-shaped one with ‘Happy Birthday’ written on them, Choi Kang Hee immediately began singing the happy birthday song while wearing cute heart-shaped sunglasses herself.

Producers said, “Last time, Choi Kang Hee and Kim Jaejoong-ssi enjoyed their time together at the amusement park as if they really were on break together. That same joy was transferred over to the producers and viewers. This time, they filmed a date scene on Daehak-ro as if they were real lovers, ending the filming on a positive note.”

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Protect The Boss Ep. 5 Jaejoong Cut

Spoiler : Got kiss scene ^.~

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JYJ Twitter Update

Trans: Calm down...Be patience...just get exploded tomorrow...while watching the drama...Another promise is also kept today..! Singer Kim JaeJoong

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Protect The Boss Ep. 6 Preview

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Jaejoong's Tweet to his friend Akio

[TRANS] Of course it is, Director Cha Mu Won :)

(Akio, 11.52pm KST) @mjjeje Mu Won-San! This is really troubling~!!!
(Jaejoong, 11,55pm KST) @akionosuke It's business...

Trans and Shared by: dongbangdata

Protect The Boss Ep. 5

Protect the Boss Ep.5
The entire episode is in the playlist! Happy watching~

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Rating For Protect The Boss Ep. 5

Protect The Boss line is light orange

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“We Want To Correct The Discrimination People Have Against AIDS Patients Throughout Asia”

The 10th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific (ICAAP10) announced JYJ (Kim JaeJoong, Park YooChun, Kim JunSu) as their appointed ambassador on the 16th of August.

The ICAAP10 is organized by UNAIDS and AIDS Society of Asia Pacific (ASAP). It is the largest congress associated with AIDS, and this is also the first time it is held in Korea.

Cho Myung-hwan, the head of ICAAP10 pointed out, “Through JYJ, as the leading group in the Korean wave, they will be spreading the awareness and prevention of AIDS throughout Asia. This is important as 50% of the patients are aged between 16 to 24 years old; they should be given the opportunity to have a better and correct understanding of AIDS.”

Also, a leader of the committee stated, “This ceremony does not only signify the success of Republic of Korea in our economy, but also in our cultural and social responsibilities. He urges Koreans to be a dignified demonstrator to the other Asia Pacific countries.”

Park YooChun from JYJ expressed, “If AIDS patients can be well-received like how people with hypertension are treated, it can be treated as a healthy disease. As the appointed ambassador of ICCAP10, we want to correct the discrimination people have against AIDS patients and JYJ will spare no effort in doing so.”

Kim JunSu added, “The ICAAP10 will be held on August 26th, gathering 70 countries together wherein different people can communicate and give hope to the patients. These people too, want to improve the society’s understanding towards AIDS, and JYJ will be putting in efforts enthusiastically as well.”

The ICAAP10 conference will take place from August 26th until August 30th, in BEXCO in Busan.

Source: TVXQBaidu
Translation: nings @
Special Thanks: dbskrox @
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'SMTOWN Live In NYC' Concert in October?

Inside sources have informed allkpop that SM Entertainment is in the process of finalizing negotiations for an ‘SMTOWN Live in NYC‘ concert in October of this year.

The tentative date is set for around the 3rd week of October, and so long as there aren’t any major issues during the final planning and negotiation stage, fans can expect to see their favorite SM TOWN artists in New York City this October.

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"Boss" Sets Record for Being The Fastest & Only Drama To Break 20%

The SBS Wed-Thursday drama Protect the Boss has broke the 20%-ceiling in ratings thanks to the double kiss scenes of the lead cast and has continued its upward climb.

On Protect the Boss that aired on the 17th, the kisses shared by the Ji Sung and Choi Kanghee pair and the Kim Jaejoong and Wang Jihye pair were shown in a split screen. Thanks to that, Protect the Boss broke the ratings of 20.5% (nationwide 17.8%) in only five episodes and has kept its place as the #1 drama.

The Seoul ratings produced by the other ratings analysis agency TNmS also recorded 19.2% (nationwide 15.7%). Protect the Boss, in comparing 49 Days and City Hunter, previous works by SBS, and also MBC’s The Best of Love, is the drama that has broke the 20%-wall the fastest.

Furthermore, Protect the Boss simultaneously also set the record to become the only one among all the dramas that are currently airing on either Monday-Tuesdays or Wednesday-Thursdays to break 20%.

In the home page bulletin, opinions as below were posted: “I could not help but scream with shock at the kiss scene between Kim Jaejoong and Wang Jihye for which there was no prior warning.” “I think the production crew and the script writer are the masters of push-and-pull love.” “The two couples’ double kiss scene—it was a real breakthrough of romantic comedy dramas. I am highly anticipating as to what the drama will surprise us with on the next episode.”

The production crew relayed: “As for the kiss scene with Kim Jaejoong and Wang Jihye, we filmed it so carefully, to the degree that we put a gag order on the production crew even. The response of the viewers was heated and so we were thankful. We will be even more thankful if you will keep watching to see how the two couples who have now kissed will unfold their stories.”

On the other hand, in Protect he Boss that will air on the night of 18th at 9:55pm, Eunsul will begin the Project in order to heal Jihun’s panic disorder, and is planned to pull into aide a variety of creative healing methods.

Source: TVDaily
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Junsu's Twitter Update

(Junsu) Hihi...guys ^^

Source: Junsu's Twitter
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Protect The Boss Ep. 6 Sneak Peek

Credits: SBS+aomgoodtime
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Jaejoong Twittter Update

Yes, we surely will watch it
Trans: Expect Wednesday next week^^

(He is so manly in the selca, right?)
Credits: @mjjeje
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M. Street - "Ask" Protect The Boss OST (Eng+Rom+Han)

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Fan Account: Meeting Junsu at CreBeau Today

Fan account by MelodiaMuse who is one of the translator of (

The giant cat house of awesomeness right here!


*breathes in and out*

lol I’m still flailing and I met Junsu six hours ago…. *flails again*

teehee, anywho Rara and I decided to go to Junsu’s pizza place and Crebeau today to eat and get our nails done.
We were supposed to go on Tuesday but because of my college apps, we pushed our Ilsan trip to today and thank God we did!

After Imshil (btw Junsu’s favorite pizza is the Chicken Barbecue one if any of you are interested) we found our way over to Crebeau and Rara had just gotten her nails done, when a couple of Japanese fans starting like major spazzing.

Then we saw his mom and she was carrying two photos for the Japanese fans. My initial thought was ‘wow they’re getting so excited from seeing his mom. I wonder what they’re like when they see Junsu’ and I decided to eavesdrop a little.

For some odd reason, the lady who worked there was talking to them in Korean and said something like “and he’ll sign these for you since you bought them”

I was like “……….. ?!?!?!” and then the lady who was doing my manicure was like “Oh Junsu must be here right now.”

Cue me and Rara’s “………….. WAIT WHAT???????”

Spazzing, we ended up each buying Xiahlendars for him to sign (they are hella cute btw) and we waited for our turn. We walked into the room and there’s this guy in a hoodie with the hood covering half his face and texting like a mad man.

He put his phone down and looked and us and he actually has pretty nice skin, even without any make up on. So he started signing Rara’s, whose name I had to spell out like four times X) And I was spelling it out for him and his mom and dad starting chiming in, it was adorable. It felt like being a parent teaching her kid how to spell♥

And I told him that Rara spoke Japanese and English, though his mom and dad both thought she was Korean. And I thought he would right something in Japanese, but he wrote “thanks~” in English and his dad laughed.

And then I gave him my name and his dad asked me if I was a college student. I said I had just submitted college apps and he was like “Oh so you’re a 12th Grader?” and I was like “No, I graduated overseas,” and his mom asked where I lived and I said, “Dubai!”

Junsu, his mom and his dad all looked at me and were like “Wow~” and I was like ‘EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE’ on the inside. So then Junsu’s dad asked where I had replied and I said, “I’ve gotten into Korea and Yonsei University and I just applied to SNU today,” and he said “Wow~ You must be really smart!”

By that point, Junsu was done signing my paper and I said, “Oh! and we run a translating site and we were wondering if you could give us your signature for it?” His dad looked really interested and he gave Junsu an A4 sheet of paper and asked me to write down the name of our site. I wrote it down and Junsu gave us a signature. His mom asked what Junsu should write for a message and I said anything was fine, but she said that ‘anything’ is pretty hard and Junsu just wrote what he wanted and said ”I pray that you’ll always be healthy and have a life filled only with things that make you smile/laugh ^.^”

And I asked if we could take a photo with him and his dad said, “Oh he hasn’t put anything(bb cream/make up) on his face, so he won’t” and I said, “I haven’t either! It’s okay~” and we all laughed :)

So after that, Junsu’s phone rang, which he answered with “Who is this?” and then he was having a phone conversation and I zoned out because I don’t like eavesdropping on people’s convos, and we were wondering if we should leave when Junsu’s dad said “Shake his hand before you go.” So we waited a bit.

And then Junsu got off his phone and looked at us with this gaze that seemed to say ‘Wait, why are they still here?’ and it was so ADORABLE♥ And then his dad was like, “Junsu shake their hands!” and Junsu was like “oh right!” and he shook our hands. omg his hand is so small for a guy but so strong T__T

So then as we were leaving, I was like “Oppa Hwaiting~ Hwaiting on your new album~” and him and his parents all laughed and smiled.

After that, I was getting my manicure finished and I told the lady that we weren’t able to take pictures with him, and she said, “Oh yeah, he doesn’t like taking photos because he says he comes out chubbier on camera. But isn’t he so skinny?” so then she and I talked about how skinny Junsu was for a good five minutes.

He left for a bit to go to the bathroom and when he came back I looked to see how skinny he was and dat ass…. lol Yes it is noticeable since his legs are so skinny compared to it ;)

After a bit, he left again and when he did, he said bye like four times. It was so cute♥

Fan account by MelodiaMuse who is one of the translator of

Source: melodiamuse
Shared by: DBSKnights

Junsu Twitter Update

Trans: It's been a while since I saw the musical, Guys and Dolls...all throughout those two hours..I kept laughing. I want to try doing a gag musical just once ㅎ

Credits: Junsu's Twitter Account
Eng Trans: @0101jyunshyu
Shared by: DBSKnights

Protect The Boss Making Story (BTS) Jaejoong Cut

Credits: evaisme
Shared by: DBSKnights

Part 2

Credits: SBS
Shared by: DBSKnights

Because of Fans Gathering in JYJ Concert, a Convenient Store in Japan was All Empty?

A convenient was depleted because of group JYJ?

Recently in online communities, image of an empty convenient store was revealed, which drew many attentions. This convenient store is located in front of Yoyogi National Stadium in Tokyo, Japan and the below photo was taken last June.

At that time, JYJ charity concert in honor of the earthquake victims in Japan was held in Yoyogi National Stadium. All the items of the convenient store were sold out to JYJ fans who gathered in this charity concert.

After seeing the photo, netizen showed their reaction: “Somehow I feel sad seeing that photo.” “They must have eaten a lot before the concert.” “That is the store’s honor. Fans are amazing.” “This store has won lottery.”

Credits: Source: enews24
Translation by: The_little_pear of JYJ3
Shared by: DBSKnights

Gaon Charts Rankings for the 2nd week of August!

Gaon Chart National Digital Singles Ranking

1. SISTAR – “So Cool” – 32,221,384 Points

2. 2NE1 – “UGLY” – 28,654,598 Points

3. Super Junior – “Mr. Simple” – 22,334,496 Points

4. XIAH Junsu – “You Are So Beautiful” – 22,114,920 Points

5. Miss A – “Goodbye Baby” – 20,140,706 Points

6. Kim Bum Soo & Park Jung Hyun – “Person, Love” – 17,892,596 Points

7. CM HaHa – “Sticky Rice Cake” – 17,602,553 Points

8. 2NE1 – “Hate You” – 17,407,974 Points

9. Leessang – “Grand Final” ft. Jung In & MC Nal Yoo – 14,151,798 Points

10. INFINITE – “Be Mine” – 13,720,715 Points

Credits: Allkpop
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Chinese Netizens Select Jaejoong As Most Handsome Star in Asia

JYJ’s Jaejoong was selected as the most handsome Asian star by Chinese netizens.

According to a Japanese media outlet, Record China, on August 17th, Jaejoong was selected number one on the ‘2011 Teen Choice: Asia’s Most Handsome Star‘ poll held on 7 different Chinese portal websites. The poll was open for a total 4 months.

Passing the more familiar Taiwanese Matthew Dao in 2nd place and Chinese William Feng in 3rd place, Jaejoong proudly took the top spot.

Furthermore, other Korean entertainers including Jang Geun Suk, Song Seung Hun, and Park Yoochun respectively took 5th, 6th, and 10th place, giving further credence to the Hallyu Wave.

Credits: Allkpop
Shared by: DBSKnights

HoMin Gimpo Airport

Credits: MaeZYoonJae
Shared by: DBSKnights

Protect The Boss Ep. 6

The entire ep.6 is in the playlist!

Credits: SBS+Oumae25
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Jaejoong's Interview on SBS Morning Wide

Jaejoong talks about his childhood dreams, the dbsk drama from back the days with yunho as well as his promise to his fans!

Credits: Daedyung
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Protect The Boss Ep. 5 (Eng Sub) --Online Stream

Ep. 5 English Subbed of Protect the Boss. Entire episode is in the playlist! Make sure you turn on the cc on the embedded video. happy watching! :D

Credits: as tagged
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Gaon Chart Rankings For 2nd Week of August! (Part 2)

For those that's been asking about Jaejoong's PTB OST

Gaon Chart National Digital Singles Ranking

[↑23] #3 Kim Junsu - "You Are So Beautiful" - 22,114,920 Points

[NEW] #25 Kim Jaejoong - "I'll Protect You" - 9,584,102 Points

Source: Gaon
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Jaejoong's Twitter Update

A friend I am proud of, Park Dae Shik! Debut album!

So this is what crazy music is like..!

Source: Jaejoong's Twitter
Translated by: ecaisme
Shared by: DBSKnights

Junsu's "You Are So Beautiful" is #1 on this Week Music Bank OST Chart

Aired during Piggy Doll's performance

Credits: xiahjs
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The "Happy Birthday" Sunglasses Which Kim JaeJoong Wore Is From A Japanese Fan?

From a fan's Twitter account:

Fan: Hello Mu-won~ It's Wednesday today, and I've been looking forward to this day. The sunglass which you were wearing in the drama is the same design as the one my daughter gave you... Could it be that the both of them are actually the same? Tonight is interesting too♥

Fan: @SBS_BOSS Was the sunglasses prepared by the staff? Or does it belong to JaeJoong? My daughter gave the exact same design to JaeJoong as a gift for his birthday. If this pair of sunglasses used in the drama is the one that my daughter gave, I will be very happy^^

It seems like JaeJoong has been keeping that pair of sunglasses and worn it when there is a chance to. He's such a sweetheart.

Source: crea_JJ + TVXQBaidu
Translation: nings @
Special Thanks: dbskrox @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

Tohoshinki Waving Good-bye to the fans at anation Osaka, 1st day

Credits: zjvlfjgm

Changmin: Thank you very much!
Yunho: Thank you very much. See you~~let’s meet again.
Changmin: See you. Please take care not to catch cold, and take care going back home. Thank you very much!
Yunho: Today was really an exciting day. Thank you very much!
(T/N: cannot catch two phrases)
Changmin: Everyone, arigato! Kamsahamnida!
Yunho: We love you, everyone.


I would appreciate it if someone can pick up the two phrases that I couldn't catch myself. Thank you

Source: [email protected]
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

Thank you message from Tohoshinki after a-nation Osaka, first day

It was really good to be on stage!!
Once again, we felt the power of everyone in Osaka.
We are sorry that only 3 stages remain for a-nation,
but, we Tohoshinki will liven-up towards autumn more and more,
so everyone, please look forward!!
Sukiyanen~~ Osaka!! (T/N: sukiyanen is an Osaka dialect, meaning “we like you”)
We will do our best tomorrow, too~~~

T/N: This message was sent to the fans who participated in Osaka a-nation, first day, via cellular phone service.

Source: a-nation Osaka Thank you message & YUNHI My Room
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

Jaejoong's Inteveriew on SBS Morning Wide Eng Sub

Download link provided at the youtube page description

Credits: evaisme
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Analysis of Brain From "Protect The Boss" Characters

Source: SBS
Translation by: The_little_pear of JYJ3
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Junsu Performance at Suwon World Cup Stadium

Too Love

You Are So Beautiful

Source: yr3736 @ yt
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3hree Voices II IPhone Application

13 videos












Jaejoong and Junsu


Credits: VisualJYJ
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Junsu's Twitter Updates

New DP

(Junsu) @JUNO_Japan @ayu_19980408: did well??^^

(Junsu) @JUNO_Japan @ayu_19980408: Really missed that stage….^^ hyung you have to work hard, give it all!! Ayu noona fighting too~

(Junho) I’m working hard but it’s still insufficient~i need to work harder!^^ ke…thanks for the support!!!!!!!

(Junsu) @JUNO_Japan Anyway, you’ll get it while doing it. Hwaiting!

(Junho) Thanks! Senior!!!(^ ^)

(Junsu) @JUNO_Japan Yeah~you must be feeling tired because of the nervousness. Sleep well! Our tall junior^^

(Junho) Tall junior..keke…yeah senior goodnight! (t/n: he used the honorifix/polite expression) kekekekeke~ Best singer Kim Junsu nim!!

(Junsu) @JUNO_Japan what you know how hard it is to sing songs..whatever, sleep well!

Source: Junsu + Juno Twitter
Translated by: Tohosomnia
Shared by: DBSKnights

HoMin - A-Nation in Osaka Day 1

Rising Sun + Talk + Superstar

Toki wo Tomete + Stand By You + Summer Dream + Somebody to Love

Why? (Keep Your Head Down)

Extra: Junho (Junsu's twin) was at A-Nation performing with Ayumi Hamasaki (they perform a new song titles 'Why' which will be in Ayumi's upcoming album) Here is the teaser if you are interested.

Credits: cocovuitton521 + bb7351663
Shared by: DBSKnights

Part 2

Can see the rain~

Closer view of stage. Some skipping in the fancam.
Intro + Rising Sun + Toki wo Tomete + Stand by U + Summer Dream

Somebody to Love + KYHD

Changmin: Thank you very much!
Yunho: Thank you very much. See you~~let’s meet again.
Changmin: See you. Please take care not to catch cold, and take care going back home. Thank you very much!
Yunho: Today was really an exciting day. Thank you very much!
(T/N: cannot catch two phrases)
Changmin: Everyone, arigato! Kamsahamnida!
Yunho: We love you, everyone.

Video credits: okaemi1213 + zjvlfjqm
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Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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a-nation Osaka (2nd day), Various Fans' Tweets

5 groups remains. now boa! via @mal_san

heavy rain!! via @kiyocchi02

Osaka bigeasts are cheering in spite of the rain, wrapping the bigeast towels around their raincoats. via @hope_5stars

again today! teruterubozu (charm to stop rain) Bigeast ver! rain, pls stopーー(`Д´)9゛ーー via @goiko218

trf on stage now. downpour via @hope_5stars

seems like trf's last song!! they're coming!!! via @eriko_0512

the rain has stopped! OMG! its near now☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ via @keiko0801

we were worrying about the heavy rain. now, toho's turn. the rain has stopped! it’s a miracle\(^^)/” via @mami_hrnk

(the venue is) turning red~ via @rio_heart

here they come!!! via @uknomi0204

the cameraman is filming many bigeast towelsTTTT via @6002theMame

today, it's completely red via @rio_heart

I found out something when it became dark. Almost all the audience is a fan of Tohoshinki ...via @acid_yasu

ayu is swinging Tohoshinki's towel. So happy. Oh, JUNO came on stage again. via @TVXQ_rina_332

of course i was impressed by Yunho and Changmin's performance, but I was really impressed by Toho fans' unity power and love. @6002theMame

I met tohoshinki after two years' absence. The venue was totally red! I was really happy to feel that all the fans were united! Tohoshinki, arigato! via @krkrchan44

all the performance has ended. via @TVXQ_rina_332

the bigeast towel is all sopped and wet! and very heavy xDD via @krkrchan44

Walking out of venue now. It was pouring, but the rain cleared up during Toho's performane. It was like the hand of god, i got goosebumps. via @crown_Luvz_TVXQ

The two boys sitting next to me were first saying that they were not interested in Tohoshinki. But when the performance started, they got excited and were screaming "Cool!" and "Changmin!" In the last, they were taking photos of the red waves XDDD via @maakyuuu

When Changmin threw the towel, he was tilting his head, it looked like he was wondering if it will reach the fans♪ Yes, it softly landed at the first row( ´艸`) via @MyOnlyMax

Today's anation was really the red ocean..I'm happy that I was a part of the wave. Everyone, thank you. via @chychy_hiro

At the moment, it seemed that it was their own concert, it was totally red. The 2 members had the "dignity" and "class". And they were perfect. Of course they are TOHOSHINKI. I am really happy that I became their fan. via @momina110

Today was really an exciting day! I was impressed by the red audience! I was also impressed by the fans' calls! Changmin was really very cool! Oh, Yunho was cute xD via @elmorokka

Happy!! They were really cool!! I was impressed and also got excited, I am so happy that my heart aches>< I heard lots of voices saying "Changmin", I was very happy cause I'm a fan of Changmin(*^^*) via @changdle_hm

Yunho's hair was black, and he looked younger than Changmin. Seems like he's a "good young man"! via @pozz28

The middle aged man sitting behind me was saying that Tohoshinki is great, and that he understood why they were popular. So the last will be Tokyo! Please do your best! via @kaho_0520

Before Summer Dream, Changmin and one of the dancers were playing "paper, stone and scissors"♪ Changmin won, and he as playing as though he was stepping on the dancer's foot. xDDDDDD via @MyOnlyMax

Source: (Various tweets)
Trans: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

Tohoshinki MC in a-nation Osaka, first day

Credits: [email protected]

(Starting from 0:610)

Yunho: Everyone in Osaka, good evening, this is
Yunho & Changmin: TOHOSHINKI!
Y: Good evening everyone, this is Yunho!
C: Good evening, this is Changmin!
Y: Everyone, are you OK? Everyone in Osaka, how were you doing? It is a mecha (T/N: very) long time since we met you! Since it is rainy today, we were worried, but we will do our best not to be beaten by this rain, so everyone, please enjoy yourselves to the very end! Arigato!
C: Yes, it is a long time since we came to a-nation Osaka, and it is a quite a long time since we met you here in Osaka. It’s a nice feeling, and I am very happy! Today, we would like you and us Tohoshinki to liven up the stage together! Please!
Y: Osaka is really very passionate. “Honmani suki desu! “ (T/N: Osaka dialect meaning “we really like it”)
C: Well, so, we would like to go to the next song. Please hear “Superstar”

Source: [email protected] 
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

“Scent of a Woman” Concert Ticketing Details

Selling of tickets will be opened on 23 August 2011, 6:00PM.

Name of Concert: SBS “Scent of a Woman” Concert
Venue: Jamsil Olympic Stadium, Seoul
Date/Time: 11th September 2011 (Sunday) 18:30
Price: VIP 121,000W / SR 110,000W / R 99,000W / S 77,000W / A 55,000W

For fans outside Korea:
Tel.: +82-2-725-3116
Fax: +82-2-725-3144

Cast: Kim JunSu, Kim SeonAh, Lee DongWook, JK Kim DongWook

Source: TVXQBaidu
Translation: nings @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

TVXQ’s Missha Commercial to be Revealed on September 1st

With "Why Missha" and "black" as the themes for TVXQ’s Missha commercial, it is set to be revealed on September 1st featuring Jung YunHo, Kim HyeSu and Shim ChangMin. Also, through their more than ordinary endorsement photoshoots for Missha and the black suits which will be worn in this commercial, fans' anticipation for this commercial has increased.

Source: changmindc + TVXQBaidu
Translation: nings @
Special Thanks: dbskrox @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

Protect The Boss Ep. 6 (Eng Sub) --Online Stream

Protect the Boss Ep. 6 with English subs. The entire episode is in the playlist. Please remember to turn on the cc if your subs are not showing up!

Credits: As tagged
Shared by: DBSKnights

Top K-Pop Stars to Hold Free Concert in New York! - List of Confirmed Artist

As we previously reported earlier, some of the top K-Pop stars will be coming to New York in October.

Inside sources have informed allkpop of the artists confirmed to be performing at the concert!

The free concert from KBS, open to all ages will be held on October 9th, 2011 (Confirmed date) at Randall’s Island Park in New York and will feature many top artists!

Thus far, the confirmed list includes:







-Kim Tae Woo

But that’s not all as inside sources have revealed to us that KBS is still in the process of negotiating with other top K-Pop stars.

Source: Allkpop
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HoMin - A-Nation in Osaka Day 2



Credits: okaemi1213 + yukarin33333
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S.M.Entertainment Artists Are Now in Your iPhone!

Live Wallpaper & Widget app, SSKIN promotion video ℗ S.M.Entertainment

SMTOWN webpage :

S.M.Entertainment Artists are in your iPhone!
Where ever you go! Whatever you do! SM artists will always be with you!

dlto (Delight the future) and S.M.Entertainment co-produced the 'Live Wallpaper & Widget app' called SSKIN for iPhone after launching it for android.

With SM artists 'Live Wallpaper & Widget app,' you are allowed to create your own image using individual photos of SM artist members as well as each group's photos and set it as wall paper of lock screen and home screen for your smart phone.

TVXQ!, SuperJunior, Girls' Generation, SHINee, f(x) etc. are participating for SSKIN! Download your favorite SM artist in your smartphone!


T/N: Please note that for this iPhone application, only "Girls' Generation" is available as of now (even though they stated "S.M.Entertainment Artists Are in Your iPhone" in their Youtube page). S.M might add in our boys' SSKIN application for iPhone in the future... Don't quote me on this though. :Lips-are-Sealed:

Source: S.M Entertainment @ Youtube
Shared by: nings @

“2011 Sweet Dream with JYJ” – JYJ Lotte Fan-meet Held in Seoul"

“2011 Sweet Dream with JYJ”
- Limited to 2000 fans
- Fan-meet to be held in Seoul

Special fan-meet
JYJ talk show & mini concert (4 Songs)
High-five with JYJ
Each fan to receive one JYJ poster
Lotte World gift vouchers worth 10,000yen / Lotte Duty Free gift vouchers worth 5,000yen

Date: 2011/9/3 (Saturday)

Source: JTBBWT + TVXQBaidu
Translation: nings @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

Hayato’s Blog Update – Warning to Stop Distributing the Contents of JYJ’s iPhone Application

Right now, there are fans who are uploading the contents of JYJ’s iPhone application onto the internet. The contents have copyrights and are protected by the law, therefore such a behaviour is illegal. I ask all of you to delete them immediately. Please understand that these actions also violate the rights of JYJ and will only cause them damage in the end. Offenders who refuse to heed this warning will be dealt with according to the law.

Even though I do wish that this can be settled in a way whereby everyone is satisfied, I still hope that those who have uploaded the application’s contents to delete them immediately.

Source: Hayato's Blog + TVXQBaidu
Translation: nings @
Special Thanks: dbskrox @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

411 Ent Announcement General Announcement

It has come to light that, there have been some announcement to advance illegal tickets selling by several companies that are unauthorized by 411 Entertainment.

We would like to make it very clear that, these companies have no official ties or connections with 411 Entertainment whatsoever. We sincerely regrets the actions that these companies have taken. We would like to illiterate that we care deeply about the fans feeling and any financial losses that they might face due to the irresponsibility of these companies.

We would like to state once again, that any news, promotions,activities or sales will be announced officially on 411 Entertainment website, or alternately at, only.

The company reserves the right not to take any responsibilities on the actions taken or any financial losses that may occurred as a result of the actions taken from the unofficial information from the unsanctioned sources.

We would like to thank everyone who have taken interests in our events, news and concerts.

411 Ent

Source: 411 Entertainment
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Night In Berlin - Video Message From JYJ

Credits: TOMatenBILLiard
Shared by: DBSKnights

SBS Morning News - Protect The Boss

Credits: DaeDyung2
Shared by: DBSKnights

Junsu's Cut in Scent of A Women Making - Intoxication Full Version

Credits: jjflah1218
Shared by: DBSKnights

Jaejoong Continues To Recieve Praise for His Acting

After receiving positive feedback from his seniors in the field, JYJ's Kim Jaejoong's acting is also being praised within the academe - Kim Min Sung, chairman of the board of directors of Seoul Arts College, has given his praise.

In response to Jaejoong's role as Cha Mu Won in SBS' "Protect The Boss", which is not the drama's main lead character, the chairman comments, "In contrast to majority of idol stars who appear glitteringly as lead characters with their popularity on their backs, the role that Kim Jaejoong has taken on is the sub-lead, the rival in love to the male lead. This drama in which ability-oriented actors such as Ji Sung, Choi Kang Hee, and Park Young Kyu are lined up, Kim Jaejoong is receiving great love through his stable acting and fantastic collaborative synergy."

He then goes on to praise Jaejoong's acting and mannerisms on screen, stating that, "As befitting as a top artist who conquered the stage of Asia, the acting of his eyes particularly stand out. Furthermore, even the stable vocalization and mid-low voice jump over the passing marks and near the honor marks."

However, it is not only Jaejoong's acting which was subject to praise, but also his ability to challenge various fields of the entertainment industry, "Just as his role in the drama who is the perfect man equipped with manners, abilities, and the art of living, Kim Jaejoong has many talents. As fitting of an idol, singing and dance come standard, but he is multi-talented—composing songs, writing lyrics, and directing performances. Since acting abilities are to be added to the mix, the term “Renaissance man Idol" is not enough."

After making his acting debut in 2009's "Heaven's Postman" and his TV debut in the Japanese drama "Hard to Say I Love You", Jaejoong made his Korean drama debut just this year. He currently stars in the hit SBS drama "Protect the Boss", alongside Ji Sung, Choi Kang Hee and Ha Ji Won.

Source: Soompi
Shared by: DBSKnights

3hree Voices II (Eng Sub)

JYJ 3hree Voices II English Subtitled, includes Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu, and the making. Enjoy!




The Making

Credits: LeeSandy+KimMinYoung2711
Shared by: DBSKnights

HoMin - A-Nation In Osaka Day 2 Part 2

Just 1 vid but...( ゚д゚) *Glomp Yunho*

Credits: HFOCUS + HarukaCB
Shared by: DBSKnights

JYJ Returns as 'My Space & Camping Boys' for 'NII'

The trio of JYJ have returned with a brand new photoshoot for clothing brand NII’s latest Fall collection!

This stylish and trendy new photoshoot was done under the two concepts of ‘My Space & Camping Boys’ to express a simpler, casual look that’s perfect for the upcoming chilly weather.

Despite the three members being incredibly busy with their many activities and the hot Seoul weather, each of them received the praise of staff for their professional attitude. The latest cuts of their photoshoot will be revealed through the brand’s official homepage in the beginning of next month.

Credits: Allkpop
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Protect The Boss Staff Praises Kim Jaejoong's Work Ethic

JYJ’s Jaejoong, currently starring in SBS’s “Protect the Boss”, is receiving praise from the production team with his honest, perfectionist attitude as an actor.

With “Protect the Boss” receiving great viewer ratings, Jaejoong is also receiving great reviews with his composed acting.

In particular, Jaejoong is receiving praise from the production team and senior actors. On a shoot that took place in a cafe in Gyeonggido, Jaejoong was seen closely reviewing his own acting in which he shot separately through a mini-camcorder.

The production team asked for his reasons in doing this, and Jaejoong replied, “When I monitor previous scenes like this, it helps me connect my emotions for the next scene”, and “So I try my best to observe my acting right after the shoot and ask the opinions of other senior actors / actresses”. Showing his hard work ethic, after answering the question he went right back to studying the script and the video clips on the mini-camcorder.

After seeing this, a staff member in the production team commented, “It’s Jaejoong’s first time acting on a drama series of this length, but he has, in all aspects, the highest work ethic along with humility… So everyone on the staff loves him, and as the senior actors / actresses praised, he will make it big as an actor in the future” giving him the highest praise.

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New Protect The Boss Ep. 7 Preview

CHA-CHA fight! D:


Jihun: you have it all. Then why do you keep trying to take what's another's?

Muwon: Quiet!

CEO Cha: you two--did you really fight because of work? There is something else...isn't there? was because of Nayun.
Eunsul: Huh?

Nayun: You (Say that you) fought because of me? You...I won't forget this.

Muwon/Jihun: (Excuses)

Eunsul: So distracted...At least for me, I will have my guard up.
Are you going to fire me like this?

CEO Cha: Stay quiet and wait for the decision.

Jihun: What do you want me to do now?
There is a stone named Noh Eunsul...
I hope...that for all my life, Noh Eunsul will be by my side.

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HoMin - ViVi Magazine Interview

From Youth To Adult

Tohoshinki, who restarted their activities again this year. It has been one and a half year since the last shoot at ViVi.
… Be it like this, it has been a long while, meeting them and the immaturity was no longer there. We had the chance to listen to the duo who have now stepped into adulthood, about their reminiscence and own evolvement…

About Love
The Basic Views Of Love, No Changes To Both Of Them

The most concerned is afterall the changes to your views of love. As compared from the past, was there any changes to the pursuit of love?

YH: I like cheerful girls and those who would seek my opinions. There isn’t much great changes to it but, recently I added on a “have to cook well” pre-equisite. But again, I love both Korean and Japanese cuisine. I think no matter what she made for me, as long as it is delicious, having such self-confidence!

CM: The pre-requisite for mine has never changed. To care about family, and more cheerful and optimistic than me, I like girls who look forward in life. I don’t think I will change in the future.

YH: My view on love won’t change as well, most probably. I think that it is important for guys to have a sense of responsibility. In the past, I have this strong thought of “wanting to date and get married no matter what”, but now, I think I would wait till I’m able to be responsible to her. It’s fine even if there’s no dating. I’ve changed to have such a thought. As compared to that I would want to work hard on my work instead. If I had some free time, then I would date. I’m not in a rush and it’s okay since I’m still young, thus it’s fine! I cast such a spell on myself. (laughs)

CM: When I was in my younger days, I have not much interest in girls as I feel that if I prioritised girls matter, I would not be able to attain much achievements. Though I am still retaining bits of such belief, I think I’ve changed for the better.

In the previous ViVi interview, Yunho said, “Because I don’t really understand girls thus was troubled.” How about now?

YH: I’m still not understanding. The most difficult to understand in this world is women. The longer time goes, the more difficult it is to understand… But on contrary, I think it is good too. I might discover a side that I did not know and even though it is a negative trait, it still feels refreshing.

CM: I don’t understand women~ From last time till now too. I don’t think I would in the future either. But I did not have the thought that if I understood, I would conclude it!

About Myself
Thanks to Changmin, I have become punctual and neat. (laughs)

ViVi did the following personality analysis for the both of them one and half year ago.
YH – Kindness 4, Methodicalness 1, Optimistic 5, Strong determination 3, Calmness 2
CM – Kindness 3, Methodicalness 3, Optimistic 2, Strong determination 3, Calmness 4

YH: For methodicalness, I think I am able to reach 2 points now, thanks to Changmin. That is because if I continue living my way being disorganized and messy, Changmin would hate it…

CM: The methodicalness of Yunho, it still has to be improved. (laughs) My change… in fact, for the 2 points in brightness, that was actually faked. I probably just able to reach 2 now. On the other hand for calmness, I think I’ve changed to 1. Because it is currently summer and I’m easily agitated when it’s hot. Thus when it reaches winter, I would return to what I used to be. (laughs)

Thinking back on the days when you all just debuted, which aspects did you changed the most?

YH: I think I became less easily worried. In the past, I will not allow myself to have any mistakes in dancing, but now I think the blunder could be an interesting tidbit isn’t it? I’ve changed to think this way. From a perfectionist to a free person. (laughs)

CM: For me, I’ve grown to slowly appreciate myself. In the past, I would critically self blame or throw tamtrum at myself.

YH: And Changmin, he used to be a person who would think to himself “What to do, what to do” upon any small problem. Recently he would discuss with me or the staffs. He has been working hard to be a more cheerful person and I think this is very good.

CM: If compared to the past, it probably is better. But what never changed was my intolerance. Although I am trying hard to…

About a-nation
a-nation is an event that could relay the history of Tohoshinki

By the time the october issue of ViVi is released, it would be a-nation’s final performance in Tokyo, right?

CM: It is a stage that we have been away for two years.

YH: a-nation is the event Tohoshinki has been participating since our newbie days. Its meaning, it is such an event that accounts the history and evolvement of Tohoshinki. In Tohoshinki’s song list, we have prepared a lot of songs that can heighten the spirits of everyone, thus please come and listen.

CM: Just like what YH said, a-nation is an evidence of Tohoshinki’s evolvement. Although we are still very scared of the heat, but when we were newbies, we stood and performed on that stage in bright daylight under the heat. But as we slowly evolved, we are able to stand on the stage in a cooler period of time at night. I am the happiest for this. (laughs) Thus, I think we are still able to give the best performance without losing to the hot summer.

YH: Whatever that we can think of, we will show it to everyone!

About New Album
Vocal, Atmosphere… Everything, have became more manly!

It has been two and a half years for the release of a new album?

YH: Yes., it’s been so long. We finally had a chance to let everyone hear about Tohoshinki’s album. I am happy.

CM: Not only the songs, but it’s a full atmospheric package. It is such an album that will be able to spread to everyone that we have become even more manly.

YH: The comparison of the music from before, it should be able to let others know that we have matured. Although there are a lot of dance songs, but not only these, there are also ballads and soul. It has a wide range of genres. In conclusion, it is an album that we are confident of. It is difficult to describe it clearly with only words. Therefore everyone, please do listen to this album as it contains everything that we had wanted to relay to everyone.

CM: You concluded it well! (laughs)

About Real Voice
The personality test from a year and a half ago, if we were to do it now!?

Previously we did a personality test, we are doing it again. What animal do you like?

YH: I like leopard. It has its own target and will work hard to reach its target. I think it is very cool.

CM: I like dog. It is gentle and cute, isn’t it?

In fact the reason for choosing the animal that you like, it’s not about the animal. It’s about yourselves and the traits where you wished to be praised by others.

CM: I’m gentle……? Ah ah ah ah~?

YH: Changmin is really cute and very gentle. (laughs) I think mine is rather accurate.

This test, we did it one and half year ago. Yunho chose the same answer then.

YH: Hm, no change.

Changmin said that he likes deer. The reason is that, “The neck is very long and has a beautiful svelte figure.” (laughs)

CM: In fact for this time, I was choosing my answer between dog and deer. Yup, I am still concerned with my slender neck….

Credit: neverend
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JYJ Kim Junsu, Full Performance of "Intoxication" In "Scent of A Woman" Revealed

The full video performance of “Intoxication” by JYJ member Kim Junsu has been revealed.

Kim Junsu made an appearance in episode 5 of SBS TV’s “Scent of a Woman” which was aired on 6 August. Playing a popular singer with the same name, Junsu, Kim Junsu had a one on one date with his fan Kim Seon Ah (Lee Yeon Jae)

It was especially the short clip of Kim Junsu’s performance of “Intoxication” from his fanmeeting that was aired, that aroused the fans’ interest. After the broadcast, netizens had requested via the “Scent of a Woman” website, “Please release the full version.”

Following which, SBS released the full version of “Intoxication” as well as behind-the-scenes footage from the fanmeeting on their website under the title “Episode 5, From the Junsu Fanmeeting.” Kim Junsu, who was dressed in a black suit showed an intense dance performance, and received a passionate response of the fans.

After seeing the broadcast, netizens said, “They finally showed the full version” “We finally get to see the full version of Intoxication” “I’m really thankful, Scent of a Woman jjang!” “Sexy Junsu” and other responses.

Source: [BaiduTVXQ + enews24 via Nate]
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"Scent of A Woman" to Hold Charity Concert On 11 September, JYJ Kim Junsu To Participate

The team from SBS TV drama “Scent of a Woman” will be holding a concert.

This performance will be themed as the “Children’s Cancer Charity Concert” and will be held from 6.30pm on 11 September, at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena. Tickets will be sold from 6pm on 23 August.

The television production crew and JYJ’s management company C-JeS will be jointly organizing this concert, and participants include Kim Junsu, who participated in the “Scent of a Woman” OST and made a surprise appearance as a popular singer with the same name, as well as JK Kim Dong Wook, Lee Young Hyun (Big Mama) and others.

Also, the main cast of the drama Lee Dong Wook, Kim Seon Ah will also be greeting the audiences, and all proceeds from this concert will be donated to children who are suffering from cancer.

Source: [BaiduTVXQ + enews24 via Nate]
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"Protect The Boss" Kim Jaejoong "Model Student" At Shooting Location? Detailed Study of Script & Acting

Images of Kim Jaejoong studying his script and acting for the SBS drama “Protect the Boss” was revealed, making him a “concept actor”

In “Protect the Boss,” whose ratings have surpassed 20%, Kim Jaejoong who plays the role of MD, studies his script and acting carefully, and showed perfect acting skills.

Recently, while shooting at a coffeehouse in Paju, Kim Jaejoong was seen studying his own acting via a mini camcorder, and this detailed study has attracted attention.

Kim Jaejoong said, “Observing (my acting) like this is very helpful towards the transition of feelings for the next scene. During shooting, no matter what, I have to study my own acting and seek advice from the other senior actors. “ After saying that, he started studying his script for the next scene, like a “model student.”

The production team said, “This is Kim Jaejoong’s first experience in acting for a long drama, and as someone who always wants to do his best, Kim Jaejoong had already been praised by other actors as “a concept actor with great acting potential” even before production started.”

It was also noted that after over a hundred fans discovered Kim Jaejoong’s shooting location, they swarmed to the coffeehouse to show their support, and shooting had to been suspended temporarily.

“Concept actor” Kim Jaejoong plays Cha Mu Won in “Protect the Boss” which airs on SBS every Wednesday and Thursday at 9.55pm.

Source: [BaiduTVXQ + Hankyung News via Nate]
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Kim Hye Su, TVXQ's Secret Meeting

Actress Kim Hye Su and group TVXQ had a secret meeting.

This meeting was for the cosmetics brand MISSHA’s advertisment shoot. Kim Hye Su and TVXQ spent an approximate 12 hours at the shooting location, sharing past stories.

Despite Kim Hye Su and TVXQ’s busy schedules, they showed no signs of fatigue during the shoot, and were further observed to show the look of top stars.

Upon knowing this, netizens said, “I’ve been looking forward to the three of them meeting”, “I’m curious to see how this ad will turn out” and other responses.

The advertisement featuring Kim Hye Sun as well as TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin is expected to be revealed next month.

Source: [BaiduTVXQ + TVreport via Nate]
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Japanese Weekly Magazine: "Korean Stars Go To Japan For Money"

The hallyu wave has swept the Asian regions, and in the neighbouring Japan, there are some that are pro-hallyu, and those that are anti-hallyu. The Japanese weekly magazine “Flash” published an article stating that the South Korean stars were simply in Japan for the money, and also revealed the appearance fees of several “big players.”

According to Chosun Ilbo’s report today, Flash Weekly’s latest article pointed out that “It’s not just Fuji TV, but all the Japanese TV stations have become “Korean TV stations.” Korean stars are not coming because of their love for Japan, but for the money.”

The magazine used South Korean girl group Kara as an example, saying that in Korea, where illegal downloading is rampant, it would be a feat just to sell 100,000 copies of an album, but they managed to sell a shocking 500,000 copies in Japan, proving that they were (in Japan) for the money that could not have been earned in their own country.

For male group JYJ, the trio’s total guaranteed revenue is approximately 2 million yen for a performance in Korea, but when in Japan this sum becomes 20 million yen.

Flash Weekly also revealed a chart with the net worth of various South Korean artists.

This chart shows that the artist commanding the highest advertising fee is Jang Guen Suk. Early this year, Jang Geun Suk’s appearance fee was 40 million yen, but as his alcohol advertisements did well, his current value has “risen” to 90 million yen.

Also, the appearance fees for Kara and SNSD were 40 million yen and 30 million yen respectively at the start of the year, but both groups now command 50 million yen.

However, the value for male group TVXQ fell from 60 million yen at the start of the year, but still commands a value of 40 million yen. Male stars Bae Yong Jun and Lee Byun Hun command 50 million yen and above.

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TVXQ Video Message at Missha Greeting Day

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Protect The Boss Making - Jaejoong Cut

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Kim Hyun Joong Mentions Jaejoong and Yoochun In an Interview With Vietnamese 2! Magazine

Q: Many Vietnamese fans want to know about the friendship between you and the 4D guys: Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun and TOP. Jaejoong seems to be the closest to you among the 3?

A: They are truely my good friends in the entertainment industry. If time allows we'll go drinking and chit chat. However, for the time being, we all have our own plans/schedules (to take care of) hence there's no chance for us to meet up. I did contact Jaejoong via phone recently. And (nod nod) he is indeed my BFF.

Source: 2! Magazine
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Yoochun's Message in Mnet Japan

Credits: inomaru5150

This is Yoochun! Everyone, how are you? Well, recently I’ve been busy in Korea filming the drama, and we are on the concert tour, too. Since we have only a few chances to go to Japan, maybe everyone, you Japanese fans may think that “Should Yoochun and JYJ remember us?” We are very thankful, and we like to go meet the Japanese fans as soon as possible. This time, I was casted in the drama called “(Miss) Ripley”, and I would appreciate your many supports! From, Yoochun.

T/N: Mnet Japan is broadcasting "Miss Ripley" from Aug 13. Please check the details here.

Source: inomaru5150 @ youtube
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Tohoshinki will Perform "B.U.T." in 25th Anniversary Special Program on Sept. 16

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Space Shower TV Plus Will Air a "Tohoshinki Special" on September 17

On September 17th, Space Shower TV Plus will air a special project “TOHOSHINKI SPECIAL”, broadcasting Tohoshinki’s music video collection. Below is the translation of a brief program preview on a TV guide magazine.


On Air: Saturday, September 17, 8:00-8:30pm

This year, Tohoshinki has returned as a duo of Changmin and Yunho. They released two great hit singles, “Why? (Keep Your Head Down)” in January and “Superstar” in July, which proved that they’ve grown even stronger. On September 28, their new album will be released. If you watch the new video clip of “B.U.T”, which will be included in the new album, you will be able to see the current Tohoshinki and discover that they are continuously evolving!

Source: 2ch, Space Shower TV Plus, Space Shower TV, WebTheTV,
Translated by: CTVXQstaff_irene_kidman @
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Questions Remain Over Young K-Pop Idols' Conditions

Sexual overtones, lack of diversity among challenges to overcome

Since the Korean pop music idol group’ concerts in June in Paris, the K-pop industry is leading a second Korean Wave around the globe. This is the last installment of the two-part series of articles looks at the bright and dark sides of K-pop, respectively. ― Ed.

The K-pop boom and the popularity of Korean idols are often attributed to Korean entertainment agencies’ tough training that nurtures talented aspirants and turns them into global idol stars.

However, what one person might see as “passion and devotion” for practicing singing and dancing for long hours every day can be viewed by another as “exploitation” of young aspirants by management agencies.

Girl group KARA, who were once embroiled in a dispute with their management agency over a contract, performs at the 2011 Korean Music Wave Festival at the Incheon Munhak Stadium on Aug. 13. (Incheon Tourism Organization)

As more K-pop idol groups perform overseas and become exposed to the international entertainment business, hidden sides of the K-pop in terms of harsh labor conditions will surface, one critic said.

“When they (Korean idols) go overseas, the first thing they will see is the different perspectives on their work. Those considered as a typical practices in Korea are not really typical practices overseas. If your contract says you’ll work only eight hours a day, you don’t work longer than that overseas,” pop music critic Cha Woo-jin said.

“In Korea, part-timers in the entertainment industry work as if they were ‘volunteering.’ They often travel to remote areas and stay the night frequently without extra pay. But in advanced countries, employers’ contracts with part-timers are strictly adhered to. Otherwise, employers can be sued and fined.”

The tight performance schedule of Girls’ Generation in June led many fans of the girl group and Internet users to wonder how the group managed to cope.

According to the official schedule disclosed on the group’s website, Girls’ Generation’s concerts and entertainment activities were as follows: “MJ presents special” on June 8; “Samsung Taiwan Anniversary” on June 9; “SM Town in Paris” on June 10-11; “NHK Music Japan” on June 12; a five-day break; “Japan Arena Tour” in Tokyo on June 17-18; “MTV VMAJ Fan Meeting” in Chiba on June 25 and another “Japan Arena Tour” in Tokyo on June 28-29. The nine members of the girl group have not complained about the schedule, though.

The tight schedule for performances and events was the major cause for former TVXQ members taking legal action against S.M. Entertainment. Junsu, Yuchun and Jejung ― who later split off to form JYJ ― had claimed in a 2009 lawsuit that they were forced to perform too many shows under an excessively long 13-year contract.

An entertainment industry insider, however, asked why people think training an athlete and training a singer are different.

“Korean people don’t raise issues with tough training and long workout hours of a national sports star striving for a gold medal. Why can’t K-pop stars be regarded as the same?” said an industry insider who requested anonymity.

“The hard and tough training system is the driving force of the K-pop boom.”

Sexualizing K-pop teens is another frequently raised issue.

Kim Su-a said in her book “Idol: Culture Report on Idols from H.O.T. to Girls’ Generation,” that Korean male fans of girl groups call themselves “samchon fan” (uncle fan) to justify sexualizing teen idols.

“Setting a family-like relationship with the idols effectively blocks criticism that they love them because they want to actually touch and hold them,” the writer said.

Will Cote, a 28-year-old lecturer at Sungkyul University, raised issues with what the expatriate called the “superficial appearances and robotic dances” of the K-pop idol groups.

“Why I’m not interested in K-pop? I don’t like the sexual overtones in it. I don’t like the dancing,” Cote said.

“To me, it sounds all the same and pretty superficial.”

He added that K-pop bands seemed to have been created by entertainment agencies to make money and that they only appeal to teenage groups.

“I’d rather call trot music more Korean. It’s old-fashioned but I like music to have deeper meanings to it,” he said.

Lack of diversity in terms of musical genre is another challenge that K-pop needs to overcome, experts say. When people refer to K-pop, the music of indie bands, folk singers and rock groups is still excluded from the discussion.

Although there were some bands holding a showcase in Japan or in Southeast Asia recently, the proportion of such rock bands is only a fraction of K-pop idol groups who have a strong impact and presence in the global market.

On the Gaon Chart, the national Korean pop chart, almost half of the top 100 songs in July were by idol groups. The rest were either cover versions featured in the MBC reality show “I Am a Singer” or songs co-produced by hosts of the MBC program “Infinite Challenge.”

In terms of indie or rock music, only three songs by indie band 10 cm were on the list but that was because the group was featured in the MBC program “Infinite Challenge.”

By Kim Yoon-mi ([email protected])

Credits: koreanherald
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Jaejoong & Wang Jihye Are Friends Of The Same Age

It has become known that Ji Sung – Choi Kanghee and Kim Jaejoong – Wang Jihye of Protect the Boss are friends who are of the same age.

in the SBS TV’s Wed-Thursday drama Protect the Boss, Ji Sung is playing Cha Jihun, the director of headquarters who is a trouble-maker and Choi Kanghee is playing Noh Eunsul, who becomes a secretary even though a member of the “poor youth” generation. Further, Kim Jaejoong is in charge of the role of Cha Muwon, the Prince of the Financial World and Wang Jihye is in charge of the role of Seo Nayun, a sophisticated city woman.

In particular, Ji Sung and Choi Kanghee are of the same age, both being born in 1977. Kim Jaejoong and Wang Jihye were born in January of 1986 and December of 1985 respectively, and thus are friends who are of the same age.

About this, the production crew introduced: “Our Boss team has Ji Sung – Choi Kanghee and Kim Jaejoong – Wang Jihye share the same age. Thanks to that, we were able to show off an excellent team work and good collaborative acting to the degree of receiving the envy of other teams, and thus receive much love from the viewers also.”

Source: TVReport; SBS
Translated by: JYJ3
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Protect The Boss Ep. 8 Preview

Credits: evaisme + Daeyung2
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PTB Ep. 7 Jaejoong Cuts

a brief second where he's half naked...

CHA-CHA fighting scene

CHA-CHA Pillow Fight Scene

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The Production Team of “Protect the Boss” Expresses, “He (Kim JaeJoong) Will Be A Successful Actor In The Future.”

JYJ’s Kim JaeJoong has earned praises from the production team of SBS drama’s “Protect the Boss”.

The drama “Protect the Boss” is receiving enthusiastic attention from its viewers, with the viewer ratings breaking 20%. Kim JaeJoong acts as Cha Mu-won, the director of DN Corporation, and his steady acting skills have not only increased the popularity of the drama but also received compliments from the audience.

In particular, Kim JaeJoong has also been earning praises from the production team and his senior actors. Recently in a coffee shop, JaeJoong was seen watching the videos of his own acting attentively on a mini video camera.

Thus, the production team asked JaeJoong his reason for doing that, and he replied, “It helps me a lot in preparing for the next scene and so, I will be observing everyone’s and my own acting skills after each take ends.”

After seeing this side of Kim JaeJoong, a representative of the production team expressed, “He gives his best in everything he does and he is a humble man. That's why all of us like him a lot. The other actors have also commented that he will be a successful actor in the future.”

On the other hand, “Protect the Boss” is broadcasted on every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:55PM.

Source: mydaily + TVXQBaidu
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Protect The Boss Ep.7

Entire episode is in the playlist in order!

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SoulstaR-Wanted, "Unbreakable Love" MV Kim Jaejoong - Big Bang And Others to Appear

The SoulstaR-Wanted collaboration MV has become a hot topic with the participation of hallyu stars.

On the night of 23 August, SoulstaR-Wanted released their “Unbreakable Love” song and MV via a music website.

“Unbreakable Love” is a remake of the theme song for the Telecinema7 project. The charming and tough images of top stars from the Korean-Japanese collaboration “Telecinema” appeared once again, garnering interest.

This Korean-Japanese collaboration project “Telecinema” was a joint effort between Samhwa Networks and Japan’s Asahi TV, with Korean production teams and actors meeting with the best Japanese production teams, a set of 7 films about “love” and “life.”

(Other details omitted)

Youtube link for the video here (Cr: AsianDream2013)

Source: [BaiduTVXQ + Seoul NTN via Nate]
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Hong Seok Cheon & JYJ's Close Relationship "My Precious Young Brothers"

Variety actor Hong Seok Chun and Group JYJ share a close relationship.

At 10.13am of 24 August, Hong Seok Chun tweeted from his personal twitter account “Park Yoochun and Kim Jaejoong are my precious younger brothers. Aren’t they handsome? It is my good fortune to have such handsome younger brothers” and after that he said “Junsu had to shoot early in the morning so I didn’t see him, I’ll add his photo if I see him later”

In the photographs, Hong Seok Chun and Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun were posed casually in close manner. The two men were wearing sunglasses, and their “artist look” attracted a lot of attention.

Netizens said, “Such strong connections in the entertainment circle~” “I envy Hong Seok Chun” “Even with sunglasses, their gaze is intense” “JYJ Fighting!” and various other comments.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + FNNews via Nate]
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JYJ Appointed as UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador - The first 'Korean Wave' Star Acclaimed by UN

ⓒ C-Jes Entertainment

JYJ (Kim Jae-joong, Park Yoo-chun, and Kim Jun-su), a Korean pop band, has been named as 'UNAIDS regional goodwill ambassador', one of the UN agencies.

Today (25th August), UNAIDS (the United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS) is going to announce JYJ's acceptance of UNAIDS regional goodwill ambassadorship for the Asia and pacific region.

JYJ is appointed as the 13rd UNAIDS' goodwill ambassador. Before JYJ, Michael Ballack (international football player of German), Emmanuel Adebayor (international football player of Togo), Naomi Watts (renowned actress how has starred in films including King Kong), Annie Lennox (the world renowned Scottish singer songwriter and women's activist) and others have committed as UNAIDS international goodwill ambassador. Amr Waked (an Egyptian Actor) is also an UNAIDS Regional Goodwill Ambassador for the Middle East and North Africa.

It's known that JYJ's the high recognition and popularity across the Asia and pacific is highly regarded by UNAIDS. Considering 3-40% of people living with HIV/AIDS are the youth, UNAIDS expect JYJ to encourage increased HIV awareness and fundraising for UNAIDS-related activities.

UNAIDs, which was launched in January 1996, has a role of protecting people from epidemic, monitoring it and supporting people living with HIV/AIDS. In addition, UNAIDS provides a report on the global AIDS epidemic, hold a conference on HIV/AIDS issues, and put efforts on alleviating the impact of the epidemic.

UNAIDS is guided by a 'Programme Coordinating Board' with representatives of 22 governments from all geographic regions, 9 UNAIDS Cosponsors, and five representatives of nongovernmental organizations. It is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. 169 countries (by 2011) are participating.

16th August, JYJ also accepted the role of official Ambassador for the 10th international Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific (ICAAP10), which is held by ASAP (AIDS Society of Asia and the Pacific) and UNAIDS.

JYJ is going to appear 2011 10th Asia-Pacific AIDS Congress (ICAAP 10) opening ceremony which is holding in 26th August, BEXCO Busan, to attend an appointment ceremony. As a UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador for the Asia and Pacific region (Regional Goodwill Ambassador), JYJ is to attend a charitable concert, as well as shooting public service advertisements and volunteer activities and so on, for one year.

From TVXQ to JYJ..Making a new leap forward

31st July, 2009. Hero Jae-joong, Micky Yoo-chun, and Xiah Jun-su, 3 members of 'TVXQ' submitted to the court for provisional disposition to terminate the validity of their exclusive contract with SM Entertainment. "Because of the SM's unilateral schedule for 5 years, we are exhausted both in mind and body" was the reason. After this legal action, they got the name of JYJ. Instead of four-letter name, they found the real name (Kim Jae-joong, Park yoo-chun, and Kim Jun-su), too.

Since then, however, the time of hardships was started. Apart from the SM's objection which has overruled, Avex which managed TVXQ's promotion in Japan ceased their activities. Also, the Union of Korean Pop Culture and Arts Industry made each broadcaster refrain JYJ's appearance by sending a public document. It caused that a range of JYJ's activities have been drastically narrowed.

Even though JYJ published their 1st album 'The beginning' on 12nd October, 2010 and hold showcase and world tour, these 3 men couldn't sing their song at major terrestrial broadcasters. 2010 KBS Drama Awards Celebration was the JYJ's first stage, but they could sing only the original sound track of 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal', which Park yoo-chun acted as a main cast member. Last July, JYJ was scheduled to perform in a KBS broadcasted concert with other singers in Jeju for the 7 World Wonders campaign but received a cancellation notification unilaterally.

However, 'restriction' becomes a 'plus'. Park yoo-chun carries his successful career as an actor, playing a main cast member in 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal'(2010) and 'Miss Ripley'(2011). Kim jae-joong, who already acclaimed as an actor in Japan, is now playing a role in a SBS's high-rated drama series 'Save my boss'. Kim jun-su also stood on the stage of musical 'Mozart' and 'Tears in heaven' in 2011. Recently, they are holding the photo exhibition 'Mine', showing people how JYJ spend their time and JYJ's lifestyle.

Still, all they want is 'standing on the stage'. Since they're 'singer', they want to perform on the stage with their own album. Now, they're appointing as UNAIDS regional goodwill ambassador for the Asia and pacific region. That's the reason why JYJ's the next move is attracting more attention.

Credits: OhMyNews
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JYJ's Campaign For Protecting Online Security

JYJ Jaejoong Promotes Usage Of I-PIN (Internet Personal Identification Number)
It is I-PIN’s time~

Hi Everyone, I am JYJ’s Jaejoong~
Do you know what is personal identification?
What happened when your precious identification number is leaked?
I-PIN is like a personal identification number for the internet and it can be used to replace your personal identification number for ID and password.
Say NO~ to usage of personal identification number on internet now.
Usage of I-PIN, YES~!!!

Change Your Password With JYJ Yoochun!!
Do not use the same password again~

Hi Everyone, I am JYJ’s Yoochun~
“Please change your internet password”
Everytime when you are thinking it’s time to change it, did you often procrastinate about it?
But, in order to prevent leakage of personal information,
Please do change your own password often often often often often !!

Remove Unused Accounts With JYJ Junsu
It is I-PIN’s time~

Hi Everyone, I am JYJ’s Junsu~
Often adding various of accounts here and there and not knowing how many are there…
Unused accounts are like accounts in hibernation.
In order to prevent leakage of precious personal information,
Please take up the challenge with me and clear up those hibernating accounts~
It is simpler than tidying bank accounts!

Source: doitnow2011
Credit: loveissammi
Translated by: [email protected]
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Asia-Pacific Gears Up for 10th International Congress on AIDS

Several thousand participants from more than 55 countries are expected to gather in Busan, Republic of Korea from 26 to 30 August 2011 for the 10th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific (ICAAP10).

Across the region, activists, government officials, international organizations, the United Nations, young people, media and other partners are gearing up for the five-day event, which takes place under the theme ‘Diverse Voices, United Action.’

Sessions on key regional priorities such as ensuring greater focus on and involvement of key populations at higher risk, legal and policy issues and funding the response will help shape the regional dialogue on AIDS and foster partnerships. Held every two years, ICAAP serves as a platform for governments, scientists, civil society and people living with HIV to share ideas from across the largest and most populated region of the world.

Following the 2011 United Nations General Assembly High Level Meeting on AIDS, the Congress will discuss how to drive the region towards the new targets that the international community set through the Political Declaration on HIV/AIDS.

“This is a critical moment for the AIDS response in Asia and the Pacific,” said Michel Sidibé, UNAIDS Executive Director, who will give the keynote speech and take part in a number of sessions. “Incredible progress has been made but these gains are fragile. ICAAP represents an important opportunity for the region to unite towards getting Asia and the Pacific to zero new HIV infections, zero discrimination and zero AIDS-related deaths,” he added.

Leading up to the event, a number of innovative strategies are underway to encourage greater participation and involvement in the regional Congress. As part of these efforts, Korean pop band ‘JYJ’ has promoted the event as Congress Ambassadors and will perform at the opening ceremony.

“This Congress comes at a critical moment in the AIDS response—30 years after AIDS was first discovered,” said Myung-Hwan CHO, Professor at Konkuk University in Korea and ICAAP10 Congress Chair. “ICAAP10 will be a platform for political leaders, affected communities and researchers in Asia and the Pacific to share experiences and renew commitment to the AIDS response.”

A UNAIDS report on the HIV epidemic and response in Asia and the Pacific will be launched on the opening day. The report will highlight the region’s specificities, challenges and the approaches pioneered to address HIV.

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Fascinate The World: JYJ Feature Cut

Source: JYJ Daum Telzone
Credits: ceskjj9
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JYJ's Yoochun & Moon Geun Young Win The Popularity Poll for '2011 Seoul Drama Awards'

On August 25th, the results for the online popularity poll for the category of ‘Most Popular Actor’ and ‘Most Popular Actress’ were revealed ahead of the upcoming ‘Seoul Drama Awards 2011‘ ceremony.

Held through Yahoo! Korea, the poll asked fans to vote for the most popular actor and actress for the year of 2011. Out of 115 contestants, JYJ’s Yoochun snagged first place for the male category with a total of 480,000 votes. Jang Geun Suk and Kim Jae Won placed second and third place respectively.

Moon Geun Young led the female category, followed by Park Min Young and Ha Ji Won.

As for the Japanese actors, Kamiki Ryunosuke and Ashida Mana took first place, while in the Taiwanese category, Wu Zheng Di and Jian Man Shu took first.

The most popular actor and actress for Hong Kong were Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung and Charmaine Sheh, and for China, they were Yu Xiao Tong and Chen Hao.

The ‘Seoul Drama Awards 2011′ will open on August 31st at 5:20 PM KST at the KBS Hall. The event will be broadcasted live through SBS TV.

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JYJ Twitter Updates

Trans: Sorry for being late about the promise picture! Today also, you have to watch the drama!

And JaeJoong also changes his Twitter DP to this ->

*OMO The word "handsome" is not enough to describe him ^_^

Credits: JaeJoong's twitter
Translation: Angelf4 of DBSKNights
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OMG, LOL @ Jaejoong's "Promise Picture"! It looks like he just took a big poo on the grass! Wow...even his poop is golden. LOL LOL LOL -- Empress

3hree Voices II Photobook

Price: 27,000 Won
Client: Someone Agency
Date: 26 August 2011

1. Photo Album: 84p (14cm x 19cm)
2. DVD: 3hree vocies II unreleased video & highlights (Country code: Region 3 / 43 minutes)
3. Postcard: 5 pieces

Purchase can be made at C-JeS Store

Source: C-JeS Store
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Protect The Boss Ep. 8 Jaejoong Cut

Credits: aom0908
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Tohoshinki Takes Top Spot on MTV Taiwan's J/Kpop Chart! Crazy Popularity

Tohoshinki took top spot on the weekly charts on MTV Taiwan.

Tohoshinki’s Japanese single “Superstar” was number 1 on the J/Kpop chart on the 2nd Week of August. MTV said, “After it was released, Tohoshinki’s Superstar, it sold 160,000 copies, showing its popularity. This song showcases U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin’s vocal and dancing ability. Both of them are truly Superstars.”

Tohoshinki’s Superstar made the no. 2 spot on the Oricon Weekly Chart, as well as No. 1 in sales at Tower Records’ preorder, showing its popularity. Although they did not actively promote in Taiwan, they still received an explosive response.

Tohoshinki will be releasing their new album on 28 August. This album will include their 31st single “Why (Keep Your Head Down)” and their 32nd single “Superstar.” The title track is still unknown. They will then proceed with a nation-wide tour of Japan in January next year.

Source: [BaiduTVXQ + Sports Chosun via Nate]
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Park YooChun voted as “Korea’s Most Popular Actor”

‘Seoul Drama Awards 2011’ has released the online popularity award ahead of its upcoming ceremony on the 25th of August. The ‘Male Popularity Award’ goes to JYJ’s YooChun and the ‘Female Popularity Award’ goes to Moon Geun Young.

The ‘Popularity Award’ was held on the internet through Yahoo! Korea where fans could vote for actors and actresses in different countries within Asia.

In Japan, the award went to Ashida Mana and Kamiki Ryunosuke, while in China Chen Hao and Yu Xiao Tong won the award.

This year’s Seoul Drama Awards is happening on August 31st at 5:20PM KST in the Seoul KBS hall. It is to be broadcasted through SBS TV.

Source: SCOL + TVXQBaidu
Translation: Mizuro @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Protect The Boss Ep. 8

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JYJ NII 2011 Fall Collection Behind The Scenes

Credits: gmarket, loveycat0204
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Protect The Boss Ep. 7 (Eng. Sub) -- Online Stream

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JYJ Asia AIDS Congress in Busan

Credits: KBS News
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JYJ UNAIDS Regional Goodwill Ambassadors

Credits: ceskjj9 + junsu011
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JYJ Tweets

Join the cause!!

(Jaejoong, 2:39pm KST) From today, we will be acting as UNAIDS’ Asia-Pacific goodwill ambassadors^^ Please, take interest in the cause @UNAIDS

(Junsu, English+Korean tweet, 2:46pm KST) I’m honored to be appointed UNAIDS ambassador! Join us in eradicating the prejudices surrounding AIDs @UNAIDS

(Yoochun, English tweet, 2:48pm KST) Follow this link : UNAIDS campaingn /

and I guess he’s having fun while promoting~ X)

(Jaejoong, 4:53pm KST) So this is what it is

Oooooh Busan~

(Junsu, 5:47pm KST) Busan at dawn

Am I the only one happy he’s not tanning anymore?

(Ok Joo Hyun, 12:31pm KST, 110825) @0101xiahtic Junsu, it’s Joo Hyun noona~ I’m following you now~ Thanks for bursting into laughter continuously during the performance~~ Hwaiting!!

(Junsu, 5:50pm KST) @joohyunieee Could you see me??? lol

(Ok Joo Hyun, 6:01pm KST) @0101xiahtic You know your laughter is really unique~ haha!! Do you still go tanning these days Junsu..? I think you look so much cooler when you don’t… Make time in your schedule so I can feed you something good~~

(Junsu, 6:32pm KST) @joohyunieee I don’t tan anymore lol I’m down for a meal together^^

Source: [Jaejoong+Yoochun+Junsu+Other's Twitter]
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Prain Lee Executive Twitter Update

The red ribbons on their left breast pockets really suit them. After the appointment ceremony ended, the content of the UNAIDS interview was also great. It's been a long time since the three of them met like this, smiling widely in the waiting room, the three of them sticking close to each other like triplets.

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JYJ UNAIDS Performance Empty + In Heaven

JYJ ICAAP10 Performance: Empty+In Heaven

Credits: starxjy
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Asian pop band "JYJ" Appointed As UNAIDS Regional Goodwill Ambassadors

BUSAN, South Korea, 26 August 2011—“JYJ,” a three-member Korean pop (K-pop) band from the Republic of Korea, have been named UNAIDS Regional Goodwill Ambassadors for Asia and the Pacific. Formed in 2010, JYJ has a large following among young people in the Republic of Korea, across Asia and beyond.

“Jae joong, Yoochan and Jun su (JYJ) are going to make a big difference in the AIDS response through the UNAIDS Ambassadorship,” said UNAIDS Executive Director Michel Sidibé. “With their incredible popularity and influence in the Republic of Korea and beyond, I count on them to reach millions of young people in this region and worldwide with important HIV messages,” he added.

As UNAIDS Regional Goodwill Ambassadors, JYJ will take part in a number of events and public appearances—including a performance at the Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific (ICAAP10), a gathering of AIDS experts and activists from 26-30 August 2011 in Busan, South Korea. Through these and other events, JYJ will raise awareness around HIV and join the effort to end AIDS-related stigma and discrimination. They will also highlight AIDS issues through their social media networks.

“Young people in our country, and across Asia, need to know more about avoiding HIV infection,” said JYJ band member Jae joong at a press conference in Busan to announce the UNAIDS appointment. “Knowledge and awareness can help people protect themselves and break down stigma and discrimination.” His band-mate Yoochun concurred, adding: “AIDS has been here since before I was born. Our generation can be the one that ends it!”

“We can reach the goals of zero new HIV infections, zero discrimination and zero AIDS-related deaths,” said Jun su, the third JYJ band member. “We are very proud to participate in this cause.”

JYJ have previously been involved in a number of charitable activities. They have made major donations to relief operations in disaster-struck areas of Japan, as well as to child health campaigns. Underlining their commitment to the AIDS response, JYJ recently accepted the role of ‘Official Ambassador’ for ICAAP10.

Globally, an estimated 41% of people who have recently become HIV-positive are younger than the age of 25. In Asia and the Pacific, young people from key affected populations— including young sex workers, men who have sex with men, and adolescent drug users— face a particularly high risk of HIV infection as well as high levels of stigma and discrimination.

Source: UNAIDS
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