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Subaru Impreza RS
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29 / M / (In) your Mitsubi...
Posted 11/5/08
Yeah I've been trying to find one for a couple of months now. Lmfao. I have a nissan 240 right now, but if I can get my hands on a 94 Impreza I'll jump on it and simply swap the motor and body parts and make my home made RS >>;
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27 / M / Davis, California
Posted 11/14/08
Here's my rs.

It's a bit dirty but still looks awesome. Planning on a future sti swap.
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24 / M / Penang
Posted 11/15/08
wow. . er i think . . for me subaru GDB-C is the best! keke
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42 / M
Posted 10/19/09
My GC8 Impreza 2001

* Tanabe Super Racing Medalion
* Ganzflow cold air intake
* Borla headers 4-2-1
* RB5 Prodrive (authentic)
* STI gold BBS 17"
* STI Version 6 lip
* STI authentic WRX clear tail lamp
* STI rear spats
* NGK plugs
* Raybrig super white
" Pink "i" badge

Out of funds for a while...

That's my friend's black WRX. He just purchased, no mods.
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24 / M / In your pantz
Posted 10/21/09
still gotta say i love the older imprezas over the new ones, by a long shot.
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27 / M / network
Posted 10/21/09 , edited 10/21/09
people have made the camry/corolla look like a Subaru a few times, the 3rd gens on camry's not sure if same on corolla.

pretty impressive too.

3sgte?(was that it?) swap, and just get the (Subaru) oem spoiler, rims, etc.

^^^ just my 2cents on the camry comment,lol.


i like the rs, and clean rides . so beautiful,lol.
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26 / M / SF Bay Area, CA (...
Posted 10/25/09 , edited 10/25/09
What the bloody hell?!?! I've been missing out on all this since my computer failed me?!?!

1998 was the first year of the 2.5RS. It came with a 2.5L DOHC naturally aspirated Subaru boxer engine. Unfortunately, this DOHC NA engine (designated engine code EJ25D) has head gasket issues due to the bad factory head gasket. It shares the same engine, transmission, and brakes with the Legacy GT and Legacy Outback (years 97-99). Unfortunately, my car also has this engine. The gasket did fail. However, the genuine Subaru replacement gasket is NOT the same as the inferior one from the factory. In addition, Subaru launched a special campaign to combat the leaking cooling system with what they called the "Subaru Cooling System Conditioner". It is said that this fluid (intended to be injected directly into the radiator) helps seal any leaks in the cooling system.

You can tell if a 2.5RS is a '98 model from the outside if it has the small fog lights (unlike the oversized fog lights on the '99 and '00) and/or the optional gold 5-spoke wheels available only for that year. '99 and '00 were the ones with the gigantic fog lights and the revised SOHC engine which produced the same power and torque figures as the engine it replaces. '99 and '00 were not available with the gold 5-spoke wheel option that the '98 had from the factory/dealership.

Although most 2.5RSs are in 2-door coupe form, 4-door sedans were sold and do exist. The worst part is that automatic 2.5RSs were also available, unfortunately.

After those years, GD/GF chassis 2.5RSs are simply the predecessors of the current 2.5i trim level. They're not as special as the GC Impreza 2.5RS
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