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Posted 4/25/08
Guests: Junsu (host), Yunho, Jaejoong.

(around 10:07 min)

JS: Radio-name, Sherri-san- "Say, if you were a girl, which member do you want to marry?" (OMFG BEST QUESTION EVER! *dies*)
YH & JJ: This is difficult...
JJ: Thissssssssss is......deep troubleeeee.....really baddddd..(English equivalent: okay, we're in deep shiet. xD)
JS: It's bad-...
JJ: If it was me, I'll marry Yunho.
JS: Why?
JJ: Yunho is, how do you say it...has a really masculine personality. If I were a girl, I think he would protect me well. xD
YH: Ah..thank you very much.
JJ: Junsu is probably weak...
JS: HEY! What about you Yunho? Who would you marry?
YH: I...
JS: Who is it???
YH: It's Jaejoong. Hahahah!!
JJ: Ah, thank you! *in a tough, guy-ish manner* xD"
JS: (sorry, couldn't understand. I think he's talking about the JaeHo talk circulating around..=p)
YH: That, I know. Yes, it's gotta be Jaejoong. Jaejoong is really good in cooking.
JS & JJ: Is that so?
YH: If I have time, I'd like to learn..(?)
JJ: Ok. Everyone, thank you! Tsk. Yunho and I are getting married. From now on we are husband and wife. *laughs*
YH & JS: Told you it was going to be bad...xD"
JJ: Junsu, you?
YH: 'myself'? xD""
JS: It has to be...myself, isn't it.
YH: Yes, of course. You have a lot of confidence..(?)
JS: I have the best charisma, and also a sense of humor, don't I? xD
JJ: It's always yourself who talks-... *speechless* Hahahah!
JS: Today we shall end here. *blablabla*

Translated: [email protected]


Yay. So, earlier on there was another part where this girl who calls herself "Changmin-lover" has her msg read, and while JS & YH were discussing about her question, (about 08:18 min) JJ suddenly interrupted and said "I'm sorry, this has nothing to do with the topic. But you're so mean, Changmin-lover-san. Why is it not Jaejoong-lover? AHAHAH! I haven't heard of a Jaejoong-lover, not even once! (YH: Me too...I want to hear a Yunho-lover too..;_;)". Junsu asks rhetorically,

JS: Changmin is really cute, isn't he?
JJ: Me?
JS: You...are not cute.
JJ: *pitiful laugh*
YH: JJ's not cute, but he's cool.

So, Jaejoong and Yunho-lovers, you know what to do! xD

credits : asianfanatics:DBSG hiddenhappiness
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