Posted 4/25/08 is a huge forum where people can go to learn about what different communities are like before deciding to move there.

i wanted to make this into a thread so it would help people at CR to materially benefit themselves and others.

you can do more than just learn what a place is like before moving there. although you can just search and read about a place, or ask questions about someplace, you can also post to city-data if you find a place that is especially beneficial to you and your friends.

or, you can post if a neighborhood, community, town, or whatever, has been especially prejudicial or mean-spirited toward you because of your race or religion and so on. for instance, some small towns in the US or elsewhere may have an entrenched group stalker sub-group of the community which goes out of their way to expose your private life to public view, scorn, and persecution by others in that community. in such case, you can go to city-data and tell the world about it. i would only add that when airing complaints about anywhere, it almost goes without saying that one should be truthful, and should be as pleasant as possible, and not use bad language, or you will turn off the very people you are trying to warn.

city-data is an enormous resource for doing all this and more.

of course, there is always crunchyroll too!
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