What d you think of this side story?
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Posted 4/25/08
If you want to read it in their group's profile, here's the link: http://www.crunchyroll.com/group/Shugo_Chara_-_amuto

Side story of how Ikuto and Amu met

Part 1

Amu starts the day off like normal, walking alone to skool, then suddenly, someone came running towards her, she dodged that person in an instance. She thought she had imagined it, cause she had saw that person with cat ears. As amu thinks about the mysterious cat boy, Ikuto (the cat boy) was also thinking about the girl. The way she dodged him, is some how off. He thought about it, and then he decided to check her out. the next morning, amu completely forgot about the strange cat boy, as she enters school, the students were waiting for amu to come, as usual they all greeted amu, she was treated better than the directors own daughter. “Sigh, I wish that everyone would treat me normally, I mean this isn’t really the real me anyways.” (her three chara’s) “ jus use us and everything will be okay! We will help you find your true self!” the day passes and she walks home. Amu had this strange feeling that someone is following her, she looks back and saw a tail. She thinks it is a cat. It still felt a bit weird so… “ I no that you are there! Come out and you wont get hurt. Strangely enough, it was the cat boy that she had met yesterday. “ my name is Ikuto, and I have developed an interest in you, will you go out with me?”

Part 2

‘‘Yes…. No, wait huh!!?? What did you just ask???!” Amu replied.
As Amu’s thoughts wondered…. Ikuto chuckled and said,
“I’m looking forward to your answer!” he gave her a kiss on the cheek and walked away.
She watched him walk away and when she couldn't see him anymore, she fell to the ground.
“Calm down Amu!!” Miki said.
“B-but…. What just happened a strange guy came out of no where and confesses to me?? How am I suppose to answer him!!!” Amu blushed…
“but he’s cute desu~!” Su said with joy. I think you should say yes!!
“I think you should say No… he seems weird… when he was talking to you he also looked our way… it looked like he was looking at us for a moment.. and if he was that means he also has Guardian Chara’s!” Miki complained.
“Well I think Amu should say yes! Amu-chan ganbare!! Ike! Ike! Go! Go!!!” Ran cheered.

Part 3

Ikuto’s side ~

Yoru came out and asked, “Nee, nee… Ikuto, what are you going to do with that girl ?? She has 3 Guardian Charas”
“Hmph” Ikuto said, walking away slowly…..
“Wait, Ikuto! You haven’t really developed feelings for her have you??”
-no response-
“We’ll see….”


“What do I do?? For some reason, when he came close to me, my heart was racing soo fast!!!”

>> >.< <<<

“That’s a sign that you like him desu!~” Suu said
“But I can’t tell him yes!! That’s not my character!!!”
“Then change with me!!” ran yelled
“No!” Amu quickly responded.
“Hmm….” Miki thought…
“What is it Miki??” Amu asked
“Nothing, just thinking……”

-knock knock knock-

“Who’s there!!!” Amu yelled.

What do you think?

I personally think it's not that good.. She could have made it better..

Here's why:
1) The way Amu met the Catboy (Ikuto from nowon) is a bit 'off'.
2) Just running towards each other, they think about each other deeply that I think the first time they met, they already have feelings for each other.
3) As I said in number 2, Ikuto confessed to her and asked her if she could go out with him. LOL My initial reaction is: 'Who would want to date a stranger you only met for a handful of times?'. But Ikuto falls inlove quickly, that's for sure.
4) If I were Amu, I would slap Ikuto. Why? Kissing Amu in the cheek, assuming he's a total stranger. Ikuto must have the feeling she would reject him. Main reason: She doesn't know him. Because of that, I see Ikuto as a thick-skinned boy.
5) Amu asked 'How should I answer him?!'. Amu, a little intellect please. Would you want to date a mysterious person you just met? He might be a pedophile.
6) The answer to Amu's question for number 5 must be: No, if you're normal.
7) Amu's guardian charas are supportive... in a bad way. 2 of them insist Amu in answering Ikuto 'Yes. I would like to go out with you.' Have Ran and Suu date a stranger.
8) Just because a mysterious 'cute' (as Suu said) guy confessed to her, she fell to the ground.
9) ''What do I do?? For some reason, when he came close to me, my heart was racing soo fast!!!” Well, any normal girl would. Because having a stranger close to your face would definitely make you nervous.
10) It's just a theory, but I think it's Ikuto who is knocking on her door in the end. The question is: 'How did Ikuto knew Amu's house?' He's possibly a stalker.

NOTE: To the writer of this story and the group: Shugo Chara - amuto, sorry if I took this without your information. I gave you credits,don't worry.
To the writer, I just said my opinion. I think it's a great way for you to improve your stories.

And that's how it is.
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Posted 4/25/08
i think it's a bit tooo quick?
no offense but wen he just asked her our right away it was kinda weird
well i guess it''s because i like the anime that's y so yeah
no offense>.<
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Posted 4/26/08 , edited 4/26/08
Yeah.. TT__TT

But I think she can make a story way better than this..

Too quick, like you said...

And sorry because the title must be 'What do you think of this side story?' not 'What d you think of this side story?'.
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Posted 5/26/08
you're right about that

the story is quite a little mess

what i meant is why will amu going out to a stranger and why her two shugo charas will approve to it (as you said halibel)

but no offense to the writer of the story
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