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Posted 4/26/08 , edited 4/26/08
My sister found this on a forum somewhere...=)

Four years have passed since then...

"I, Doumyouji Tsukasa, have formally
decided to get married in the spring of
next year! I will be marrying the woman
of my destiny, who captured my heart and
never let it go, Makino Tsukushi!!"

In a hotel in Japan, Tsukasa held an
extravagant press conference to announce
this to the entire world. Afterwards,
Tsukushi is targeted even by television
programs, which are hailing her as a
modern-day princess.

Following that, when the Makino family
and the Doumyouji family gathered
together to give their engagement
presents to the couple, Doumyouji's
mother, Kaede, once Tsukushi's divine
enemy who was always opposed to the
match, offered Tsukushi a 10-billion-yen
tiara as proof of her acceptance of the
engagement. The tiara, named the "Smile
of Venus," is an heirloom that has been
passed down through the generations to
women in the Doumyouji family.

That night, as she sat in her hotel room
watching the tiara sparkle, Tsukushi
embraced all of her worries about how,
by marrying Tsukasa, who had become
successor to his family corporation,
everything in her peaceful life was
about to change. Tsukasa, sensing her
mental state, swore to her, "I will
protect you for the rest of my life.
Come with me without any worries!" But
in front of the two at that moment,
suddenly, a man dressed in black crashed
through the window, took the tiara, and
ran away! Not knowing what was going on,
Tsukushi and Tsukasa chased after the
man. But in the blink of an eye, he
vanished into the city.

Dumbfounded by this event, the two
returned to the hotel room only to be
dumbfounded again at the sight before
their eyes. The window glass that had
only just been broken, and the furniture
that had been damaged in Tsukasa's
struggle with the man, had all been
replaced as if nothing had ever happened!

This way, the situation takes on the
appearance not of the tiara having been
stolen, but that Tsukushi lost it
herself. They must get it back at any
cost! This is no time to be getting
married now! Is the owner of the hotel
in on it as an accomplice too? Is his
goal the 10-billion tiara? Or to put a
stop to Tsukushi and Tsukasa's wedding?
And who is the culprit...?

In order to retrieve the "Smile of
Venus" tiara, which legend has it will
"bring eternal love to its bearer,"
Tsukushi and Tsukasa give chase through
Hong Kong, Las Vegas, and throughout the
world. And, what of the "F4," who have
begun to walk their own paths in life?
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Posted 4/26/08 , edited 4/26/08
Oooh!! Thank you for sharing that with us!;)
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Posted 4/26/08
Four years already? Life goes by so fast. *_*
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Posted 4/29/08
Oh wow! Four years?! That was fast and they decides to marry four years from the time he
proposal to her?! Oh well, the movie's plot-line seems so good!!
Can't wait to see it!!!!
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