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F / I'd rather not say!
Posted 4/26/08 , edited 4/26/08
Come one and come all, what are you waiting for? Tis time to twist a tale, and we shall without fail....
creat a masterpiece of art.

Sat still the Lady of elsewhere. She was waiting for her lover to return from his warring days. But the nights refused to pass and the days were ever so dreary, and time seemed to stand still. "What Day is it, Valentine?" She murmured to her maid. "Tis the 4th night, mi'lady." Valentine mumbled in return.The lady sighed in response. It would be a while, a long while till they returned.
The moonlight splashed on the courtyard, making it sparkle. The fish splashed in the pond below.
Suddenly Lady elsewhere heard a thud of feet. She shot up from her chair, "Valentine?" She whispered hoarsely.
"Yes Mi'lady it's them. It's really them."
The Lady flew down a long flight of stairs and hurried out into the courtyard. The soldiers came in a single file. She nodded to them all, her heart growing heavy as some of them averted their faces. Her eyes searching and finally found what they were looking for. She stopped in her tracks and a sob escaped her lips. Her beloved lay, moaning, covered from head to toe in spikes and nails. The general stepped forward, "It was the Lady of the whispering woods. She cursed him." All the soldiers sighed collectively. "She threatened to kill all of us' but His Highness took the curse onto himself."
Lady of elsewhere stepped forward and when she gently tried to remove a tack, it pricked her finger deeply but refused to come out, her beloved in return let out a shriek of pain.
"She said..." The general hesitated.
"Please continue." Lady of elsewhere said, her eyes never leaving her lover's face.
"She said, she will be waiting for you."
Lady of elsewhere raised her eyes to the general's face. "Me?"
The general nodded and continued remorsefully, "she refused to speak to any of us. She will talk only to you and tell you how to undo the curse. You are to meet her, in the whispering woods, alone"
"I see." The lady looked onto her lover, her eyes tender with love for him. "So be it.Prepare my horse. I will leave immediately."
"We'll come too-"
The Lady raised her hand to silence the protesting soldiers. "A witch this powerful, it's better to go along with what she says. If she wishes to speak to me alone. Then alone it shall be,"
"What if she curses you?" A young soldier asked in a trembling voice.
'I know enough magic to defend myself." The Lady smiled." Please do not worry. I will save our Lord."
The soldiers looked at the lady's beautiful face and were calmed. She would save them all.

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Posted 4/26/08 , edited 4/27/08
The Lady took flight at the first crack of dawn, riding a fine young mare as white as the snow that threatened to fall from up above. The air was cold and crisp, and it bit at the young woman's face. The sun weak behind the white clouds and the surrounding forest as silent as death. The Lady was anxious. Not for herself, no. But for her lover and for her people. There had been several cases of the witch cursing her people, and quite a few deaths. If this carried on...
"No, it must stop." The Lady muttered to herself.
She slowed her mount to a slow trot as the forest became more deeper and thicker. She was closing in on the witch's territory. She could taste it in the air. Thick and choking. The evil that surrounded the forest, blanketing it with death and putrid darkness. The Lady straightened up in the saddle and rest a hand on her bow and arrows. Although she was of high nobility, the Lady was not at all helpless. She had been raised by the Elves of Deepwood ever since she was but a small child. They had taught her well in magic and in weaponry. The Lady, despite her elegant and delicate exterior-was indeed quite lethal.
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Posted 4/27/08 , edited 4/28/08
The Lady got off the young mare and whispered into the mare's ear a word of magic. Immediately the mare began running back in the direction in which they came. The Lady smiled as she shape shifted into her other form: a fox-and a sly one at that. It was a shame that she could not reveal this form to anyone-not even her lover.
The Lady made her way towards the Palace of Evil. She knew the witch would be waiting with a trap. Everyone knew that witches never played fair. The Lady made her way to the rear of the palace and crawled in through a hole in the wall. How convenient, she thought. Just as she was about to change back, something caught her eye. With her fox-like instincts she quickly went back through the whole to the outside. The witch had laid a trap for her there as well. The Lady sighed as she changed back into her form. It was going to be hard to get to the witch without setting off a trap.
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F / I'd rather not say!
Posted 4/28/08 , edited 4/28/08
"I see." The Lady said out loud. "You want to test my strength. So be it. I assure you, you will not be disappointed "
Closing her eyes, she concentrated on the magic inside her, it writhered like a snake. Every magic user knew that magic was a deadly art. When called upon it would try to control the user. But the Lady had been taught by the elves, and when it came to magic, there were no better teachers. She started the incantaions and after finishing them, she drew two signs in the air.
"Come forth, Jalal and Devi." Two shadow like figures emerged. One in the shape of a giant, the other a slender woman.
They turned to her, silent.
"Find the witch and take me to her." Both the figures bowed their head. Jalal materialised into a solid form and lifted the Lady.
Then with speed unthinkable by humans, the two beings shot forward.
The castle was ridden with traps and with every twist and turn they were assaulted. But Jalal and Devi countered them very easily.' Am I to think that the witch is this unskilled?' The Lady of elsewhere thought uneasily.
Very soon they came upon a large door. Devi went through it and a few minutes later returned.
"Is she in there?" The Lady asked. Devi nodded.
"Jalal." The Giant nodded and with one hand broke the door down.
What happened next took them all by surprise. Vine like magic encircled them all. Suddenly the Lady felt the magic try to suffocate her. The Lady tried to disspell it but it held them fast."
Devi and Jalal were twisting, trying to break free.'They'll be killed.' The Lady thought and after saying the neccessary incantations sent them back.
Immediately, she could breath again.
"That's better, they were in the way" A whispery voice said.
"The Lady found her self looking at a beautiful young woman. The Lady of the whispering woods, Lady of Elsewhere thought.
"I came as you asked. Please tell me how to undo-"
"Now, now." The Witch said serenly, "What's the hurry. We should get acquainted."
And suddenly The Lady found herself sitting in a beautiful room overlooking the magnificent valley of Elsewhere.
"You are apt with magic." The witch said. smiling.
The Lady shifted uncomfortably, She felt that compared to this woman her magic was child's play.
"Please, why did u curse my lord?And how can I undo it?"
The witch just kept smiling.
"Everything comes with a price, mi'lady. Would you be willing to pay the price?"
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Posted 4/29/08 , edited 4/30/08
"What kind of price?" The Lady frowned, this was going to be harder than she thought.
"A game. A lovely game!" The witch laughed.
"And if i lose?" The Lady was uncertain whether to trust to witch or not.
"Why, let's not think about that. As long as it's fun, who cares?" The witch gave the Lady an evil grin.
The Lady was not amused. She hadn't expected the witch to be so childish. "Tell me." The Lady said, sternly.
"Fine, fine. If you lose, I take your magic and your lord. If you win, well you know what." The witch said in a bored tone.
"Do you swear by it?"
"Yes." Even the witch knew that swearing a magic promise was a serious matter so there was no chance of the witch going back on her word now.
"Very well. Let me just do one more thing before we start." The Lady took something that was hiding underneath the silk of her skirt. It was a knife. She brought it up to her long silky blond hair and cut it. Then, moving towards the witch, she flung it at her.
The witch grew grim. "A bond and a strong one at that. This is now a matter more serious than anything I've ever dealt with. Lady, you have better watch yourself. You have just angered the Witch of the Whispering Woods. The dangers of this game is far beyond anything you can imagine. There is much risk-"
"I will do anything for my people and mi'lord."
"In that case, let the games begin!"
Posted 5/1/08 , edited 5/1/08
The Lady of the Whispering Wood's smile was vengeful though her eyes held regret. She fingered the long blond hair before her. Then, almost whispering, she spoke. "You are not the only one who has loved..." then louder, "And you will pay for stealing him away!"
With that she slammed her fist onto the hair and swore a great oath that she would not go back on her word. When she had done she looked up at the Lady of Elsewhere, her eyes dancing with fury. "Ebeen nhal dah!" She called and suddenly they were in a meadow. "Rise you serpent of fire! Come forth, oh evil of the deep!"
The ground began to tremble and the earth behind the great Witch split, from it rose a long slender dragon, who's body smoked and who dripped molten lava, His eye were cauldrons of fire and his tail a flame.
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Posted 5/1/08 , edited 5/2/08
It's breath emenated steam that melted every essence of the room, it's scales glimmered in a bright hue of molten fury. The witch kept her evil grin as the dragon pulled it's head back, accumulating a large bright glow from it's chest that ran up along it's neck. Just as it's jaw began to drop it's entire neck was already on the floor. The witch could only slowly turn back into shock as the great Lady of whispering wood stood directly behind her, a large materialized axe double her size held in one hand.

The rest of the dragon's body plopped to the ground with a hard thump, never even realizing it's death, it was put down. "Indeed your magic exceeds mine." a slight smile branded her face then, the witch could not even speak for it all happened in one fluid motion, a speed unlike no other, she could not speak, for a line of red formed across her neck. The great witch coughed out blood, anger surging out of her narrowed eyes "D-DIE!" as her neck began to fall, a great magical surge poked out in multiple segments of her body, the Lady was quick to engulf herself in her own shroud of darkness, teleporting herself out of the room and appearing just outside to witness the explosion that was the witch. "Only a fool would exceed on a single skill."

"Agreed." called a voice from above, she quickly propped her axe with both her hands on her shoulder. By the time her gaze reached the top of the tree from where the voice came, all she saw was a claok. Her expression darkened as she felt a presence behind her, a small nude figure of a beautiful girl, long pointy ears, with features like none other. "You should definitely hone your skills more, too bad you had to die tonight." said the girl. "Had?" blood poured from her mouth as she spoke that word, lines of blood formed all over her body then, and with a flick of the girl's finger the Lady of wimpering woods, was no more but a pile of ravaged corpse. The girl walked over the dead lady as the cloak gently hovered and wore itself unto her. "Pitty, that your name had to end here. I did not even have to change my form." chuckled the girl. "Well maybe I'd prefer to see that form." said a familiar voice from behind, accumulating another chuckle from the girl "A form, is such a vague word to say to a druid." the claok hovered slowly and plopped to the ground. Lady leaned on the same study tree, grasping her left arm as it bled from a serius cut, Before she could act and turn to see the girl, a large dark creature was already smiling behind her.

The great lady bursted through that tree holding her large weapon before her blocking the large hairy fist portruding from the beast. With a quick flip backwars using the axe as a rod to stop and catapault her back into the fray spinning diagonally in one fluid motion. Before her axe could even reach the great beast has already taken another form, it's hair began melting back into it's skin transforming into thick silver scales. Sparks errupted in a wild exotic array of lights as the axe clanged hard and was deflected off with ease, causing a large trauma of vibration through the lady's arm, loosing grip upon her weapon.

In a single plastic movement the druid changed her form once again, gaining four more arms equiped with long sharp claws. Lady sidestepped back, then flipped to dodge a claw, using her own magic to materialize armor over her dress, and two medium length blades on each hand.

Melodic clangs echoed through the forest, disrupting every wind's direction with their great swings, their footing shattered the ground where they stood, grass faltered and bowed the other way in a futile atempt to flee. Theast's long fur was hacked and sliced, but it's true body was too thin to hit, while the claws raked at the metal armor, only hitting the metal armor and failing to pierce through.

The druid bounced back into a puff of smoke, reapearing in mid air in another form, a simple form of a falcon. She rose high into the sky, out of the Lady's sight. Before the lady knew what was happening the small dark figure transformed into a large arnadilo searing at her directly above. She was quick to roll back and dodge but the druid anticipated the move and transformed into a kangaroo just as she reached the ground to pounche off the ground towards the Lady's mid roll, once again transforming into a large gorrila, and in one fluid combination of moves the beast caught her head and drove it straight into the ground, dragging her as it ran straight forward, tossing her up and appearing behind her, spreading her legs up side down while using it's small legs to destroy her ribs completely, echoing a large painful scream. With one big erruption the gorrila landed the lady's head on a large boulder directly below them, shattering her skull and pealing her flesh, destroying the rest of her bones and bending her corpse in unbendable ways.

She reverted back to her nude form as her cloak gently placed itself on her back as planned. "You were formidable indeed, but it was time your destiny has ended." she spat at the ravaged corpse and leaped onto another tree. "One of Thirteen down, next I will put down the Lady of Molevolent Clouds." a smirk branded her beautiful pale features as she veered towards the night sky.
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28 / M / No reason to tell...
Posted 5/2/08 , edited 5/2/08
The death of the Lady of whispering woods left many shocked. Especiallythe twelve gifted ladies of the pearl court.
"How can she be beat so easily?" The Lady of sparkling ripples asked. The others murmured in amazement.
"This shows we cannot underestimate our opponents." The Lady of black shadows said quietly.
"Hmph." The lady of malevolent clouds snorted. "Whispering woods had always been a softie.Her love for her people and such always hindered her performance and now she's dead."
"Come now, we must not speak ill of the dead." Some one breathed.
But Lady of Malovolent clouds wasn't listening, "I'd like to meet with the person who defeated her and show them what true power really is."
"Well looks like your wish just came true." A voice said
And before anyone could move a muscle, the pearl court burst into flames.
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F / Canada
Posted 5/4/08 , edited 5/4/08
"The Lady of Elsewhere?" The Lady of Black Shadows gasped. "You are supposed to be pure of heart."
"I am still." The Lady of Elsewhere said, smiling. "That pearl was evil, you see."
"Evil?" The Lady of Guardian Pearl snickered. "That pearl could not possibly be evil. It could not-"
"That pearl was holding my Lord captive." The Lady of Elsewhere interrupted sternly. "Come out, my Lord of Elsewhere."
"Mi'lady." A voice came from behind the Twelve Ladies of the Pearl Court. "I feared that you would not have the heart to free me from a pearl so pure."
"I would do anything for you, my Lord." The Lady of Elsewhere said, extending her hand towards the darkness of the back of the room. "Now, come. Our kingdom awaits us."
"Not so fast, Mi'lady." The Lady of Malevolent Clouds said. "You owe us a pearl."
"So it appears." The Lady of Elsewhere laughed. "But i am not the one who broke the pearl. It was the guardian who did the deed. The guardian who owed me a favor. Ask her for the pearl."
"Guardian?" The Lady of Malevolent Clouds asked. "Is it true?"
"No. She's lying!" The Lady of Guardian Pearl shouted, but it was too late. The Lady had left with her Lord. "We must build another pearl before the whole Kingdom Pearl falls apart!
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F / I'd rather not say!
Posted 5/5/08 , edited 5/5/08
"Are we to believe that Whispering woods(aka lady of elsewhere) is not one of us anymore?" Lady of the silver sky asked.
"She did destroy the pearl." Lady of the black shadows mumbled.
"Fool, does she not know we are bound by the book of the pearl court? In no circumstances can we betray the pearl." Lady of red moonlight stated.
a hush fell upon the court. workers were milling about cleaning the burnt room.
"But with the pearl destroyed-"
Lady of red moonlight stood up and spoke in a loud voice, "It was a fake."
At this there was an uproar, "why did we not know of this?" one of the ladies demanded
"For the pearl's protection ofcourse." The lady of red moonlight did not elaborate nor did anyone ask, being the oldest and wisest of the ladies, she demanded certain respect.
"WAIT A DARN MINUTE." Lady of malvolent clouds said, "Wasn't the lady dead?"
"uhhh..." the whole court fell silent.
"ummm how about we skip the unclear parts and focus on the problem?" someone suggested
With the unanimous agreement everyone forgot that the lady was supposed to be dead.
"The pearl has faced threat from the time it was created," Lady of the red moonlight said, "It is no different now, our enemies are after it.We the ladies of the pearl court were chosen as its guardians and its saviours, it is our duty to save and protect the pearl. Lady of the whispering woods has left us, but we are still a formidable force."
As the ladies sat thinking about what had happened and what was to be done, on the other side of town The twins Of Wanderways were facing their own problems.
"If we don't get the pearl, Father cannot be awakened and our kingdom will be taken away from us." cried Jusuf.
"Relax lil brother," Jasmine said, "I have taken care of one of the ladies, and with her skill she was no match for me, if we assume that the rest of them will fare the same way. In no time the pearl will be ours."
"Is it true that it can bring back the dead?" Jusud demanded.
"It can do more than that." Jasmine said her eyes glittering, "If the pearl is cut five ways. Every part displays a unique quality."
"Ooooh. Then what are we waiting for? Let's go after the pearl and all that it holds." Jusuf said with a chuckle.
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Posted 5/6/08 , edited 5/7/08
"I think not." spoke a deep grumbling voice from behind, the two unsuspecting siblings glanced around trying to decifer the voice. "Your father does not deserve to rise once again, he will only bring forth havoc across these lands." the voice called out. "Show yourself, and speak before me or i shall brand you a coward!" demanded Jusuf. Before a flinch of both their muscles a figure was already between them, with an arm on each of their shoulders. "I was here the whole time." said the man. The siblings sprung into action, Jusuf flipped back and created a spell graph below him in mid flight, and in one fluid motion he grabbed the large circular glow on the floor and flattened it before him, aiming at the man. Jasmine rolled out of the way into a form of a large gorrila, dodging a large beam of light that incinireted everything in it's path, though the man was already behind him by the time it even reached it's designated spot. "Jusuf!" Jasmine cried, but it was too late, her brother had begun disintigrating as the man's hand portruded from his chest. Jasmine charged with a loud roar, just to realize the dark figure before her, with his palm on her brutish animal face, to be shot back point blank by the same beam of light from her brother.

She staggered up while takin the form of a kangaroo, springing up before another beam of light had struck her again. Using her powerful legs she dodged by leaping and sprinting out of the way, and when she got close enough she charged forward as a rhino. The initial force of the hit shattered the ground under the man, but he did not move one inch, his hand was planted firmly on the horn, even crushing it with sheer power. "You pittiful druids... Depending on another's power to win your battles." the man chuckled, then raised and smashed her into the ground, transforming just in time into an armadilo to absorb the hit as a ball. "You are no better, a mimic." she replied, uncurling into a fierce lion, but caught offguard by the man's fist, hammering her head first through the pavement. "Not all that I do is a copy, I dont even need to copy your lame skills to beat you." he called out, raising his arm another time and engulfing it in a wide aray of lights. "Farewell good druid." he continued, and hammered his fist one last time through her skull, disintigrating her every essence. The dark figure chuckled, "With the lady of black shadow and these brats gone, We'll be able to attain the pearl much quicker." called another dark figure standing behind the man kneeling before the last remaining particles or what used to be Jasmine. "Indeed." he stood and shook off the dust from his arm, turning to the three other behind him. "The pearl is as good as ours..."
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F / I'd rather not say!
Posted 5/8/08 , edited 5/8/08
,The twelve ladies of the pearl court were hard at work devising a strategy to guard the pearl when they heard the news,
"Impossible." Whispered lady of red moonlight , "Jusuf and Jasmine, called the twin swords of wanderways...DEAD?"
"Werent they the one we were supposed to fight?" One of the ladies inquired.
Suddenly everyone started talking at once, panicked.
"Everyone please calm down." Lady of green thorns said in her calm voice, "I believe, the enemy we are facing is much more ruthless than we anticipated. I propose, that we call for the help of the Gods."
"WHAT?" The outrage heard at her proposal was what she was expecting and she waited for everyone to quiet down again, "Jusuf and Jasmine have been feared by Us since the very earliest of times, to think they could have been beaten this easily. This new, unknown enemy, might be too much for us to handel alone."
What the Lady of green thorn said was making sense and gradually the Ladies calmed down enough to think with reason.
"But they don't play fair!" One of the Ladies complained.
"Then we shall play dirtier." Lady of Malvolent clouds said angrily, "Now quit acting like cowards and let's move it."
One by one the ladies got up and filed out to the CHAMBER OF THE GODS.
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Posted 5/8/08 , edited 5/9/08
"No." The Gods had rejected the Ladies' plead for help.
"Why not? We need the pearl!" The Lady of Malevolent Clouds said with anger.
"Earn it with your own strength." The God of Nature said sternly. "We don't help until the Land is in crisis."
"This is a crisis!" The Lady of Green Thorns pleaded again. "Without the pearl, who knows what will happen?"
"If you really want help..." The God of Water said, uncertain. "Go find the Nymphs."
"The Nymphs..." The Ladies repeated the God's wise words. "Very well, Gods. Stay in your chambers for another day. But know that we may need you for real next time."
"Be gone!" The Gods shouted.
The Ladies exited the chamber and gathered around the garden table for a quick meeting before they set out.
"The Four Nymphs of Illumina." The Lady of Crescent Light said softly. "They are quick, swift, and friendly...but that's only if they're in a good mood after a good sleep. They have to sleep for 5 years at a time... We disturbed them only 3 years ago, they are probably not going to be at their best."
"But we must try!" The Lady of Green Thorns said. "The Gods say it will work."
"They did not." The Lady of Malevolent Clouds put in. "They said to ask the Nymphs for help, but they never said anything about knowing that they will help."
"Still, we must and will try." The Lady of Green Thorns said with a grin. "To Illumina!"
And so the Ladies of the Pearl Court exited the court and journeyed deep into marshlands. They were going to save their Court even if it took their lives.
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F / I'd rather not say!
Posted 5/11/08 , edited 5/11/08
However after four days of being constantly together, the ladies had had enough of each other. And after much heated discussions it was decided that only five ladies would go forward while the rest would return to guard the court.
So the Lady of black darkness, Lady of geen thorns, Lady of malvolent clouds, lady of crescent light and lady of red moonlight, continued forward.
The land was rough and the water no better. Storms and earthquakes were their constant companions. Their nerves strung high just when the ladies felt they couldnt go on they saw illumina.
Just like always the minute they stepped on land they felt starngely warm, sleepy and at peace.
"What purpose do you have?" A singsong voice asked them.
Their minds cloudy the ladies couldn't think clearly. The Lady of green thorn shook sleep away and said as clearly as she could, "we have come to speak to the nymphs of illumina."
"The nymphs are asleep. Do you wish to proceed?"
"Yes!" Lady of malvolent clouds said.
"The smile of a Nymph can bring forth fortune, the frown of the Nymph can bring forth wrath. Do you wish to proceed?"
"YES." the ladies said in unision.
"Follow the stream and you shall come across the nymphs."
The ladies curtsied in thanks and followed the blue sparkling stream. A little while later the came across a flowered meadow.
And four children lay sleeping in what could only be called oversized flowers.
Looking at them the ladies again felt sleepy and at peace.
Shaking sleep away Lady of red moonlight stepped forward, "We the ladies of pearl court have come to you for help. Please rise from your slumber and help us."
For a moment nothing happened, then slowly the four children stirred.
"Be ready to flee if they frown." Lady of crescent light whispered.
"With our luck you bet their gonna frown." Lady of malvolent clouds whispered back.
Just then the four children sat up, rubbing their eyes.
The Ladies held their breath, the children looked up........... and smiled.

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118 / M / Graduria
Posted 5/11/08 , edited 5/11/08
"It seems the desparate witches had summoned the aid of the Nymps of Illumina." called a deep voice in an endless pit of darkness. Mist in forms of the dead hovered and whistled about, seeking refugre in the tunnel that connected the world into the underdark. "Meh... Nymps, what do they take us?" echoed a high pitched voice. Two dark figures leaped out of the hole and revealed their forms to the sunlight. One was built tall and large, donned a thick long coat filled with sharp dark fur to cover his shirtless build, wearing baggy leather pants that connects into a stuffing into his large black belted boots. his dark features matched his long dread locks, his coat connected to his elbow long gauntlets filled with curved spikes that drew out a designs of the moon. The other, yellow in skin, smaller than the nymps, thin in stature, in a form of a little girl, wearing armored plates on her chest and back, with large gardbraces on her shoulders, gauntlets three times the girth of her arm to match her thick Grieves under an umbrela like skirt with thick plates on all four corners, weilding a large mace more fit for her partner, mounted on her shoulder to be held with only one hand. "I feel so lazy... Why is it we that have to handle the lame battles... What do you think Vronguar?" said the little one, acompanied by a sigh while placing her free hand on her waist. "Rykulia stop whining." replied the big man, then turned towards the endless pit, "Where are we supposed to go again?" he continued, "To Illumnia. Head South west and seek a drow named Dol'thael, he will guide you to a portal that will instantly grant you acess to the gates of the Nymphs. From there I take it you know what to do." replied a voice, "Hell yea!" cheered Rykulia.
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