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Posted 5/23/08 , edited 5/24/08
Ablaze and now in ruins, a lone figure strode out of the pearl court with a bright glowing globe in his grasp. He held the great pearl before him as he walked away from the carnage he had caused. "Hmp. These great ladies are nothing against their own magic." Mimic said to himself, turned to the colapsing building, then scanned the remains of the city all around him. Blood covered every inch of the ground, filled with brains, intestines, limbs, and other decapitated parts. "Now my only problem is how to make this damn thing work!" he shook the pearl profusely, tried smacking it with one hand and even slamming it into the ground. "Gah dammit!" he yelled out. Silence followed his tracks as he placed the pearl into his pouch, he veered to the sky where he saw a large sting ray heading his way, with a figure of three mounted on it. His smirk only widened as Dampf and Hampf, standing on both sides of a large, extremely built, with a large round belly, wearing crude armor made of steel, leaped off their huge mount right before Mimic. "I apologize Fruugrier, but it was not such a bad thing for you to come to come to the court, despite it being destroyed already." "It's alright" the large man replied and knelt before him, as did the two muscular demons, one weilding two axes larger than himself, and the other carrying ten large spears on his back. "Hampf, Bampf, nice to see you two." Mimic bowed to the two great demons of the outer dark. "Ti's nu'n, we be ow'n ya, so e're we are." Bampf smiled. "I am very greatful. Right now I hold the greatest artifact known to everyone, though it does not seem to work. Something is missing, and that is what we are to seek." Mimic explained. "I take it all the ladies that remained back has perished?" asked Fruugrier, "Yes. And this time i made sure they cant revive either. Our best clues lie with the four remaining ladies. Hollen is with them, we need to meet with him as soon as possible." explained Mimic, "As you wish." Fruugrier whistled and the great sting ray hovered beside them. The four leaped on top of the great mount, and in a single whip on it's back it scattered the clouds in it's wake, humming through the wind in speed like none other. "It's only a matter of time till our banishment from this world, can finally be relinquished." Mimic whispered under his breath.
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"So what do we do now?" Roliel asked the Ladies. "Let's go to the pearl court." Elle said,"We can ask the other Ladies for help and see why the pearl was stolen." The others agreed that it was a good idea and headed back for pearl court.
However when they reached the palace they were shocked to see that the whole place was destroyed.
"NO!" The Ladies screamed and cried as they saw the corpses of their comrades strewn across the ground.
The Druids kept silent, the enemy had spared noone, it was a masscare.
"Lets ask the Gods." Gwen said wiping tears away ,'They have to answer as to why they betrayed us."
The ladies went to the chamber of the Gods.
The four Gods sat nonchalantly chatting to one another.
"Tell us. Why did you betray us. Who was the enemy who stole the pearl and why didnt you stop them?" Alexandra demanded angrily.
The Gods did not answer, it was like they couldn't hear them.
"Tell me-"
"Alexandra." Elle squeaked. "Its the stone spell. Theyve been turned to stone"
The four ladies stared in frightened silence at the four stone gods.
"B-but they are gods?" Racheal said, her voice cracking. "THEY ARE GODS."
"Thats why they are not dead.' Roliel said quietly. "They are alive and can talk to each other. But they cannot hear you or respond to you."
So what do we do now?" Racheal sounding frustrated, "We have no clues. What should we do, where should we go? And with just us, are we enough to do this? "
"Let us not doubt ourselves now." Gwen said, her quiet voice as hard as steel, "Let us start with the book of the pearl court. It will tell us what to do." Then looking around the ruins, she muttered, "As soon as we can find it.
So the Ladies and the druids began searching for the Book of pearl court.
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Posted 5/25/08 , edited 5/25/08
"Ladies...STOP!" Anaflora's voice stopped the ladies in their tracks. "Don't look for the book. Look for the staves...the book cannot save you. Come back to Illumina now! Go forward into the lava-lands of Illumina and take the staff of fire!"
The Ladies obeyed, restless from making a pointless journey. They had lost Dol and travelling with Roliel, Turgon, and Lenwe was not very helpful. They knew almost nothing about the magics of the world.
"Why do we need the staves?" Roliel asked, puzzled. "Are they that strong?"
"With the power of the staves, we can protect the black and white pearls." Gwen replied.
"But where are the black and white pearls?" Turgon questioned in his rough voice. "You seem sure that you know where they are."
"We are sure." Rachael replied. "The black and white pearls were not hidden in the Pearl Court. They were hidden in the very center of Illumina, underground, invisible, and irretreivable without the staves. I don't know why we even bothered coming back to the Pearl Court. We knew that our friends would be dead...we knew-"
"Unless..." Elle gasped. "The dark side put a spell on us...They wanted us to look for the book, they wanted us to go right into a trap!"
"We must hurry then." Alexandra spoke calmly. "If they are strong enough to put a spell on us without being there-"
"No, someone was there." Gwen interrupted. "When we left the lake, i sensed a presence. A man...-no, something else. An evil...spirit. He was the one who put the spell on us."
"Alright, we must be careful from now on." Elle said, a strange look in her eyes. "We WILL rescue the Pearl Court! We will save the world!"
"Ladies...i think i know who put that spell on us." Roliel said suddenly. "It was Hollen, the sorcerer of the Dark Side. i fought with him in the Valley of Malignant Souls. I thought he had died...i was wrong."
"Hollen..." Gwen murmured. "I've heard of him...let's hope we don't have to meet him again until we get another staff."
And so the ladies set off for the lava-lands, Gwen with the staff of water leading the way, Rachael following shortly behind with the Staff of Nature.
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Posted 5/25/08 , edited 5/26/08
"My, my, my... It seems you've let them escape." Mimic stared down at the Hollen, kneeling before him with a stern expression. "There was no way I could've held myself against three druids. The four ladies would've been a great treat by themselves though." replied Hollen, straitening himself up "I believe they've returned to the ruins of the court, sir." Fruugrier explained. "I know where they are headed." everyone turned to Hollen at his sudden claim, then he continued and said "I've placed a spell upon them, to head every word spoken from all their mouths. It was just said that they are to head to the Lava-lands, to retrieve the third staff." "Pitty those lame staffs would do nothing against me, and with you four by my side they will only find slaughter once they arrive." Said mimic, chuckling at the mere thought as their large mount rose from the ground and whistled through the sky towards the land of molten flames, the lava-lands..
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The Ladies decided to take the shortcut from the Sacred Ravine!! Contrary to its name, it was an evilish place. Where demon beasts that feasted on blood and gore roamed free. Even those skilled in magic kept it as a last resort. And Last resort it was, the Ladies were running out of time and the Ravine would take them to the Lava lands in a matter of hours.
Gathering their courage, the party strode purposely forward, into the dark spooky ravine.


The Whisperer of the sacred ravine looked with interest as the seven figures walked cautiously through the ravine.
"Aha! So long since someone came. Time for some fun." He spoke in a light whisper, his eyes dancing with excitement. "Chuun? Juun? Ruun?" Three little pixies flew upto him.
He told them what to do and watched them go, his heart filled with eager anticipation.


Alexandra was walking behind Racheal as she led the way, carrying the Staff of Nature, when she heard a sound so faint it could almost have not been. She looked around, but saw nothing. Just when she was about to move again she heard it this time, like a sigh, "Why are you following Racheal, Alexandra? Are you not the oldest and wisest of the ladies? Should you not be carrying the staff?"
"Whose there?" Alexandra called out sharply. Every one jumped stopped, and looked at her strangely. Alexandra colored faintly
"I thought I heard-"
"It's alright." Racheal said looking around, "This creepy place tends to make the imagination turn wild. Let's hurry out of here."
"Wild?" Alexandra said indignantly. "Who are you to decide how wild my imagination is anyway?" 'Thats right." a voice said softly in her ear, 'How dare she say that."
"I'm sorry I didn't mean that-" Racheal began when a tiny voice said 'Dont apologise Racheal. How dare she speak that way to you." "Yeah!" Racheal said, "Please don't speak that way to me."
The two ladies stared at each other angrily
"Let's just hurry." Gwen said, a little frightened at the reaction of the two ladies.
Suddenly Elle said, "Why are you carrying the staff, Gwen? Your nothing but a push over! I should be the one carrying the staff of water."
"What?" Gwen looked at her confused, she thought she heard a buzz near her ear, she shook her head to clear it away.
Lenwe and Roliel were bickering with each other, "I don't understand why I have to babysit you? Just because you are the court elder's nephew " Lenwe said angrily.
"Why don't you go back?" Roliel shot back, "You coward."
Turgon stared bewilderedly at the two quarreling druids.
Gwen handed the staff over to Elle, Elle took it and strode over to Racheal and Alexandra and the three started shouting angrily at each other.
"Looks like they have been caught in some spell." Turgon said in his deep voice. Gwen nodded, "We have to help them before this gets serious."

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Posted 5/28/08 , edited 5/28/08
Turgon put a sleeping spell on the two druids and the three ladies. And then making a strecher he carried them, as he and Gwen made their way through the ravine. "There are so many bugs." Gwen complained, swapping at the buzzing sound near her ear.
Turgon agreed, the buzzing was annoying him too.
"Let's just carry them out of here." Turgon said, Gwen nodded and held the two staffs tightly in her hand, "Let's just hope we don't run into anything." She prayed softly.

The three pixies gave up and flew back to the whisperer, Avon was most interested. "You mean to tell me, your whispers had no affect on them?" He inquired.
The three pixies shook their head dejectedly. "It seems I should greet these people." Avon smiled. And picking up his flute. diappeared in a puff of smoke..

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Turgon hauled the thick ropes up the last hill of the ravine in a form of a Tricero, dragging all but Gwen on their stretchers behind him. "We're almost there, keep going!" Gwen cheered, and her smile brought forth more strength from the druid, hastening his strides as he cheerfuly climbed the step. A frown found their faces when a figure stood before them at the very exit, resting hil elbow on the steep wall, while his legs crossed resting on the other. "Ah, finally!" his long red robes with glittering gold edges flapped around like feathers as he straightened himself up in a twirl. "You two, were one of the first to have not been affected by my little minions." he smiled. Turgon took his humanoid form and sighed and whispered "I knew those bugs werent insects." , Gwen nodded with aproval, then turned to Avon and said "We wish to pass, we are in an urgent mission that could jeopardize even your life, shall we fail." Avon narrowed his gaze, tightening his clenched fist, showing anger upon the mere thought. "Me? The great Avon? Be in peril?" He laughed histerically, holding his belly with his left, and slapping his leg with his right "You've got to be kidding me." his sour expression returned with a burst of flight into the sky. "Your little party is not deserving to pass through! You are in MY domain, therefore your life is now mine!" His arms flared up in sparks, as he hovered before the two. Turgon was quick to take a form of a raptor and began leaping side to side the ravine walls moving up, while Gwen held two staffs, the staff of water, and staff of nature "Ok how do I use this?" the shook it, waved it, tried to enchant words, but the staffs stayed silent.

Great bolts of lightning plowed clean into the walls, barelly missing Turgon as he continuosly leaped around Avon with great speed, lashing a claw here or there every time he got a chance, but most he has done was rip the man's clothes, making him angrier.

In great frustration Gwen slammed both staffs unto the ground, the staff of nature reacted upon impact, generating a bright green glow. "You called for me?" said the staff of nature, Gwen could only stare in shock, but she shook those thoughts off her head and replied "Yes, I am in dire need of your help!" "What do you require?" said the staff of nature "First i need to find out how to activate the staff of water, for precaution's sake, we cannot afford to loose this battle." The staff of nature laughed cheerfuly at Gwen's proposition, "I am deeply sorry, but only one person can activate a staff at a time. And each activation is different from every staff. And I believe I am enough to help you as well."

Rage occuppied Avon's thoughts, every turn he saw a glance of Turgon but could not keep a lock unto him, no raptor was this fast, yet the druid could almost seem like he is teleporting. "Stop moving and get hit already!" yelled Avon. "Why the hell would I do that?" replied Turgon, ripping another part of Avon's clothing, this time dragging a large stack of it off, revealing the man's hairy legs. "AHH CURSE YOU VILE DRUID!"

"Do you know how to speak the words of the Gods?" asked the staff "Yes, that is required to be one of the 13 great ladies, which I am." replied Gwen, "Good, all you have to do, is think what you want me to do, and I will do it. Though all my magic pertains only nature, I cannot do beyond that. Be creative please." said the staff, "I'll try!" Gwen hook the staff onto her belt behind her then fixed a spell to hover her in mid air using a globe of darkness.

Turgon caught a glimpse of her arrival "Finally!" he thought. Her arms worked free of the staff, casting a spell of her own, a large globe of darkness, engulfing Avon within it. Then she swung the staff of nature before her and in one fell swoop casted vines from each walls, sharp thorns brew out from every branches, engulfing the globe of darkness and piercing with no hesitation. Lightning seared from within the globe, blasting the wooden barrier that closed in on it, but it was futile, it had no effect, the lightning continued until blood surged from the bottom vines, Avon has fallen. Turgon rested on one of the branches, catching his breath "Had you come any later I would've been shot by lightning. " he whined "Forgive me." she gave him the largest smile, floating to him and outstretching a hand, he returned the smile and hopped onto her dark ball, gripping her thin waist with his strong brutish arms. The two blushed, coincidentally turning to each other just to catch a gaze of of one another, slowly gaining momentum as their faces locked in a magnetic pull, getting closer and closer, "Aw my head hurts!" whined Alexandra. Turgon quickly hopped off into a back flip and grabbed the ropes for the stretchers.
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Posted 5/29/08 , edited 5/30/08
Confused and grumbling the party woke up. "Why are we sleeping?" Racheal asked rubbing her head.
"What happened?" Lenwe asked, looking around at the bloody landscape.
"Well you all got trapped in a sorcerer's spell." Gwen explained, "But we defeated him."
"I can see the exit." Turgon said. "Let's go."
And everyone quickly made their way out.


Avon sat swinging his legs on the top branch of a tree, Twirling the flute in his hands. The druid and the lady had made a cute team, he though with a smile, hadnt it been for the staffs he would have defeated them. But the staffs had captivated him.
And he couldnt risk damage to them in anyway.
He wanted the staffs and he would get them.

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Posted 5/30/08 , edited 5/30/08
Elle, Holiel, and Lenwe were embarrassed that they had gotten into the spell while Gwen and Turgon had not, but Racheal was plain defiant.
"Gwen, you shouldn't use the staff of nature," Racheal said gruffly. "It is MY are weaker when using it."
"But what?"
"I couldn't figure out how to use the staff of water and when i figured out the staff of nature, i decided to use it instead." Gwen countered. "Besides, what use were you when under a spell?"
"Whatever." Racheal grew silent, she knew Gwen had won the argument.
"Girls, don't fight." Holiel said calmly. "We have been stalled, but we shall reach the lava lands in less than a day of quick walking. We must find the staves...and practice with them. With practice, you ladies can master the staves and release their true forms. Forms that the dark side can not compete with."
"Alright, girls." Turgon said in his usual gruff voice. "Get some sleep. The lava lands are seething hot and we can't be unprepared for a sudden attack."
The ladies reluctantly settled down for the day, watching the sun set and the night sky overtake them. Tomorrow was a new day, a day-hopefully-with no mistakes.


Avon was following the ladies as they made their way south. He wondered where they were going, the south didn't have much good in it. It was the evil part of Illumina...were they evil? Avon certainly wasn't. He just wanted power...the staves...but they could prove dangerous.
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Posted 6/1/08 , edited 6/4/08
As they journeyed on the stumbled upon a large ravine, where on the other side was the great sands of Hulfgruulim, also called the valley of swallowing sands. "Ah man.." sighed Lenwe, halting everyone from thinking of a way across. "That is Hulfgruulim, It was once said that the sands are very tretcherous, and the flying beasts, too numerous to count, sweeps down endlessly without remorse until all that's on the surface of the sand is no more." "But we must cross Hulfgruulim! The lava lands lay only beyond this desert!" proclaimed Rachael. The group sat down for the night and contimplated on what must be done to proceed to their destination.
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Posted 6/4/08 , edited 6/4/08
Fruugrer went back to the castle with Hamf and Bamf while Hollen and Mimic procceded to the Lava lands. The pearl was entrusted to Fruugrer.
"I will not let you down this time Master." Hollen had said in his hoarse voice. His eyes as hard as steel. Mimic had just smiled and the party had split into two.
Now they flew towards the lava lands on Mimic's stingray.

The Ladies and the druids were in deep thought, When suddenly Racheal spoke up, "I think we should take the Pass of Mothingnet." She said. Everyone looked at her in surprise, "Whats that?" Elle asked "Its a pass that will take us over the desert. This way we can avoid unnecessary trouble to ourselves and the staff's." Racheal said a little dazedly. "I know the way."
Everyone agreed to the plan and asked Racheal why she hadnt come up with the plan before. Racheal had no answer.


Avon smiled as Ruun returned to him, he didnt know why he was helping out the party that much, partly it was because of the safety of the staff's and partly... He watched them as they trudged towards the pass. He shrugged and began following them, he wasnt quite sure of the reason himself.

The way through the pass was long and dark but the party didnt encounter any problems along the way. After Hours of walking they finally saw the red glow of the lava lands at the end of the pass. "Let's go." Racheal said and they ran outwards towards the light.
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Posted 6/4/08 , edited 6/5/08
"well, well, well..." The ladies and the druids halted suddenly from their joyious sprint into the bright red glow as Mimic and Holen stood before them. "It's about time." continued Mimic, turning back to hollen with a nod, then back to the overconfident group, "It's seven against two, we should be more than fine." Roliel whispered to his party. "Oh i dont know about that..." said Mimic, accumulating a long evil laugh from Hollen, as the necromancer raised his arms slowly in a retarded fashion. In a radius far as everyone's eyes can see, were armored fiends in various sizes. "I think you were better off crossing Hulfgruulim, maybe atleast one or two of you would've survived.

Racheal engulfed the entire field in a bright blinding light, while Turgon took a form of a raptor and took a stand beside Gwen as she raised the staff of nature over her head, With Elle standing infront of the two, begining to chant her spell. Roliel took the form of a large bear engulfed in golden scales, then began his charge, while Lenwe took the form of an enlarged beetle and seared into the sky. Alexandra casted a small spell and cleared the clouds turning day into night, where the moon was in view, then began chanting her spell and slowly turning the bright white globe into crimson.

By the time the light vanished the legion of fiends charged at them without abandon, the first to meet them was Roliel, hacking nad ravaging evrything with his large claws, taking every hit with his impenitrable armor, while Lenwe swooped down and tackled and impaled all that lay in his path, swinging his great tusk into the ground as he flies back up to smash those he'd defeated back at the enemy.

Gwen casted a large globe of darkness over Mimic and Hollen, almost uneasy watching their smiles as they were overpowered by darkness. Turgon used his speed to run around the ladies fending off any that dared get close to let them cast. In a devastating bright fury the moon gave light upon the legion, disintigrating everything in the light's path. Racheal held the staff of water and began toying with it "Damn how do you work this thing!" Gwen slammed the staff of nature hard into the ground calling it's innate powers. The staff summoned large trunks of trees that split the ground causing fissures and earth quake, and using Elle's thorns wrapped around the already strong trunks, the spikes pierces and ravaged all that were in the way of the raging nature.

As Lenwe finished another swoop and climbed to the sky he was caught offguard by a similar bright light from within the globe of darkness, incinirating a part of his beetle like body, and disolving his right wing. As he fell into the midst of the fiends Mimic seared from within the great dark glove and struck his core with his fist, shatterin gthe hard shell and splashing the ooze that was Lenwe, even then he didnt have to finish the poor druid off for the rest of the fiends feasted upon the slowly transforming Lenwe.

Roliel continued his barage of swings, failing to see green microbes entering into his scales. Hollen creeped out of the dark globe, still pointing his bone staff at the great golden druid, slowly eating away his flesh without even realizing or feeling pain.

Racheal desparately did everything she could to the staff, until she accidentally struck her face with it, and luckily it came to life. "Your kiss have woken me---Watch out!" called the staff, as Mimic emerged from the crowd and placed his palm clouding the poor lady's face, slamming her head into the ground without remorese. "NO!" yelled Turgon, he turned to Gwen to see fiends almost niping her heels, there was nothing he could do. Before the poor Racheal could speak back to the staff the bright moon beam emerged from Mimic's palm and incinirated her entire head, "that's two..." he smiled, just to look back with a smirk as Roliel swung his great arm and nearly sawed mimic into three pieces. "Whoa there you overgrowned stuff animal!" Mimic smiled as he recovered from the back flip, using his momentum to propell himself back towards Roliel with great force.

Roliel swung his great paw once more, only to be dodged letting Mimic into his vicinity, striking his chest three times in one fell swoop as the man pivoted behind him, striking another four times before disapearing into the crowd. He roared in defiance, confident in his armor, failing to realize his left leg was limping, and his back was filled with green moss.

As the battle raged on for hours the moonlight's terrifying beam has slowed and withered, not enough to shield Alexandra and shoot a second beam at the enemies at the same time. The great vines as well began to loose it's power and the rattling ground began to slowly calm. Everyone gasped for their breaths, "It's been hours since Mimic and Hollen has surfaced from their dreaded legion." called Turgon, "What legion?" Gwen smiled, Turgon nodded as only piles of corpses lay around, and far in the horizon was two figures, surfacing from their dead minions. Roliel lay still on the ground, having no strength to get up or even speak of the pain he now feels seeping his life from all over him. Turgon turned to where Alexandra would be, and saw only a bleeding woman, impaled by an armada of weapons. "Where's Lenwe?" "I saw him fall into the midst of the fiends after being struck by one of Alexandra's spells. "What?!" Gwen placed a hand on his shoulder "It was Mimic, he is able to copy any skill that his eyes have seen." she mourned "Where's the staff of water?" Elle turned to the two, they looked at each other with grim expressions. "We have to retreat. I'm sorry to say but we are no match against mimic. And now without one of our only two staffs..." he sighed, taking each lady by the waste and tossing them up, to catch them on his back after turning into a feathered raptor. "What about Roliel!" Gwen pleaded, marking the gold lump surfacing amidst the dark armored fiends. "He's lost. He failed to see the curse that was placed on him, it's too late. He's not the type to be pittied or rescued." said Turgon, as he turned and dashed back into the pass.

"Master... They are escaping." Hollen turned to Mimic with his arms out, palms wide at the fleeing trio. "Let them go... Let them flee thinking beaten. My strength can only last, That moon spell took alot out of me, plus lending u a part of my energy to have summoned this failure of a legion, has really taken it's toll." Mimic explained "Forgive me master..." Hollen turned his eyes to the ground and knelt before his master, "I will rest in the sky with the mount, I want you to fetch the staff of fire. Do not fail me!" Mimic used the last ounce of his strength to leap into the sky to land on the mount, then let loose his body and laid flat on his back into slumber. "yes... master..." whispered Hollen under his breath as he began his strides towards the altar of Molten Dragurians.


Avon rejoiced atop the pass, swinging the staff of water around him, with the three pixies dancing around. "Finally! I have One staff. Now for the second one..." he fixed his eyes in the altar, where he could only smile at Hollen as he entered.
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Posted 6/4/08 , edited 6/5/08
"I must please my master...give me the staff of fire!" Hollen shouts at Avon. "You may be the master of pixies...but pixies are nothing! Nothing against my power..."
"You really think you can beat me?" Avon laughed. "I took the staff of water and i for one, know how to use it..."
Avon shot a flash flood at Hollen with only a slight movement of the staff. "Move, Hollen. Or you will die."
"No, my master-" Hollen stopped. He realized in horror that his futile attempts to take the staff was useless. In a split second, he died to the power of a water elemental.
Elle, Alexandra, Lenwe, Roliel, and Turgon entered the cave.
"What has happened? Hollen is dead? Avon...?" Questions filled the air.
"Elle and Alexandra...I want both of you to decide now...Which one of you are willing to die for the lives of your friends?" Avon smiled at the ladies.
"I am." Elle said with no hesitation. "My friends would die for me and so i would do the same for them."
"I will give you the staff of fire and explain to you what you must do." Avon said calmly. "I will not harm you ladies...because-"
"We don't need the know the reason," Alexandra said softly. "It's your personal reason and it's the help that counts."
"Alright, Elle, catch." Avon grinned, tossing the staff of fire to Elle. "Listen carefully to what you must do. First, you must tap the staff over your chest, right where your heart is. Next, you have speak your wish-i will help you with the wording in a moment. And finally, you will sacrifice your life to remove the elements of all your friends-so no more malevolent clouds, no more green thorns, you get the point.You will revive 4 of your friends and they will have no elements."
"I understand." Elle said, nervous, but pleased that she could do something for her friends.
"And you, Alexandra." Avon continued. "Must bind yourself with the Staff of that only you can use it."
"How?" Alexandra asked nervously. "How would i do that?"
"I will teach you after Elle finishes her task." Avon says solemnly. "Now tap your chest, Elle."
Elle obeyed, following the steps and saying everything Avon taught her to say.
"Your last words, Elle are: 'In exchange, i give you myself-my soul, my body and all that is truly mine.'"
"In exchange-"
"Wait. I have to warn you, Elle." Avon interrrupted. "You are giving yourself to Hell-just like the lady of malevolent clouds-Cornelia did."
"I don't care." Elle smiled at Avon. "My friends will come back and that's all that matters. I give you myself-my soul, my body and all that is truly mine." And then Elle was gone.
Four ladies appeared, naked and full of light. They lay unconscious on the cave floor.
"Welcome back to life, Ladies." Avon said in a loud voice that woke the ladies up. "Care to introduce yourselves?"
"I am the lady of unexplainable love-or i used to be...Now i am plainly Bella." The first lady bowed.
"The lady of love?" Avon laughed as he pulled something out of his bag-a robe of fine red silk. "Very well, you may take the red robe."
"Thank you." Bella bowed again.
"Wait, Bella." Avon said softly."Pick up the staff of fire that Elle left behind in this world. It is yours now."
Bella obeyed, embracing the staff into her arms.
"I was the lady of eternal snow, Bridget." The next lady curtsied.
"Bridget, you will be water." Avon said as he passed Bridget a robe of blue silk. "Take this staff of Water."
"I was the lady of sky oblivion, Yuffie." The next lady fell to her knees. "I am glad to have a second chance to live."
"And you should be." Avon said as he took out a robe of white. "I'm afraid we haven't found the Staff of Air, so we will have to bind you when we find it."
The last lady was Racheal. "As you know, i am Racheal. The lady of crescent light."
"You have the most potential, Racheal." Avon said, smiling devillishly. "And so you will soon receive the Staff of Beginnings. Here is your robe." He gave her a robe of amazingly bright colours. Shades of blue, red, purple-almost every color was on the robe.
"I am...honored." Racheal put on the robe and smiled right back at Avon. "You will not be disappointed."
"I have a question i would like to ask." Alexandra stood up from the corner of the cave. "Who are you, Avon? How do you...what role do you play in the saving of the Pearl Court?"
"I am the God of Beginnings." Avon said, smiling grimly now. "I am the God that stands highest in the Pearl Gods Court. And I must take my leave as soon as you ladies find all your staves. As we speak, my powers are weakening and...and...i will soon turn to stone as well."
"Then what are we waiting for?" Bella interrupted, excited. "Let the bind ceremony begin."
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"Racheal" Gwen called softly, "Wake up!"
Racheal stirred then slowly opened her eyes. "Gwen?" She sat up and looked around. Turgon had raced from dawn till dusk with the two ladies and they had found shelter in a cave at edge of the Lava lands and The Valley of the nymphs. Right now he was out searching for food.
Racheal felt tears fill her eyes, "So it was a dream? It seemed so real. I saw them Gwen, all of them." She whispered. "They were so happy to be alive. Alexandra, Elle Roliel even Beth and the rest. So happy-" Her voice broke
Gwen hugged her and the Ladies began crying for their loss. Turgon returned with a rabbit but when he saw the ladies crying, he hid behind a tree. His heart was already heavy from the loss of his friends, he couldn't take more.
"The God of beginnings?" Racheal murmured, "He seemed so familiar, even though I have never seen him."
"What?" Gwen asked.
"I know it was a dream but..." Racheal became silent, lost in thought.
Gwen got up and wandered outside the cave when she caught sight of the big man, hunched and downcast. He looked so vulnerable. Her heart aching, she sat near him. The two looked at each other and said nothing.

Racheal thought about her dream, again and again. It wouldn’t let go of her. What had it meant. Why had she seen it. With a sigh she got up when she saw a glint coming from the ground she had slept on. She looked at it and then her eyes grew wide.

"Gwen, Turgon." Racheal cried, the two came running in. "What is it?" Gwen asked concerned.
Racheal pointed to the ground and the two looked on in stunned silence. Buried in the sand and emitting a faint glow was the staff of dreams.
"H-How?" Gwen mouthed.
"It seems the Gods have not forsaken us." Turgon said softly and bending down he transformed his hands to resemble a spade and dug out the staff.
"The dream." Racheal said, "It was the work of the staff. Was it trying to tell me something?"
"Let's ask it." Gwen said and the three began working on how to work it. It was when Turgon accidently stroked the gold jewel at the centre of the staff that a giggle came from the staff. "Hello." a young girl's voice came from the staff. "How are you?"
"Uhh. Hello." Turgon said a tad gruffly. The three looked at each other and then Racheal said. "you showed me a dream. But i couldnt understand it.Please explain to me what it meant."
"That is outside my ability." The girl said. "I can only show you a certain portion of the truth. The past the present and the future. What is what you have to decide. "
"I see." Racheal murmured. This staff was almost useless.
"Thats why I am an abstract staff." The girl said cutting into Racheal's thoughts. "Unlike the other four. My uses are less obvious."
"Oh" Racheal blushed, it was almost like the girl read her mind.
"Thank you." Gwen said and the staff became quiet. "Tell us your dream Racheal."
And Racheal started with Avon and Hollen fighting to Avon asking for a sacrifice to the ladies binding with the staff. Every Last detail was etched into her mind. 'The power of the staff?' Racheal wondered
After long hours of discussing what the dream had meant, the three concluded that they would need to bind with the staff to gains the staffs true power. Would it need a sacrifice? Then who? No one would let the other volunteer.
It was a tough dilemma and they were running out of time.


Avon sat on top of the now dead Hollen as he fingered the staff of water. This thing was more powerful than he had anticipated. He grinned as Ruun Chuun and Juun zoomed happily around him
Now he had just to take the remaining staffs.

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118 / M / Graduria
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"Aw damn it... That useless piece of dungheap!" Mimic stomped on his mount heavily, knowing full well what happened to Hollen. "Must i do everything myself?" he fell on his rump purposely and crossed his arms, then closed his eyes. "Fruugrier! Answer me!" he called Fruugrier telepathically. The large man sat in a hut surrounded by five beautiful women, nude and drunk, while Hampf and Bampf guarded his entrance. "Yes boss? How can i help you?" he replied. "Hollen has fallen, I've yet to uncover how the party we we're tailing fled from us." said Mimic "What do you wish for me to do?" said Fruugrier "I want you to store the pearl in the outer dark's death yard, Only me, and those in your rank can enter, since our bodies are immune to the poisons that lurk within. Then come to me." explained Mimic, "As you wish." Fruugrier stood from his seat and walked out, tapping the twins on their shoulders as he passed them. "Lets go."
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