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Posted 4/26/08 , edited 4/26/08

Here in this thread you may state facts that you know about anime. If there are facts that the another person has stated please try to refrain from posting those facts agian, and only post the ones others have not posted.
I'll start! (note: if you want you may also include information from the mangas.)

- Ichigo's a Shinigami, Hollow, and Human all in one.
- Chad's powers are that of a hollows
- Shinigami who gain Hollow powers are known as Vizard
- Hollows who gain Shinigami powers are known as Arrancar
- Azien used to be Shinji's (the monkey guy that is a Vizard) lieutenant.
- Inoue's powers are yet to be defined as to wht they are, but it's known that they control time

- Naruto has the nine tailed fox traped within him
- Itachi is killed by Saskue but in Itachi's last moments he transfers his powers to Saske
- Jiraya dies by one of his ex-students, now known as Pain.
- The Akasuki leader has been reveled as Pain but may really be Tobi
- Naruto's element it that of wind
- Shikamaru starts to smoke because Asuma dies with a cigarette in his mouth
- Many of the Naruto episodes are fillers and not part of the original stoy line

Death Note
- When someones name is written down in a death note that person will die after 40 seconds
- To specify how a person dies you will be given 6 min. and 40 seconds
- The person must imagine the persons face while writing down there name in a death note
- Ryuuku is a Shinigami that kills Light at the end of the anime
- People refer to Light as Kira because they don't know the real name of the person who kills the bad people
- Once a persons name is written in the death note it may not be erased
- Shinigami won't die by human attacks
- A person who has a death note may trade there eyes with a shinigami so they can see a persons name just by looking at them
- When Shinigami kill someone with the death note they recive the remaining life span
- When a human uses the death note they will not recive the remaining life span of the person killed

that is all I shall put at the time being. I will leave more facts and anime for you guys to all talk about. (though I can go on >.<) Good Luck!!!
Posted 4/26/08
Nice Thread ^_^
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Posted 4/28/08
Thanxs balckrose10 =p
ok I got more because I found them in a old notebook I have.... (I didn't add them before because I couldn't find it)

- Naruto's father is the 4th Hokage
- Jiraiya is Naruto's god father
- Naruto's name apparently came from a book Jiraiya wrote while eating ramen
- The Nine-Tails seal is weakening
- Orochimaru is killed by Saskue

- Lenalee's hair is burned in a fight with a level three Akuma
- Allen's left eye is from a curse his foster father, Mana, put on him
- The Arc is remade by the Earl
- Allen is related to the 14th Noah
- The 14th Noah was a Noah that turn traitor to the Earl
- Allen's innocence is destroyed by the Noah, Tyki Mikk
- Lenalee inocence becomes a new type that uses the users blood to form
- General Cross has two innocence
- A level four Akuma brings havock on the Black Order HQ

- Ichigo's Bankai only speeds him up
- Nel is the #3 Espada
- Arrancar with digit's in the 100's are old Espada
- Ichigo's father, Kurosaki Isshin, is a soul reaper

Full Metal Alchemist
- Ed's father is 500 years old
- Al is made into the Pilosipers stone
- Ed's father can change the body he lives in
- Once Ed's Father married there mother he didn't switch bodies anymore
- Dante likes Ed's father
- The Philosipers stone is needed to change to a new body
Posted 5/5/08
Fate/Stay Night
- People die when they are killed
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Posted 5/10/08
- When people die they get back from the dead
- If you are destined to die you will have black ring in ur neck
- Some zombies use weapons
- If you get killed by a zombie you turn into one
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Posted 6/29/08
- Tobi´s real identity is Uchiha Madara, the first leader of the Uchiha clan, and owner of a permanent Sharingan.
- The Sharingan can be used to control the Kyuubi (Nine-tail fox)
- The destruction of the Uchiha clan was not Itachi´s decision but the fire village´s leaders (not the Hokage)
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Posted 7/7/08
death note
-L's real name is lawliet!
pretty cool huh?
-they deleted some scenes on death coul watch them on you tube
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