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Posted 4/26/08 , edited 4/26/08
This is a story of mine...and I haven't gotten very far on it, but please read it...^^ The story is called Fearless, and the main character who's telling the story is called Vindie Stone.'s kinda long....=P
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23 / F / Wishing to be els...
Posted 4/26/08 , edited 4/26/08
“Congratulations, all!” Mr. Carps, the headmaster at Blade Academy, announced proudly. He was staring down at all the graduating students. He looked so proud that the graduating students were younger this year (much younger); he looked prouder than the rest of us are.

“Now,” he continued, “you are all very talented students to graduate at the age you are.” Most of us were fifteen or sixteen (not a normal age for you to be graduating ANY high school). “After the ceremony, you may all go back to your homes, and in a week, we will meet again to discuss missions.”

He kept talking about applications to colleges and jobs were unnecessary, and that they were all taken care of by the staff at the academy.

As you can see, Blade Academy isn’t your ordinary school. The academy itself is pretty unknown to the rest of the world as a demon exterminating school (for grades K-12). Actually, to the rest of the world, it’s known for a wonderful academic program and an amazing arts and music scholarship.

Although our amazing arts and music means learning to fight against demons of the unknown, and having electives such as magic and spiritual. And during our actual classes, we do learn about what normal schools learn (so when we are off campus grounds, we’re not completely stupid).

The demons? Yeah, they’re real.

The first time I heard it, I didn’t believe it, either (even though I was only seven at the time). I asked my parents about it, thinking they’d tell me they didn’t exist, but they did the complete opposite by telling me they did exist.

“Mom, Dad,” I stated matter-of-factly, “demons do not exist.”

They just laughed, and challenged me to go to the school and find out.

So, in the middle of third grade, I ended up taking the entrance exams. Of course, the exams to get in were extremely difficult.

But apparently, my mom was a demon exterminator as well (and supposedly a legend), so the school immediately let me in, even if I did fail the academic part of the test.

And now, I’m graduating from the school. And honestly, I think I did quite well for myself since I’m the first and only fourteen-year-old to ever graduate Blade Academy.

Oh, and I figured out demons actually exist. But “demon” means a wide variety of things that (before this) I would’ve never believed were real. Demons consisted of leprechauns, vampires, werewolves, pixies, etc. Jackalopes go on the list, too. Can you believe that?

Anyway, we don’t just go around killing whatever we can find. We have these mission things where Mr. Carps assigns us groups to go exterminate a specific demon. You get different groups for each mission to “provide the talents of each individual” and that.
We kill the ones that are causing serious trouble. Like, in a vampire’s case, missing reports come in, and then the person is found dead with bite marks on his or her neck.

Pretty much the ones that collaborate with the human population in a bad way.

The demons are usually easily found. For one, the human demons are inhumanly beautiful and dazzling, no matter what kind of demon they are.

And for another, all exterminators are able to see a shade of green ring around their neck. It’s invisible to normal humans (such as my dad), and the green ring shows the goodness/badness of the demon itself. The closer it is to black, the more bad it is; the lighter it is to white, the more good it is. The ones in the middle we leave be, we just go for the ones that are close to jet black.
Being able to see the rings is pretty much all I could do when I took the test, so there’s another reason why it’s extremely hard to get in.

“Thank you all for attending,” Mr. Carps finalized. “You are all to go home, and share the good news with your loved ones. Since you are all graduating, please pack your belongings since you all are not going to be joining us next year in the dorms.”

We all hustled out of the auditorium, and headed for our dorms.

I had already packed everything, so once I got to my dorm, I slung my duffel over my shoulder, and wheeled two suitcases out into the hallway. I left them there, and dropped my duffel beside them, and went back into the room.

“I can’t believe you’re graduating at fourteen!” my roommate, Justine, exclaimed.

“Well, you better believe it,” I replied with a smile, and sat down next to her on her bed.

She shook her head, amazed. “Vindie, when you first came here, no one thought you could graduate at all. We all knew you got in because you’re mom’s a legend, so we had our doubts.”

“I know,” I grumbled. It was pretty obvious. My first day consisted mostly of skeptical and disapproving glares.

“And here you are! Beating all of us because you studies like crazy, and practiced your magic 24/7. The first fourteen year old graduate of Blade Academy!”

Somehow, I knew this was coming. “Don’t make such a big deal about it,” I sighed.

“How can I not? You came in the middle of the school year, and on that first day, you didn’t even look like you wanted to become an exterminator.”

I grimaced. She was right about that one. There were three reasons why I came to this school, and becoming an exterminator wasn’t one of them.

First, to see if demons really did exist (which I found out they did when one attacked the school). Second, so I wouldn’t have to go to a boring ordinary school where large amounts of people have gone before. And lastly, so I could find the guy who pretty much made me who I was today.

Sadly, only two out of three of those reasons were accomplished. I have yet to find the guy, but I now know that other schools are really, really boring, and that demons do exist.

With a glance at the clock, I told Justine, “I should get going now.”

We both stood up, and gave each other a tight hug. I promised her I would stay in touch, and tell her about my missions.

With my two suitcases and my duffle bag slung over my shoulder, I started walking out the dorm building, and toward the campus gate.

There were seven people already there, making me the last. Unbelievably, there were only eight graduates this year. Everybody at the gates were hugging and telling each other how much they’d miss one another. As I stared at them, I reminded myself that the people in front of me have all been in the same classes since kindergarten. Still, I couldn’t help but feel slightly out of place, being not only a transfer student, but also a year or two younger than them all.

Mr. Carps told us before the graduation ceremony that he had a surprise for all the graduating students, and made us wait at the campus gate.

Sitting on one of my suitcases, I rested my chin in my hand and my elbow on my knee. Staring off into space, I skimmed the past six years of my school life, searching for any kind of sign or evidence that the boy I had come looking for actually went to this school.

Unable to find anything, I sighed and bit my bottom lip, slightly irritated. If he wasn’t here, where could he be?

A large oak tree caught my eye on the other side of the campus gate and with my eyes, I traced the sunlight on the leaves with my eyes, watching carefully as the wind swayed them.

Closing my eyes, I saw a memory being repeated behind my eyelids once again. When I opened my eyes again, I recognized the familiar scenery and the moment behind it.
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Posted 4/26/08
This is a memory of hers...

It was a couple of days after my eighth birthday. My mom invited an old friend of hers to visit from her exterminator days.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” I told them just as my mother instructed me to do so as they walked through the door.

Giving me the identical response, I figured my job was done with them and I wandered off to what I was doing before they had arrived.

In our backyard, there was a large oak tree that I always wished to climb, especially at the time. The tree had grown a little taller, and I had hoped to see the sky more close up than from the ground. But you couldn’t imagine how scared I was.


Surprised that I wasn’t alone, my eyes focused on a boy who was sitting on a branch right above me.

“Don’t you want to come up?” he asked me, cocking his head to the side.

Of course I do, I thought, nodding.

He gave me a baffled look. “Well, why don’t you?”

Avoiding his blue gaze, I bit my bottom lip and lowered my eyes. “I’m scared,” I mumbled softly.

The words sounded so mute, even to my own ears, I wondered how the boy could have heard it. But he did.

In a quick movement, he climbed down with ease and in less than a minute, he was standing beside me.

Unable to keep my eyes off of him, I gawked at him in awe. He was so lucky he was able to do that.

Reddening, he gave me a small smile and told me, “If you’re always scared to do things, you won’t be able to do anything at all when you grow up.”

I knew that already.

“If you come up with me, I’ll tell you a secret nobody, not even your best friend, knows,” he promised, a mischievous look crossing his face.

Tempted, my eyes shot up the tall.

“You don’t have to climb far. After all, you just said you wanted to go up,” he reminded me.

Putting one hand on the trunk of the tree, he looked back at me and gave me an encouraging smile. Then, he was climbing again. I traced his movements and the path he took carefully, trying to remember it all and do the exact same thing he was doing.

With all my courage, I reached for the first branch and pulled myself up while pushing with my legs. Before I knew it, I was climbing higher and higher, still following the boy who looked back at me every once in a while to make sure I was okay.
Everything felt so natural as I grasped for the next branch and then the next. Keeping my eyes up, I saw rays of light pouring through the leaves, and closer and closer I was to the sky.

Finally slowing down, the boy was settling himself on a branch when I decided to see just how far I climbed. Big mistake.

The ground was far away that my vision began to get fuzzy, and my breath unexpectedly caught in my throat, which made me loosen my grip on the branch I was holding and losing contact with it all together. My heart sped up as I widened my eyes in fear. Screaming, I shut my eyes and braced for impact.
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Posted 5/18/08
good so far!!^-^ i bet da boy caught her in time XP
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Posted 5/31/08
probably, since she wouldn't be alive at 14 then.
good story.
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Posted 5/31/08
I like it and its cool
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Posted 6/5/08
omg this is soo good
is there more ??
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