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You like me, You like me not
Posted 12/28/08
I like you!

I can multitask
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Posted 12/28/08
I'm jealous of your multi-tasking skills ~ !

i love korean music, spicy ramen, comfy long sweaters...
and i live in a place called Neverland.
Posted 12/28/08
Very original. I LOOOOOVE people who are unique and original.

I love to shop and party non-stop. (And I have no problems sharing alcohol. haha)
Posted 12/28/08
awesome...i like people who share....(nice new avi btw)

love music and being with my friends and just being silly
Posted 12/28/08
i like you lawl

im can be random...
Posted 12/28/08
DAM so alike! nice strawberry mhmmm

i am myself
Posted 12/28/08
i like u 4 not being a poser

im an outcast in my own grade
Posted 12/28/08 , edited 12/28/08
I happen to be very fond of you anyhoo.
That and the fact that we've made sweet sweet love in a coat closet. haha

I'm very wild and live my life with next to wreckless abandon. :D

EDIT: Yeahh.....sorry for the lag. That above statement was actually meant for navyseal.
Posted 12/28/08
i like you cuz your in your own world

i enjoy skating...
Posted 12/28/08
i like you cuz most of my friends here love skating

i love Super Junior
Posted 12/28/08
duno what that is sounds fun tho

i like sleeping
Posted 12/28/08
cool. so do i xD

i like to play the guitar
Posted 12/28/08
i likey you

i like to play super smash brawl
Posted 12/28/08
fun fun fun. xP i like you

i like to stay cozy at home on rainy days. haha
Posted 12/28/08
i like you not.

i love to take long walks.
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