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Posted 4/26/08 , edited 4/26/08
the basics of course.

-Follow Tutorials
-Look at how other people make their siggies
-Take your time on siggies
-Save as PSD's
-Post your work, and learn from comments
-Try different styles
-Wallpapers are harder to make then signatures, because of the size, so don't make your signatures to large, for that will be harder too.
-Try and cut your own renders
-Have some sort of peace in your signature
-Add a border, borders come in different sizes and shapes!
-Use colours, black and white seems dull most of the time.
-Try something else then signatures, as in: photo-editing (cartuning for example), avatars, wallpapers, painting etc.

-Do not rip of other peoples work
-When following tutorials, do not make it exactly like the tutorial
-Do not rush things
-Do not expect to be a pro after 10 siggies
-Do not flame on criticism, learn from it
-Do not use bevel&emboss unless you really know what you are doing
-Do not take crazy butt fonts, they more often then not clash with the signature
-Do not take colours that don't match
-Do not take bad renders, unless you know how to improve that render yourself
-Do not forget that text is usually very important, and should be worked on as much as the rest.
-Do not have chaos

Anyone want to add to that, Plz Do
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Posted 7/10/08 , edited 7/11/08
thats great thanks ^^
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