**The Anime Fusion Game
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Posted 1/22/07 , edited 1/22/07
Before this section gets full of repetitive fusion/mix threads, I am creating this game thread for any 2 or 3 names you want to mix.

This is for any Anime character you want.
***Example: Naruto + Sasuke= Saruto

1. after you have made your fusion or mix, If you want, post a name (only one)for the other Crunchyroller to mix with any other names they like.
2. If the next person likes to mix the names they want, and not use the name posted above is okay.
3. Remember to type legibly, edit your posts instead of double posting, and wait for other members to post before you can post again.

Have fun! =D

I'll throw the first name for the next person to mix
Vash (Trigun)
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Posted 1/22/07
Vash+Haruko (FLCL)= Vasko (sounds like a sneeze when you say it really fast, hehe)
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Posted 1/22/07
Byakuya+Ichigo= Byachigo

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