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Posted 4/27/08

I have just finished watching Rozen Maiden+Rozen Maiden Ouverture+Rozen Maiden Traumend!!! It is a very nice & funny anime to watch. I it!! haha think cos i m a gal so i like all the dolls in it. The dolls are not only kawaii* but they are all very kirei*.

Each dolls has different personality, character & power..which makes mi wan to have all of them!! I wish i can be their medium~~

This anime is about 7 Rozen maiden dolls which have to fight against each other to be 'Alice', the ONE perfect doll, so as to be able to meet their 'Father' who made them. After each fight, the loser will lose her Rosae Mysticae & power to the winner & become an ordinary doll which cannot move or talk. All 7 Rosae Mysticae have to be collected to become 'Alice'.Each doll can also have contract with a human, which would become their medium, so as to obtain full power.

This is Shinku, the 5th doll. The strongest among the 7 rozen maidens with a cool personality. However, sometimes she can be very cute!! Her medium is a guy name Jun.

This is Hina ichigo, the 6th doll. The cutest & my favourite among the dolls. I only have one word to describe her..cute Cute CUTE!!

This is Suiseiseki, the 3rd doll. A cunning but good hearted doll. Her favourite past time is to bully Hina ichigo. In the later part, Jun also became her medium.

This is Souseiseki, the 4th doll. Twin sister of Suiseiseki but both of them do not share the same medium. At 1st i thought she was a guy cause she really look like one. HOHO!!

This is Suigintou, the 1st doll. An evil doll but with a good heart.

This is Barasuisho, the 7th doll & the most evil.

This is Kanaria, the 2nd doll. Has a personality like hina but hina is stil better.

This are the pictures i got from

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Posted 5/1/08
Was looking into this seris a few days ago, may give it a watch.
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