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The Hair Thread
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Posted 7/16/08 , edited 7/17/08

emphamiz502 wrote:

I love rihanna's hair, when she first cut it I was like finally, a girl with out a bunch of weave in her head. I think it is very fresh to see am r&b artist without the fake hair. (does anyone remember fefe dobson?, doesn't it seem like Rihanna straight copied her "rocker" style)

I'm also a huge fan of natural hair (no chemical relaxers), so erykah badu tops my list of gorgeous natural hair. It take guts to be able to rock an afro or dreads, and she does it so well

Edit: I forgot to add kelis to the list

I love Badu's fro!! It's awesome.
Posted 7/17/08 , edited 7/17/08

icyfirexx wrote:

goldengoat55555 wrote:

this guy, the indian russell brand

That's a guy!?!?!

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Posted 7/17/08 , edited 7/17/08
I cut my hair way to many times its really ugly now
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Posted 7/20/08 , edited 7/20/08
Yamapi's hair! (SOOO HOT!)
<------look at avi.

for girl:
rainie yang (or her hairstyle in DBY)

erika sawajiri

kieko kitagawa

[all of them have similiar hair style.. but they're my kind of style. it's sooo pretty and long! and i love the color. love them!]
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Posted 9/21/08 , edited 9/21/08
I like mine right now. But I just wished it was longer.
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