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favorite member. . .and why. . .
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F / Somewhere in the...
Posted 7/31/09

I like his dramas and he's a good dancer with a great voice.
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26 / F / United Arab Emirates
Posted 7/31/09
tegoshi yuya

he is so kawaii and i love his voice ^^
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22 / F / Somewhere dancing...
Posted 8/2/09
I love them all, but my most favorite is Koyama-kun! He's so cute and talented. When he is being a host for a show, he just acts so cool, funny, and cute! Koyama is also kawaii in music videos like Weeeek and Summer Time. I just love him so much...<3<3<3
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Posted 8/3/09
Massu because honestly, who can resist that smile And he's not as loved as other members.
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Posted 8/5/09
Ryo is Love!!
Hmm, well I love him because:

1. He is a very good actor.
2. He has such a cute smile.
3. He has a great voice when he sings.
4. Him and I share some of the same qualities >.<
Posted 8/13/09
tegoshi yuya for me........... cause i think hes cute girly like XDDDDD
i also like ryo....
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25 / F / malaysia
Posted 8/25/09
6 of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love them oll.
but for me?? yamapi of coz. my hubby.. =_='
he so cool n his voice so darn seducing.
excellent actor, nice body, pleasant personality,
leadership. haha n much more. put altogether,,,, he is so darn HOTz!!!!!
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24 / F / infront of my com...
Posted 8/26/09

because of his acting, puppy eyes and voice...^^
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31 / F / malaysia
Posted 10/2/09
MASSU~~~because he has the sweetest voice i had ever heard~~
love him!!
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F / [ h e r e ]
Posted 11/25/09
MASSU!!! ♥
hes sooo cute and as a unique voice that i LOVE!! XD
and his carefree smile makes me smile every time!!!!!! ^^
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31 / F / somewhere
Posted 1/16/10

i heard about yamapi a lot..and ryo..
and when i watched MUSIC STATION (performing TAIYOU NO NAMIDA),
and their TAIYOU NO NAMIDA PV...
SHIGE just catch my eyes..

now..he's my fav...
Posted 1/21/10 , edited 1/21/10
tesshi!!! fufufufu cuz lyk when i saw the summer time mv... i always wonder lyk "who's this guy in the pink/peach shirt?" then i started to check out about NEWS and then search for pics and then there he is again!! okay.... i'm not making any sense here... =..= i just lyk him!! maybe cuz he's cute especially when he smiles!! >_<
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21 / F
Posted 1/24/10

japsey wrote:

mzsinger930 wrote:

Let's see, it all started with Ryo
because i saw him in a calendar and saw him in 1 litre of tears
but then now i like Shige!
i like him because of his deep, nice voice
(most of the guys in my school can't sing )
well anyway...
i also like guys that don't get that much attention
(because he didn't get that much camera time before and now he has more)
but i still like him even if he gets more camera time now
i also have a lot in common with him

SAMEE! i started with Ryo n now in love with Shige.
loved Ryo cuz of 1LOT.
n Shige, after watching Papa to Musume no Nanakon.
I too love his deep voice. n i like giving love to the ppl who dont get as much as love as others.
i too have many similarities with shige.
esp the perfect teeth n fake smile 1.

haha I started off with Yamapi(since he's so damn cute), then I moved on to Shige. then Tegoshi, then Massu. then I had a period where I kept changing, and THEN I discovered Ryo-chan :D
I liked him so much in 1LoT then I liked him a lot just for his hotness and personality, he's my no 1 NewS member and can ya blame me?
Posted 3/17/10
tego.. he's handsome and cheerful :"">
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Posted 3/18/10
Tegoshi <3 without a doubt

his looks, his voice, his physique,

everything is perfect about him <3<3<3

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