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favorite member. . .and why. . .
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32 / on da chair~
Posted 3/20/10

hp_racel27 wrote:

For me it's YAMAPI....

i saw him first when i watched Nobuta, i got struck on him because his good-looking, good actor, talented, sexy and damn hot (i love all of him)... and then i started to search some info about him and i found out that he is the leader of NEWS, and that's the start of my addiction to him and also to NEWS, but nonetheless i like the other members of the group because like yamapi they are awesome,talented, and damn hot....

NEWS 4ver....

exactly the same yo~...exactly the same!...
but scratch the good looking, sexy n damn hot part...
because at first i juz found him adorable, very cute n baka kawaii... XDD

it went from there then later i found about NewS....n fall deeply for them...
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22 / F / Toronto/Ontario C...
Posted 3/27/10
Massu <3
Words can't describe how amazing he is!
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22 / F / maryland, usa
Posted 4/4/10

at first i didn't know NEWS that much but i watched all of thier music videos and liked thier songs and for no reason just watchin da music videos i didn't like tegoshi. but when i wanted to get to know them better, i read translated interviews, their profiles, and saw a whole bunch of eng subbed videos of them on utube. seeing his personality on TV i really started to love him. I love his face for some reason it's really sexy to me, but he acts like a child and a girl sometimes, and i love how the other members just seem to give in to his cuteness. i seems really sad when he talks about how he felt out of place with news in the beginning. but dont worry tesshi you're definitly shining now, and his voice OMG!! NO WORDS NECESSARY!
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26 / F / Yamapi's pants
Posted 4/10/10
Yamapi for me.

He's just an amazing guy...not only does he have looks, but when you watch how he carries himself, you can tell he's a mature guy. He's very driven and extremely talented. He's also very inspiring since he's a perfectionist and wants to better himself always. I love his voice also and his cute laugh.

My second favorite is Tegoshi Yuya. Hehe...how can you not want to hug him and squeeze his cheeks?
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21 / F
Posted 4/24/10
Massu && Tego ~

I just like them o.o
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21 / F / Philippines
Posted 4/27/10
yamapi and ryo
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Posted 5/9/10
cuz he has such a warm voice n he's soo kawaii
he's so mesmerizing; i fell in luv with him at first sight
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Posted 7/1/10
ryo nishikido (>3<)

his Smile " Hair " Sensitive " funny " every thing i like on him
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76 / F / Zhiganshina
Posted 7/7/10
i LOVE Yuuya ! he is just super kawaii and he has such
a beautiful voice . i really have to say that he's one of a kind &
will not, AND can not be replaced by any one else <3 . n__n
Tegonyan forevaaaaaaaaaa ! <333333333333333333
Posted 7/12/10
my fave is massu!! he is just so cuteeee!! but i do like tegoshis singing voice! its so amaing! but massu is my number one!!
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27 / F / Americaaaaa
Posted 7/14/10
I have probably liked all the NewS members at one point or another because they're all simply amazing.
Butttt I must digress, I've had the hots for Massu for like ever. He's so quirky and adorable haha.
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21 / F / Terlizzi
Posted 8/4/10

chereneo wrote:

Massu definitely!!

He has the most unique voice ever! It's so soothing. His smile is melting. And he's so sweet! He seems to be the most innocent of the group, not because he's ignorant but simply because he chooses to be consistent and that shows a maturity and a cuteness in him. I love his AiQ skit with Shoon, too <3

He's very physically attractive, as well. Some of the other NEWS members are too thin.

Nothing else to say...You said everything!!!
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23 / F / Florida
Posted 9/2/10
Tegoshi Yuyabecuase he has an amazing voice and he is KAWAII lol
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26 / F / IraQ
Posted 9/4/10 , edited 9/4/10
absolutely Nishisan ..

I loved his role is 1litre of tears and when I knew more about him I discovered that his personality is exactly like mine which made me shocked !!
anyhow .. the 6NewS are cool
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23 / F
Posted 10/19/10
Nishikido Ryo for me because I love his voice and hi is so kawaii ! ^^
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