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favorite member. . .and why. . .
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Posted 10/28/10
I love all NEWS members! But I especially heart Yuya! He's the first member I came to know about. The first video I watched was his solo number in NEWS Pacific Concert, singing "AI Nante," and the rest was history. I fell in love with Yuya's singing, and searched for his videos in Youtube and his pictures in the world wide web. I also came to know about the other NEWS members because of Yuya! And now, I like everyone in NEWS uniquely! Everyone is unique and lovable! I love NEWS forever! :)

Why I love each NEWS member:

He's an excellent leader and a very good friend! He's also very cool and self-composed always! He's like an older brother to me! :)

He's smile is very charming and I love his honest attitude! He also has his way of making things light and easy for everyone in NEWS! :)

Shige is so adorable!!! When I watched their Never Ending Wonderful Story Concert Documentary, I find Shige so funny & lovable! He's also like a kid / young at heart. He's also a good son and student. :)

Massu is also lovable and cute! I love it when he dances and performs. He loves dancing very much and so he is very serious about his dance performances. I also like his attitude and how he has his own unique fashion statement. :)

Kei-chan is so charming! He's like the mother-figure of the group, a role he does well! He takes care of each member. He is not afraid to show how he feels and he has a way of making people feel at ease. he's also a good emcee/speaker. :)

Yuya is really a great influence in my singing! I admire how he can belt out those notes, and I often wonder if he has any formal voice training! I even heard his take on "When I Was Seventeen" on their full-production Dream Boys and he sounded really good! He can even be an opera singer/broadway singer! By simply listening to his songs, he has taught me how to sing beautifully and correctly. I love Yuya. :)
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19 / F / Sydney,Australia
Posted 11/15/10
He's so cute and i love his dimple + cheeks >.<
He's great at dancing, singing and is so funny ♡
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Posted 8/25/11
my favorite is Tegoshi Yuya... he has a great voice and he is cute too!!!!
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20 / F / B-612
Posted 11/22/11
Tegoshiii Yuyaaaaa~ He is tooooooo cute!
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taemin's bed ♥
Posted 4/17/12
Hmm .. I love Tegoshi Yuya!
I love his voice and I love how he cares for the other members. Plus, he is a great actor!! I've watched the YamaNade Live action and he made me fell in love with him <33
Also Yamapi <33 ZOMG.
I love his serious face.. Haha. Haha XDD
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