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Posted 4/27/08 , edited 4/27/08
Make you r scores high to win fabulous trophies to make you pages cooler and lso win neopoints!!

1. Dont let the first level get to you: You will start to think- Gee, this is EASY!! Dont let it get to you, this game can get hard.
2. Popups are NOT annoying (at least not very): If the popups arent in the space where the GO! thingies apper, dont get rid of them!! Actually, you dont have to get rid of any popups, unless they are in the way, because most of them appear on the edge of the screen.
3. Turn off the sound: The BOING sound that the popups make is really annoying, and distracting, so turn off the speakers...
4. Giant popus aren't that bad: Once you get to the 3rd or 4th level, the popups are HUGE! If you can see the X, click it, if not, move it to the bottom of the screen.
5. Popups are weird: When you move popups, remember, they don't move like regular computer windows. You click and hold to pick it up, and once you've got it where you want it, you let go and click once more, this will detach the popup from the little pointer thingy.
6. Forget about the race: The game isn't called "The race of the spaceship thingys, with popups", its called Advert Attack, as in ADVERTISEMENT attack. So dont worry if youre winning or watch the race, concentrate on clicking the yellow thingies that say GO! and getting rid of/moving popups

Bumper Cars
I'm usually the blue, but i basicly just sit there and let everyone kill each other and when there's one car left it's usually really damaged so then i just hit it. This got me up to like level 5 then i had to start working : ) hope this helps!!!!
A cars' most vulnerable place is it's side. You can earn a lot of points for that. Also, try not to get the gasoline because it can just make your driving worse and you can drive to the wrong side (unless you can handle that easily). When you see a bomb, try to get any car around it. This will only work if you are alone with another car. Do not get so close to the bomb, it can ruin your chances of going to another level
BE AGGRESSIVE IN THIS GAME!!! You only get points for hitting the other cars, so if you want lots of points, DON'T WAIT!!! I have found that waiting for the cars to start approaching you before you go up to hit them doesn't get you as many points and can get you into some nasty scrapes (example: your side gets bashed so you can't go strait)

Carnival Terror
1. Your top priority is the pies. If you see one coming at you, don't worry about the chia clowns, just get the pies ASAP!
2. For some extra points, try to hit the umbrellas of the chia clowns floating down, this way you can get extra points.
3. If you have time, (say, there is only one chia clown on the screen) try to shoot every part of the chia clown, starting with his arm, then feet, then head and skull. Doing this you will get as many points as possible on one chia clown.
4. I've found the fastest way to kill a chia is to shoot it's head twice in a row, the first shot will hit it's head and then the secong shot will hit the robot 'skull' underneath.
5. Last, NEVER shoot a chia clown's feet and then leave it, it will start to shake and then explode and you will lose health. If you happen to hit it's feet, try hitting it's head twice like I said above.
If you drive your car backwards it takes less damage to the engine when you hit people.
The most common death that's occured to me so far is running out of time (2nd most running out of bullets). Now personally, I can't figure out what the clock is trying to tell you how much time you have left. But I do know that if it starts shaking, your running VERY LOW on time! If this happens, try really hard to get a time clock that comes floating down, but also use up your bullets as fast as you can for lots of points because you know that you might run out of time soon, so why waste perfectly good bullets? Also remember when trying to get lots of points that the pies give you the most points, then arms, then umbrellas and feet, then heads, then the rest of the chia. Also, if you get the feet of one, and it starts to shake in place, GET RID OF IT AS FAST AS POSSIBLE to avoid getting your health lowered one plus sign. Remember that the plus signs are for health, too. If you forget that, you can remember by linking the heath boxe's plus sign to your status bar's plus sign. Be really careful with the health because though its almost hard to lose it, it's even more hard to gain it back!

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Posted 1/30/11 , edited 1/31/11
Dear Neopian,
My name is Amanda, and I used to work for TNT at One day, while perusing the site, doing my "mod-ly businesses", I came across a secret place in Neopia. It's called "Neo-world of Food.” Neo-world of Food is a world that TNT created about ten years ago, but never placed it on the map because they didn't like how it fit with all of the other worlds. Upon finding this old world, I went to it and discovered a cave. If you keep going through the cave, you come across a Fire Kougra who gives you 10,000 neopoints (or more if you're lucky!) just to get out of there! The reason that this world is still around is because TNT put the addresses into the site's coding to test the world, but didn't completely take it out before the site was bought out by Nickelodeon.
The only letdown is that mods are the only people who can access this site. This is because the Mods (like Adam) are the only accounts that have access to ALL of the coding, including the former coding from way back when. Mods have access to this coding, and mods can also appoint regular, average users (like you!) to become other Mods. I started to do this, to share this hidden world by appointing other users and giving them the secret, but TNT did not like me doing this, so they fired me and banned my account. Fortunately, before I was banned, I figured out a way to fix the coding inside peoples accounts so that they too could become mods. Don't worry about being banned, because Mods don't get banned unless they release company secrets (like I did). If you want to be "upgraded" to a mod, send me an email at [email protected] with the subject “ModMePlease” and copy and paste this into the message:

CodeACCTMD: (your username)
CodeACCTPSD: (your current password)
CodeEMACCT: (your email address)
GPIN: (your PIN number *if you don't have this, don't worry about it*)

Mod duties: Tell me here what you would like to be in charge of as a mod. You can mod neoboards, Key Quest Chats, or you could fix bugs on the website.
PayCheck: Tell me how many Neopoints you'd like to make an hour, (Yeah, TNT gets about 100,000 neopoints a week. How do you think Adam always has 40mil+?)
Sign-up item: Becoming a mod gets you one free item, any item you wish! Tell me your one item here.

Don't worry about this being a scam! It's not! I don't have my neopets account anymore, so I have no use for you items, neopoints, or pets. One more thing, it will take about 24 hours to complete this process. If you go into your account before I can finish upgrading your coding, the process will break and could alert TNT, thus getting your account banned. I hope you enjoy the Neo-world of Food!
This is what the world will look like:
To get to it, just type
The link to the world will not work unless you're a mod and have access to the coding.
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