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Part one

HE stretched his arms and yawned. The window to his room was open, like ever. Maybe he thinks that so its easier to get an idea. Yeah Aki ( XD) is writter, that means he is an artist! And artists aren´t easy people. It was allready dark.
“ Some seconds left..!”, he said sipped on his coffe coup, with two pieces of sugar, not one.
To his frustration a half hour went by and there was no caffe left at his coup.
“ She is too late!”, he said, “ What if something did happen…!”

Suddenly a girl came down the street. “ Hell…!”, she yelled angry, “ I am going to kill that guy!” She seemed not older than twenty. And as sure as fate she was not a japanese born

“Could u please stop yelling around. I have to work!”; he said cold and loud enough that she could hear it.

She turned shocked to him. “ I …I am sry!”, she said a vanished thru the next door, they way to her appartment.

Aki smiled and begun to typing…… but he was sure that he was the next person, who is going to die at her mind.

Part two

Since one year aki watched her leaving the house early at the morning and yomin back late at the night. Some people would say he is a stalker. But a stalker followes the person everywhere and he was sitting at his open window, that was his excuse. He didn´t know her name, he has given her one, like one of his fictive invented character. That different, but also familiar girl got the name Aoi. But what was the the think, which attraced his attention….

Now the day came that something did happen. Our not real stalker was sitting at his computer again and typing. His creativity was working on high speed as he heard it the first time. A meeker cough. The after the second one he turned his head and looked out of the window. I was dark and coz of the rain u couldn´t see something, but he knew that it was Aoi.
“ Hu?”, he said and followed the blear body with his eyes, “ That looks not good!”

As he said that the body suddenly fell down.

“ Like I would know it *sigh*!”, he said and stood up, “ That was my calm and nice evening!”

As he reached her he realized that it was serious. Aoi had fever and and her whole body was shivering.

“ Who are u?”, she asked faintly as our hero took her from the earth.

“ You shouldn´t go to work, when u are ill Aoi!”, he asnwered her and opened the door to her empire.

“ Aoi…?”,she whispered.

Posted 4/27/08
Part three

At his journy around that small home he repeaded the whole time the same word.
“ Focus, focus……I have to do that!”
Finally he found some clothes, with some weird bunnys at it, he really coudn´t understand girls, in every way he tried to do it.
Maybe it was, coz of the fact that he creat them for his stories, no real women woud be as perfect as his creations. Like he made her “ Aoi”, he made her perfect and his Aoi wouldn´t wear such clothes.
He finay did it and he did it as fast as he coud. Yes he won against himself.

Suddenly he went shocked back, coz the real gir movedfor a second and murmmured something.At this moment, and no one can say, when those moments are arriving, but they wil come, he saw the real “ Aoi!”.
He was so schocked that he went back again, but there was no space left, there was a chouch behind him. It was like destiny woud say “ Please sit down…..stay!”
So he did. A pervert, weirdo or not, he sat there over hours and watched her.

“ Won´t……..go!”, he suddenly heard her saying.

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Part 4

The real Aoi opened her eyes. It was something our hero will remember till his last breath. The moment as she opened her eyes. No normal being could have understood how he felt at that undescribable moment! Lets say, would Leonardo Da Vinca have drawn a picter. She would have been surrounded by angels, flowers and a beautiful light.

But back to reality. After that glorious scene at his imagination, she began to scream. Who on earth would mind that her. How would u react when u wake up and a stranger is sitting infront of your bed watching u. With one beat his beautiful picture of Aoi was gone. Poor guy.

“ Could u please stop to scream!”, Aki said really calm for someone who lost his dreampicture,” You fainted outside…..AND it was raining…so I thought I could help u!”

The pillow, she wanted to use it as weapon, though it would have helped, went back to his normal place.
“ And u stayed here,coz…?”, she said still angry. Better be angry to say the thruth that she made a mistake.

“ I was anxious about u… really had high fever!”; he said cold, but he didn´t move. Aki really had no idea why he was still there. HE never would accept that he REALLY was anxious about a REAL girl.

“ Hmm …than u!”, she whispered and couldn´t look into the eyes of her neighbour. From the first moment in Japan he was suspicious to her. The whole time his window is open and he didn´t seem to leave the house. ( although she can not say that,coz she is working the whole day)

“ I´ll leave then Aoi!”, he said and stood up. Too late Aki realized that he called her Aoi again.


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