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.........2011, three years after the earth finished their first project togheter, after they finishe the TRANS OCEAN Train Conection, it became destroyed by a terrorist attack. America tok it as sign and attacked together with Europe the eastern asiatic states as revange. Thru that they made a contract with Russia and the ARC, the Asian Russia Company was born.
The worls change, coz of that contract with Japan, one of the members, they got a new weapon. The first Mobile Suit, called Terra, showed his power against greece. The fear of that let other countrys stick togheter to. North and South ( NortsSouth) america get along and africa with Europe( EURA). Finally they couldn´t anticipate a war and so those three groups met at Africa, what later is going to be called the black war.
After a half year of fighting EURA sticked toghter with the North South and suddenly a new Suit appeared, called the SKYBIRD, coz it was the first one, who also could be used to fly.

That fact changed the situation dramaticaly, but it didn´t seem that the ACS would give up. More and more people died and no one believed into an end of the war.
That made another one to move, Australia. That small country, who declaired himself as autonomy country, interfered and brought them to stop the battle. From that moment on the name Gundam , like Eclipse and Saint was a well known term for freedom.

But no one of the three powers did something to show the other, that they want peace, they were only scared of the power of the gundams

Part 2 and 3

„ Maya!“, Hana yelled afte her, coz she was walking away very fast, „ What are u doin?“
“ Isn´t it obvoius….!”, she answered a little bit angry, but stopped then, “ I am goin home..!”
“ Then…don´t u want to see the new suits?”
Maya turned and shoulder long hairs flew thru the air.
“ Why?…..why do I have to watch those weapons, which brought us the war?”, she said it too agressiv, but she knew that Hana wouldn´t mind it, coz Hana knew how she is thinking about that theme.
Her friend crossed her arms, but she still smiled.
“ God Maya chan everytime the same…..I, for myself go there to watch those cute F.I.R.S.T guys!”
“ Hana…!”, maya said and sighs, somethimes hana really could suprise her. “ You should hurry then…….”

But before Maya could answer her, she saw the first explosion followed by some skybirds, who came up to the girls.
“ Hana….!”, she said and threw her on earth, as they reached them, coz one of them got shot down and chrased down to earth near to them….
…..” Maya…are u ok?”, hana screamend in a hysteric voice.
“ Its ok…..!”,she said and stood up again, hidding her bleeding hip.
“ Omg that’s a Gundam!”, hana suddenly yelled and spointed her finger at the sky, where some skybirds were surrounding a blue read colored mobile suit. He was bigger then the other and seemed to flow thru the sky. Even Maya didn´t like those suits,she had to watch one of that legendary suits.
“ Don´t seem very well for him!”, she said watching the fight, “ But we should leave this place…..!”
“Damn…!”, hana suddenly yelled hysteric again. And at that moment the gundam became shoot down, by some silver blue skybird and fell to earth. The crash made shock wave and the suit didn´t seem to move again.

“ What are u doin Maya?”, hana said shocked as she started to run there.
“ Help the pilot….!”, she said and left hana. She had to do it fast,coz the Skybirds still were there…..
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Part 4

„ There are too much!“, adam yelled thru the radio and managed to escape another unit,
“ Where are u David?”.
Adam was in the middle of the fight between the new skybirds of EurA and the suprising attack of UmeaA. Maximilian Seinfeld new emprorer had decided to send out Eclipse and Saint to make it an end. Maxinmilian however underestimated the power of UmeA.R and F.I.R.S.T, coz they started to fight together……
“…….Adam..!”, he heard the answer, then Davids signal was lost. Adam shot one of the skybirds down, it fell down and explodes, then he touched the screen infront of him and starred shocked at another explosion behind some hills.
“ D…!”, he whispered and drilled his gundam to full speed, but he never reached his friend, coz he suddenly was surrounded by many silver shining wing.
“ Damn bastards!”, he yelled frantic. To his left another pic appeared, it showed a building wand infront of that building stood a crowd of people with shocked faces, “ Hu?…a school?”.
He turned his suit and flew back to the skybirds. Then everything happened too fast, he only could feel the impact and then…….

…..” Hey wake up…!”, a voice said and it seemed that she was in panic,” C´mon they are still there….wake up…..DAMN!”
As he opened his eyes, he could see that his cockpit was opened and then he saw that concerned look of a girl. He suddenly grabbed her am and pulled her into the cockpit, the he closed it. All around them shivered, coz another shot hit Eclipse.
“ Are u stupid!”, he said loud and got back the controll, “ Bring yourself in such danger……damn!”
“ Its ok….!”, she whispered, “ ….else u would be dead….Eclipse..!”
She fainted.


Two mens went out of the room and left Ain Mursil alone. HE sighed and turned on the computer.
“ How is the satus?”, his deep voce asked and he had the feeling to hear good news.
Silvia Clairs face appeared on the screen, she gave a last comand before she asnwered. Here expression was serious, but she seemend happy about something.
“ Like u have said sir ….they appeared ….and we offered our help to the comanands and they accepted it…..turn 80 degrees!”, she suddenly yelled.
“ And?”, Mursil said and leaned back curious.
“ We could shot down one, but we have no idea what happened to the other one, he suddenly disappeared!”
“ Nice everything like we have planned!”, he said happy that his feeling was right, “I want u to search after the pilot…he could have survived and make the fight an end!”
“ Hai sir!”, she answered and cut the line.
Mursil crossed his fingers and did his chin on them.
“ The end of a legend!”

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Part 6

It was near midnight and Kaila was still up. Her Tv was on while she made some popcorn at the mikrowave.

“ ……and it is still unknown what happened to Eclipse. The ARc( undersdessen) ( velautbarte) that the have nothing to do with that cruel attack against those legendery suits who brought the world freedom. Is the end of SAINT going to be open the door for the next war……!”

“ No one of them seem to realize that war can´t change something!”; she said and closed the door of the mikrowave, “ I think I need salt…….!”
Suddenly she heard outside a branch breaking and again some helicopters flew over it away.
“ As if they would search someone!”; she said and ignored the noise, but she heared it again, only louder.
“ Don´t be so scared go and look, maybe something is damaged!”, she said to handle her angst. She finnaly did the popcorn away and went outside. Her heart was beating. She never was strong.
With very slow steps Kaila walked around the next angle and watched the pitchblack garden, but nothing seemed to be there.
“ He..llo?”, she whispered into the darkness. And then she saw him, first as a shadow, there was a guys sitting, heavily breathing, under the great tree, his eyes closed. He really seemed to be in pain and Kaila knew that he had to help him.
“I….I …only want to help u!”, she said as the mysterious guy went in a fighting postion and glared at her. After some seconds he fell back against the tree, still holding the knife in his hands.
“ Please……I only want!”; but she couldn´t finish her sentence…
“ We had him!”, a mans voice appeared, “ We have to find him!”
“ Hai!
“ Yes sir!”

Part 7

“ So u r catching girls after fighting?”, a red haired and brown tainted guy said with a big grin, as Adam was on the way to the infirmary.
“ You shouldn´t act like an ideot Aero!”, adam answered and passed him without the sign of an emotion.
“ Cool as ever eh?”, Aero mantes said and followed him. He ignored the sigh of Adam and continued with that he had to say.
“ I know why u are so angy…..its David!”
Adam stopped, he clenched his fist.

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Part 8

“ What a shame!”, a guy with deep blue eyes yelled and struk against the desk, so that the people around him began to whispre, “ They used us and now we are the patsyfor their doings……damn UmeA.R!”
“ But sir….Mr Minard!”, one minister started,” We finally could….!”
“ Haven´t u heard the news!”, he said angry, “ Where is Christina?”
“ Our representativ is on her way home from the proceedings with cypres!”
“ Sure….please call the newsstations and prepair a speech we have to give a statement. We can´t let them to be the heros……not after …!”
The ministers and comanders around him bowed and left the room.

Part 9

Kaila shivered,coz those guys came more and more near.
“ Go!”, the guy said looked there,where they came form, “ Hurry…..leave before they are here……..!”
“ There….!”, they said too close.
Kaila took a breath and stood up.
“ Hey….what are…!”
“ Is someone there?”, she said and walked away from him,so that they couldn´t find him.

“ That was stupid u know!”, he said as she showed him the room. It wasn´t very big, but Kaila would die if her mother finds out that’s she hides a guy.
“ Please could u talk a little calme!”, she whispered and gave him the blanket,while she looked around.
“ Sorry….!”, he said and took it, “ But it was stupid, I could be everyone…a killer?”
“ Wouldn´t u have showed it then to me, like hostage me?”, she said and smiled, “ Here something to eat and treat your wounds….it seems very bad?”
He watched her for a time, so that Kaila felt shamend and blushed, “ Did I d o something wrong?”
“ No not…I only can not believe it!”; he said and started to treat his wounds, “ That u help me so easily…without knowing who I am….!”
She turned down the light, only the bedside lamp burned now. At the door she turned one more time.
“ I have an idea!”, she said,but couldn´t look into his eyes, “… r that Saint pilot right? I watched the news and I try to sum up!”
He didn´t answer her directly.
“ Yes…..u can call me David!”

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Part 10

Adam couldn´t believe why Areo still smiled, he saw what happened. David was dead and he… He had the feeling that he should beat that guy.
“ Don´t make that face….he is ok. We got his emergency signal an half hour ago. I´ll send out one Phönex ( unit like the skybird) to catch him up!”,
Adam nodded thankful.
“ But we I also have another interesting news!”, he said and his smile grow, “ Lets go on….who would have thought that we still have some luck!”
“ What?”, adam asked.
“ It has something to do with that girl u brought here!”, he said and opened the sliding gate to the infirmary. Maya was lieing at a bed with closed eyes , surrounded by technical equitement.
“ What is going on here? I didn´t thought that’s she is in such a bad condtition?”, he said and entered the room,followed by Aero,who shook his head.
“ Finally we have a match!”, he said, “ I was totally surprised as I heard that her genes matches with Engel!”
“ We do have the third pilot?”, adam said and starred at that girl, not believing what the captain said.

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i like how you write, alot of details. how many pilots are there?
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