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Who am I? A mere narrator which you would not remember in this story for to long. Why I told something like that? Well... as every narrator I have the story to tell, but to not build it on my sight it won't be told from my perspective. It's much more interesting to see what They saw those days... But wait a second!! I didn't tell yet what is the story about! Well... lets tell something about that then. This story would be similar to fairytale, but differences, altought slight, will occure. Like once did master Tolkien I'll try to build and let you see the world of dreams and magic, heroes and great dangers. It may not be soo interesting but a mere narrator like me is enough to bring up some stories able to show you at least a percent of what I had in mind. We will join the story of the land called Evergard.

This country was rather peacefull thanks to the great councils of elves and humans... and definitely thanks to Island of Aasimars called "Arjiva Hartha Adnir" which in the sacred language meant: "Place of Royal Beings". What is this island and what are the councils... answers for those qustion you'll know later on. Right now I should tell about something else, bit more dreadfull and much more dark. I ancient age along whole lands of Evergard were placed nine cursed seals. To know what they are I can say that they're like a great buildings high for more than thousend feets and wide like whole towns. Each of those is a gate to a rather unknown place, but it was told that each is an source of great evil and once all would open everything would be lost. I wouldn't mention that if not the fact that one of seals opened not more than 2 years ago. It was really epic thing since in short time less than half a year after many campaings all "good" races stood like one to fight against great evil. That was the battle known by humans as Bloodlust War and by elves as Eunia Holathi Reli which mean in their language: "Union under great sorrow". As effect of last battle was created wastland which consumed more than hundred of thousands of souls. This land became worst place in Evergard and it's told that even monster entering this territory won't stay alive more than couple of hours. Many heroes later on tried to cross this land, but none of them survived. This land also will play a role, but not yet. What is important now is an old legend... or rather prophecy of a man called Grey Bookman, for less people known as Candavel Crown. This man in age of 74 more exacly 400 years before Bloodlust War told that once the first seal would open seven children would be born. To get more exact meaning I'll write those texts before continuing my thoughts:

Prophecy no.1

After summer of Ardon
in the age of dragon.
One of holy sign would fall.
Prepare for the arrival.
Once darkness would break,
they would come and awake.
Seven would be them.
Each have own name.
Shah da Iidri, Danere ar Recti,
Kairin, Heethod, Shatin, Sedon Recti
and Talen Let would it be."

Prophecy no.2

Three would bring darkness
Three would rise light
Seventh as the lord would rise throne of AO once again."

Prophecy no.5

"One of three of light would fail.
He won't approve it as sign of his fate.
One of three of light would make a pact.
Gambling with all evil with life as bet.
Hail his action and salvation.
First of all for flower his heart.
Watch his torment and scream!"

There were in fact 7 prophecies of this old man, but rest was lost or hidden... well... maybe we would know about them later, or maybe they were lost for good. What I can tell is few things about first prophecy. Evergard have 6 moons called by Elves: Shah da Iidri, Danere ar Recti, Kairin, Heethod, Shatin and Sedon Recti. From beginning there was an elvish prophecy about new gods born among mortals, or as some even say born "as" mortals once the great things would occure. Those 6 being were supposed to be moon gods. Altought Grey Bookman made it bit more puzzled. Many important persons started thing about prophecies and much of them belieed that those childs would bring real harm to everyone. Soon people learned to fear them and look for them. Many people had in mind killing those childs. Now I'll would like to cut down the story about that. Lets reveal the rest with the flow.

2 year passed now after the Bloodlust war and at the beginning of Ardon summer season in village known as Pilaga I've found something interesting. Altought whole village was destroyed by Archlich I'm hunting for there was still someone alive. A boy... newborn. It's rather strange, but I'm aware that the boy was tainted by Corruption, yet he's still alive. It's obvious he's halfundead now, but does it give me law to take his life as an undead hunter? Since he doesn't seem to have anyone... since leaving him would be same as killing him... I decided to take care of him for some while. Soon I realised that he's very interesting. But leats tell I don't want to reveal that yet. Indeed...

14 years had passed.

(To be continued ^^... once I'll translate more ;P. I have also other one story but I feel that translating it would be even harder... I'm very sorry for eventual bugs in text. I'll try to fix them ^^ )
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But thats not the story u told me about,or? I mean the one with your shilhood friend!
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29 / Secret ^^
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(Nope... this is bit other one... the second one you're talking about is under translation XD)
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hey dandare your paragraphs are kinda long maybe you should divide it up into smaller paragraphs it would be alot easier for dummys like me
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a new born?
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