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Have You Ever Dreamt Of Having A Special Power
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M / wanka land, where...
Posted 4/27/08

Eudd wrote:

Axel7 wrote:

Eudd wrote:

Axel7 wrote:
hey hey hey, like i said, it's not fighting, it's inflicting shock damage then run for your life so you don't get caught for mortal damage, =_=

being a man doesen't mean you have to go to the hospital all beat up =_=, even thoguh in that case it wouldn't even involve being a man

plus i don't mean go into one of those anime motions, point your fingers, make a big swing into his eye and shout "BANZAIIII NIGGAH!!", no, i mean when he comes clsoe to you to push you on the ground saying "what'd you say to me? repeat that? eh? pussy?" you just go harmlessly with your hand up then "POINK" go in the inside space and push in the direction opposite to the nose =_=, if possible grab his neck to make it deep.

which in a way isn't really a pussy move, people go into a shock state when their eyes are gouged in/side or out. Just takes someone who isn't too pussy to endanger somone's life without getting a bad beating and some blood on the finger.

Bold 1: He provoked a fight physically, therefore called fighting.
Bold 2: Running away won't save him from vengeance.
Bold 3: Being a man is fight when you're suppose to fight.
Bold 4: You'd be surprise how resilient a person can be in a fight.

making all those points to prove me wrong is nice and all, but i don't care about technical meanings of fighting, and as for the argument of what being a man is, have you ever heard the conter argument "being a man is being man enoguh NOT to fight" or "that's not being a man, that's jsut being a retard", honestly i know i wanna solve shit by belting some people a big one and end of story, but see, in my case i don't like punching over and over again till i'm deemed to win...i don't got the stamina.

you see...fighting doesen't mean being all gangsta, punch someone again and again, take hits and hit back, and in the end one person stands or the principal comes to stop it all.....real fighting is, as you probably know, fighting like your life depends on it, bite the ear off, push the nostril bone back to the brain, kick the nuts, twist the leg, and so on =_=

Bold 1+2: Thanks for proving my point.
Bold 3: Who the hell said you have to punch continuously in a fight? As much as how physically you've done, there is as much as mentally involved as well.
Bold 4: "Gangsta"? Where the hell do you come up with all this shit? From what I've experienced, gangsters can't fight due to their lack of stamina from smoking crack, lack of mobility due to their fashion. They have weapons, and gangs, and THAT is the time you should resort yourself in escaping. Btw, it's not about "take hits and hit back", it's about taking less hits while hitting back.

Are we getting off-topic? We're discussing why the Thread Starter just can't blatantly use cheap weak shots because it's futility.

yeah my apologies, i got too into it

and i'm still into it

but what i said, i said because even thoguh i don't smoke crack and have the thick pants to stop me, i still got no stamina to all most people do is ram at you and try to grab you then punch....and ya, i know all you have to do is grab their arm, push it and elbow their neck, but i couldn't think fast enough 90% of the time =_=, hence why i'd resort to shock
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F / Chicago, IL
Posted 4/28/08
this is a duplicate. use the forum search.

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