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What is the best everyday car in the world?
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Posted 10/16/09 , edited 10/16/09
I would say an Audi R8 but someone most likely would jack it, so this:
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Posted 10/16/09 , edited 10/17/09
Well for all the hybrid peeps. Have you ever worked on a hybrid engine before? Pain in the crack! For a dd I'm pretty sure low maintenance is the key. Yes gas mileage is great but if it breaks down all the money u saved is gone to fix it.
Next diesels are great on gas but due how diesel engines run it wont be great as a dd bc mechanics are hard to find. And it does cost a lot to fix also.
Pretty much a dd is a reliable car that takes you where you want to go without killing your budget and getting you there in one piece. So I'm going for any car that has at least 1.5 liter to 2.0 liter gasoline engine. Doesn't matter if it has rwd or fwd. As long as it gives me the no problems other than all the key maintenance. Heck! Even a spectra can do that! (Not cracking on KIA.)
But for me personally a Honda civic with the 1.6 Sohc d16.
Nissan GTR as a dd? I say yes because that was what it was built for. Same as the Honda NSX. They were not made for pure speed but reliability and convenience.
My 0.02 cents
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Posted 10/17/09 , edited 10/17/09
Datsun 510 I drive one everyday... yes, some people still drive REAL cars hahaha! just kidding

no, this isn't mine
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