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What's the difference between Light and Dark?
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It has always been biased. The Light is always seen like something good, heavenly, holy, beautiful, something on the side of justice, heroes, etc. etc.

The dark is always stereotyped like something evil, villainous, demonic, disgusting, etc. etc.

my description:

Light: Delusion
Darkness: Reality
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also, Darkness: escape
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I agree. There seems to be two different aspect of the Light verse Darkness thing.

Light: Righteousness, goodness, love, peace, unity, harmony, tranquility, truth
Darkness: Wickedness, death, destruction, lost soul, perdition, hate, jealously, pride, lies

Dark: reality
Light: delusion or misconception; blinding; self-righteous, lies

I believe that we are all in darkness, and we all seek the light of truth. None of us are perfect and we all need correction. Those the lie to themselves and believe that they are perfect or righteous are simply fooled or delusional about reality.
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darkness and light are no different then hot and cold ... you will know what i mean in a second. Neither one is existance without the other ... they counter act each other, create each other, fuel each other. The light, simply put, isnt so much delusion as it is ignorance, it isnt that they refuse to see it is that they dont care to see. Darkness can be labled the same, those attuned to night simply see light as delusion, and understandably so. But without one the other simply does not exist, yes there is darkness when there is no light, but then there is no counter balance to call it darkness and therefore would simply be nothingness.
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they are pretty much the same, theoretically. Dark is the absence of light, while light is the absence of dark. Steoritypically light is good while dark is bad but that is only because eyes require light to see, we are afraid of the unknown, an we tend to rely on sight more than any of our senses, so normally we are more afraid of the dark than the light. It all depends on preference.
Dark- Reality

There are always shades of grey...
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The light is intrusive and piercing.It shows your flaws and seperates us.The Dark is calm it holds you close it surrounds you.Relaxes you and ingulfes you the way the want to feel with a lover.Its intoxicating as it sharpens your hearing and touch even your sence of smell and taste.It doesn't judge as the light does but instead it protects and conceals you.In essence the dark allows you to be all that you are magnificent glorious beautifule night breed.While the light shows all that you are not mans idea of perfection and burns you for not bieng so. Thats just my opinion
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