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In the year 2019, 30 years have passed since the Media Purification Law, which cracks down on articles that incite public disorder or infringes human rights, was enacted. The agents of the Special Organization for Purification arm themselves and control various media. Meanwhile, libraries rise up against extralegal censorship.

It seems like this season's Noitamina is quite different from the rest.They finally move away from the horror genre like Mononoke and Hakab Kitaro.TS is also from IG.I find it pretty funny though.Real Drive is about sea,while TS is about books?

Well,some of you might find it funny or even stupid that something like Media Improvement Act where books are confiscated can actually happen.I have the feeling they might got the idea from the Book Burning by the 1st emperor of China (Qin Shi Huangdi).As stupid as it may sound,books can really motivate you.My country is one of the example,when Malacca was about to be conquered by the Portuguese people,books motivate them with the stories that give out moral support.So don't look down on books.They can really "wash" your brain.But i do have to admit that at century,to actually use guns and stuff to fight over books might sound a bit over the top.However,i am cool with it.

It took me a while to get Kana from Minami-ke out of my mind.Some of the seiyuus here are pretty unknown,except "bigshot" names like Akira ishida.Ocha! released episode 2 and 3 simultaneously,but some comments are pretty negative like spelling error and missing subs.And they dont even have IRC.I am getting a blazing 0kb/s.*sigh*.But the good news is,Menclave already finished the first two episodes,all that are left is some encoding work.I am definitely getting Menclave's quality.
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