Anime searches for true love
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Posted 4/27/08 , edited 4/28/08
Okay, try this one...

Pick an anime character and create an personal ad for them as if they were looking for love. Can be comical or serious.

This one I used in a different place, but it's a good example of an ad that is meant to be not serious.

"Single misunderstood, evil male that desires to kill everyone [It's not my fault everyone else needs to die].
Interests include playing my little pony, singing karoke, walking through flames, killing innocents, taking over the world, killing nemesis heroes, blowing things up, killing politicians, killing, killing, KILLING!!! BWWAHAHAHA... Ahem, where was I? I enjoy music that sings my name, destroying things, and wearing black, maybe walks on the beach where my man-killing sharks are eating my nemeses.

Looking for Single female, [or not single female. Am willing to kill husband to make female single] that loves men in long black jackets and doesn't mind a man that has murderous tendencies and will take over the world.

Female must be beautiful and have the PERFECT DNA: I need an arm trophy if I'm going to rule the world. Must be willing to support me in my tyranny, or at least have dinner on the table for when I return home from taking over the world. Can be willing to join me in my power-hungry-killing spree or can be an innocent that doesn't mind my work , either is fine. Please send picture. Here's mine...

Oh. P.S. Single Villain has mother issues. Will you be my mother... Ahem, I mean soul mate. Please email all inquiries to: [email protected]"

Or something like that...
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